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The Events Calendar is a carefully crafted, extensible plugin that lets you easily share your events. Beautiful. Solid. Awesome.

[3.11.1] 2015-07-28

  • Bug - Fixed bug where all events regardless of category were shown on category month views while paging through months (thanks to our long-time user Anthony of Design Big Dreams for the first report here!)
  • Bug - Fixed bug where events marked as "Hide From Event Listings" were visible while paging through months in Month View (thanks to Joel on the forums for the heads up!)
  • Bug - Fixed bug where recurring events were hidden in Month View when recurring event instances were disabled in List View (thanks to Rebecca Redding on the forum for letting us know!)
  • Bug - Fixed bug where all admin dashboard post queries inappropriately included event date SQL which caused query/sorting instability (thanks to everyone on the forums who reported this conflict post-launch!)

[3.11] 2015-07-22

  • Security - Added escaping to a number of previously un-escaped values
  • Feature - Added single letter 'min' format to tribe_events_get_days_of_week()
  • Feature - Added support for multiple organizers per event (Thank you to Greg for submitting this idea on UserVoice!)
  • Feature - Exploration + initial work on updated timepicker in events admin
  • Feature - Enhancements to month view class + queries
  • Feature - Added the ability to filter Attendees_Table constructor arguments via tribe_events_tickets_attendees_table_args (Thank to aaemnnosttv for this!)
  • Feature - Allowing yes/true boolean imports for “Show Google Maps (link)” field in CSV import
  • Feature - Added JS events for ticket events: save-ticket.tec.tribe, saved-ticket.tec.tribe, edit-ticket.tec.tribe, delete-ticket.tec.tribe, deleted-ticket.tec.tribe (Props to aaemnnosttv for the inspiration!)
  • Feature - Added the ability to sort events in the dashboard by Event Category and Tags (Thank you kittsville on GitHub for this!)
  • Feature - Detect when rewrite rules are being flushed when the Events Help page is loaded and drop that information into the System Information box (Thanks to Zoe for the inspiration!)
  • Tweak - Empty event views should no longer return a 404 Not Found status
  • Tweak - Single event map objects are now accessible for easier customization (Thank you tddewey for bringing this up!)
  • Tweak - Include date separator on the administration of events (Thanks to Loffe on GitHub for the request!)
  • Tweak - Datepickers now respect settings on the administration
  • Tweak - Conformed code to updated coding standards
  • Tweak - Enhancements/updates to iCal subscribe button
  • Tweak - Formatting consistency on filler text within calendar inputs
  • Tweak - Adjusted the rules for triggering the new/upgrade installation splash screen
  • Tweak - Ensured that datepickers for tickets observe the "Week Starts On" WordPress option (Thank you danfeeley for bringing this up!)
  • Tweak - Always display Event Categories in a hierarchy in the Event Category metabox
  • Tweak - Prevented the injection of event start/end dates into WP_Query/get_posts calls when the fields requested are set to 'ids' or 'id=>parent' (Cheers to tracylove for the heads up!)
  • Tweak - Removed the deprecated "Event Phone" CSV import target (Thanks to alistek for reporting this!)
  • Tweak - Allow the View selection drop-down box to function when JavaScript is disabled
  • Tweak - Allow the pagination links in List View to function when JavaScript is disabled
  • Tweak - Allow better support of new license types for premium add-ons
  • Tweak - Allow only super admins to turn Tribe debug mode on in Multisite environments (Thank you to @earnjam for the inspiration!)
  • Tweak - Added filters for post/taxonomy labels: tribe_events_register_event_post_type_labels, tribe_events_register_venue_post_type_labels, tribe_events_register_organizer_post_type_labels, and tribe_events_register_category_taxonomy_labels (Thank you kopepasah for your help!)
  • Tweak - Added filter for changing the addons page capability - (tribe_events_addon_page_capability) Defaults to "install_plugins" (Props to garrettjohnson on Github for this one!)
  • Tweak - Prevents redirects to welcome page if the user is trying to accomplish a task when activating or updating the plugin
  • Tweak - Improve documentation on tribe_get_events
  • Tweak - Google Calendar description content now has html stripped, but retains line spacing with custom sanitization of the export url
  • Update - Updated bootstrap-datepicker to version 1.4.0 which resolves a few UI behavior bugs
  • Template - Added a data-parent-post-id data attribute to the post div in the views/list/loop.php template (Thank you Jen Russo!)
  • Bug - Fixed a bug where the last grid date in Month View never displayed events even when events existed on that date (props to Patrick Garman for finding this bug!)
  • Bug - Fixed an issue where the "Export Month's events" button wasn't appearing on Month view
  • Bug - Fixed an issue where notification of mismatched TEC Addon versions failed to appear on dot releases above x.9
  • Bug - Fixed an issue where ticket prices were not displayed in List View when tickets were marked as "Free" (Cheers to liblogger and tracylove for the heads up!)
  • Bug - Fixed a bug where an event's start/end dates were purged when calling tribe_update_event() without passing start/end dates
  • Bug - Fixed an issue where events with multiple prices showed inaccurate price ranges in list view (Props to Sonya for reporting this!)
  • Bug - Fixed a bug where 24-hour datetime formats would sometimes fail to initialize datetime pickers appropriately (Thank you mtmuddnadd for the help!)
  • Bug - Fixed a bug where titles containing certain special character combinations were getting partially stripped (Thank you webquest for the report!)
  • Bug - Fixed an issue where disabling the Day View prevented users from being able to "View all" events from a given day of the month that exceeded the number of visible events while in Month/Week View
  • Bug - Fixed an issue allowing all day events to be incorrectly duplicated during CSV imports (Props to fibdes for the report!)
  • Bug - Fixed a bug stopping escape characters from working when applied within the date format settings (Thank you to Torsten for finding this!)
  • Bug - Fixed a bug where events that had been hidden from event listings were linked to from the single event nav (Thanks tuberb for reporting this!)
  • Bug - Fixed a bug in the iCal exporter causing multiday events to sometimes be exported as if they were multiple single events (Cheers to beh0t for catching this!)
  • Bug - Fixed an issue causing certain date ranges to be unselectable when defining ticket sale dates (Thank you mtmuddnadd!)
  • Bug - Fixed an issue where the Hide from Event Listings setting was not respected in day view (Props to efromdc for bringing this up!)
  • Bug - Fixed an issue causing the Default Event View setting to reset inappropriately
  • Bug - Fixed an issue where the excerpt of password protected events was exposed in month view tooltips
  • Bug - Fixed an issue stopping month view from being setup as the default view in new installations
  • Bug - Fixed a problem with translations on JavaScript templates (Thank you Carl!)
  • Bug - Fixed an issue with iCal email encoding (Thanks to Karen for first reporting this!)
  • Bug - Fixed an issue with default Venue and Organizer displaying with null message
  • Bug - Fixed an issue with publication date in the RSS feed not being converted to UTC 000 (Props to teammultiverse for the heads up!)
  • Bug - Resolved an issue in the Tribe search bar where hitting enter while the date field was selected caused the field to be blanked out
  • Bug - Fixed some display issues in Twenty Fifteen with the Default Page Template
  • Bug - Resolved various notices (Thanks to BackuPs for help!)
  • Deprecated - camelCase methods in Tribe__Events__Date_Utils have been deprecated in favor of snake_case method names. Note: no parameters have changed - just the method name
  • Deprecated - Tribe__Events__Main::dateToTimeStamp has been deprecated in favor of the PHP strtotime function
  • Deprecated - Tribe__Events__Main::dateHelper has been deprecated in favor of the PHP date function
  • Deprecated - Removed some methods that have been deprecated since version 3.6 and earlier: tribe_events_single_event_meta, Tribe__Events__View_Helpers::[getMonthOptions, getDayOptions, getYearOptions], Tribe__Events__Query::posts_groupby, Tribe__Events__Main::[getRealStartDate, weekToDate, previousWeek]
  • Deprecated - Removed filter that has been deprecated since version 3.8 (tribe_events_add_title). Use tribe_events_title_tag instead
  • Deprecated - Removed filter that has been deprecated since version 3.4 (tribe_current_events_page_template). Use tribe_events_current_view_template instead
  • Deprecated - Removed filter that has been deprecated since version 3.4 (tribe_current_events_template_class). Use tribe_events_current_template_class instead

[3.10.1] 2015-07-01

  • Bug - Fixed bug where a "No events found" notice was displayed in certain situations even when events were visible on the page
  • Bug - Fixed star rating for retina on admin help page
  • Tweak - Improvements to the license key system for premium plugin users
  • Tweak - Improved performance on Month View

[3.10] 2015-06-16

  • Bug - Resolved a compatibility issue where WooCommerce shortcodes could trigger unusual side effects in month view (thanks to tmcquaid on the forums for the first report!)
  • Bug - Fixed an issue where malformed URLs could trigger fatal exceptions (thanks to go3asy on the dot-org forums for the report!)
  • Bug - Fixed an issue where the Venue state field was displaying for countries other than US (props to Oliver on the forums for the heads up!)
  • Bug - Fixed an issue where tooltips were not respecting the time range separator
  • Bug - Fixed an issue preventing list view from being accessed when default permalinks are in use (thanks to Jan on the forums for the original report!)
  • Bug - Fixed an issue causing unnecessary post meta data to be generated for new venues
  • Bug - Fixed issued where a URL query string ended with a slash (thanks to Mark Root-Wiley for reporting this!)
  • Bug - Fixed a PHP notice in the templates class
  • Bug - Fixed an issue causing the Date separator to be incorrectly escaped
  • Bug - Fixed an issue causing Permission Denied for the Addons Page
  • Bug - Fixed an issue where default permalinks was creating non re-usable links
  • Bug - Fixed a bug where ticket emails did not include the expected venue links (thanks to aovivo on the forums for the heads up!)
  • Bug - Resolved mobile CSS issues on the backend events list
  • Bug - Clicking "View all X Events" on a Month View category will now only show you events in the category you were viewing (props to kirstyburgoine for the first report!)
  • Tweak - Plugin code has been refactored to new standards: that did result in a new file structure and many renamed classes. Old class names will be deprecated in future releases and, while still working as expected, you can keep track of any deprecated classes yours or third party plugins are calling using the Log Deprecated Notices plugin (https://wordpress.org/plugins/log-deprecated-notices/)
  • Tweak - CSV importer can now accept the Venue Website field
  • Tweak - Refactored switch-case based asset handling in core + PRO
  • Tweak - The CSV importer can now handle multiple formats for true / false values in all fields (thanks to wickedsharp on the forums for reporting this!)
  • Tweak - Ensured previous and next event link titles on single events are passed through the_title filter (PR #26 from @Morhaus)
  • Tweak - Amped event featured images by having WordPress' built-in functions output them
  • Tweak - Better description of how to use Google Rich Snippets (thanks to Trickshot699 at the dot-org forums for letting us know!)
  • Tweak - Improved Month day navigation for Mobile Views (thanks to mswartz for the first report on our forums!)
  • Tweak - Removed unnecessary logic for variables in some front-end templates
  • Tweak - Ensured enabled views setting is saved in the database when plugin is activated
  • Tweak - Improved compatibility with Ninja Forms
  • Tweak - Reduced the number of queries in tribe_is_view_enabled() for a small performance improvement
  • Tweak - Changed the sort column on event queries for a small performance improvement
  • Tweak - Improved messaging when columns are suggested for a CSV import
  • Tweak - Added messaging to warn users of potential performance issues when their events per day setting on month view is high
  • Tweak - Removed all WooTickets CSS from The Events Calendar
  • Tweak - Implemented under-the-hood enhancements to the main event editor meta box
  • Tweak - Added more robust plugin activation and deactivation
  • Tweak - Optimized registration of capabilities during install/activation
  • Tweak - Removed dependencies on Events Calendar PRO for handling default values
  • Tweak - Avoided showing the admin welcome/activation message within iframes
  • Tweak - Ensured all non critical vendor files will not end up bundled in the final plugin zip
  • Tweak - Added some changelog formatting enhancements after seeing keepachangelog.com :)
  • Tweak - Implemented performance enhancements in relation to list view pagination
  • Feature - Added new tribe_event_is_on_day() function
  • Feature - Added a setting to enable HTML caching on Month view, which will provide a huge performance improvement on Month View for sites with many events per day
  • Feature - Updated the Organizer/Venue metabox UI to be more helpful when adding/editing events
  • Feature - Added calendar icon to the Admin Bar (fancy!)
  • Feature - Added new shortcodes letting the featured venue, advanced list and event countdown widgets be embedded easily in posts and pages
  • Feature - Added the ability to customize the 'Event' label using the new 'tribe_event_label_singular' and 'tribe_event_label_plural' filters (Usage example: http://m.tri.be/tj)
  • Feature - Incorporated updated Bulgarian translation files, courtesy of Nedko Ivanov
  • Feature - Incorporated new Hungarian translation files, courtesy of Balazs Dobos
  • Feature - Incorporated new British English translation files, courtesy of John Browning
  • Feature - Incorporated new Slovak translation files, courtesy of Emilia Valova
  • Feature - Incorporated updated Icelandic translation files, courtesy of Baldvin Örn Berndsen


  • Ensured that rewrite rules are flushed upon plugin activation so event pages do not 404
  • Fixed a bug that caused JavaScript-generated event pagination URLs to be malformed during day/month browsing when pagination anchor tags are absent from the page
  • Fixed a style bug where save/update notices for events in the dashboard had a colored border


  • Hardened URL output to protect against XSS attacks.


  • Implemented some styling to ensure compatibility and cohesive design with the new Twenty Fifteen theme (more to come in 3.10)
  • Fixed a bug where occasionally it wasn't possible to page through to an event that had been recently edited (thanks to kevinbergin on the forums for the report!)
  • Clarified the wording of a warning that shows when an add-on should be updated
  • Incorporated updated German translation files, courtesy of Oliver Heinrich
  • Incorporated updated French translation files, courtesy of Sylvain Delisle


  • Implemented default permalink support for add-ons that weren’t in compliance, specifically Filter Bar
  • Fixed a bug where events in child categories would not display when viewing the parent category on month view (thanks to Bryce on the forums for the original report!)
  • Fixed bug where the tribe_is_category() function was returning the wrong value
  • Added support for Google's JSON-LD event markup format (thanks to Thomas on the forums for the first request!)
  • Lowered the aggressiveness of the activation/upgrade page to improve compatibility with other plugins
  • Removed the old activation message, now that we have the new activation screen
  • Fixed an issue where the list view date picker did not reflect the 'Week starts on' WordPress setting
  • Updated CSS selectors to no longer be reliant on microformat classes
  • Fixed a couple of layout issues with TwentyFourteen child themes
  • Added a Modern Tribe credit in the HTML page source in the footer - this can be removed with the following snippet: http://m.tri.be/p6
  • Added links on the settings page to view Welcome/Updated pages
  • Fixed an issue where the incorrect icon was displaying for the 'List' option in the view switcher
  • Fixed a translation issue with the Organizer & Venue field labels on the Add/Edit Event screen (thanks to Oliver for reporting this on the forums!)
  • Enhanced structured data support in relation to the ticketing framework
  • Removed jquery 1.7 specific fallback javascript bloat, now support >= 1.8
  • Revised CSS to help avoid theme compatibility issues causing event dates/times to be hidden (thanks to thepresenters on the forum for the first report!)
  • Improved integration between the ticketing framework and the Filter Bar plugin (thanks to brandonpence on the forums for the heads up here!)
  • Added useful system information to the help screen to assist in support and troubleshooting for the core plugin
  • Enhanced month view to populate the leading/trailing days of adjacent months included in the current view
  • Fixed a bug in the ticketing framework causing ticket start sale dates to reset to 1st January 1970 (thanks to loveyourlocalgroup on the forums for the first report!)
  • Extended the attendee list's filtering capabilities to cover purchaser names (big thanks to Adam on the forums for the first report of this!)
  • Added support for WP-eCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads and Shopp plugins to show sold and pending tickets count in the attendee list.
  • Incorporated updated Icelandic translation files, courtesy of Baldvin Örn Berndsen
  • Incorporated updated German translation files, courtesy of Oliver Heinrich
  • Incorporated updated Greek translation files, courtesy of Yannis Troullinos
  • Incorporated new Lithuanian translation files, courtesy of Gediminas Pankevicius


  • Fixed a bug where the wrong date was showing in the title of the page when a date was selected in the tribe bar
  • Fixed a bug where previous and next events links were (or were not) showing up when they're supposed to
  • Fixed a bug where sending our datepicker into no conflict mode could cause javascript errors on events pages were it was not loaded (thanks to adamvanbavel for reporting this on the forums!)
  • Added mailing list subscription options to the Welcome/Update plugin activation pages
  • Fixed a bug causing issues with the display of maps in single event and venue views (thanks to Trevor on the forums for the original report!)


  • Changed capability for importing events from "administrator" to "import"
  • Fixed an issue where mobile styles were active when printing (thanks to wallyglenn on the forums for the original report!)
  • Venues with no address now display on the single event page (thanks to Cliff on the forums for the heads up!)
  • Fixed an issue where duplicate pagination links were displaying in mobile week view
  • Added plugin activation/upgrade pages
  • Fixed an issue with styling of Recurring Events in the list view widget (thanks to evigo on the forums for reporting this!)
  • Removed a bunch of unused code
  • Fixed list view not respecting the end-of-day cutoff (thanks to zirok06 for the original report!)
  • Reformatted the overall codebase to adhere to WordPress coding standards
  • Removed /upcoming and /past from list view URLs, and change to /list (thanks to joco18 on the dot-org forum for the heads up here!)
  • Past view events are no longer reverse ordered (another thanks to joco18 on the dot-org forum for this one too!)
  • Changed page titles to show date range of currently displayed events when a date is selected in the tribe bar
  • Removed the “audit trail" functionality
  • Fixed bug when using default permalinks, where Day view would link to the home page (thanks to thestudiodoor on the forums for first reporting this!)
  • Moved ajax view handlers to the appropriate template classes
  • Added ability to import the Event Website in the CSV importer (props to @hvizdak for the pull request!)
  • Removed hard-coded format for 2nd date in a date range for all day events, added a new filter 'tribe_format_second_date_in_range' (thanks to users on the forum, including Thomas, for the original report!)
  • Fixed some untranslated strings
  • Updated Chosen select library to version 1.1.0 (thanks to Amanda Dalziel for the heads up here!)
  • Fixed bug with widgets breaking the theme customizer layout (thanks to George on the forums for reporting this!)
  • Fixed some issues with browser history and the view switcher javascript (thanks to adambloomer at the WordPress.org forum for the original report!)
  • Enhanced attendee list in tickets framework to optionally summarize the number of tickets held in incomplete orders
  • Fixed a bug stopping pagination links from displaying when needed
  • Removed the requirement to explicitly set the post_type when working with tribe_create_event()
  • Enhanced Google Maps integration to make customization via a template override possible (thanks to Pau, who’s original report got us thinking about this!)
  • Improved embedded Google Maps implementation to use wp_enqueue_script() (thanks to bmcrec on the forums for the original report!)
  • Fixed a minor bug in network settings, which was impacting multisite users
  • Extended support of 24hr time formats to include hours without a leading zero (thanks to Gregory on the forums for the first report!)
  • Improved the plugin’s auto-generated System Information output to make it easier to see HTML used within settings
  • Added a suite of helper functions to make ticketing-based customizations easier (extrapolated from Barry Hughes’ WootLibrary plugin!)
  • Cleaned up code used to build the plugin URL
  • Added new template tag tribe_get_start_time to return Event Start Time
  • Added new template tag tribe_get_end_Time to return Event End Time
  • Incorporated new Russian translation files, courtesy of Alexander Tinyaev
  • Incorporated updated Italian translation files, courtesy of Gabriele Taffi
  • Incorporated updated Spanish translation files, courtesy of Juanjo Navarro
  • Incorporated updated Danish translation files, courtesy of Hans Christian Andersen
  • Incorporated updated Dutch translation files, courtesy of Dirk Westenberg
  • Incorporated updated Portuguese translation files, courtesy of Sérgio Leite
  • Incorporated new Slovenian translation files, courtesy of Žiga Vajdic
  • Incorporated updated German translation files, courtesy of Stefan Dorscht and Oliver Heinrich
  • Incorporated updated Finnish translation files, courtesy of Elias Okkonen
  • Incorporated updated Estonian translation files, courtesy of Andra Saimre


  • Added promotional blurb to plugin footer
  • Fixed some untranslatable strings
  • Cleaned up PHPDoc comments and some unused code
  • Fixed an issue where subscriber level users could see the Events admin menu item
  • Fixed an issue where the plugin wasn't correctly outputting the class names to body_class() for custom page templates
  • Improved behavior of the end-of-day cutoff setting, particularly in month view
  • Fixed incorrect ordering of events on Day view (thank you IbInra for reporting this!)
  • Simplified and cleaned up the code in the nav.php template for list view
  • Fixed the PHP notice when calling tribe_delete_events (thanks to studiotenfour for highlighting this!)
  • Added time zone data to the system information listed on the Help page
  • Added exporting to Google Calendar from calendar views (thanks to Memeco on Uservoice for this idea!)
  • Fixed some issues with GET params and IE 8/9 (thank you irishrunner16 for bringing this to our attention!)
  • Added the ability to override labels and slugs for venues/organizers
  • Fixed an issue where manual dates in the Event Bar did not cooperate with AJAX
  • Fixed an issue where all day events were showing on multiple days
  • Corrected an issue with the start times of multi-day events
  • Resolved array to string conversion error (thanks to integrity on the forums!)
  • Fixed a fatal JS error on calendar pages without navigation links
  • Incorporated new Bulgarian translation files, courtesy of Nedko Ivanov
  • Incorporated new Chinese translation files, courtesy of Massound Huang
  • Incorporated new Indonesian translation files, courtesy of Didik Priyanto


  • Fixed some JS/CSS minification issues
  • Fixed an issue where the "Hide From Event Listings" checkbox was not hiding events from Month view
  • Incorporated updated Greek translation files, courtesy of Yannis Troullinos


  • Added shortcode support to the before/after calendar HTML fields (thanks to aurelio on the forums for the idea!)
  • Added facilities for easier customization of ticketing plugin attendee tables (thanks to Mike Z from Tuna Traffic and his awesome developer, Evan, for the assistance!)
  • Added ability to remove entries from ticketing plugin attendee tables (thanks to user artworkcreative on the forum for the heads up!)
  • Added support for various datepicker date formats in the front end (thanks to africaatlanta on the forums for getting the ball rolling on this!)
  • Improved tribe bar handling of custom inputs (thanks to manishie on the forums for the report!)
  • Improved datepicker namespacing in admin to avoid collisions with other plugins (thanks to jonathanhaswell for the report!)
  • Improved user interface for event start/end times in the event editor (when working in 12hr format)
  • Improved microformats implementation across multiple views (thanks to Kevin on the forums for the report!)
  • Deprecated the meta walker and added new templates for the display of single event meta
  • Fixed an incorrect redirect when visiting an event with the wrong date in the URL
  • Addressed a bug that prevented correctly saving venue and organizer information when an event is saved
  • Moved the iCalendar feed to the core The Events Calendar plugin
  • Moved the Google Calendar feed to the core The Events Calendar plugin
  • Moved all HTML Markup (and the loop) to the List Widget template (thanks to cityofroundrock for the idea!)
  • Now only enqueueing events-admin.css on appropriate Events Pages (thanks to verdipro on the forums for reporting this!)
  • Fixed an issue where Category CSS classes were being removed from Events when in Responsive Mode (thanks to Andy Fragen for the report!)
  • Fixed an issue where page 2 or more of past view on list view was inaccessible (thanks to Bob on the forums for reporting this!)
  • Fixed an issue with double quotes being incorrectly escaped for tribe json function (thanks to laurasbeads on the forum for catching this!)
  • Removed all obsolete references to hide-visibility.css (thanks to aljuk at WordPress.org for catching this!)
  • Addressed gcal export files to add the Event Permalink to the Event Description when importing into Google Calendar
  • Removed the hyperlink on the Featured image in the Event single template (thanks to bigriverseo for catching this!)
  • Improved the 'No Events Found' messaging for various scenarios to more helpful and descriptive (thanks to morktron on the forums for the idea!)
  • Fixed an issue where duplicate Prev/Next Nav elements would display in Photo & Map View when no events were found
  • Moved Day view from Events Calendar PRO to The Events Calendar
  • Fixed an issue where switching between views would show events from incorrect dates
  • Fixed an issue where selecting a date in the Tribe Bar may not have desired results when object caching is on
  • Added settings for specifying custom formats for dates that are displayed throughout the plugin
  • Ordered events in the events RSS feed by event date, rather than date of publication (thanks to everyone who requested this!)
  • Removed "View Venue" links when Events Calendar PRO is not active
  • Fixed a bug where each time you previewed an event with unsaved data, it could create duplicate Venues and Organizers (thanks to snorton on the forums for the heads up!)
  • Remove Events dropdown from the admin bar when you're in the network admin (thanks to @cfoellmann on GitHub for catching this!)
  • Ensured that external links on the TEC row in the admin Plugins page now open in a new tab (thanks to @cfoellmann on GitHub for the idea!)
  • Added a readme page for the Github repository
  • Fixed an issue with multi-day All Day events were not showing at the top of Day view
  • Fixed an issue where the iCal feed was exporting all events rather than the currently displaying events (thanks to Glenn on the forums for the report!)
  • Added new Estonian translation files, courtesy of Andra Saimre
  • Added updated German translation files, courtesy of Dennis Gruebner
  • Added updated Swedish translation files, courtesy of Jonas Reinicke
  • Added new Latvian translation files, courtesy of Raivis Dejus
  • Added new Afrikaans translation files, courtesy of Liza Welsh
  • Added updated Czech translation files, courtesy of Petr Bastan
  • Added updated Greek translation files, courtesy of Yannis Troullinos
  • Added new Danish translation files, courtesy of @bechster


  • Fixed a bug where default events view dropdown on Settings page did not reflect the actual current default events view
  • Addressed poor display issues related to how week view rendered events on sites where the end of the day cutoff was set to midnight (thanks to Andy Fragen on the forums for catching this!)
  • Patched a problem where events in both a parent and child category would display multiple times in list view (thanks to Quentin for catching this one!)
  • Fixed an issue where tribe-events-full.css caused blog post titles to disappear for some users (thanks to Cynthia on the forums for the original report here!)


  • Added fully responsive styles and functionality for all Events views! For an overview of the changes, see this blog post
  • Added javascript templating for use in tooltips and mobile views were needed
  • Updated Countdown widget styling to match TwentyEleven/TwentyTwelve/TwentyThirteen/TwentyFourteen theme styling
  • Fixed a responsive layout issue with the Classic Tribe Bar
  • Fixed a responsive layout issue with days not lining up properly in the Month view in TwentyFourteen
  • Fixed an issue where the address wasn't displaying properly in the single venue view
  • Fixed an issue where events can overlap the Date Picker in week view
  • Fixed a styling issue with the 'Cancel' button when creating tickets for an event
  • Fixed an issue where the 'View Calendar' link wasn't displaying correctly on the Event List page in the admin (thanks to Patti on the forums for reporting this!)
  • Fixed an issue where the dropdown wasn't firing events correctly when using Skeleton styles (thanks to jenthomson on the forum for initially catching this!)
  • Fixed default view selector sync with available views checkboxes in settings admin
  • Removed javascript dependency on wp body class function in month view (big thanks to cooperinstitute at the PRO forums for this report!)
  • Fixed various issues with admin settings (with thanks to Grégory Viguier for reporting them!)
  • Fixed issue with unnecessary separator symbols in title output (thanks to Patti on the forums for her report here!)
  • Implemented various Help screen improvements
  • Fixed an issue affecting handling of sticky posts (thanks to bechster on the dot-org forums for the first report of this!)
  • Improved handling of categories to automatically include child categories (thanks to materdeiknights for the original report of this at the forums!)
  • Removed recurrence-related code unused by core
  • Fixed handling of errors when importing malformed CSV files
  • Fixed an issue where Venue & Organizer titles could be set to "Unnamed"
  • Fixed an issue where using a comma in the event cost field would disable the currency symbol from displaying (thanks to Bernhard for first reporting this over at the forums!)
  • Fixed a variety of untranslatable strings
  • Updated link to the Filter Bar plugin in the help tab
  • Added new Ukranian translation files, courtesy of Vasily Vishnyakov
  • Added new Montenegrin translation files, courtesy of Sasa Vukovic
  • Added updated Norwegian Bokmål translation files, courtesy of Morten Ruud
  • Added new Norwegian Nynorsk translation files, courtesy of Torbjørn Lauen
  • Added updated Romanian translation files, courtesy of Cosmin Vaman
  • Added updated German translation files by Oliver Heinrich
  • Added updated Brazilian Portuguese translation files courtesy of Emerson Marques
  • Added updated Dutch translation files courtesy of J.F.M. Cornelissen and Frans Pronk
  • Added updated French translation files from Laurent Proulx


  • Fixed an issue where jQuery UI Datepicker could overwrite our datepicker before its noconflict method was called


  • Complete overhaul and update to new fork of datepicker for all views! Corrects day 31 empty next month bug and adds many new features for future expansion (Thanks to Eric on the forums for the first report on this!)
  • Fixed a bug where past events were listed in the incorrect order (Thanks to Alastair on the forums for reporting this one!)
  • Number of events that can be imported from CSV in a single batch is now customizable to help avoid timeouts in low powered environments (Thanks to baynature on the forums for the original report here!)
  • General compatibility improvements to ensure better integration with WP e-Commerce
  • Fixed bug with display of comments for single event pages (Thanks to John on the forums for reporting this bug!)
  • Fixed issue with tribe_create_venue() API function, resulting in unnamed venues (Thanks to Oliver for the original report of this!)
  • Fixed bug leading to list widget linking to deactivated views
  • Added hooks for use in widgets (Thanks to Andy Fragen for the request on this one!)
  • Added styles for compatibility with the Twenty Fourteen theme
  • Fixed typo in the rel attribute on "Previous Events" links (thanks to Nate on the forums for his report!)
  • When the List Widget is set to display events from a particular category, the "View All Events" link will now read "View All Events in Category" (Thanks to WCKG on our UserVoice page for requesting this tweak!)
  • Fixed an SQL error that could occur when our queries are mixed with multiple post types and a meta query (Thanks to karen on the forums for the heads up here!)
  • Classes that identify the current theme are now echoed by the body_class() function
  • Addressed an issue where the admin CSS was referencing non-existent images (thanks to geoz on the dot-org forum for the report here!)
  • Fixed a few broken/outdated links on the Help page
  • Tweaked the update notice prompts that display to appear more consistently in certain environments
  • Updated the admin icon to use a dashicon in 3.8+


  • Fixed a bug where all day events created prior to 3.3 would show as ending on the previous day.


  • Improved support for international date formats (big props to jeroenjoosen on the forums for the original report on this!)
  • Localization improvements for displaying the event cost field (thanks to mastafu on the forums for the heads up!)
  • List view will now link to a page of previous events if there are indeed previous events to show (props to oceanfilm on the forums for pointing this out!)
  • Fixed an issue with empty category views that could result in a fatal error (thanks to mastafu on the forums for this one, too!)
  • Fixed an issue where titles for single events were empty in some installations
  • Fixes for the tribe_get_the_day_link_date() function (thanks to @nathanielks on Twitter for catching + patching this one for us!)
  • Fixed admin menu highlighting when editing tags for events
  • Google maps will now be included properly on pages with https URLs (thanks to bmitchellini on the forums for the first report here!)
  • Tag queries that don't specify a post type will no longer be modified to be an events query (thanks to Jason on the forums for reporting this first!)
  • Fixed an issue that caused some events not to show on month view when viewing a category (thanks to yorkshiretots on the forum for catching this!)
  • All day events are now saved with a start/end time that is determined by the end of day cutoff. This fix will not modify previously created all day events (thanks to wallyglenn on the forums for spotting this!)
  • Fixed a lot of strings that were not getting included in our language files and updated our POT file
  • Removed an invalid iCal link from the markup to prevent it being indexed by search engines (Thanks to Kevin Lisota for the original report!)
  • Fixed an XSS vulnerability in the Tribe Bar (Mega props to Yasser Khan and Chuck Tsang for the research and responsible disclosure!)
  • Implemented performance improvements in some queries for large amounts of data
  • Fixed a bug that was making our date pickers ignore the start-of-the-week setting in WordPress core (thanks to Katarina for the original report!)
  • Added CSS classes to the list widget events (thanks to Andy Fragen for requesting these!)
  • Fixed some small CSS bugs
  • Incorporated updated German translation files, courtesy of Oliver Heinrich
  • Incorporated updated French translation files, courtesy of Bastien BC


  • Incorporated the much-fabled CSV importer! Import CSV files directly into your The Events Calendar/Events Calendar PRO site (for an overview on how to use it, read this: http://m.tri.be/9t)
  • Implemented code requesting that search engines do not index calendar pages that have no events to display
  • Addressed a number of Twenty Thirteen theme compatibility fixes
  • Improved how date and time are displayed on single event entries for single day events (thanks to Robin for the heads up!)
  • Added a suggestion by the Organizer email field to obfuscate email addresses published on your site (thanks, Thea, for requesting this on our UserVoice page!)
  • Improved compliance with PHP strict standards (thanks to Bryan in the forums for making this request!)
  • Added more flexible formatting options for event schedule details
  • Incorporated a fix to improve behaviors of the tribe_is_month() template tag (thanks jhned at the WordPress.org forums for this report!)
  • Added a fix for when "show events in main blog loop" option disrupts certain static home pages (thanks to yorkshiretots for reporting this on the forum!)
  • Added a fix for when the "show events in main blog loop" option disrupts the product listing on WooCommerce storefront for certain users (thanks to forge for the first report on this!)
  • Fixed an issue with broken commenting that appeared on some templates (thanks to Tom for first reporting this at the PRO forums!)
  • Added ability to create recurring events that happen every 5th occurence of a day in the month; e.g., every 5th Sunday (thanks to gregwiley for the original report!)
  • Fixed an issue where future recurring events displayed as having passed when object caching is enabled (a big thanks to Ray for first bringing this up on the forums!)
  • Fixed the calculation used for determining all events in a month, which was causing the last day of multi-day events to be incorrectly left off (thanks to paracleteweb for first reporting this at the WordPress.org forums!)
  • Added code to make sure tribe_show_month() won't break any event views that come after it (thanks to our friend Big on the forums for the first report of this!)
  • Incorporated a number of enhancements to ease compatibility with Easy Digital Downloads (thanks for all your help, Pippin!)
  • Removed a PHP notice that arose when querying from events and other post types at the same time
  • Fixed an issue where inaccurate draft counts were appearing on the backend events list (thanks to Neil on the forums for the first report!)
  • Incorporated updated Icelandic translation by Baldvin Berndsen


  • Significant performance improvements to month view (thanks to Gr‚àö¬©gory for the initial report!)
  • Improved compatibility with Canvas and other themes by WooThemes (thanks to Paul Pruneau for the heads up!)
  • Fixed several bugs relating to event cutoff times and month view (thanks jadonulrich for the report!)
  • The correct default view now applies to event category listings
  • Tag cloud links now work on both events and non-events pages (thanks to user 'onelittlemoose' for the report!)
  • Days with no events are no longer linked from the month view (thanks to reneeyoxon for the original report!)
  • Fixed a bug where the selected category would not apply after you navigate to the next month in Month view (thanks to Kyle for the report!)
  • Fixed bug where the comments form would show twice on single events
  • Enabled auto-submissions in situations where classic view is present instead of the event bar (thanks to user wiredimpact for getting the discussion started on this!)
  • New "System Information" section on the Events > Help page
  • Updated translations: Brazilian Portuguese (new), Turkish (new), Norwegian Dutch, Icelandic, Greek, Finnish, French, and German (French courtesy of Rick)
  • Fixed some display bugs in IE (thanks to user wiredimpact for bringing up most of these!)
  • Various minor bug and security fixes


  • Changed some SQL that could trigger a MySQL bug involving an infinite loop. See http://bugs.mysql.com/bug.php?id=21262
  • Fixed some bugs with View As dropdown in Tribe Bar, including a bug in Firefox where you couldn't change the dropdown
  • Removed select2 javascript dependency from front-end


  • Fixed bug with queries that included more than one post type. This should resolve issues with "Link to Existing Content" in the WordPress editor, attaching media to posts from the Media Library, and relationship fields in the Advanced Custom Fields plugin (thanks to users KARKS88 and ANDYWILMOT for catching this!)
  • Fixed 404 in page title on month view when no events are in the month, and other 404-related tweaks (thanks to CYNTHIA, JOHN and ELLAEARTH for catching these)
  • CSS files in the tribe-events directory of your theme are now loaded in addition to TEC css files, instead of replacing them
  • Removed Select2 dependency in the Tribe Bar
  • Fixed various issues with the Events List widget (thanks to DUVALDEMOCRATS and ZAVASTORONTO for the heads up)
  • Tag permalinks are no longer malformed in tag cloud widget and single event pages (thanks to MARC for catching this)
  • Addressed some previously non-translatable strings in the Tribe Bar
  • Long event costs no longer overflow the designed box in list view
  • Various minor bug fixes


  • Added setting for number of events per day on month view (under Events > Settings > Display)
  • Fixed an issue with the venue migration tool (thanks to ADAM for the heads up!)
  • Fixed bug with events not showing up on past view & related duration issues (thanks to MY-WEB and GOLFDAWGG for the heads up!)
  • Fixed bug where subscribers could add events
  • Fixed bug when WordPress is installed in a subdirectory (thanks to DAVID for catching

Requires: 3.9 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.3 beta 3
Last Updated: 2015-7-27
Active Installs: 200,000+


4.6 out of 5 stars


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