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The Events Calendar

The Events Calendar is a carefully crafted, extensible plugin that lets you easily share your events. Beautiful. Solid. Awesome.

[4.2.7] 2016-09-15

  • Tweak - Additional support for plugin extensions

[4.2.6] 2016-08-31

  • Add - tribe_is_event_past() conditional to detect if event end time is past current time (Reported by @Jonathan in our support forums - thanks Jonathan.)

[4.2.5] 2016-08-17

  • Fix - Fixed inconsistent template filtering logic for single event template [62525]
  • Tweak - Restored preview for published events [64874]

[4.2.4] 2016-08-03

  • Tweak - Changed "Event Add-Ons" to load faster [64286]
  • Fix - Fixed default venue setting [64628]
  • Fix - Fixed default venue state and province settings [64629]

[4.2.3] 2016-07-20

  • Fix - In month view, be sure to unhook JSON-LD output when calling unhook function
  • Fix - Incorrect JSON-LD event start and end times (thank you @jjbte for reporting on .org forums)
  • Fix - Show Google Map and Link checkbox so they show when editing an event (Reported originally by Michael of @NailedIT in the .org forum)
  • Fix - Use Community Events Venue Edit Link when on Community Events Forms instead of Admin (also as a result of the report abve from @NailedIT. Thanks again.)

[4.2.2] 2016-07-06

  • Fix - Small CSS Issue on Welcome Page
  • Fix - Month view on mobile device width doesn't have links to prev/next months
  • Fix - Reimport of updated CSV removes featured image (Bug #46149)
  • Fix - Fixed the issue that would make multiple organizers details disappear when trying to submit invalid event data using Community
  • Fix - Add a check to avoid being unable to switch view when Filter Bar plugin is active and at least one field is set to auto-complete mode
  • Fix - Only add the events custom post type to the tag archive queries and not custom queries with tags [45635]
  • Fix - When using the filter tribe_events_excerpt_allow_shortcode shortcodes will be maybe be processed in event excerpts in the list views [42289]

[] 2016-06-28

  • Fix - Ensure translations load as expected with all supported versions of WordPress (thanks to @JacobALund for originally reporting this on .org forums)

[4.2.1] 2016-06-22

  • Tweak - Adjust the caching rules for Month View for faster loading
  • Fix - Replace a bad return type to avoid unnecessary notices in the error log
  • Fix - Add missing styles for correctly hide screen reader text
  • Fix - Fixes tribe_get_event_link() which wasn't working when passing second parameter as `true'
  • Tweak - Reduce the ginormous font size of Month View titles in skeleton styles
  • Fix - Add styling to adjust List View description to full width
  • Fix - Miscellaneous tweaks to improve the Month and Day views
  • Fix - Fix a shorthand array that was causing errors in PHP 5.2 and 5.3 when importing events

[4.2] 2016-06-08

  • Feature - Added Google Maps API key field in the Settings tab to avoid map timeouts and errors on larger sites (Thanks to Yan for reporting this!)
  • Feature - Added support for featured image, multiple organizers, excerpt and more custom fields in the .csv file import function for events (Thank you to Graphic Designer for posting on UserVoice!)
  • Feature - Added support for featured image, description, map details and more custom fields in the .csv file import function for venues
  • Feature - Added support for featured image and description in the .csv file import function for organizers (Thank you to Rebecca for posting on UserVoice!)
  • Feature - Added an oEmbed template for events
  • Feature - Improve performance of a query used to determine if there are free/uncosted events (Thank you @fabianmarz for the pull request!)
  • Feature - Added support for attaching custom post types to events
  • Tweak - Improved filtering of the tribe_event_featured_image() function (Cheers to @fabianmarz!)
  • Tweak - Add an encoding class for the CSV importer to prevent non utf8 characters from preventing imports (Thanks to screenrage for the report!)
  • Tweak - Improved our JSON-LD output to ensure consistency (Props to @garrettjohnson and Lars!)
  • Tweak - Language files in the wp-content/languages/plugins path will be loaded before attempting to load internal language files (Thank you to user aafhhl for bringing this to our attention!)
  • Tweak - Switch to HTTPS for the "Powered by The Events Calendar" link (Thank you Cynthia for reporting this!)
  • Tweak - Switch to using HTTPS by default for interactions with Google Maps API
  • Tweak - Improved filterability of calendar excerpts by introducing the new tribe_events_get_the_excerpt filter hook
  • Tweak - Improved filtering of organizer details when importing by CSV (Props to @Geir for bringing this up!)
  • Tweak - Adjustments for single event view in Twenty Fifteen theme
  • Tweak - Improved performance of query used to test for events without any cost
  • Tweak - Added missing semicolon to a laquo (Props to mwender on GitHub for the fix!)
  • Tweak - Improve the "stickiness" of CSV import column mappings (Thank you @jamesgol!)
  • Tweak - Consistency of JSON-LD markup improved (Cheers to @garrettjohnson for the help!)
  • Tweak - Avoid notice-level errors when working with WP CLI on a site where The Events Calendar is also active (Thanks to @sun)
  • Tweak - Corrected the spelling of timezone in the CSV Importer's event field
  • Tweak - Updated venue and organizer templates to use the new architecture for attaching custom post types to events
  • Tweak - Move plugin CSS to PostCSS
  • Deprecated - Tribe__Events__PUE__Checker, Tribe__Events__PUE__Plugin_Info, and Tribe__Events__PUE__Utility classes are deprecated and are replaced by Tribe__PUE__Checker, Tribe__PUE__Plugin_Info, and Tribe__PUE__Utility classes
  • Fixed - Changed the use of have_posts() in the maybe iCal links for the main views that could cause an infinite loop
  • Accessibility - Focus styles added for search fields
  • Accessibility - Add ARIA labels for Month/Day/List sub nav
  • Accessibility - Add ARIA label for events footer sub nav heading

[4.1.4] 2016-05-19

  • Fix - Improve accuracy of list view pagination after switching from month view
  • Tweak - Give the multi-organizer form 'sticky' properties so values persist even if the submission is initially rejected
  • Tweak - Resolved minor CSS issues in the welcome page

[4.1.3] 2016-04-28

  • Fix - Month View single days are now ordered as follows: sticky events, ongoing multi-day events, all day events, then start time. In other words, all events should be ordered as you'd expect when viewing events in Month View.
  • Fix - Updated the compatibility of CSV importer with WordPress 4.5 due to a change in the post_status filter. This will help prevent some of the errors you may have seen when importing events using a CSV file.
  • Tweak - Added new event names for AJAX success to the List, Month, and Day views to help The Events Calendar's compatibility with our other premium plugins.

[4.1.2] 2016-04-11

  • Tweak - Removed an unneeded hook that attempted to add a query argument to event tag links
  • Fix - Resolved an issue where events marked as "sticky" would not display as such in Month View
  • Fix - Dashes, hyphens, or whatever you like to call them in the events archive slug no longer breaks the URL
  • Fix - The notice that pops up when a conflicting "events" page exists can now be dismissed

[] 2016-04-07

  • Security - Tightened up security with post type link filtering (props to Nadal Soler for reporting this issue!)
  • Security - Tightened up security around tribe bar submissions (props to Paul Mynarsky for reporting this issue!)

[4.1.1] 2016-03-30

  • Fix - Resolved bug where array notices were output on single event pages when venues were not set (props to zaxiscreative for reporting this issue!)
  • Fix - Resolved issue where the Month View in mobile sizes retained the long day-of-week names when the abbreviations should have been used (props to Lucy for the bug report!)
  • Fix - Fixed bug where a "0" was added to the default Venue name when creating a new event
  • Fix - Fixed notice that caused Ajax requests to fail (props to cgrymala on WP.org for reporting this!)
  • Fix - Removed quotes from around TZID-specified timezones in iCal feeds which causes problems with some parsers (props to factory44 for reporting the issue that lead to this fix)
  • Fix - Resolved various capitalization issues with German translations (props to oheinrich in our forums for pointing out this issue!)

[] 2016-03-17

  • Fix - Resolved multiple issues with the German de_DE language file that caused a number of site-breaking issues

[4.1] 2016-03-15

  • Feature - Added a tribe_get_venue_website_url() function for fetching Venue website URLs (props to fervorcreative in our forums for this request!)
  • Performance - Lazy-load venue and organizer selector data
  • Tweak - Allow iCal filenames to be filtered via a new filter: tribe_events_ical_feed_filename
  • Tweak - Added a hook to allow single day queries in month view to be filtered: tribe_events_month_daily_events_query_args
  • Tweak - Improved the logic around rebuilding known date ranges
  • Tweak - Always show the "Merge Duplicates" button for venues and organizers in the Events General Settings page
  • Tweak - Allow the "same slug" notice to be dismissed and fix some text in that message
  • Tweak - Ignore alpha/beta/rc suffixes on version numbers when checking template versions
  • Tweak - Add a filter for month view daily events query: tribe_events_month_daily_events_query_args
  • Tweak - Added a more flexible cost range parsing function
  • Tweak - Obfuscate license keys Events > Help > System Information
  • Fix - Fixed a fatal that sometimes occurred when refreshing the import CSV page
  • Fix - Fixed issue where some characters were not escaped appropriately for month and year formats
  • Fix - Added missing tribe-loading@2x.gif
  • Fix - Fixed a warning produced by passing a DateTime() object into start_date or end_date args of tribe_get_events (props to iamhexcoder for the pull request!)
  • Fix - Fixed bug where events in month view were not always sorted in chronological order
  • Fix - Fixed the System Info URL in Events > Help
  • Fix - Resolved issue where the default country would be "Array" if no default country is set
  • Fix - Fixed bug where ajaxurl was sometimes undefined

[4.0.7] 2016-03-02

  • Fix - Resolve display issues on templates with Jetpack and a few themes
  • Fix - Mobile breakpoints on month view working with custom breakpoints
  • Fix - Reordering Venue and Organizer metadata no longer breaks titles
  • Fix - Prevented notices from happening when using the_title filter
  • Fix - iCal links now will respect categories on the first page
  • Fix - Prevent third-party bugs with SEO plugins when inserting events programmatically
  • Fix - Organizer information is showing up again correctly
  • Fix - Modified the add-on license validation method to better explain what is happening
  • Fix - Description on mobile views now have the correct class attribute on HTML
  • Fix - Added missing semicolon on the list navigation for "&laquo"

[4.0.6] 2016-02-17

  • Tweak - Adjust injection of event data into the_content from priority 10 to 9 for better 3rd-party plugin compatibility
  • Tweak - Change mobile month view selector to load event details below the calendar for better theme compatibility
  • Tweak - Better handling of edge cases on the post_excerpt for List View
  • Tweak - Removal of generic CSS classes like .updated and .published
  • Fix - Prevent Notices from appearing when using tribe_get_organizer()
  • Fix - Make HTML Single Event Pages valid
  • Fix - Numeric named categories URLs are now fully working
  • Fix - Event Title now Accepts HTML on Tooltips
  • Fix - Licenses Tab now will work with DISALLOW_FILE_MODS (Props to Sun for spotting and fixing this)

[4.0.5] 2016-01-15

  • Security - Security fix with Venues and Organizers (props to grantdayjames for reporting this!)

[4.0.4] 2015-12-23

  • Tweak - Including the latest embedded Event Tickets release for backward compatibility

[4.0.3] 2015-12-22

  • Tweak - Adjust single-event.php template to allow the "Time" title and content to be filterable (Props to Sitecrafting for highlighting this issue!)
  • Fix - Resolved issue with an overly escaped Event Category edit URL that prevented editing categories (Thanks to Ian for the first report of this issue!)
  • Fix - Fixed issue where clicking on columns on the Events listed in the Admin Dashboard were ALWAYS sorted by Event start/end date before sorting by the column selected (Cheers to Corrado for bringing this to our attention!)

[4.0.2] 2015-12-16

  • Tweak - Adding better support for non-numeric cost values on events (Props to Mirja for highlighting this!)
  • Tweak - Avoid notice level errors when advanced events list widget settings are saved (Thank you Johan for reporting the issue!)
  • Tweak - Improve messaging in the same-slug warning message (Thanks to Simon for bringing this to our attention!)
  • Tweak - Hook to Event Tickets to inject event dates into ticket emails
  • Tweak - Adding better support for default venues (Props to Karly for noting this!)
  • Tweak - Improve handling of internationalized slugs (Cheers to Oliver for the help!)
  • Fix - Ensure the past events list displays the correct events when accessed via ajax (Thank you Jesse for highlighting this!)
  • Fix - Support ordering by venue/organizer within event queries (Thank you Doug for bringing this to our attention!)
  • Fix - Fixed issue where events with the same date/time would sometimes be excluded from single-event navigation (Cheers to JeremyEnglert for the tip!)
  • Fix - Resolved issue where events set with the explicit cost of 0 were not showing as "Free" (Thank you terrizsolo for reporting this!)
  • Fix - Fixed bug where the datepicker in Twenty Sixteen was really ugly
  • Fix - Fixed bug where using Quick Edit on events caused the table columns in the event list to become jumbled on save (Props to A K for the report!)
  • Fix - Resolved bug where category links sometimes included event category 1 (Thank you Anthony for the original report of this problem!)
  • Fix - Fixed a settings page URL (Props to Kristy for the heads up!)

[4.0.1] 2015-12-10

  • Tweak - Add a warning message for major updates
  • Tweak - For SEO reasons, use an h1 for the title rather than an h2 (props to wpexplorer for this fix)
  • Tweak - Target the calendar view grid in JS using a simpler selector
  • Fix - Resolved WP 4.4 related fatal on the Nav Menu page that prevented the admin footer from rendering/enqueuing JS
  • Fix - Resolved bug where visiting /events/upcoming could sometimes result in an infinite redirect loop
  • Fix - Removed wp_trim_excerpt and use only it's powers, fixing the excerpt problem
  • Fix - Fixed bug where the mobile calendar view did not display the date for the date being viewed
  • Fix - Fixed bug where the admin toolbar's Events > Import > CSV did not link to the CSV importer page
  • Fix - Fixed issue where the events list in the admin dashboard were not ordered in an intuitive manner
  • Fix - Resolved bug where sorting by event category or tag resulted in an error
  • Fix - Fixed bug where full event content text was displayed where excerpts should have been displayed
  • Fix - Resolved issue where events imported via CSV were excluded from single event navigation
  • Fix - Fixed bug where /events/list would sometimes 404 on a new install
  • Fix - Resolved bug where multiday all-day events displayed the end date as one day later than it should be when the End of Day Cut-off was set to something other than 12am
  • Fix - Timezone handling fixed within generated iCal feeds

[4.0] 2015-12-02

  • Security - A TON of escaping was added to our codebase thanks to the efforts of the always-helpful Andy Fragen (@afragen)
  • Feature - Moved the Ticket framework code into its own plugin (event-tickets)
  • Feature - The event cost now supports more international formats with the addition of the tribe_events_cost_separators filter (Thank you remokrol for bringing this to our attention!)
  • Feature - Added support for the twentysixteen theme
  • Feature - Created a new Add-Ons tab in Settings so that TEC add-ons can have a consolidated settings tab
  • Feature - Improve the date formats UI by providing example output for each selected format
  • Tweak - Restructured TEC's core settings code for reusability with other standalone plugins like Event Tickets
  • Tweak - Deprecate old JS event names in favor of a new JS event naming standard. Example: deprecated tribe_ev_runAjax in favor of run-ajax.tribe
  • Tweak - Consolidated import pages for TEC and add-ons
  • Tweak - When suggesting a UTF-8 compatibility CSV formatting tool, point to one that still exists
  • Tweak - Added the ability to filter attendees CSV items via tribe_events_tickets_attendees_csv_items (Props to @bostondv on GitHub for this patch!)
  • Tweak - Updated all excerpt output to use tribe_events_get_the_excerpt() to ensure a consistent display of excerpt content (Cheers to Joseph to pointing this out!)
  • Tweak - Add support for wp_get_document_title in response to the WordPress 4.4 deprecation of wp_title
  • Tweak - Check post creation permissions before letting users create venues and organizers from the event meta box
  • Tweak - Only display data separators between fields that have data when rendering organizers (Thank you Bud for highlighting this issue!)
  • Tweak - When a user cannot create organizers, prevent the auto-selection of organizers when editing an event
  • Tweak - Remove microformat CSS classes from templates and replace with namespaced content-relevant CSS classes
  • Tweak - Changed the "updated" CSS class to "tribe-updated" so that it is properly namespaced (Thank you vijayrajesh!)
  • Tweak - The Plugin Update Checker will now auto-save valid plugin keys (Thanks to Denon for originally bringing this up!)
  • Tweak - Cleaned up the output of JSON-LD data. Filterable via the new tribe_google_data_markup_json filter
  • Tweak - Drop the use of the generic CSS class "placeholder" in favor of "tribe-event-placeholder" (Thanks to Marc on the forums!)
  • Tweak - Adjusted the CSS padding on Admin Menu items for Events
  • Tweak - Various codesniffer fixes
  • Tweak - tribe_get_venue_link() no longer echoes if you ask it to return an element
  • Tweak - Error messages for empty Venue names
  • Tweak - Improve our responsiveness for the widget mini calendar, allowing smaller sidebars.
  • Tweak - No longer retrieve empty costs when fetching all costs for all events
  • Tweak - Change the priority of bootstrapping the-events-calendar to ensure it occurs before any of the TEC addons in the event some addons are upgraded to v4.0 later than TEC
  • Tweak - Adjust the logic used for adding a noindex/follow tag to event views
  • Tweak - No longer hiding default address fields when default venues are selected when Pro is active
  • Fix - Resolved issue where the iCal feed did not provide an appropriately formatted timezone in some cases (Cheers to Matt for the report!)
  • Fix - Added support for translating some previously untranslatable strings (Props to tititou36, media325, and Stef!)
  • Fix - Prevented duplicate CSS IDs on the mini calendars (Cheers to Corrado for the help!)
  • Fix - Fixed bug causing tribe_get_single_ical_link() and tribe_get_ical_link() to use the same URL when it shouldn't (Props to Ben Byrne @drywall on Twitter for the heads up!)
  • Fix - Fixed issue where the "Add another organizer" text wasn't using the correct singular label (Thank you MIKE for the report!)
  • Fix - Various CSS fixes for twenty(ten-fifteen)
  • Fix - Improved our handling of get_current_screen() across the plugin, avoiding notices and warnings (Thank you Mike for the help!)
  • Fix - Fixed bug where accessing object properties on a non object errored out when saving event meta (props to @dalethedeveloper on GitHub for this fix!)
  • Fix - Fixed bug where organizer ID meta attached sometimes included a blank record. That blank record is no longer returned in tribe_get_organizer_ids()
  • Fix - Fixed error message returned when tabbing away from a blank event name meta box so that it properly indicates that an event name is required (Our thanks to @tapan29bd for this fix!)
  • Fix - Resolved issue where Timezone event start/end date property name strings were malformed which guaranteed a a call to get_post_meta for Timezone date strings
  • Fix - Fixed CSS issue where the month view calendar could sometimes extend beyond the edge of the page when Skeleton Styles were enabled
  • Fix - Fixed a problem where iCal data was generated with incorrect dates in the case of some all days events (thanks to Matt for highlighting this)
  • Fix - Resolved a problem causing the previous month view to appear when it should not
  • Fix - Fixed issue in mobile month view where date was missing from heading
  • Fix - Resolved issue that caused /events/ to 404 if it was visited on a new install before hitting "Save" on the Events > Settings > Display page
  • Deprecated - The Tribe__Events__Main::defaultValueReplaceEnabled() method is being deprecated in favor of tribe_get_option('defaultValueReplace'). Schedules for removal in v4.5
  • Deprecated - The tribe_event_link() has been deprecated in favor of tribe_get_event_link(). Scheduled for removal in 5.0
  • Deprecated - The third parameter of tribe_get_organizer_link() (the $echo parameter) has been deprecated and is scheduled for removal in 5.0
  • Deprecated - Tribe__Events__Abstract_Deactivation in favor of Tribe__Abstract_Deactivation
  • Deprecated - Tribe__Events__Admin__Helpers in favor of Tribe__Admin__Helpers
  • Deprecated - Tribe__Events__App_Shop in favor of Tribe__App_Shop
  • Deprecated - Tribe__Events__Autoloader in favor of Tribe__Autoloader
  • Deprecated - Tribe__Events__Cache in favor of Tribe__Cache
  • Deprecated - Tribe__Events__Cache_Listener in favor of Tribe__Cache_Listener
  • Deprecated - Tribe__Events__Changelog_Reader in favor of Tribe__Changelog_Reader
  • Deprecated - Tribe__Events__Credits in favor of Tribe__Credits
  • Deprecated - Tribe__Events__Date_Utils in favor of Tribe__Date_Utils
  • Deprecated - Tribe__Events__Field in favor of Tribe__Field
  • Deprecated - Tribe__Events__Settings in favor of Tribe__Settings
  • Deprecated - Tribe__Events__Settings_Tab in favor of Tribe__Settings_Tab
  • Deprecated - Tribe__Events__Support in favor of Tribe__Support
  • Deprecated - Tribe__Events__Template_Part_Cache in favor of Tribe__Template_Part_Cache
  • Deprecated - Tribe__Events__Tickets__Attendees_Table in favor of Tribe__Tickets__Attendees_Table in the event-tickets plugin
  • Deprecated - Tribe__Events__Tickets__Metabox in favor of Tribe__Tickets__Metabox in the event-tickets plugin
  • Deprecated - Tribe__Events__Tickets__Ticket_Object in favor of Tribe__Tickets__Ticket_Object in the event-tickets plugin
  • Deprecated - Tribe__Events__Tickets__Tickets in favor of Tribe__Tickets__Tickets in the event-tickets plugin
  • Deprecated - Tribe__Events__Tickets__Tickets_Pro in favor of Tribe__Tickets__Tickets_Handler in the event-tickets plugin
  • Deprecated - Tribe__Events__Validate in favor of Tribe__Validate
  • Deprecated - Tribe__Events__View_Helpers in favor of Tribe__View_Helpers
  • Deprecated - Tribe__Events__Main::OPTIONNAME in favor of Tribe__Main::OPTIONNAME
  • Deprecated - Tribe__Events__Main::OPTIONNAMENETWORK in favor of Tribe__Main::OPTIONNAMENETWORK
  • Deprecated - Tribe__Events__Main::addHelpAdminMenuItem() in favor of Tribe__Settings_Manager::add_help_admin_menu_item()
  • Deprecated - Tribe__Events__Main::addNetworkOptionsPage() in favor of Tribe__Settings_Manager::add_network_options_page()
  • Deprecated - Tribe__Events__Main::array_insert_after_key() in favor of Tribe__Main::array_insert_after_key()
  • Deprecated - Tribe__Events__Main::array_insert_before_key() in favor of Tribe__Main::array_insert_before_key()
  • Deprecated - Tribe__Events__Main::debug() in favor of Tribe__Debug::debug()
  • Deprecated - Tribe__Events__Main::defaultValueReplaceEnabled() in favor of tribe_get_option( 'defaultValueReplace' )
  • Deprecated - Tribe__Events__Main::doHelpTab() in favor of Tribe__Settings_Manager::do_help_tab()
  • Deprecated - Tribe__Events__Main::doNetworkSettingTab() in favor of Tribe__Settings_Manager::do_network_settings_tab()
  • Deprecated - Tribe__Events__Main::doSettingTabs() in favor of Tribe__Settings_Manager::do_setting_tabs()
  • Deprecated - Tribe__Events__Main::do_licenses_tab() in favor of Tribe__Settings_Manager::do_licenses_tab()
  • Deprecated - Tribe__Events__Main::getNetworkOption() in favor of Tribe__Settings_Manager::get_network_option()
  • Deprecated - Tribe__Events__Main::getNetworkOptions() in favor of Tribe__Settings_Manager::get_network_options()
  • Deprecated - Tribe__Events__Main::getNotices() in favor of Tribe__Notices::get()
  • Deprecated - Tribe__Events__Main::getOption() in favor of Tribe__Settings_Manager::get_option()
  • Deprecated - Tribe__Events__Main::getOptions() in favor of Tribe__Settings_Manager::get_options()
  • Deprecated - Tribe__Events__Main::have_addons() in favor of Tribe__Settings_Manager::have_addons()
  • Deprecated - Tribe__Events__Main::isNotice() in favor of Tribe__Notices::is_notice()
  • Deprecated - Tribe__Events__Main::pluginDir in favor of Tribe__Events__Main::plugin_dir
  • Deprecated - Tribe__Events__Main::pluginName in favor of Tribe__Events__Main::plugin_name
  • Deprecated - Tribe__Events__Main::pluginPath in favor of Tribe__Events__Main::plugin_path
  • Deprecated - Tribe__Events__Main::pluginUrl in favor of Tribe__Events__Main::plugin_url
  • Deprecated - Tribe__Events__Main::removeNotice() in favor of Tribe__Notices::remove_notice()
  • Deprecated - Tribe__Events__Main::renderDebug() in favor of Tribe__Debug::render()
  • Deprecated - Tribe__Events__Main::saveAllTabsHidden() in favor of Tribe__Settings_Manager::save_all_tabs_hidden()
  • Deprecated - Tribe__Events__Main::setNetworkOptions() in favor of Tribe__Settings_Manager::set_network_options()
  • Deprecated - Tribe__Events__Main::setNotice() in favor of Tribe__Notices::set_notice()
  • Deprecated - Tribe__Events__Main::truncate() in favor of tribe_events_get_the_excerpt()
  • Deprecated - tribe_event_beginning_of_day() in favor of tribe_beginning_of_day()
  • Deprecated - tribe_event_end_of_day() in favor of tribe_end_of_day()
  • Deprecated - tribe_event_format_date() in favor of tribe_format_date()
  • Deprecated - tribe_events_the_notices() in favor of tribe_the_notices()

[3.12.6] 2015-11-12

  • Fix - Remove constraints on defining new venues and organizers that were added prematurely (our thanks to Jeramey for highlighting this)
  • Fix - Resolve error encountered by users of some ticketing addons when accessing the orders report (our thanks to Sean for highlighting this)
  • Fix - Restore live reload functionality which was failing to function in some cases (our thanks to cityofroundrock for highlighting this)
  • Tweak - Alter month view logic for better isolation of different month views (such as when the calendar widget and main calendar view co-exist)

[3.12.5] 2015-11-05

  • Fix - Restore styling and full mobile functionality to month view (our thanks to Rich Cottee for highlighting this)

[3.12.4] 2015-11-04

  • Feature - Added support for the new Events Community Tickets plugin
  • Tweak - Wrapping functions in conditionals to avoid fatals in our upcoming 4.0 release

[3.12.3] 2015-10-01

  • Fix - Ensure daily counts in month view are accurate (our thanks to @communityanswers in the support forums for highlighting this)

[3.12.2] 2015-09-22

  • Fix - Restore expected functionality for the Hide from Event Listings option
  • Fix - Ensure the correct day is highlighted in month view, regardless of the site's timezone (our thanks to @james for making us aware of this)
  • Fix - Improve compatibility with the standard WordPress import tool (our thanks to @joelgoodman for highlighting this)
  • Fix - Ensure our URLs are compatible with pathinfo-style permalink structures (thanks to @mill.joes and others for make us aware of this)

[3.12.1] 2015-09-09

  • Tweak - Text domains updated for consistency with the plugin slug
  • Fix - Restored normal operation of the changelog reader (used within the update screen)

[3.12] 2015-09-08

  • Security - Resolved JS vulnerability in minified JS by upgrading to uglifyjs 2.4.24
  • Performance - Greatly optimized the generation of Month View data
  • Feature - Extended CSV importer fields to include full coverage of Event, Organizer, and Venue fields (Thank you Sean for the original UserVoice post!)
  • Feature - Added support for WPML, thanks for waiting!
  • Feature - Make the attendees report nav filterable with tribe_events_tickets_attendees_table_nav (Thank you aaemnnosttv!)
  • Feature - Add filters to the attendees report meta information: tribe_events_tickets_attendees_event_summary_table_before, tribe_events_tickets_attendees_event_details_top, tribe_events_tickets_attendees_event_details_bottom, tribe_events_tickets_attendees_ticket_sales_top, tribe_events_tickets_attendees_ticket_sales_bottom, tribe_events_tickets_attendees_totals_top, tribe_events_tickets_attendees_totals_bottom, tribe_events_tickets_attendees_event_summary_table_after (Props to aaemnnosttv!)
  • Feature - Make the attendees report page title filterable with tribe_events_tickets_attendees_event_title (Props to aaemnnosttv!)
  • Feature - Make the venue metabox template file filterable with tribe_events_venue_meta_box_template (Thank you aaemnnosttv!)
  • Feature - Added a filter (tribe_show_organizer_email_obfuscation_alert) to make the organizer email obfuscation message optional (Thanks for the idea Cliffy!)
  • Feature - Added a filter (tribe_minutes_increment) that allows you to alter the minute incrementor used to generate the Minutes drop-down box (Thank you d4mation-!)
  • Feature - Added timezone support to allow different events to be set in different timezones
  • Feature - Added a warning when a page with the same slug as the events archive already exists
  • Fix - Resolved bug where executing wp_insert_post within a hook to publish_tribe_events prevented event meta from being saved appropriately
  • Fix - Fixed a fatal caused by attempting to use get_current_screen before it was available for use in some contexts (props to Enchiridion)
  • Fix - Fixed bug where Date_Utils::datetime_from_format converted dates with 1 character days/months incorrectly
  • Fix - Fixed issue with event title attributes not always escaping properly on List and Day views
  • Fix - Fixed issue with Event Costs not updating when a new ticket was only submitted via Ajax
  • Fix - Fixed an issue Twenty Fourteen and the event views being hidden in screen sizes smaller then 400px
  • Fix - Fixed an issue where the month view date selector became full window width when Skeleton styles were enabled
  • Fix - Fixed a notice on the plugin updater page
  • Fix - Fixed a localization issue in the settings environment (props to @tititou36 for highlighting the issue)
  • Fix - Fixed a problem which was resetting the "Show Google Map" option for events when they were re-imported via CSV (thanks to @jameswemyss for highlighting this)
  • Fix - Fixed default event, organizer and venue website targets pointing to 'self'
  • Tweak - Relocated event recurrence-specific JS to Events PRO where it belongs
  • Tweak - Style nowrap on ticket forms with CSS rather than HTML attributes (Thanks Mark!)
  • Tweak - Updated the attendees template to use divs to separate event data (Props to aaemnnosttv!)
  • Tweak - Display the order id with a proper link in the attendees report (Thank you aaemnnosttv!)
  • Tweak - Pointed the "Add-on Documentation" link on the Event > Settings > Help page to a better location.
  • Tweak - Pad SQL joins with spacing to avoid conflicts with other plugins that modify SQL (props to jeremyfelt)
  • Deprecated - The tribe_events_getLink is being deprecated in favor of tribe_events_get_link. Scheduled removal from source is v4.2
  • Deprecated - The Tribe__Events__Advanced_Functions__Register_Meta::gmap_link() has been deprecated since 3.6 and has now been removed from source
  • Deprecated - The tribe_events_single_event_meta() function has been deprecated since 3.6 and has now been removed from source

[3.11.2] 2015-07-30

  • Bug - Resolved issue where List View paging into the past only allowed you to go 1 page in the past (thanks to Richard from Prescott Art Store for reporting this!)
  • Bug - Fixed bug where the iCal export for Month View inappropriately observed the events-per-page limit causing some events to be excluded (thanks to Neil on the forums for the heads up!)

[3.11.1] 2015-07-28

  • Bug - Fixed bug where all events regardless of category were shown on category month views while paging through months (thanks to our long-time user Anthony of Design Big Dreams for the first report here!)
  • Bug - Fixed bug where events marked as "Hide From Event Listings" were visible while paging through months in Month View (thanks to Joel on the forums for the heads up!)
  • Bug - Fixed bug where recurring events were hidden in Month View when recurring event instances were disabled in List View (thanks to Rebecca Redding on the forum for letting us know!)
  • Bug - Fixed bug where all admin dashboard post queries inappropriately included event date SQL which caused query/sorting instability (thanks to everyone on the forums who reported this conflict post-launch!)

[3.11] 2015-07-22

  • Security - Added escaping to a number of previously un-escaped values
  • Feature - Added single letter 'min' format to tribe_events_get_days_of_week()
  • Feature - Added support for multiple organizers per event (Thank you to Greg for submitting this idea on UserVoice!)
  • Feature - Exploration + initial work on updated timepicker in events admin
  • Feature - Enhancements to month view class + queries
  • Feature - Added the ability to filter Attendees_Table constructor arguments via tribe_events_tickets_attendees_table_args (Thank to aaemnnosttv for this!)
  • Feature - Allowing yes/true boolean imports for “Show Google Maps (link)” field in CSV import
  • Feature - Added JS events for ticket events: save-ticket.tec.tribe, saved-ticket.tec.tribe, edit-ticket.tec.tribe, delete-ticket.tec.tribe, deleted-ticket.tec.tribe (Props to aaemnnosttv for the inspiration!)
  • Feature - Added the ability to sort events in the dashboard by Event Category and Tags (Thank you kittsville on GitHub for this!)
  • Feature - Detect when rewrite rules are being flushed when the Events Help page is loaded and drop that information into the System Information box (Thanks to Zoe for the inspiration!)
  • Tweak - Empty event views should no longer return a 404 Not Found status
  • Tweak - Single event map objects are now accessible for easier customization (Thank you tddewey for bringing this up!)
  • Tweak - Include date separator on the administration of events (Thanks to Loffe on GitHub for the request!)
  • Tweak - Datepickers now respect settings on the administration
  • Tweak - Conformed code to updated coding standards
  • Tweak - Enhancements/updates to iCal subscribe button
  • Tweak - Formatting consistency on filler text within calendar inputs
  • Tweak - Adjusted the rules for triggering the new/upgrade installation splash screen
  • Tweak - Ensured that datepickers for tickets observe the "Week Starts On" WordPress option (Thank you danfeeley for bringing this up!)
  • Tweak - Always display Event Categories in a hierarchy in the Event Category metabox
  • Tweak - Prevented the injection of event start/end dates into WP_Query/get_posts calls when the fields requested are set to 'ids' or 'id=>parent' (Cheers to tracylove for the heads up!)
  • Tweak - Removed the deprecated "Event Phone" CSV import target (Thanks to alistek for reporting this!)
  • Tweak - Allow the View selection drop-down box to function when JavaScript is disabled
  • Tweak - Allow the pagination links in List View to function when JavaScript is disabled
  • Tweak - Allow better support of new license types for premium add-ons
  • Tweak - Allow only super admins to turn Tribe debug mode on in Multisite environments (Thank you to @earnjam for the inspiration!)
  • Tweak - Added filters for post/taxonomy labels: tribe_events_register_event_post_type_labels, tribe_events_register_venue_post_type_labels, tribe_events_register_organizer_post_type_labels, and tribe_events_register_category_taxonomy_labels (Thank you kopepasah for your help!)
  • Tweak - Added filter for changing the addons page capability - (tribe_events_addon_page_capability) Defaults to "install_plugins" (Props to garrettjohnson on Github for this one!)
  • Tweak - Prevents redirects to welcome page if the user is trying to accomplish a task when activating or updating the plugin
  • Tweak - Improve documentation on tribe_get_events
  • Tweak - Google Calendar description content now has html stripped, but retains line spacing with custom sanitization of the export url
  • Update - Updated bootstrap-datepicker to version 1.4.0 which resolves a few UI behavior bugs
  • Template - Added a data-parent-post-id data attribute to the post div in the views/list/loop.php template (Thank you Jen Russo!)
  • Bug - Fixed a bug where the last grid date in Month View never displayed events even when events existed on that date (props to Patrick Garman for finding this bug!)
  • Bug - Fixed an issue where the "Export Month's events" button wasn't appearing on Month view
  • Bug - Fixed an issue where notification of mismatched TEC Addon versions failed to appear on dot releases above x.9
  • Bug - Fixed an issue where ticket prices were not displayed in List View when tickets were marked as "Free" (Cheers to liblogger and tracylove for the heads up!)
  • Bug - Fixed a bug where an event's start/end dates were purged when calling tribe_update_event() without passing start/end dates
  • Bug - Fixed an issue where events with multiple prices showed inaccurate price ranges in list view (Props to Sonya for reporting this!)
  • Bug - Fixed a bug where 24-hour datetime formats would sometimes fail to initialize datetime pickers appropriately (Thank you mtmuddnadd for the help!)
  • Bug - Fixed a bug where titles containing certain special character combinations were getting partially stripped (Thank you webquest for the report!)
  • Bug - Fixed an issue where disabling the Day View prevented users from being able to "View all" events from a given day of the month that exceeded the number of visible events while in Month/Week View
  • Bug - Fixed an issue allowing all day events to be incorrectly duplicated during CSV imports (Props to fibdes for the report!)
  • Bug - Fixed a bug stopping escape characters from working when applied within the date format settings (Thank you to Torsten for finding this!)
  • Bug - Fixed a bug where events that had been hidden from event listings were linked to from the single event nav (Thanks tuberb for reporting this!)
  • Bug - Fixed a bug in the iCal exporter causing multiday events to sometimes be exported as if they were multiple single events (Cheers to beh0t for catching this!)
  • Bug - Fixed an issue causing certain date ranges to be unselectable when defining ticket sale dates (Thank you mtmuddnadd!)
  • Bug - Fixed an issue where the Hide from Event Listings setting was not respected in day view (Props to efromdc for bringing this up!)
  • Bug - Fixed an issue causing the Default Event View setting to reset inappropriately
  • Bug - Fixed an issue where the excerpt of password protected events was exposed in month view tooltips
  • Bug - Fixed an issue stopping month view from being setup as the default view in new installations
  • Bug - Fixed a problem with translations on JavaScript templates (Thank you Carl!)
  • Bug - Fixed an issue with iCal email encoding (Thanks to Karen for first reporting this!)
  • Bug - Fixed an issue with default Venue and Organizer displaying with null message
  • Bug - Fixed an issue with publication date in the RSS feed not being converted to UTC 000 (Props to teammultiverse for the heads up!)
  • Bug - Resolved an issue in the Tribe search bar where hitting enter while the date field was selected caused the field to be blanked out
  • Bug - Fixed some display issues in Twenty Fifteen with the Default Page Template
  • Bug - Resolved various notices (Thanks to BackuPs for help!)
  • Deprecated - camelCase methods in Tribe__Events__Date_Utils have been deprecated in favor of snake_case method names. Note: no parameters have changed - just the method name
  • Deprecated - Tribe__Events__Main::dateToTimeStamp has been deprecated in favor of the PHP strtotime function
  • Deprecated - Tribe__Events__Main::dateHelper has been deprecated in favor of the PHP date function
  • Deprecated - Removed some methods that have been deprecated since version 3.6 and earlier: tribe_events_single_event_meta, Tribe__Events__View_Helpers::[getMonthOptions, getDayOptions, getYearOptions], Tribe__Events__Query::posts_groupby, Tribe__Events__Main::[getRealStartDate, weekToDate, previousWeek]
  • Deprecated - Removed filter that has been deprecated since version 3.8 (tribe_events_add_title). Use tribe_events_title_tag instead
  • Deprecated - Removed filter that has been deprecated since version 3.4 (tribe_current_events_page_template). Use tribe_events_current_view_template instead
  • Deprecated - Removed filter that has been deprecated since version 3.4 (tribe_current_events_template_class). Use tribe_events_current_template_class instead

[3.10.1] 2015-07-01

  • Bug - Fixed bug where a "No events found" notice was displayed in certain situations even when events were visible on the page
  • Bug - Fixed star rating for retina on admin help page
  • Tweak - Improvements to the license key system for premium plugin users
  • Tweak - Improved performance on Month View

[3.10] 2015-06-16

  • Bug - Resolved a compatibility issue where WooCommerce shortcodes could trigger unusual side effects in month view (thanks to tmcquaid on the forums for the first report!)
  • Bug - Fixed an issue where malformed URLs could trigger fatal exceptions (thanks to go3asy on the dot-org forums for the report!)
  • Bug - Fixed an issue where the Venue state field was displaying for countries other than US (props to Oliver on the forums for the heads up!)
  • Bug - Fixed an issue where tooltips were not respecting the time range separator
  • Bug - Fixed an issue preventing list view from being accessed when default permalinks are in use (thanks to Jan on the forums for the original report!)
  • Bug - Fixed an issue causing unnecessary post meta data to be generated for new venues
  • Bug - Fixed issued where a URL query string ended with a slash (thanks to Mark Root-Wiley for reporting this!)
  • Bug - Fixed a PHP notice in the templates class
  • Bug - Fixed an issue causing the Date separator to be incorrectly escaped
  • Bug - Fixed an issue causing Permission Denied for the Addons Page
  • Bug - Fixed an issue where default permalinks was creating non re-usable links
  • Bug - Fixed a bug where ticket emails did not include the expected venue links (thanks to aovivo on the forums for the heads up!)
  • Bug - Resolved mobile CSS issues on the backend events list
  • Bug - Clicking "View all X Events" on a Month View category will now only show you events in the category you were viewing (props to kirstyburgoine for the first report!)
  • Tweak - Plugin code has been refactored to new standards: that did result in a new file structure and many renamed classes. Old class names will be deprecated in future releases and, while still working as expected, you can keep track of any deprecated classes yours or third party plugins are calling using the Log Deprecated Notices plugin (https://wordpress.org/plugins/log-deprecated-notices/)
  • Tweak - CSV importer can now accept the Venue Website field
  • Tweak - Refactored switch-case based asset handling in core + PRO
  • Tweak - The CSV importer can now handle multiple formats for true / false values in all fields (thanks to wickedsharp on the forums for reporting this!)
  • Tweak - Ensured previous and next event link titles on single events are passed through the_title filter (PR #26 from @Morhaus)
  • Tweak - Amped event featured images by having WordPress' built-in functions output them
  • Tweak - Better description of how to use Goog

Requires: 3.9 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.6.1
Last Updated: 2 weeks ago
Active Installs: 400,000+


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