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Note: Deprecated Plugin

This project has been moved into The SEO Framework – Extension Manager.
Please use that one: it’s an improved version which is also much more up-to-date with coding standards. PHP 5.5 or later is required.

This plugin will henceforth only recieve security improvements.

The SEO Framework relies on the required Title Tag support within the theme files. This can cause issues because not all themes do it right.

This free extension plugin fixes those issues by replacing the title tag within the output buffer prior to outputting your website’s content.

There are no options, only (super fast) detection. Activate and go!

This plugin uses The SEO Framework title detection features.

If the title is detected to be output wrong, this plugin fixes it.
If you wish to have a more forceful override, then a filter is available. See Other Notes.

This plugin is fundamentally built to perform fast and to keep its memory usage low.

About The SEO Framework

The all in one automated SEO plugin for WordPress

Get it here: The SEO Framework plugin from


WordPress and plugins:

  • This plugin requires WordPress 3.9.0 and up.
  • This plugin requires The SEO Framework 2.5.2 and up.
  • This plugin requires The SEO Framework 2.6.0 and up to add back removed title options (caused by title incompatibility).
  • This plugin requires The SEO Framework 2.7.0 and up to enable better detection of wrong titles.
  • This plugin works on multisite.

If The SEO Framework is not active:

  • This plugin will do nothing much other than just checking to see if The SEO Framework is active.


  • Uses PHP Output Buffering Control (which is in PHP Core).
  • If PCRE (Perl Compatible Regular Expressions) is installed with PHP (which is very likely), this plugin will use regular expresions to find the title.
  • If not, it uses legacy PHP find and replace, which is also great!

Filter: Force title fix

You can force the title fix through a filter.

When using The SEO Framework 2.6.0+:
This filter will only work if the theme doesn’t support the title-tag, to improve performance.
Otherwise, it will override the title at all times.

add_filter( 'the_seo_framework_force_title_fix', '__return_true' );

Filter: Remove fixed indicator

When the title is fixed, a small indicator will be output to let you know it’s fixed (in the page HTML source).
If you wish to remove this indicator, use the following filter:

add_filter( 'the_seo_framework_title_fixed_indicator', '__return_false' );


  1. Install The SEO Framework either via the plugin directory, or by uploading the files to your server.
  2. Either Network Activate that plugin or activate it on a single site.
  3. Install this extension either via the plugin directory, or by uploading the files to your server.
  4. Either Network Activate this plugin or activate it on a single site.
  5. Now the title is fixed automatically when detected.

You can also use this plugin as a mu-plugin.


What is this?

This free extension is made because many themes are rendering the title wrong. This causes issues, which this plugin resolves.

What is The SEO Framework?

A free SEO plugin, for everyone! Download it from

How does this plugin work?

This plugin is only run when the title output has been detected to be wrong by The SEO Framework.
From there, this plugin will scan your HTML code for the title and will replace it if found.

Does this plugin impact my website’s performance?

Nope! Okay.. very, very slightly!

We’re talking about 0.001 seconds of runtime here on PHP7 when your theme is doing it wrong.
And 0.0005 seconds if your theme is doing it somewhat right :).
And 0.0002 seconds if your theme has the required title-tag support!

Does this plugin work on multisite?



Fixes the issue in the X theme browser title

Just wanted to say thank you for the Title Fix extension to the SEO Framework. This works a treat!

I was having an issue where my theme (X theme v4.6.1 with child theme activated) was outputting an unwanted separator and blog name in the browser title that couldn’t easily be removed.

I want the SEO Framework to handle these seo type tags, not the theme. Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be a way to easily undo X’s insertion in the browser title (done in “Functions > Global > meta.php – Filter <title> Output” section) and the X theme support on it was next to hopeless and time wasting.

Then I found this extension to the SEO Framework. This perfectly fixes the issue with a clean, lightweight plugin. Install and done!

Many thanks and keep up the great work.

Eat your heart out Yoastieboy

I remember when that other Dutch guy used to try to do this and made a total hash of it and even warned you should switch it on in his plugin.

Glad to see someone has done it the right way at last.


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Contributors & Developers

“The SEO Framework – Title Fix” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.



1.0.3 – The Fleet

For everyone:

Note: This plugin is now deprecated

This project has been moved into The SEO Framework – Extension Manager.
Please use that one: it’s an improved version which is also much more up-to-date with coding standards. PHP 5.5 or later is required.

This plugin will henceforth only recieve security improvements.

1.0.2 – The Force

For everyone:

  • Fixed: The title will now always be fixed when the theme is likely to do it wrong when The SEO Framework or lower is installed.
    • This changes back to default behavior when The SEO Framework 2.7.0 or later is installed.
    • This is because when (once every three days) the detection transient could be wrong when a correct title is being output in specific cases.
  • Fixed: When no title tag can be found (although unlikely), the content will no longer be destroyed.
  • Fixed: The title tag can now be found on multiple lines when using Regular Expressions (default behavior).
    • This always worked correctly on alternative behavior (legacy PHP find and replace).
  • Changed: Plugin minimum WordPress requirement is bumped up to 3.9.0, in par with The SEO Framework’s (actual) requirement.

For developers:

  • Improved: The SEO Framework’s main class object is no longer cached within this plugin’s class memory, this saves more than 11 times its memory allocation.
  • Improved: Version comparison PHP functions have improved by about tenfold in performance (microseconds).
  • Changed: filter the_seo_framework_force_title_fix now defaults to whether there’s no presence of The SEO Framework 2.7.0.
    • Explained: This means that if the installed The SEO Framework version is at or above 2.7.0, the filter defaults to false; otherwise to true.
  • Note: It’s possible, although very unlikely, that themes and other plugins could prevent this plugin from working as intended by incorrectly adding or destroying buffers.
    • If you notice that the title isn’t fixed when it should be, please open a support topic so we can pinpoint the cause of this issue. – The Fease

For developers:

  • Removed: Performance profiling, to improve performance.
  • Cleaned up code. – The Frame

For everyone:

  • Fixed: Plugin description within the plugin activation page.

1.0.1 – The False

For everyone:

  • Added: HTML comment “fixed” indicator.
  • Added: Filter to remove the indicator.
  • Improved: Reduced chance of PHP notice when the title tag has been reversed or has never been closed when PCRE is not supported.

For developers:

  • Added: GPLv3 license file.
  • Improved: Further bytecode optimization within the code. Perfect for Opcode caching.

1.0.0 – The Flush

For everyone:

  • Initial Release.
  • Added: Up to three flush checks if the theme is doing it wrong.
  • Added: Filter to make the plugin run regardless, and only if no title-tag support has been found.