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Team Rosters

Manages multiple sports team rosters. Displays tabular rosters, a single player bios, and player galleries.


  • Fixed a bug (a typo) that prevented the team gallery shortcode from behaving correctly.
  • Fixed bug with the show/hide table title setting - titles could not be hidden with the display setting. Corrected and tested.


  • Fixed bug that prevented links to single player profiles from working with CHILD THEMES. If you aren't using a CHILD THEME, you don't need this patch.


  • Fixed bug with sort order. Roster table and player gallery views both sort properly by number, first name, and last name.
  • Fixed bug with show_height settings.
  • Fixed minor bug: gallery sometimes linked to players/player-slug/?format='' instead of players/player-slug/?format=custom. This bug may or may not have an affect on a site, depending on formats and usage.
  • Fixed the "Filter by Team" dropdown on the Show All Players admin screen.
  • Re-enabled the bulk delete menu on the All Players screen.
  • Enabled the "Other" field. It may now be used on all 'custom' displays but it is disabled by default.
  • Improved responsiveness of single player profile page (single-player.php). Looks better on small screens.
  • Combined single-player.php and content-single-player.php templates (into the single-player.php template. Why? ...
  • The use of links from the players/roster gallery or players/roster table to the single player profile is now determined by the existence of the single-player.php template in the active theme's main directory. Removed the 'use_xxx-links' settings, which are now superfluous. If you want links, just put the single-player.php template in the right directory. If not, omit it.
  • Re-factored the admin menu code. Added MSTW icon to admin menu and screens.
  • The WordPress Color Selector has been added to all color settings in the admin settings screen.
  • Added a control to show player photos in the roster tables (shortcode).
  • Added a gallery shortcode. [mstw-tr-gallery team=team-slug]


  • Tweaked two calls (one in mstw-team-rosters.php and one in includes/mstw-team-rosters-admin.php) to prevent WARNINGS. (Easily fixed by setting WP_DEBUG to false in wp-config.php.)
  • Restructured the include files (filenames and function calls) to prevent conflicts with other MSTW plugins.


  • Added a filter by team to the "All Players" table on the admin screen (screenshot-1).
  • Added ability to configure table columns and data fields to meet specific application requirements. Show/hide all columns (except Player Name) and change the header/label of all columns and data fields.
  • Provided additional color settings on the Display Settings admin screen, and refactored the code to improve performance.
  • Added the new WordPress Color Selector to the Display Settings admin screen.
  • Added more CSS tags the display code to allow any team's rosters to be uniquely styled via the plugin's stylesheet.
  • Added player name format control to the Display Settings admin screen. Several formats are available, perhaps most importantly a first name only format is now available to address privacy concerns with young players.


  • Re-factored the featured image (thumbnail) activation code to avoid conflicts with another plugin. (Thanks, Razz.)
  • In the process, modified the theme settings so that the player photo width and height settings would always be honored. The default remains 150x150px regardless of how the thumbnail sizes are set in the theme.
  • Corrected another conflict with some themes due to my horrible choice of the function name - my_get_posts(). Shame on me ... it's now mstw_tr_get_posts(). Doh!


  • One include file was omitted from the build. That file is only needed for the CSV import function, which won't run without it.


  • Added the ability to import rosters from CSV files
  • Actived the Featured Image metabox on the add/edit page for players (player custom post type). Standard WordPress "Featured Images" are used for the player photos in the single player and player gallery pages.
  • Added admin setting to hide player weights
  • Added the ability to set the player photo size on the plugin settings page.
  • Added three new formats for baseball: baseball-high-school, baseball-college, baseball-pro
  • Cleaned up misc error checking and file/function includes to prevent conflicts with other plugins.


  • Added the "Player Gallery" view of a roster
  • Added admin settings for the sort order to allow numerical rosters in both the table [shortcode] and the player gallery.
  • Added admin settings to enable or disable links from both the table view [shortcode] and the player gallery to the single player pages.
  • Added an admin setting to control the title of the "Player Bio" content box on the single player view. By default, it is "Player Bio".
  • Added fields to the player post type so that no field serves different purposes in different views [high-school|college|pro]. Note that not every field is used in every views and many fields are used in multiple views. However, every field now has one and only one meaning.


  • Initial release.

Requires: 3.4.2 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.9.2
Last Updated: 2014-7-29
Active Installs: 1,000+


4.7 out of 5 stars


7 of 17 support threads in the last two months have been resolved.

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