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ThreeWP Broadcast

Network content sharing by multiposting between blogs for PHP v5.4+. Posts can be linked to each other and updated automatically.

I need support!

The easiest way to get my attention is to contact me via e-mail and ask how to donate a little something for my time.

For contract work such as the following, contact me so we can come to an agreement:

  • Broadcast is missing a feature you need
  • Broadcast isn't properly interacting with other plugins
  • Broadcast doesn't work on your custom site

If you're not into donations, try the support forum to see if other users can help you out.

Debug dumps

A debug dump is the long text that is displayed when broadcasting a post with debug mode on. This dump can then be read to see what Broadcast is or isn't doing.

To switch on debug mode, see the admin settings. If your site is live it would be wise to input your IP in the associated textarea, so that only you see the debug dump.

Blacklist, whitelisting, force broadcast

Broadcasting to specific blogs, hiding blogs and forcing blogs can be acheived with the User & Blog Settings plugin in the Broadcast Premium Pack.

Bulk broadcast existing pages

To broadcast many posts at once, see the Send To Many plugin in the Broadcast Premium Pack.

Galleries and attachments

Attachments are force-broadcasted: the child posts have all their attachments deleted and then copied again.

If you have a gallery shortcode in the post ( [gallery columns="2" ids="427,433,430,429,428"] ) then Broadcast will first check that the image does not already exist on the child blog. It does this by searching for the post name (the filename minus the extension). If no image is found, it is copied.

If you have manually modified the thumbnails on the parent blog, you might want to use the Duplicate Attachments plugin in the plugin pack, otherwise WordPress will generate new thumbnails on each child blog.

Hide broadcast from the users

The broadcast meta box, menu and columns in the post view can be hidden from users / roles / blogs using User & Blog Settings plugin in the Broadcast Premium Pack.

Is php v5.4 really necessary?

Yes. PHP v5.3 has been officially unsupported since the 14th of August, 2014. If your web host refuses to upgrade to a supported version, go find a new host.


If you have already created posts on other blogs that are supposed to be children of a specific post, you can use the "find unlinked" bulk action to find and link them.

To be considered an orphan the orphaned posts must have the exact same title (name) as the soon-to-be parent and be of the same post type.

Timeout problems

If you have many attachments in your post, and are broadcasting the post to many blogs, you might encounter a PHP timeout. This means that broadcasting exceeded the PHP time limit and had to be aborted.

There are several solutions to this problem:

  1. Increase the PHP timeout in your PHP.ini settings. This will not speed up broadcasting, only increase your chances of completely broadcasting the post.
  2. Use the Duplicate Attachments plugin in the pack. This will duplicate any attachments + thumbnails instead of regenerating them on each child blog.
  3. Use the Queue plugin to put each child broadcast into a queue that is emptied by javascript.

You will not need solution #1 if you use solutions #2 and #3. :)

Why can I not see the Broadcast meta box?

Make sure that:

  1. The plugin is network enabled
  2. Your user level has broadcast access (Broadcast access role)
  3. Your user has write access to more than this blog (see Admin settings > Maintenenace > View blog access). Or use the All Blogs premium plugin to access all blogs.
  4. The correct post type(s) have been selected
  5. User & Blog Settings is not set to hide the meta box from the user / role / blog


Broadcast is capable of handling WooCommerce products.

  1. In the custom post type settings: Add "product"
  2. In the settings: select broadcast internal custom fields.
  3. When broadcasting, select custom fields and taxonomies.

This will broadcast all normal product settings: SKU, price, etc.

If your products have variations, or you want the attribute taxonomies to be synced, you'll be wanting the WooCommerce plugin from the premium pack.

If you have a product gallery, use the "Custom Field Attachments" premium plugin to broadcast the "_product_image_gallery" custom field.

WPML Sitepress

WPML is semi-supported via a plugin in the premium pack.

For more information, see WPML discussion here: http://wordpress.org/support/topic/wmpl-integration-not-working

The author suggests using PolyLang instead due to far superior support.

XCache vs APC opcode cache

Xcache v2 does not support PHP namespaces, which is a PHP 5.3 feature. Trying to enable Broadcast with Xcache v2 enabled will result in a PHP crash.

Xcache v3, which does support namespaces, has not yet been tested. Anyone with Xcache v3 experience is welcome to contact me with info.

APC works flawlessly.

Requires: 3.3.1 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.1.1
Last Updated: 2015-4-12
Active Installs: 300+


4.5 out of 5 stars


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