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Outputs tweets from any Twitter users, hashtag or keyword through the Widget interface. Can be called via shortcode or PHP function call and supports

How many tweets will be shown?

This is determined by your settings within the widget or your custom call. The default is set to 5.

How long back will tweets be shown for?

If using the update frequency "Live (uncached)" ThinkTwit will show tweets that have occurred as far back as "max days" (up to the last 7 days, due to restrictions in the Twitter API). However, any other option will utilise ThinkTwit's own cache and will therefore display anything within the cache (up to "max days"). The exception to this is when the "Paused" option is selected - this will retain tweets (and display those tweets) indefinitely (until the update frequency is changed from "Paused").

What will happen if I haven't tweeted in the last 7 days?

If you aren't caching tweets then a message will be shown stating: "There have been no tweets for the past 7 days", but if you are caching tweets then it will simply show the tweets stored in the cache, even if they are older than 7 days. This message can be customised within the settings.

How can I style ThinkTwit?

ThinkTwit uses the widget API so should be styled correctly by your theme. It has some default CSS but you may, however, wish to turn this off (in the ThinkTwit Settings) and add your own. If so you should find the following information handy:

  • ThinkTwit essentially outputs tweets as a list
  • The list container can be accessed using ol.thinkTwitTweets
  • All tweets can be accessed using ol.thinkTwitTweets li.thinkTwitTweet
  • Individual tweets can be accessed using ol.thinkTwitTweets #tweet-n where n is the number of the tweet
  • Odd and even tweets can be accessed using ol.thinkTwitTweets li.thinkTwitOdd and ol.thinkTwitTweets li.thinkTwitEven accordingly
  • The author within a tweet can be accessed using ol.thinkTwitTweets li.thinkTwitTweet a.thinkTwitAuthor
  • The author suffix within a tweet can be accessed using ol.thinkTwitTweets li.thinkTwitTweet a.thinkTwitSuffix
  • The content of a tweet can be accessed using ol.thinkTwitTweets li.thinkTwitTweet a.thinkTwitContent
  • The published time within a tweet can be accessed using ol.thinkTwitTweets li.thinkTwitTweet span.thinkTwitPublished
  • The "no tweets" message can be accessed using ol.thinkTwitTweets li.thinkTwitNoTweets
  • The AJAX error message ("Error: Unable to display tweets") can be accessed using `p.thinkTwitError'

NOTE: Be sure to use the id to access each style in order to over-write the default CSS.

How do I stop caching in caching engines such as WP Super Cache?

Turn on no-caching in the widget settings.

How does no-caching work?

Instead of outputting HTML it outputs Javascript. The Javascript uses AJAX (via jQuery) to make a call to a method that returns the HTML which is then inserted in to the correct location.

I'm using no-caching but nothing appears below the title

Your theme is probably not setup properly. AJAX requires a location to insert the returned data from the server-side call. ThinkTwit puts it in to the div that contains the widget. A WordPress theme written correctly should output a unique id for each widget that is output. Inform the developer of your theme to have the following (or something similar) in their register_sidebar function:

'before_widget' => '<div id="%1$s" class="widget %2$s">'

Why do I get this error? Warning: file_get_contents() [function.file-get-contents]: URL file-access is disabled in the server configuration

You are getting this error because the allow_url_fopen option is disabled on your server. You can resolve this by either enabling it, or if you are unable to do this (it may be a shared server) you can enable CURL in the widget options.

I'm getting strange errors or no output

You may need to clear and rebuild your cache - please use the Clear Cache button within Settings -> ThinkTwit in the Admin area, and then reload the page containing ThinkTwit. Otherwise please re-install - see uninstall instructions.

How do I prevent use of nofollow tags in my URLs?

You can apply a filter - see the following URL for an example:


What are the options "Show when published" and "Update frequency"?

  • Show when published - indicates whether the time the tweet was made is shown e.g. "This happened 1 day ago"
  • Update frequency - indicates how often Twitter should be contacted to get a list of tweets. Use this to turn on or off caching, and to decide how often to update the cache

Why aren't my avatar images showing?

The images folder may not exist or it may not be writeable (this folder is required for caching avatars). You must create the directory if it doesn't already exist or you must chmod it to 755 or higher so that the web server can write to the folder (depends on your web server permissions).

How often do avatars get updated?

Once every 24 hours (assuming a request is made in this period). This value is not currently configurable.

Why do I constantly see the message "There have been no recent tweets"?

It is likely that you have not entered your Twitter API credentials. Please see the Installation tab for more details and check your PHP error log for any errors (such as incorrect authentication or rate limiting with Twitter).

Where can I see ThinkTwit errors?

You can look in the normal error log for your PHP setup. By default this is the error_log file within the root server of your WordPress installation but this may differ for each installation so if you are unsure please ask your server administrator.

Why do I keep seeing the following error "ThinkTwit error: Twitter responded with an unexpected error - [message=Rate limit exceeded, code=88]"?

This means that you are making too many requests to Twitter. If you are not using caching you should turn this on, and if you are already using it then you should decrease the frequency that requests are made e.g. change update frequency from "Live (cached)" to "Hourly".

What is live updates and how does it work?

Live updates allow periodic updates to the user's screen every set number of seconds i.e. if this was set to 10 seconds then every 10 seconds a call would be made to ThinkTwit to request any new Tweets. To use this feature you must have no-caching turned on.

NOTE: Even though you may be have a high frequency set this does not mean you will definitely get new tweets within that frequency. This is dependent upon the frequency of updates that you have set in the update frequency for that widget, shortcode or your Output Anywhere call. If you are using caching then the call will be made to the ThinkTwit cache and not Twitter itself - it is recommended that you use caching and not live calls if using live updates or else you may find yourself blocked from Twitter.

Requires: 3.2 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.7.3
Last Updated: 3 months ago
Active Installs: 400+


4.5 out of 5 stars


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