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!This plugin hasn’t been updated in over 2 years. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

Tina MVC

Tina MVC is a WordPress framework that allows you to develop plugins, shortcodes and and widgets.


  • Minor enhancement: tina_mvc_controller_class->parse_view_file() now checks for non-array view data being passed to it
  • Minor bigfix: incorrect (but not broken) use of shortcode_atta() in $Tina_MVC->do_shortcode()
  • Minor enhancement: helper functions user_has_role() and user_has_capability() now convert arguments to lower case
  • Major enhancement: file uploads are now handled properly by the form helper
  • Minor enhancement: tina_mvc_print_r() no longer takes the variable parameter by reference
  • Minor bugfix: Tina MVC was not searching for the application folder in a useful way
  • Major enhancement: Proper multi-site support
  • Major bugfix: get_multisite_blog_name() was not returning the correct blog name in certain circumstances
  • Major bugfix: multisite_app_cascade feature was not working properly when set
  • Minor enhancement: the load_view() function will look for a view file automatically if none is specified= 1.0.13 =
  • Minor enhancement: made $field->set_options() more robust in the form helper
  • Minor bugfix: load_view() function was not searching for files as advertised when using a custom view file location
  • Major enhancement: New add_content() and add_raw_content() functions to allow passing HTML directly to the page without a view file


  • Minor bugfix: fixed error checking in table helper set_data() function
  • Minor enhancement: added a render() methid to the pagination and table helpers (for consistency with other helpers)
  • Major enhancement: added a check to the wp_query_render() method to the pagination and table helpers (for consistency with other helpers)
  • Major enhancement: $Tina_MVC->wp_query_checker() returns immediately if it is not the main query
  • Minor enhancement: Prevent a logged in user from accessing register and reset password registration functions
  • Major enhancement: Added a link to view/edit 'my profile', added get_my_profile_link() function
  • Minor enhancement: disable autocomplete for password form field type
  • Minor enhancement: added $field->get_posted_value() function and edit the sample controllers
  • Minor bugfix: setting $tina_mvc_app_settings->roles_ok_for_wp_admin was being ignored


  • Minor enhancement: Prevent canonical redirects on Tina MVC pages
  • Minor bugfix: $Tina_MVC->wp_query_checker() was not detecting a Tina request properly when $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'] was unset
  • Minor bugfix: in include_helper() to prevent the same file being included twice


  • Trivial bugfix: TINA_MVC\error() was reporting an incorrect file path
  • Minor bugfix: in tina_mvc_controller_class::include_model() return value
  • Minor bugfix: added error checking to $table->set_data()
  • Minor bugfix: pagination helper now returns '' for an empty SQL result set
  • Major bugfix: fixed a form helper bug that was rendering malformed HTML
  • Minor bugfix: fixed a bug in get_controller_url() (when no permalinks are in use)
  • Minor bugfix: removed get_currentuserinfo() call from user_has_role() and user_has_capability(). Was causing problems with some APC configurations


  • Fixed a bug that was causing init_bootstrap functions to fail


  • added a 'file' input type to the form helper for file uploads
  • $Tina_MVC->mail() accepts a string for $message_variables. (Allows use of mail() without using a template file.)


  • fixed bug where permissions for widgets/shortcodes were not being merged properly.


  • added setting to disabled he WordPress admin bar for some or all users


  • renamed helpers to be more consistent, added TINA_MVC\include_helper() function
  • added support for permalinks based on %postname% only (experimental)
  • public release
  • updated todo admin page


  • beta release of Tina MVC (branch 2)


  • first beta release for Tina MVC 1.0 based on 0.4.15

Requires: 3.5 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.5.2
Last Updated: 3 years ago
Active Installs: 10+


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