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Earn more with affiliate marketing using ThirstyAffiliates – the professional affiliate link management & link cloaking tool for affiliates.


  • Feature: Wildcard replace segments of links based on query string parameters
  • Feature: Show the link category name on the link picker search box
  • Improvement: Auto remove Yoast SEO meta box on link edit screen
  • Bug Fix: 307 global redirect option doesn't seem to be working properly
  • Bug Fix: On brand new installs the permalinks sometimes need flushing again
  • Bug Fix: Link categories dropdown on Quick Add form not working
  • Bug Fix: Description of imported images from amazon is not positioned properly


  • Bug Fix: Make constant names non-case insensitive to support HipHop in HHVM environment
  • Bug Fix: Notices relating to newwindow and nofollow showing everywhere
  • Bug Fix: Custom prefix setting doesn't display or save when using language other than english


  • Bug Fix: Fix critical issue with ajax permission check on function also used by Autolinker.


  • Bug Fix: Notices on settings page, add-on page and on shortcodes
  • Bug Fix: Security problem where non-admin account holders can access AJAX functions (thanks James Golovich)


  • Translation: Russian (thanks to Roman Sobol)
  • Bug Fix: Squiggly brackets are being html encoded and not html decoded for display and redirection
  • Bug Fix: Notice on link edit screens
  • Bug Fix: URLs entered into the destination URL box are not being HTML decoded on redirect
  • Bug Fix: Notices on saving
  • Bug Fix: In the settings area when you set custom link prefix, the input box showing the custom prefix isn't shown properly after saving
  • Bug Fix: linkclass backwards compatibility on shortcodes causing notices on some installs



  • Feature: Allow user to specify link categories during Quick Add if category in slug preference is enabled. Enhanced the UI with a multi-select box.
  • Feature: Add Link ID to the list view columns as the first column for easy reference
  • Feature: Added import/export ability of Global settings to make it easy to copy pre-set settings from one site to another


  • Bugfix: Rollback of link data merging bugfix from 2.4.10, caused some issues in data persistence in add-ons, will revisit this later
  • Feature: Introduced an optional debug flag on edit screens to assist in debugging link data on sites in the wild


  • Bugfix: Fixed a nasty character escaping bug that was wiping data on save in some instances.


  • Bugfix: Additional data on thirsty data not appearing in fields on the edit page was accidentally being blown away, needed to merge data with existing on save
  • Bugfix: Use the absolute path during media metadata creation when cloning an image from the media library (thanks Olaf)
  • Bugfix: Moved the rewrite rule flushing into the activation functions as best practices have changed since


  • Bugfix: Fix compatibility issue with some page builders
  • Bugfix: Corrected bug with legacy media uploader script loading in the background when it shouldn't be
  • Feature: Add new global setting for appending additional rel attributes to links during link insertion
  • Bugfix: Fixed image attaching problem where URL would be malformed when duplicating an existing attachment


  • Bugfix: Removed add-on notices from sidebar of edit screens. Causing too many issues, we'll revisit this later.


  • Feature: Add ability to upload multiple images in one hit to affiliate links (thanks Mozie)
  • Bugfix: Added mechanism to only download RSS feed of add-ons at most once per day instead of during each page load
  • Other: Improved the look of the add-ons page and added meta box to link edit screens for add-on notices


  • Feature: Add option to turn of auto selection of category during save process
  • Feature: Show message to user if they have default permalinks selected (we require pretty permalinks)
  • Feature: Added an admin function for showing global notices when there is a critical configuration problem
  • Bugfix: Links without categories selected should still resolve even if the "show categories in URLs" option is enabled (thanks Olaf)


  • Feature: Add 307 temporary redirection type
  • Bugfix: Adding additional info to before redirect action to support upcoming new features in Stats add-on


  • Bugfix: Notify the plain text editor of change event after link is returned
  • Bugfix: Hardening up checks for when editor is not properly defined
  • Bugfix: Added check to see if debug index is present before using it to prevent outputting notices when wp_debug is set to true, on the settings page
  • Feature: Add switches for turning off editor buttons on Visual or Text/Quicktags editors


  • Bugfix: Add html character encoding on link name field on edit screen so link names with quotes are displayed properly


  • Bugfix: Had to retire data filtering with mysql_ escape functions in favour of using esc_sql as provided by WordPress core. Some servers now don't support mysql_ functions at all (thanks Daniel)
  • Bugfix: If the post isn't an affiliate link, skip slug shortening
  • Feature: Added disable slug shortening option to turn off removing stop words from affiliate link urls


  • IMPORTANT BUG FIX: Default post status is no longer set to 'publish' when left empty in 3.8.2 so we need to set in our custom post save box otherwise you can't save new links.


  • New Feature: Quick Add button on TinyMCE editor lets you add new affiliate links on the fly without leaving the edit screen
  • Fixed admin site debug warning on non-ThirstyAffiliates pages


  • IMPORTANT BUG FIX: Fixed issue with special char filtering causing invalid redirects on some merchants, advise people who are on 2.3 to update to this version immediately.


  • New Feature: Added the option to choose a global redirect type (301 or 302 at this stage) and also the option to override this per link
  • Admin layout compatibility with WordPress 3.8 specifically responsiveness
  • Changed menu name to Affiliate Links as 3.8 made ThirstyAffiliates word wrap to the next line
  • Inserting images using the link picker stopped working due to imageID not being passed properly
  • Moving some core styles for the settings page to the core stylesheet
  • Improved data filtering function to selectively strip html on input data
  • Filtered data wasn't being passed to array elements properly and hence was unfiltered


  • Tweaked add-on page layout


  • Bug fix title attribute not showing on shortcodes
  • Make shortcodes obey the global flags properly
  • Output shortcode defaults properly when no attributes specified (backwards compatibility)


  • Fixing regression in shortcode functionality (thanks Roshan)


  • Fixed link of categories a link belongs to in list view to show a list of links from that category
  • Fixed warning on settings page and added sanity checks for link prefix option
  • Added debug flag to settings page for support and testing
  • Deprecated PHP function split() replaced with preg_split(), was throwing a warning on PHP 5.3.0+ servers.


  • During link insertion check if copied text contains HTML and handle appropriately
  • Add global switch to turn off title attribute on inserted links
  • Add global switch to turn off thirstylink and thirstylinkimg link classes
  • Strip slashes from apostrophes in copied text during link insertion
  • Remove ajax url from front end (no longer used)


  • Fixing add-ons page (thanks Hesham)
  • Adding javascript layout tweak


  • Adding API hooks for future development
  • Cleaning up code structure
  • Fixing ajax calls to be fully documentation compliant
  • Fixes for the image adding including support for new media loader
  • Added better object handling for image attachments
  • Moved off some add-on specific settings to their own plugin code bases
  • Lots of other small bug fixes and improvements
  • Adding plugin to the WordPress.org directory!


  • Removing unneccesary data from allagents.xml
  • Adding no listing directive to plugin directory to prevent indexing


  • Bug fix for link names with quotes in them


  • Remove superfluous words from auto generated slugs on link creation


  • Allow categories in link slugs
  • Add option to force rebuild links (re-saves all existing links)
  • Fix saving bug on nofollow/new window options when not using global setting
  • Fix compatibility issue with Thesis theme
  • Other various small bug fixes


  • Fix for curly braces in links


  • Fixing incompatibilities with some premium themes


  • Fixed menu disappearing bug due to WP update


  • Introduced automatic updating
  • Improved user interface
  • Added web crawler robot blocking
  • Other various small bug fixes

Prior to 2.0

  • Initial version

Requires: 3.4 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.7.0
Last Updated: 2 months ago
Active Installs: 10,000+


4.3 out of 5 stars


5 of 5 support threads in the last two months have been marked resolved.

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