Tickera – WordPress Event Ticketing


If you want to sell tickets on your site and deliver them to your buyers digitally, Tickera is exactly what you need. When you use the Tickera plugin to sell and send tickets, you are essentially setting up your own hosted solution wherein you control the profits with no requirement to send a cut to a third party.

Tickera allows you to check in attendees easily by using a simple iPhone and Android mobile applications as well as Barcode readers or even our powerful premium platform-independent Chrome Desktop application to speed up the whole check-in process.

The easy way to sell, deliver and check in tickets in WordPress.


Tickera plugin comes with 2Checkout payment gateway, Custom Offline Payments and Free Orders.

If you need more payment options, you can download Tickera Premium version which includes:

  • Mollie (iDeal, Credit Card, Bancontact / Mister Cash, SOFORT Banking, Overbooking, Bitcoin, PayPal, paysafecard and AcceptEmail)
  • PayPal Standard
  • PayPal PRO
  • 2Checkout
  • Stripe
  • Paymill
  • Authorize.net
  • PIN Payments
  • Vogue Pay
  • iPay88
  • PayGate
  • OptimalPayments / Netbanx payment gateway
  • Braintree
  • PayUMoney
  • PayTabs
  • White Payments
  • PayU Latam
  • Komoju
  • Custom Offline Payments
  • Free Orders.


Already running WooCommerce on your website? Take the best of both worlds! Sell tickets as WooCommerce products on your website and deliver them to your buyers using the awesomeness of this WooCommerce and Tickera fusion! Yes, it is as good as it sounds. Learn more about Bridge for WooCommerce


Your customers will be able to purchase unlimited number of tickets from more than one event at once!


Ticket builder allows you to create ticket templates which could be selected for each ticket type. So each ticket type (Standard, VIP, etc.) may look totally different and you can achieve that easily by dragging and dropping elements, reordering, changing font sizes and colors, ticket paper size and its orientation or even put a full-background image if you want fully custom design of the ticket.


Tickera plugin is ready for white-labeling. By changing just one line of code, you’ll rename the plugin by your own or client’s preference


Do you have WordPress multisite installed with a number of subsites and clients? Awesome! Give your clients option to create their own events and sell tickets!


Purchase form includes info from each ticket owner. New hooks allows you to add new fields for buyer or ticket owners. It would be useful if you want to add, for instance, additional field where your customers may choose food preference, set their age, sex, etc. In addition, buyers are able to download tickets directly from a purchase confirmation page – no more lost emails which have to be sent manually, lost attachments or server issues which prevent tickets to reach your clients.
Check Custom Forms add-on and create beautiful forms which will fit into your theme’s design. Control order of the elements, number of columns, set required and optional fields in an easy way.


Check out Stripe Connect and PayPal Chained Payments Tickera add-ons which will allow you to take a percentage per each sale on your WordPress multisite network


You’ll be able to translate every possible word in a WordPress way.


Collect taxes with Tickera. Administrators can set up and manage tax rate easily!


Tickera works well and look good with almost every WordPress theme out there


Create multiple ticket types for one or more events, set ticket quantity limits (ticket quantity per purchase, available check-ins per ticket…)


Add additional fee per ticket in order to cover payment gateway, service or any other type of cost


Create unlimited number of discount codes available for all or just certain ticket type


Tickera is developer friendly. Customize any aspect of Tickera with actions and filters! Extend its functionality by creating great add-ons!


Extend Tickera with a number of add-ons.


Stuck? Check out the plugin documentation


To Install

  • Download the Tickera plugin file
  • Unzip the file into a folder on your hard drive
  • Upload the /tickera/ folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ folder on your site
  • Visit your Dashboard -> Plugins and Activate it there.

To Set Up And Configure Tickera

You can find setup instructions here �


Installation Instructions

To Install

  • Download the Tickera plugin file
  • Unzip the file into a folder on your hard drive
  • Upload the /tickera/ folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ folder on your site
  • Visit your Dashboard -> Plugins and Activate it there.

To Set Up And Configure Tickera

You can find setup instructions here �


Its Awesome For Me

We are a small event management company ..and have table plans for venue.
Its perfect for us. I bought full package with SEATING CHART.. i like SEATING CHART and i am very happy don’t know how to explain my feeling about those guys who develop such a nice plugin… i am waiting for new updates

Very unfinished and missing key needs – don’t buy it

If you have one event at one venue, then you can use this tool. However, there is a lot of missing functionality and serious issues:

  1. You have to create a seating chart for each event. Although it gives you the option to “duplicate”, it doesn’t duplicate any of the seats. If you have a big venue, this can be a nightmare. I have 279 seats and I don’t want to do this. Their suggestion was to use the Woo-Commerce Bridge.
  2. There is no way to manually add an order in the admin. Their suggestion was to create a hidden page for the admin to go through the same process as someone placing an order (redundant and makes no sense).
  3. If you have a seat that is taken by someone all season, there is not a way to just mark it as “sold” or “reserved”. Instead you just have to hide the seat all together which makes the seating chart look klunky.

Every thing I searched in the forums had almost the same response: use the woo-commerce bridge. Takes away the point of using this tool. The developers should really concentrate on correcting these issues. If they can resolve the duplication issue, this would be huge. Some of the normal ticketing needs that people had are not even addressed in this tool.

My recommendation is try to find something else. If I didn’t need to build an odd shaped venue, I’d get rid of this tool. Very disappointing.

Not up to snuff

I tried Tickera and bought the full package, it did not work for my needs, and they refused to offer a refund.
In addition, when I asked for their help they took my site down without letting me know in advance in order to do their testing, so I was getting bombarded by my team for a site crash.
Why didn’t Tickera work?
I have a new venue and didn’t want to show all of the empty seats, so was seeking to have a HOLD function, or simply sell “best available” seats without showing the seats. I have a variety of seating types and configurations, so couldn’t simply sell general admission.

Plugin is not coded properly

Plugin is not working properly. Purchased the Pro version which includes the bundled plugin. However, custom forms add on was causing a parse error. Parse error loads on every page which causes time out. Disable error logging (as suggested by developer) does not help as it does not solve the root issue.

My website still times out.

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Contributors & Developers

“Tickera – WordPress Event Ticketing” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.



Plugin Name: Tickera
Author: Tickera.com

  • Added new hooks for developers
  • Fixed issues with custom forms capabilities on some multisite installations
  • Added additional check for displaying event date for events
  • Fixed date time zone in PDF export
  • Updated cart widget to update dynamically
  • Fixed notices in the function tc_get_event_tickets_count_sold when there are no any ticket types associated to an event

  • Added hooks for developers
  • Fixed issue with date shortcode
  • Fixed issue with already defined class
  • Fixed issue with API’s not generating

  • Added hooks for developers
  • Fixed issue with tc_event_date shortcode
  • Fixed fatal errors with 1.5.1 version of Gutenberg
  • Fixed issue with counting cancelled orders in quantity left and overall sold quantity
  • Added attendee emails (in addition to client email, an option for attendees to receive their tickets via email as well)

  • Fixed issue with offline payment gateway not showing properly

  • Added option for Offline Payment Gateway where it can be show only to admins
  • Fixed issue with DIVI theme, not showing the shortcodes box

  • Fixed ticket template issues with RTL
  • Fixed issue with inline edit in orders
  • Fixed validation issue with ACF
  • Added option for Offline Payment Gateway where it can be show only to admins

  • Added hooks for developers
  • Added another check for displaying styles in back-end
  • Limited loading of validation.js
  • Automatic adding of tickets when min/max requirement is not met disabled when Seating Charts add-on is active
  • Fixed issue with API key search not working
  • Fixed issue with Divi theme + Divi Builder plugin with [tc_payment] and [tc_process_payment] shortcodes in the admin area

  • Added another check for displaying styles in back-end

  • Fixed bug with number of tickets created when placing an order with two different ticket types in cart and having specific number of items for both ticket types (11)
  • Added new hooks for developers in the ticket cart template
  • Added new hooks for developers in the front orders page


  • Added new Thai font for ticket templates

  • Fix for custom forms default radio button value selection when updating a cart

  • Output buffering fix for tc_event shortcode
  • Fix for PayUMoney gateway (service_provider argument was in the wrong place)

  • Added new hooks for developers
  • Check-in API changes to support newest Chrome Check-in app changes (improvements in the offline mode)
  • Fixed additional conflicts with “qTranslate slug” plugin (order details page)
  • Fixed issue with email subject escaping
  • Added new option “Within following time after order” under “Available dates / times for check-in” for ticket type checkins

  • Added admin notice when both versions of Tickera plugins are activated
  • Fixed conflict with “qTranslate slug” plugin
  • Fixed Stripe token error
  • Added per_page argument for API Key search

  • Fixes for checkin API

  • Added new discount type (per order)
  • Added improvements on the cart page (preserve posted values)

  • Fixed issue with check-in app (showing pending orders in the list)

  • Added ORDER_DETAILS placeholder to admin order completed email
  • Added quantity selector (“quantity” argument) for tc_ticket shortcode

  • Fixed translation string


  • Check-in API performance improvements
  • Fixed issue with enabled ticket download from an order e-mail if ticket is deleted
  • Fixed issue where shortcodes would not show in some themes
  • Added check under system info for GD or Imagick PHP extensions (required for ticket template images)
  • Added COOKIEPATH under system info
  • Added extra check to display only published ticket templates
  • Added hooks for labels in order_details placeholder

  • Performance improvements
  • Fixed issue with custom forms meta fields in the database
  • Hidden ‘Add New’ buttons in for ‘Orders’ and ‘Attendees’ in newest WordPress version
  • PayPal PRO changes (show city, zip code and select country automatically by client’s IP address)
  • Added new functions for retrieving client data by IP address

  • Fixed issue with showing events data on the event category page
  • Fixed conflict with JetPack plugin (random automatic redirect to the cart and/or process payment page)

  • Changed tab display in settings panel
  • Fixed issue with Today’s earnings preview in the dashboard widget
  • Fixed issue with cart not clearing after confirmation on free orders
  • Added some CSS to support future addons
  • Added hooks for styling e-mail table
  • To confirmation page added another check before execution
  • Code improvements in cart.js

  • Fix for Visual Composer plugin

  • Added new hooks for developers (on the order history page)
  • HTML changes
  • Small fixes for order saving on some servers
  • Fixed notices upon saving an event
  • Fixed issue with custom template size and background image

  • Added additional filters for developers
  • Added check-in support for QR Barcode Scanner Eyoyo EY-001 and similar QR code readers
  • Check-in API improvements
  • QR Code scan speed improvements (tc_qr_code_quick_scan_info set to true by default)

  • Added duplicate event option
  • Added admin notice messages on the single event page on the front-end if there isn’t any associated ticket type or if ticket types are not shown (none of shortcodes is placed)
  • Added new hooks for developers
  • Added better security for tickets download when force login option is enabled
  • Added limitation for loading CSS for certain post types in the admin
  • Added cancelled order status
  • Added new options for cancelling non-paid (“Order Received”) orders after certain period – “Cancel Pending Orders” and “Cancel Pending Orders Interval”
  • Removed “Delete Pending Orders” (replaced with “Cancel Pending Orders” option)
  • Check-in API improvements
  • Fixed issue with timestamps in the check-in API
  • Fixed issue with not applying Font Style on a ticket template
  • Fixed issue which occurs after multiple clicks on “Continue Checkout” with offline payments gateway
  • Fixed issue with admin menu position (with Jupiter theme)
  • Fixed issue with “WeChat Payments for WooCommerce” plugin
  • Fixed conflict with “Check and Enable GZIP compression” plugin
  • Fixed conflict with User Role Editor plugin (and similar plugins)

  • Added new hooks for developers
  • Fixed issues with hooks arguments in the check-in API filters
  • Fixed issue with total amount display in the dashboard widget

  • Added payment gateway show order option
  • Added order note flag on the orders page (visible when an order has a note)
  • Added new hooks for developers
  • Added additional settings “Create and Force new session path”
  • Removed comments form from order details page in the admin which appears when order has notes
  • Fixed issue with formatting in the “Terms of Use” metabox in the event single post page (in the admin)
  • Fixed lost session data on the cart page on refresh when 100% discount code is used
  • Updated Fonts

  • Fixed issue with counting sold tickets when some tickets are in the trash
  • Fixed issue on the order details page (trashed tickets were shown on the list as well)
  • Wording changes (Owner Info > Attendee info)

  • Added system information under settings of the plugin
  • Fixed issue with wp_kses (added more approved tags)
  • Slight logic changes in the create_order method
  • Remove order session data on the payment page
  • Changed hook for generate_ticket_preview method
  • Added new hooks for developers
  • Fixed issues with some fonts in PDF documents

  • Code improvements
  • Fixed issue with new lines not being saved in the settings

  • Fixed issue with wp_editor formatting (all HTML tags were stripped)
  • Added new hook for developers (tc_force_login_url)

  • Fix for empty discount codes (sometimes shown on the admin orders page)
  • Fixed issue with cart_info cookie
  • Fixed issue when process payment page is stopped (from browser by a user action) then continued

  • Orders (part in the admin) rewritten
  • Added new logic when an order is trashed, deleted or restored (it’s same for order’s child attendee / ticket )
  • Attendees & Tickets (part in the admin) rewritten
  • Fixed deprecated message for get_currentuserinfo function
  • Changes in functions add_admin_menu and add_network_admin_menu (and added new functions for Tickera admin menu)
  • Removed unnecessary files
  • Changes in the check-in API
  • Added new set of capabilities for staff role
  • Fixed issue with Staff role redirection when WooCommerce is active
  • Security hardening

  • Fixed issue with “Available dates for tickets selling” and “Available dates for check-in” option when “During selected date range” is selected.
  • Changed some wording in the admin


  • Added logs for IPN messages / errors (shown as Order Notes on the order details page in the admin)
  • Added option to ignore PayPal IPN error messages
  • Lifted curl connection timeout for retrieval of images

  • Update for PHP7 (Deprecated: Methods with the same name as their class) – thanks to Omega Supreme
  • Fixed issue with not adding background image on a ticket template (on some servers) when allow_url_fopen is allowed
  • Added plugin updater support for new licensing server

  • Added “Ticket Sales Availability Dates” functionality
  • Added “Ticket Check-in Availability Dates” functionality
  • Added “open_method” argument for tc_ticket buy now button shortcode (example usage: [tc_ticket id=”1521″ title=”Buy Now” type=”buynow” open_method=”new”])
  • Added additional logic which hides discount code value from the cart page when “Show Discount Code” option is turned off
  • Fixed permissions issue when searching discount codes in the admin
  • Fixed issue with deleting multiple ticket instances from trash
  • Fixed issue with Dashboard widget sales count

  • Updated TCPDF library (6.2.12)
  • Fixed cart conflicts with some themes

  • Added “Client Order Placed E-Mail” settings
  • Added API / WordPress URL to the API Access admin screen in order to avoid confusion
  • Added localized date format
  • Added space between time and event location on events page of archive excerpts
  • Added resend option for order confirmation emails
  • Added additional filter (tc_ticket_table_email_columns) for developers
  • Fixed issue with PDF export of WooCommerce variations when Bridge for WooCommerce add-on is active
  • Fixed issue with email sending priority in the change_order_status_ajax method
  • Updated Paygate payment gateway (added new test merchant_id 10011072130)
  • Fixed issue with check-in API limit events retrieval
  • Added support for PHP 7

  • Added support for Chrome Desktop check-in application
  • Changes in the check-in API
  • Added new hooks for developers
  • Added SAR – Saudi Arabian riyal to the 2checkout.com payment gateway
  • Fixed issue with event_tickets_left shortcode when shortcode is without event_id argument
  • Change in the payment gateway logic for free orders (when to turn it off and when to activate it)
  • Fixed issue with shortcodes when Tevolution plugin is installed

  • Added support for tcp:// session paths
  • Added ob_gzhandler to the check-in API JSON responses

  • Added required field and placeholder option for select form elements

  • Added better search for the check-in API

  • Added functionality for selecting multiple ticket types for discount code availability
  • Fixed issue with Max Mega Menu plugin
  • Fixed issue with the tc_event_date shortcode


  • Fixed issue with not listing attendees and orders properly with some (lower) PHP versions
  • Added right path to the font-awesome.css (thanks to Selim Cotal)
  • Added additional plugin-wide classes for JS validation
  • Fixed strict standard notices for fields class

  • Changed jQuery on click events (bind on body)
  • Changed some wording in the admin
  • Fixed issue with saving extra meta values for WooCommerce products
  • Added additional filters for developers

  • Fixed issue with Active switch button permissions on the ticket type and event admin page

  • Added Custom Image / Logo ticket template element
  • Added Google Map ticket template element
  • Fixed issue with tc_checkin_output_data filter
  • Make custom session path more secured (where session path isn’t writable initially)

  • Added 60 new currency symbols to the 2checkout.com payment gateway

  • Fixed issue with rounding numbers when percentage discount is applied
  • Removed unused capabilities
  • Added new hooks for developers

  • Fixed issue with redirect loop when Tickera option “Show Events on the Front Page” is set and reading settings is not set to “Your latest posts”
  • Added new global variables for developers ($better_ticket_types and $better_ticket_types) for easier modifications
  • Added new set of capabilities for Events and Ticket Types (check admin_capabilities and staff_capabilities methods in tickera.php)
  • Changed default wording for success check-ins (in the apps)
  • Added new hooks for developers

  • Added option to show events on the front page (Tickera > Settings > Miscellaneous > Show Events on the Front Page)
  • Hide ticket types table for tc_event shortcode if there isn’t any published ticket type associated with the event
  • Fixed issue which allowed search engines to index certain custom post type which should be invisible
  • Fixed issue with fees column in cart (when it’s set to no)
  • Added additional hooks and filters for developers

  • Design improvements / UX of Ticket Types and Events (admin area)
  • Fixed issue with cache on delivery notifications for orders without tickets
  • Fixed issue with addons page on some servers caused by SSL verification

  • Added new session path if session is not writable
  • Added upcoming events widget
  • Added standard widget classes to widgets


  • Fixed issue with enqueuing scripts via http

  • Added additional feature for auto-creating API Keys for event (upon creating an event)
  • Show “Check in” option for the admin user in the Attendees & Tickets details screen by default
  • Trimmed payment gateway value fields in order to avoid errors with copy/paste gateways’s API keys
  • Added tooltips, conditional show/hide and input validation on the settings page in the admin
  • Added input validation for ticket types and discount codes
  • Fixed issue with Ticket Type search and permissions in the admin

  • Fixed issue with radio and checkbox labels

  • Added Global Fee Scope option

  • Show buyer name in the attendees & tickets list (in the admin) if ticket owner name is not set
  • Added additional hooks for developers

  • Fixed issue with jQuery validation causing issues on some WooCommerce themes
  • Fixed display of the inclusive tax amount

  • Fixed issue with ticket templates close button not working in FF
  • Added additional CSS style to the event calendar in the admin area
  • Fixed issue with PayPal PRO (multiple clicks on the checkout)

  • Check-in API improvements
  • Fixed issue with event edit link located on the orders admin page
  • Added additional capabilities for controlling event management
  • Fixed conflict with WooCommerce Add to Cart action

  • Added itemized description on the checkout (included ticket type titles)
  • Improvements in the check-in API
  • Added new hooks for developers
  • Fixed issue with creating empty orders when visiting process payment page with empty cart

  • Added “Admin Order Placed E-Mail” notifications
  • Added ORDER_TOTAL and BUYER_NAME placeholders to the offline payments payment Instructions field
  • Added “Multipage Ticket Template” option
  • If none gateways are active, set FREE Orders by default

  • Fixed permission error on the orders admin page when clicking on an event link under the “Ticket(s)” column
  • Fixed issue with invalid user id when clicking on a user link on the admin order page
  • Fixed notices on the order details page shown if settings are not yet saved
  • Set first value as default on for the radio button element if default value is not set (works for the buyer and attendee data including custom forms)

  • Added support for 2D barcode readers
  • Fixed issue issues with check-ins when orders are pending

  • Fixed issue with download links and permissions when using ORDER_DETAILS e-mail placeholde

  • Added new option “Show Tickets Automatically” under Event administration screen
  • Fixed CSS issue for “Create New” menu item in the admin
  • Fixed notices in the check-in API

  • Fixed issue with post statuses

  • Fixed issue with ticket ID alignment in ticket template
  • Fixed issue with Buyer Name in the e-mails when payments are processed via on-site payment gateways (like Stripe, PayPal pro, Paymill etc)
  • Fixed issue with order search page permissions
  • Added additional hooks for developers
  • Fixes issues with check-in API
  • Fixed issue with expiry date id (conflict with WooCommerce)

  • Fixed issues the cart.js

  • Added better support for Events (added visual part for the front-end, native post type look and functionality)
  • Added additional shortcodes to the shortcode builder
  • Added Ticket ID ticket template element
  • Added new hooks, filters and helpers for developers
  • Redesigned interface for ticket templates
  • Ticket code element bug fix
  • Fixed issue with deleted checkins showing in the stats (in mobile apps)

  • Optimized PDF library and removed unused fonts
  • Added additional shortcode arguments (added button type for tc_event shortcode)
  • Fixed issue with API Keys pagination in the admin
  • Fixed issue with discounts display (when discount value is greater than total)
  • Added option for IPN page to be a physical page (instead of virtual)
  • Added notice in the settings for servers which don’t support at least 5.3 version of PHP
  • Automatically disable certain payment gateways (Optimal Payments / Netbanx and Beanstream) on servers which has PHP version bellow 5.3
  • Added additional hooks and filters for developers

  • Added new hooks and filters for developers
  • Compatibility with Event Calendar add-on (https://tickera.com/addons/tickera-event-calendar/)
  • Compatibility with Event Role Based Prices add-on (https://tickera.com/addons/role-based-prices/)


  • Added event end date
  • Added new hooks and filters for developers
  • Added login link to the order history shortcode / page

  • Added Order Details placeholder for order completed client email
  • Added ORDER_ID placeholder to the offline payments
  • Add option for process payment page to be created as physical page
  • Consolidated hooks & filters names and added basic documentation (https://tickera.com/tickera-documentation/hooks-and-filters/)
  • Fixed issues with slashes in some input fields in the admin
  • Fixed issues with check-in API when API Key is limited to a single event

  • Added option to recreate deleted tickets from order details page
  • Added option for controlling e-mail sending type (wp_mail or PHP mail) under plugin e-mail settings
  • Added additional shortcode [tc_order_history] which shows order / purchase history for logged-in users
  • Added Ticket Order History on the user profile page in the admin
  • Added additional column for ticket orders count on the user list page in the admin
  • Added default fields value to the buyer form (user first name, last name and the email will be automatically pulled and shown in the input fields by default)
  • Fixed JS issues with cart validation (conflict with some themes)

  • Added additional order status: trash
  • Added order status filters in the admin area
  • Fixed issue with event date and time shown on the ticket

  • Change Free Order gateway (redirect to the confirmation page automatically and skip the payment page)
  • Added option for controlling “Order Details Pretty Links” in order to avoid conflicts (404 not found order details pages) with some third-party plugins and themes
  • Added “Skip Payment Confirmation Page” option in each payment gateway settings
  • Fixed issue with not clearing “Delete Pending Orders” cron job correctly

  • Fixed issue with display date and time based on different time zones
  • Fixed issue with extra slashes added to the payment gateway fields
  • Fixed issue not being able to click bottom pallete of color picker
  • Ticket code not aligning fixed
  • Fixed issues with clearing session and cookie data after confirmation

  • Added PayU Latam Payment Gateway integration
  • Added Komoju Payment Gateway integration
  • Added inline edit option for the attendee info (First Name, Last Name and E-mail fields) on the order details page (admin side)
  • Added Malaysia locale for PayPal standard and additional filters for developers
  • Added JavaScript validation for buyer email field on the front-end
  • Added option to control sending of Stripe Receipt automatically after completed purchase (receipt_email)
  • Fixed issues with white-labeling of “Tickera” in the shortcode builder (when TICKET_PLUGIN_TITLE is defined)
  • Fixed issues with open comments (in some themes) on the tickera pages

  • Revamp of the payment gateway API and all payment gateways code (IMPORTANT: if you’re using payment gateway add-ons, please update them)
  • Added Form Field API (beta)
  • Added Simplify Payment Gateway
  • Fixed issues with WordPress 4.3 (construct for Widgets)
  • Removed White Payments payment gateways (their service is discontinued)

  • Added shortcode builder
  • Fixed issues with attendee list in the mobile apps / check-in API
  • Fixed admin notices on the event and ticket type page
  • Added message when order id is not specified on the order details page

  • Added “Ticketing Store at a Glance” dashboard widget

  • Added toggle controls for event and ticket visibility
  • Added delete pending orders functionality
  • Removed uppercase from buttons
  • Fixed Ipay label
  • Removed align right from credit card tables

  • Added toggle controls for event and ticket visibility
  • Added delete pending orders functionality
  • Removed uppercase from buttons
  • Fixed Ipay label
  • Removed align right from credit card tables

  • Added new plugin updater

  • Added missing div

  • Added quantity column option to the events shortcode. Example: [event id=”53″ quantity=”true”]

  • Check-in API improvements (added additional filters used by custom fields add-on)

  • Fixed conflict with Divi theme (2.4.3) which caused fatal error when downloading a PDF ticket


  • Added price inclusive of tax option

  • Added support for ANSI A (216×279 mm) US paper size for ticket templates
  • Fixed issue with ticket template not showing

  • Added wp editors instead of textareas for ticket description and event terms and conditions

  • CSS fixes for select boxes in the admin (to avoid theme issues)
  • Code improvements and added additional options for discount codes (for developers)

  • Added new user capabilities

  • Added Cell Alignment and Element Break Lines control to the Sponsor Logos ticket template element
  • Added BUYER_NAME email confirmation placeholder
  • Fixed e-mail formatting for order confirmation e-mails
  • Fixed typo in PayPal Pro payment gateway (admin)

  • Improved check-in API

  • Updated language file

  • Added automatic Stripe receipt sending option
  • Extended mobile check-in API


  • Fixed issue with ticket sold count displayed in orders table
  • Fixed issue with custom forms add-on
  • Added new hooks for developers (tc_2d_code_params)

  • Fixed issues with Custom Forms on the front (cart page) in Firefox

  • Added additional hooks for developers
  • Various code improvements

  • Fixed issue with admin discount code page pagination
  • Added additional hooks for developers (for skipping payment confirmation page)

  • Added additional shortcodes (event_tickets_sold, event_tickets_left, tickets_sold, tickets_left)
  • Fixed issue with incorrect total amount shown on the 2checkout.com

  • Added quantity sold field on ticket types screen in the admin

  • Added option to control availability of the payment gateways for all subsites from within a multisite admin panel
  • Added additional hooks for developers

  • Fixed issue with payment gateway public name shown on front (was admin_name instead)

  • Hide cart menu by default
  • Removed unnecessary plugin menu items
  • Fixed issue with owner required fields

  • Fixed issue with discount limit

  • Fixed translation string
  • Added additional hooks for developers
  • Other code improvements

  • Fixed issues caused by forcing json content type (fixed potential conflicts with other plugins and themes)

  • Fixed issue with barcode scan
  • Fixed issue with order confirmation mail with Offline Payments

  • Resolved issues with comment form when tickera is activated

  • Fixed issue with update cart check control on the cart page

  • Fixed issue caused by output buffering when downloading a ticket (on some servers)
  • Added customer front order detail page link on the order details page in the admin

  • Fixed issue with the HTML characters in the email body

  • Fixed issue with broken images in the content editors in admin (in order messages, offline payments and free orders editors)


  • Fixed issue with output buffering when downloading a ticket

  • Added option to hide discount code field from the cart page
  • Added option to control number of result rows displayed in the admin tables

  • Added additional control on the cart page (force cart update)

  • Added new hooks for developers
  • Other code improvements

  • Improved cart performance when checking out a lot of tickets (few hundreds)

  • Fixed issues with saving custom offline payments fields in the admin
  • Fixed issue with including JS files on the payment page in Stripe payment gateway

  • Added option for e-mail payment instructions upon placing an order in custom / offline payments gateway
  • Added customer e-mail field on the order details in the admin
  • Fixed text domain issue in Free Order and Custom Offline payments gateways

  • Fixed issues with ticket quantity limits
  • Fixed issue with post author upon creating default tickera pages

  • Resolved issues with permalinks (with custom post types)


  • Fixed issue with Android app check in response error

  • Added new ticket template elements (ticket code and buyer name)
  • Added changes to the check-in API required for the upcoming iPhone app

  • Fixed issue with discount code limit with percentage discount code type (not being applying on more than one ticket)

  • IMPORTANT: Added physical pages instead of virtual pages
  • PayTabs payment gateway update (to reflect new API changes)
  • Improvements in the checkout process on front (changed in the both design and code)

  • Improvements in the check-in API
  • Added: automatic redirect to the gateway’s payment page for 2Checkout
  • Added: additional ticket shortcode argument (type=”buynow”) for automatic redirection to the cart page
  • Changed: show payment gateway even in case that only one is active
  • Fixed: small rounding issues with comparing payment amounts
  • Fixed Internet Explorer issues with payment gateway selection
  • Code improvements with the ticket download section
  • Fixed small JS issues on the payment gateways screen in the admin
  • Admin UX improvements

  • Added attendee list PDF export feature

  • Resolved issue with all select boxed in the admin (display more than 10 records)
  • Resolved issue with pagination class (not displaying more than 10 pages)

  • Added White Payments gateway (beta)
  • Fixed issue with Ticket Types pagination in the admin

  • IMPORTANT: after installing this version of Tickera, you must save plugin General Settings once again
  • Reworked all payment gateways code
  • Resolved issues with emails not being sent after payment confirmation (on some servers)

  • Fixed issues with discount code being applied even if it’s deleted

  • Added option to hide owner info fields from the cart page

  • Resolved issue with incorrectly date and time on tickets
  • Fixed bug with not setting QR code size

  • Resolved issues with “Checked-in Tickets” count shown in mobile apps

  • Resolved issues with plugin updater

  • Resolved output buffering issues with ticket PDF preview (occurred only on some servers)

  • Removed deprecated jQuery function ‘live’ and changed to ‘on’
  • Added additional hooks for owner fields

  • Fixed bug with all ticket types deletion when a event is deleted
  • Added plugin update option from within the WordPress administration panel

  • Fixed bug with clearfix

  • Fixed text domain issues and generated default language files

  • Added output buffering error description and instructions for fixing it (shown only on some servers when trying to generate a ticket)
  • Resolved issues with confirmation screen (only on some servers) after payment via PayPal Standard payment gateway

  • Fixed unclosed div on front-end forms
  • Added tc_event shortcode in order to avoid clash with other themes and plugins

  • Fixed PHP notices on the cart page

  • Resolved issues with non-selectable select boxes on ticket templates page in Firefox

  • Resolved issues with e-mails (incorrect email headers, client e-mails not being sent)
  • Added option to send completed order e-mail confirmation to clients upon changing order status to order paid

  • Resolved issue with Cart page

  • Fixed issue with incorrectly closed html tags on the cart page

  • Removed reset CSS from front.css

  • Fixed issue with proceed button on the cart page

  • Fixed issue with anonymous functions which caused fatal PHP errors (before PHP 5.3.0) upon installation
  • Added option for custom cart URL
  • Various code improvements

  • Fixed issue with PayPal Standard payment gateway and its selected mode (sandbox / live)
  • Fixed issue with wp_mail email content type (set to ‘text/html’)
  • Fixed issue with incorrect link to order page in the notification emails
  • Added classes for input fields and wrapping divs on front-end


  • Fixed issue with PDF preview
  • Resolved bug (PHP fatal error) with FREE Orders gateway


  • Plugin re-built from the ground up