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This plugin will automatically instrument a site with ThriveHive's tracking code.

  • V 1.128 Extracting shortcode rendering logic and adding an endpoint to utilize it
  • V 1.127 Adding set meta value capability for posts
  • V 1.126 Adding in do_shortcode to snippet rendering and fixing parallax css
  • V 1.125 Fixing a bug with clearing css cache, and logo min height css
  • V 1.124 Adding setting of website phone number via the API
  • V 1.123 Adding support for non-hardcoded forms where applicable
  • V 1.122 Fixing issues with static maps API
  • V 1.121 Forcing a reauth when viewing draft posts if not logged in.
  • V 1.120 Fixing bug with header style options and json deserialization
  • V 1.119 Adding support for user-tokens in snippets
  • V 1.118 Adding support for clearing WPFC Cache
  • V 1.117 Fixing bug with fontawesome yelp icon
  • V 1.116 Fixing bug with fontawesome twitter link
  • V 1.115 Use 'target' parameter when creating a menu item with an internal link
  • V 1.114 Fixing some potential errors that we might see on non managed sites.
  • V 1.113 Fixing single quote bug with button text
  • V 1.112 Adding in fontawesome social media icons
  • V 1.111 Fixing a potential bug with a blank PDF shortcode
  • V 1.110 CSS fixes: limit prior quattro bugfix to quattro, fix bugs in quattro and lifestyle pro themes
  • V 1.109 Adding endpoint for getting blog post permalinks
  • V 1.108 Fixing potential bug with empty galleries
  • V 1.107 Updating AIOSEOP options when featured image is set.
  • V 1.106 Sugar slider styling: support full-width and hiding prev/next buttons
  • V 1.105 Fixing a bug with the google maps rendering
  • V 1.104 Adding a feature to hide/show title on posts/pages
  • V 1.103 Include featured image data in response to set_featured_image
  • V 1.102 Fix usage of $wpdb->prepare()
  • V 1.101 Add support for reusable snippets and posts' featured images
  • V 1.100 Support custom title when adding a post's menu item
  • V 1.99 Minified CSS
  • V 1.98 Added changes that didn't make it in previous commit
  • V 1.97 Bug fix for CSS selector for floating last-child in columns
  • V 1.96 Bug fix for inconsistent default layout display
  • V 1.95 Use 5px margin on all sides of images
  • V 1.94 Fixing a bug with pdf uploads
  • V 1.93 Blocking comments marked as spam from syndicating
  • V 1.92 Syndicating blog comments
  • V 1.91 Fixing a bug with the update call when we upgrade tables
  • V 1.90 Allowing forms to be rendered with what they represent in thrivehive and storing them locally
  • V 1.84 Temporarily removing auto slug generation when titles change
  • V 1.83
    • Fixed a bug with updating blog post categories
    • Fixed a bug with relative urls for social media links (patch for frontend bug)
  • V 1.82 Allowing users to set category names to whatever they want
  • V 1.81 Minor bug fix with displaying PDF links only
  • V 1.8 Minor Release Featuring:
    • Added target setting to buttons
    • Added target setting to nav items
    • Added links only for PDFs
  • V 1.74 Fixing a bug with pinterest pinning and images that are too small
  • V 1.73 Fixed small bug with margin on gallery slider images
  • V 1.72 Fixing a small bug with social widget settings on the sidebar
  • V 1.71 Fixing minor bug in new pdf properties
  • V 1.7 Adding mappings so that we can move to our new PDF embedder plugin
  • V 1.69 Fix for slugs switching back and forth on post update
  • V 1.68 Temporary fix for plugin version check
  • V 1.67
    • Added default margin to images in .content
    • Added float right to
    • elements in #menu-main
    • Adding in endpoints for getting and setting genesis layout for pages.
    • Adding in sharing for pinterest and linked in on blog pages and phone widget header editing
    • Adding in plugin versioning checks to detect version issues in TH
  • V 1.65 Fix for issues with PDF uploads and poor thumbnails for them
  • V 1.64 Fix for older PHP version
  • V 1.63 Adding dynamic logo tweaks
  • V 1.62 Fixing but with landing page template showing nav menu
  • V 1.61 Fixing a bug with displaying landing pages in TH
  • V 1.60 Fixing a bug introduced with pdf uploads in 1.59
  • V 1.59 Fixing a bug with older versions of PHP and accessing the post controller
  • V 1.58 Fixing bug with non canonical category slugs and saving posts
  • V 1.57 Adding PDF management
  • V 1.56 Fixing an issue with landing page template and newer versions of genesis
  • V 1.55 Fixing bug with the map shortcode and
  • V 1.54 Auto-approving comments our authors make in reply to other comments
  • V 1.53 Updating comment management to give the gmt date
  • V 1.52 Updating get_all_users to return email addresses
  • V 1.51 Updating user creation to include email address and adding method to update it
  • V 1.5 Minor release changing functionalities for filtering pages by types and comment management
  • V 1.40 Fix for excessive slashes in seo homepage
  • V 1.39 Fix for RSS XML Feed
  • V 1.38 Adding footer changes to include address
  • V 1.35 Major release to fuix issues with Metro Pro theme
  • V 1.28 Major release to support custom header style options
  • V 1.27 Fix for YouTube video tracking
  • V 1.26 Fix for overlapping forms on landing pages
  • V 1.25 increasing version number to allow update on some sites
  • V 1.24 Major release supporting forms, custom css/js, lightbox, categories, authors, background * image
  • V 1.23 Added comments field to default contact us form
  • V 1.22 Fix for YouTube embed showing up at top of page/post
  • V 1.21 Fix for Youtube tracking environment url
  • V 1.20 Major release supporting new shortcodes for youtube and image gallery, LinkedIn and Yelp * widget buttons,
  • V 1.10 Fixed a bug for opening blog posts in thrivehive
  • V 1.09 Styling fix on contact us form generator
  • V 1.08 Function naming conflict issue with a specific theme
  • V 1.07 Fix to make sure menu item shows up, and shows up last
  • V 1.06 Bug fix for theme page templates not showing up
  • V 1.05 Bug fix for PHP Version <5.4
  • V 1.04 Updating social buttons to be optional
  • V 1.03 changed social buttons to be echo'd to the page rather than written directly
  • V 1.02 Adding validation for current PHP version
  • V 1.00 MAJOR Release integrating with the new Thrivehive wordpress interface
  • V 0.59: Fixing but with getting blog post content
  • V 0.58: Changing the method for getting public previews
  • V 0.54: Added rewrite flushing on activation
  • V 0.51: Bug fix for creating blog posts with no title having all content wiped out
  • V 0.5: Major update adding integration with ThriveHive to create and view blog posts as well as various usability enhancements

Requires: 3 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.1.14
Last Updated: 13 hours ago
Active Installs: 1,000+


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