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Titan Framework

Create Settings for Your WordPress Themes & Plugins with Just a Few Lines of Code.


  • New: Added custom font in Theme Customizer
  • New: Added File Upload option
  • New: Added select_all in multicheck option
  • New: Added em in font size
  • New: Sample Content Extension support
  • Enhanced: Tabs color is changed, and the gap between tabs and panel is removed
  • Enhanced: Allow svg file in upload option
  • Fixed: Gallery option


  • New: Added new options multicheck-post-types and select-post-types
  • New: Added Group option
  • New: Added include_fonts in Theme Customizer.
  • Enhanced: Generated inline CSS now has an ID attribute.
  • Enhanced: Easy Digital Downloads product checking revised.
  • Enhanced: Timepicker styles.
  • Enhanced: EDD option.
  • Change: Footer Text should be returned not echoed.
  • Change: class_exists to function_exists of googlefonts function.
  • Fixed: Input tag.


  • New: Transport parameter for overriding the Customizer transport parameter
  • New: Added enqueue parameter for the code option
  • New: Added size parameter to the Text option
  • Change: Removed title parameter in admin tabs
  • Fixed: Fixed bug where a blank panel was being created
  • Fixed: Removed seconds, and other more precise controls in the date option.


  • New: tf_css_get_css_file_path_{$namespace} filter
  • Enhanced: Heading options in Customizer now look great
  • Enhanced: The css parameter now performs live preview changes instead of reloading the page
  • Enhanced: Added inherit values for some styles in the font option
  • Enhanced: Changed some default style values in the font option to inherit
  • Fixed: Options with a value of zero do not generate CSS properly (they wrongly reset to their default value before)
  • Fixed: getOptions function turned non-existent keys to false
  • Fixed: Existing panel names (not panel IDs) across different namespaces that match get shown in the wrong section
  • Fixed: Removed remnance of a checkbox in the enable option while in the Customizer in Firefox


  • Fixed: in some setups, saving options in a tab resets other tabs


  • Major performance and speed optimizations, now is less process & memory intensive
  • New iframe option
  • New custom option
  • New multiple attribute in select options for selecting multiple values
  • New desc attribute in heading options for displaying short descriptions
  • New alpha attribute in color options for picking rgba colors
  • New editor_options attribute in editor options for specifying editor settings
  • New tf_admin_tab_created_{namespace} action
  • New $titan->getOptions() function for getting multiple options at once
  • Updated Google Font list
  • Heading options now generate an id attribute
  • Now using Gulp for development and building
  • Started using WordPress PHP Coding Standards
  • Started unit testing. Coverage currently at 8%
  • Removed initializing state which could cause duplication problems
  • Bumped minimum version to 4.1
  • Simplified Titan Framework checker code
  • Fixed: notice for newly added options
  • Fixed: upload option now uses attachment url in livePreview attribute
  • Fixed: meta boxes now save properly for attachment post_types
  • Fixed: font text-shadows
  • Fixed: meta box css & js code from showing up in non-singular pages
  • Fixed: stray border in enable options in the customizer
  • Fixed: upload images misalign after saving in the customizer
  • Removed: references to old select-google-font option


  • Duplicated CSS rules #271
  • Generated css contains duplicated declarations #232
  • Add support for checking item ID #267
  • Removed missing gallery since we still need to work on it bd23623


  • New option: ajax-button
  • Added new hooks:
    • tf_done
    • tf_pre_save_admin_{namespace}
    • tf_save_admin_{namespace}
    • tf_pre_reset_admin_{namespace}
    • tf_reset_admin_{namespace}
  • Added desc option for headers
  • Removed unused tracking code
  • Tweaked customizer font css
  • Updated SCSSPHP to v0.0.15
  • Added label for blank page/post titles for page/post options
  • Updated & namespaced SCSSPHP
  • Saving '0' values now work (e.g. in select options)
  • Additional check to prevent scss compile of empty string
  • Fixed bug where sometimes options without IDs (e.g. note) produce errors in the Customizer
  • Fixed possible JS running in iframe-font-preview + empty checks for CWE-200
  • getOption no longer throws a "called too early" warning and can now be called anywhere
  • #240 Update class-option-font.php
  • #235 Update class-option-checkbox.php
  • #262 Namespace invisible class
  • #264 Switch to strpos instead of preg_match
  • #253 Remove timepicker from requirements


  • The Note option can now be placed in the Customizer
  • Prefixing a select value with ! now displays the drop down value as disabled
  • Added new argument panel_desc for panel descriptions
  • Updated & namespaced EDD updater files
  • Fixed bug where options with the value 0 were not properly returned
  • Fixed bug where double descriptions showed up in the Customizer
  • Minor XSS security fixes, shouldn't be affected really, but it's better to be safe


  • Added hidden parameter for all options
  • Fixed 4.1 display issues with the upload option
  • Fixed an undefined notice that sometimes appears


  • Faster SCSS parsing
  • Faster loading time
  • Unit parameter for number options now supported in the Theme Customizer
  • Better font color option handling in Theme Customizer
  • Now prevents SCSS errors from showing up
  • Fixed name label issues with the enable option
  • Better plugin checking method
  • Plugin checker now integrates with TGM Plugin Activation
  • Updated Ace


  • Fixed bug introduced in 1.7.2 where admin options sometimes were not being saved


  • EDD option can now check for updates all by itself (thank you julien731)
  • get_post_types function now callable from tf_create_options
  • Now passes theme-check (ignored add_menu_page error)


  • Bug fixes for the Easy Digital Download License option
  • Enhanced date option parameters
  • New parameters for Theme Customizer for creating panels


  • New Easy Digital Download License option (thank you julien731)
  • New date option (thank you ardalann)
  • Added new action tf_save_options_{namespace} which is called after saving options
  • Fixed display issue with the font option in the theme customizer
  • Fixed bug where empty multicheck returned an array
  • Fix: customizer show_font_size & show_color


  • Added missing files in the SVN


  • New embed method (check the getting started section)
  • New tf_create_options hook for creating options
  • New number unit parameter
  • Removed font awesome, now uses dashicons
  • Added desc params to panels, tabs and meta boxes
  • Added size attribute for the upload option
  • Deleted Uncommon Ace Extensions
  • Improve load script to meta boxes
  • Lots of bug fixes


  • Added German, Portuguese, Turkish and updated Italian translations
  • Added notification and paragraph paramaters to the note option
  • Added include_fonts parameter to the font option for specifying the selectable fonts
  • Added show_websafe_fonts and show_google_fonts parameters to the font option
  • Added maxlength parameter to the the text option
  • Fixed Titan plugin detection code
  • New more WordPress-centric styling of admin panels (special thanks to @sagarjadhav)
  • A Lot of stabilization bug fixes


  • Added a few global hooks
  • Fixed missing hooks that prevented the Shortcode Extension from working
  • Fixed missing HTML tags


  • Fixed a typo


  • Added some new hooks
  • Added namespaces to all hooks
  • Added meta links
  • Fixed bug where font drop downs closed immediately in Firefox
  • Fixed bug where getInstance did not return the same instance sometimes
  • Fixed bug where the font option did not generate CSS correctly
  • Fixed bug where only one Titan instance generated CSS files
  • Fixed bug where CSS were being generated multiple times
  • Fixed bug where option IDs in different instances caused an error
  • Fixed bug where the live preview lagged a lot


  • Added new Font option
  • Added new Sortable option
  • Fixed bug where generated CSS values aren't showing up (thanks @ardalann)


  • Added Spanish translations (thanks @maperezotero)
  • Added Code option that uses Ace
  • No need to use the post ID when getting getOption
  • createMetaBox can now accept an array in the post_type parameter
  • Now using Travis CI
  • Tons of bug fixes


  • Added French translations (thanks @PunKeel)
  • Added removeOption function
  • Fixed bug where fonts sometimes cannot be changed
  • Fixed fatal error encountered sometimes when generating CSS
  • Fixed bug where other post types are unable to be saved


  • Better embedding handling
  • Automatic CSS generation


  • Titan can now be embedded into themes and plugins
  • Added Radio Image option
  • Better layout for Google WebFont option
  • Now enforcing unique option ids
  • Fixed bug that shows up in fresh WP installs


  • Added WYSIWYG editor option
  • Added Radio Palette option
  • Fixed bug where special characters in admin pages and tabs were not redirecting correctly
  • Fixed minor bug where customizer options become reordered
  • Minor bug fixes

1.0.1 - 1.0.2

  • Added styling to the admin options
  • Fixed minor debug error in options (Thanks to @Dovy)


First release

Requires: 4.1 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.6.2
Last Updated: 3 months ago
Active Installs: 7,000+


4.2 out of 5 stars


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