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Theme Blvd Layout Builder

When using a Theme Blvd theme, this plugin gives you slick interface to build custom layouts. - 06/28/2016

  • Improvement: Display to the user where to select an element in the builder interface.
  • Fixed: Include Google Maps API key, set from Appearance > Theme Options > Configuration > Google Maps, in layout builder (for framework 2.6.1+ themes). - 01/27/2016

  • New: Added option to pull from pages to Post List element.
  • New: Added option to align divider left or right (for framework 2.6+ themes).
  • New: Added option to shade slider images for overlaid text readability; this applies to post slider and simple slider elements (for framework 2.6+ themes).
  • Improvement: Allow up to six logos per row in Partner Logos element.
  • Improvement: Use add_menu_page instead of add_object_page, which was deprecated in WordPress 4.5.
  • Removed: No more icon style option on redesigned Team Member element (for framework 2.6+ themes). - 12/11/2015

  • Improvement: Better RTL support for Layout Builder admin interface.
  • Fixed: When custom elements are filtered in, make sure they appear for selection within the "Columns" element.
  • Fixed: Hero unit content background color opacity option not working. - 10/01/2015

  • Fixed: Javascript errors in builder from incorrect divider element options (for framework 2.2-2.4 themes). - 09/21/2015

  • Improvements to overall security and sanitization.
  • Fixed: Import & Export buttons will only show if Theme Blvd Importer plugin is installed. - 09/14/2015

  • Fixed: Hero Unit Slider element shouldn't be available to be inserted within a Columns element (for framework 2.5+ themes).
  • Fixed: Negative horizontal margin overflow when using "popout" element in section with custom left/right padding set to 0px (for framework 2.5+ themes).

2.0.9 - 08/24/2015

  • Added: More accuracy for opacity selections (for framework 2.5+ themes).
  • Improvement: Elements and sample layouts sorted alphabetically, after merged with client-API.
  • Improvement: Parallax background image performance (for framework 2.5+ themes).
  • Removed: Parallax intensity options; now it's based on height of image, proportional to container (for framework 2.5+ themes).

** Note: If you're using a theme with framework 2.5.0, you must update it to the latest version containing framework 2.5.1.**

2.0.8 - 07/06/2015

  • Fixed: Fatal error in previous version (for framework 2.2-2.4 themes).

2.0.7 - 07/04/2015

  • Added: Extended custom background support for Hero Unit element (for framework 2.5+ themes).
  • Added: Hero unit slider element (for framework 2.5+ themes).

2.0.6 - 05/29/2015

  • Renamed "Jumbotron" to "Hero Unit".
  • Improvements to Hero Unit (for framework 2.5+ themes).
  • Allow layout's first section padding to adjust automatically to height of theme header, when displaying "Transparent Header" (for framework 2.5+ themes).
  • Added more button size selections elements with buttons (for framework 2.5+ themes).
  • Added two shop homepage sample layouts for use with WooCommerce (for framework 2.5+ themes).
  • Added "Small Desktops" breakpoint for Columns element (for framework 2.5+ themes).

2.0.5 - 04/19/2015

  • Fixed: Errors with inner elements, when duplicating outter "Columns elements" (for framework 2.5+ themes).

2.0.4 - 03/27/2015

  • Added new sample layouts, and improved previous ones (for framework 2.5+ themes).
  • Added options to Icon Box element (for framework 2.5+ themes).
  • Added options to Content element (for framework 2.5+ themes).
  • Added options to Divider element (for framework 2.5+ themes).
  • Added "Custom Styling" (background color) options to Jumbotron element (for framework 2.5+ themes).
  • Added "Maximum Width" option to Promo Box element (for framework 2.5+ themes).
  • Added "Gutters" option to Post Showcase element (for framework 2.5+ themes).
  • Added video background support for sections (for framework 2.5+ themes).
  • Added responsive visibility options to columns and sections (for framework 2.5+ themes).
  • Added Revolution Slider element.
  • Modified how you can set the background image sizing with parallax backgrounds for sections (for framework 2.5+ themes).
  • Reduced plugin size, by pulling from unified assets directory for sample layouts (for framework 2.5+ themes).
  • Fixed Bug: Importing from a sample layout with a slider would import an extra, empty slide (for framework 2.5+ themes).

2.0.3 - 01/28/2015

  • Added "Current Featured Image" element.
  • Fixed Bug: "Preview Changes" when inserting current page's content into a custom layout wasn't working right (for framework 2.2-2.4 themes).
  • Fixed Bug: When editing a page, sidebar layout option would disappear when applying elements from Template or Sample Layout (for framework 2.2-2.4 themes).

2.0.2 - 12/22/2014

  • Increased limits on Jumbotron font sizes (for framework 2.5+ themes).
  • Fix for using Columns in template footer sync feature (for framework 2.5+ themes).
  • Fix for saving "HTML" element within "Columns" element (for framework 2.5+ themes).
  • Expanded options for Divider element (for framework 2.5+ themes).
  • Reduced plugin size by compressing included sample images.
  • Fix to ensure hidden Builder is only inserted when editing pages, needed for Theme Blvd Layouts to Posts plugin to save properly when editing posts.
  • Minor security fixes.

2.0.1 - 11/19/2014

  • Removed the "Builder" tab from Edit Page screen for better compatibility with WP's Visual/Text editors; builder now shows above editor.
  • Fixed issues with "Promo Box" (formerly "Slogan") element after last update.
  • Fixed some errors with themes, which aren't up-to-date.

2.0.0 - 11/17/2014

  • New interface for editing layouts from the Edit Page screen
  • Complete coding overhaul of the Templates (previously "Builder") admin page
  • Separation of "layouts" vs "templates"
  • GlotPress compatibility (for 2015 wordpress.org release).
  • Enhancements for themes with Theme Blvd Framework 2.5+
    • Elements: 32 new elements added to layout builder
    • Elements: Standard set of display options added across all elements
    • Sections: Add unlimited sections for your elements
    • Sections: Apply custom background options to each section
    • Sections: Apply custom border to top or bottom of each section
    • Sections: Apply custom padding to each section, based on viewport
    • Sections: Apply custom CSS class to each section
    • Editing: Use WordPress's Visual editor throughout builder
    • Editing: New sortable options used for many of the elements
    • Columns: Complete overhaul of Columns element
    • Columns: Add unlimited elements within columns
    • Columns: Up to 5 columns, w/unlimited combos of 10-col and 12-col grid system
    • Columns: Select at what responsive viewport columns stack for mobile
    • Columns: Background display options for each individual column
    • Sample Layouts: All new set of sample layouts
    • Footer Syncing: Apply template from Theme Options to replace footer columns
    • Import/Export: Templates can be exported as XML files, and imported
    • Removed: Sidebar layout option removed, use Columns element instead
    • Removed: Paginated post grid and list elements removed; pagination can now be applied from standard post list and grid elements.
    • Removed: Post grid slider removed; standard post grid element can now be set to display as slider.
    • Removed: Post list slider removed; use updated post slider element instead.
    • Edits: Enhancements to previous elements, Content, Divider, Headline, Jumbotron, Post Grid, Post List and Tabs
    • Edits: Slogan element ehanced and renamed "Promo Box"

Note: Currently, the only theme with Theme Blvd Framework 2.5, is the Jump Start 2.0 beta. We're currently working on expanding support.

1.2.3 - 03/18/2014

  • Added Jumbotron element (requires Theme Blvd Framework 2.4.2+).
  • Added support for "element-unstyled" CSS class (requires Theme Blvd Framework 2.4.2+).

1.2.2 - 12/11/2013

  • Admin style updates for WordPress 3.8 and MP6 (requires Theme Blvd Framework 2.4+).

1.2.1 - 10/11/2013

  • Added "Screen Options" tab to Builder interface.
  • Added "CSS Classes" advanced option for all elements.

1.2.0 - 06/31/2013

  • Added support for WordPress 3.5 media uploader (requires Theme Blvd framework v2.3+).
  • Added support for Theme Blvd framework v2.3's Builder API modifications.
  • Fixed issue of homepage layout not displaying after toggling WP Reading settings back and forth.
  • Improved Builder API functionality and moved here to the plugin.
  • Fixed bug with creating a new layout from Edit Page meta box when no current layout is selected.
  • Some minor admin javascript improvements.
  • Styled Custom Layout meta box to take up less visual space when no layout is selected (i.e. it isn't being used).
  • Fixed Layout Information not saving properly from Builder.
  • Fixed custom layout selection not displaying on Edit Page screen when no layouts exist yet.
  • Removed "Tweet" element. Use Tweeple instead.
  • Fixed any conflicts when activated with Theme Blvd Bundle.

1.1.0 - 03/22/2013

  • Added Meta Box to apply and edit custom layouts directly from Edit page screen.
  • Added support for "Post Slider" when used with Theme Blvd Sliders plugin.
  • Minor internal improvements to cut down on database queries.
  • Added check so if user designates a "posts page" under Settings > Reading, the homepage custom layout option will not get applied (many people do this by accident).
  • Update requires Theme Blvd framework v2.2.1+.

1.0.1 - 12/05/12

  • Fixed issues with applying custom layouts to as homepage from Appearance > Theme Options > Content > Homepage.

1.0.0 - 09/07/12

  • This is the first release.

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