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= 5.0.17 - (15.10.2015) * New: [tpenrollments]: New parameters "order_parent" and "order_child" added

5.0.16 - (13.10.2015)

  • New: Foreign key checks can be disabled for installs and updates (parameter TEACHPRESS_FOREIGN_KEY_CHECKS added).

5.0.15 - (28.09.2015)

  • New: [tpcloud]: New parameter "author" added
  • Bugfix: Fixed a wrong definition of where clauses in some database functions under some conditions (Thanks for reporting to David Lahm)
  • Bugfix: Fixed a bug in the tinyMCE plugin which leads to wrong parameter names in shortcodes
  • Bugfix: Fixed several bugs in the copy course function

5.0.14 - (24.08.2015)

  • Changed: Spanish translation updated (Thanks to Alfonso Montejo)
  • Bugfix: Fixed a bug which has added all default values of the plugin settings after reactivation again
  • Bugfix: Edit student form doesn't display the student data

5.0.13 - (16.08.2015)

  • New: Optional error reporting for actviations added
  • Bugfix: Descending style formats were not available via tinyMCE plugin #11
  • Bugfix: Fixed a bug which leads to an error message after plugin activation

5.0.12 - (22.07.2015)

  • Bugfix: Fixed a bug in the declaration of two parameters for the tinyMCE plugin
  • Bugfix: Constructor of the books widget updated to PHP 5 style, see Deprecating PHP4 style constructors in WordPress 4.3
  • Bugfix: The plural form of "Journal Articles" was not displayed

5.0.11 - (17.06.2015)

  • Bugfix: Fixed a bug which prevent the visibility of some teachpress setting tabs
  • Bugfix: Fixed a bug which prevent the selection of sub courses in the course overview
  • Bugfix: [tpsingle]: Missing CSS declaration

5.0.10 - (06.06.2015)

  • New: Support for HTML text formatting elements (b, i, u, s, sub, sup, em, small, del) in publication titles added
  • Changed: Spanish language files updated (Thanks to Alfonso Montejo Ráez)
  • Changed: Small improvements for character encoding in exports
  • Bugfix: Fixed usage of deprecated parameter (TP_COURSE_SYSTEM, TP_PUBLICATION_SYSTEM) in settings menu

5.0.9 - (15.05.2015)

  • New: Partial slovenian translation added
  • New: Fade out status messages of the document manager after some seconds
  • Changed: Better course select list for the document manager
  • Bugfix: Fixed a bug in the handling of volume/number formatting in a publication meta row under certain conditions
  • Bugfix: Capability checks added for course actions (editing and deleting)
  • Bugfix: Fixed an "order by" bug in get_tp_options()
  • Bugfix: Prevent loading of frontent scripts/styles in the document manager tab of the tinyMCE plugin
  • Bugfix: [tpcloud]: Author filter doesn't consider the user parameter

5.0.8 - (13.04.2015)

  • Bugfix: Fixed a bug in [tpenrollments] which displays the wrong student meta data

5.0.7 - (31.03.2015)

  • Bugfix: Tag list was not displayed in the backend

5.0.6 - (27.03.2015)

  • New: Send a notification to participants if they were added to a course by admin or after an increase of the number of places
  • Bugfix: [tpcloud, tplist]: Fixed a problem with doubled entries, if the headline type 3 or 4 is used.
  • Bugfix: [tpcloud]: The parameter "type" was ignored
  • Bugfix: [tpcloud]: The filter reset was not displayed if only the author filter was set
  • Bugfix: Fix usage of constant WPLANG under WordPress 4.0 or higher

5.0.5 - (25.03.2015)

  • Bugfix: Hide the author line of a publication entry, if there is no author or editor given
  • Bugfix: Prevent double escapes for sql statements

5.0.4 - (22.03.2015)

  • Changed: BibTeX value "tpstatus" renamed to "pubstate" (adapted from biblatex)
  • Bugfix: Missing comma in BibTeX entries

5.0.3 - (17.03.2015)

  • Bugfix: Fixed an old installer bug, which adds the wrong template for related content.

5.0.2 - (17.03.2015)

  • New: [tpcloud, tplist, tp_search]: New parameter "container_suffix" added

5.0.1 - (15.03.2015)

  • New: [tplist]: New parameter "author" added

5.0.0 - (12.03.2015)

  • New: A real author filter for publications added
  • New: Autocomplete for authors/editors added
  • New: Meta data system for courses, students and publications added
  • New: Assessment management for courses added
  • New: Simple capability management for courses added
  • New: Simple document management for courses added
  • New: Direct export of .bib files for selected publications added (via "Show as BibTeX entry")
  • New: Option for converting utf-8 chars into BibTeX compatible ASCII strings
  • New: Direct creation of related content based on drafts added
  • New: Direct creation of sub courses added
  • New: Page menu for enrollments added
  • New: DOI field for publications added
  • New: Shortcode [tpcourseinfo]
  • New: Shortcode [tpcoursedocs]
  • New: [tpenrollments]: New parameter "date_format" added
  • New: [tpcloud]: New parameter "show_tags_as" added
  • New: tinyMCE 4 plugin for inserting shortcodes and documents
  • New: Send notification to a student if his registration is moved from the waitinglist to the course by automatic fill up
  • New: Editable time limit for exports and uploads added (constant TEACHPRESS_TIME_LIMIT)
  • Changed: Rewritten core API
  • Changed: Rewritten Shortcode [tpcloud]
  • Changed: Rewritten Shortcode [tpenrollments]
  • Changed: [tpcloud, tplist]: Pagination is enabled by default, the parameter entries_per_page is set to 50 (before: 30)
  • Changed: UI modifications for better integration in WordPress 3.9+
  • Changed: Using HTML5s "required" attribute for required fields in registration forms
  • Changed: Using parameters instead of variables for the definition of database table names
  • Changed: Visible names for some publication types changed
  • Changed: Using field type "search" for search fields
  • Changed: Increased varchar limit for some field in table teachpress_pub (author,editor --> 3000 chars; institution, organization --> 500 chars)
  • Changed: The plugin requires at least WordPress 3.9 instead of 3.3
  • Bugfix: Fixed the handling of curly-brackets for the definition of surnames in author/editor names
  • Bugfix: Replace double spaces in author/editor names
  • Bugfix: BibTeX import: Better identification for the date of publishing
  • Bugfix: teachPress books widget works again
  • Killed: The shortcode [tpdate] is deprecated, use [tpcourseinfo] instead
  • Killed: The following functions are deprecated: get_tp_course(), get_tp_courses(), get_tp_course_free_places(), get_tp_tags(), get_tp_tag_cloud(), get_tp_publication(), get_tp_publications(), tp_is_user_subscribed(), tp_check_bookmark(), tp_admin_page_menu()

4.3.12 - (02.12.2014)

  • New: [tpsearch]: Reset button for search input field added
  • New: [tpsearch]: CSS classes for search button and "Results for..." headline added
  • New: [tpsearch]: Returns a message if no publication was found

4.3.11 - (01.12.2014)

  • New: [tpsearch]: New parameter "order" added

4.3.10 - (19.11.2014)

  • Bugfix: Fixed missing ids and classes for show/hide buttons in [tpcloud, tplist] if the list style "images" is used.

4.3.9 - (02.11.2014)

  • Bugfix: [tpdate]: Fixed the sort order of sub courses
  • Bugfix: Fixed wrong assignments between TP_COURSE_SYSTEM and TP_PUBLICATION_SYSTEM

4.3.8 - (29.06.2014)

  • Bugfix: Prevent adding of <span>-tags within publication meta rows in XML and RTF files
  • Bugfix: Fix usage of editor names instead of author names in feeds and RTF files
  • Bugfix: Reenable xls export for enrollments

4.3.7 - (19.06.2014)

  • Bugfix: The copy function for courses creates only empty courses

4.3.6 - (28.05.2014)

  • New: Meta data of publications (page, adress, chapter, isbn, ...) have their own HTML selectors

4.3.5 - (21.05.2014)

  • New: [tpcloud, tplist]: New link style option (link_style = "direct") added (Thanks to Ellie)
  • Bugfix: Adding of new courses of studies was impossible
  • Bugfix: Fixed a small spelling mistake

4.3.4 - (14.04.2014)

  • New: Support for WordPress 3.9
  • Bugfix: Fixed a problem in settings menu with a wrong return to the correct tab
  • Bugfix: Fixed the closing of the mass edit menu for publications
  • Bugfix: Fixed some style issues in context with the new WordPress UI design
  • Bugfix: Fixed a possible issue with non declared array keys in edit students menu

4.3.3 - (10.03.2014)

  • New: [tpcloud, tplist]: New headline option (headline = 4: sort by type and year) added (Thanks to Ellie)

4.3.2 - (03.03.2014)

  • New: [tpcloud]: New parameter "exclude_tags" added

4.3.1 - (22.01.2014)

  • New: Access control is now editable for courses and for publications separately

4.3.0 - (12.01.2014)

  • New: Bulk edit for publications in admin menu
  • New: [tplist], [tpcloud]: Support for custom sort orders for publication lists added (if headline = 2 is used)
  • New: [tpcloud]: Pagination added
  • New: [tpcloud]: New parameters "pagination", "entries_per_page" and "sort_order" added
  • Changed: [tpcloud]: Parameter "limit" is now "tag_limit"
  • Changed: BibTeX type "masterthesis" is now "mastersthesis"
  • Bugfix: The original content of a mail was replaced with the header

4.2.2 - (11.09.2013)

  • Bugfix: Fixed a bug which prevent adding of terms, course types and courses of studies

4.2.1 - (11.09.2013)

  • New: [tpcloud], [tplist], [tpsearch]: Style option "std_num" added
  • New: [tpcloud], [tplist]: Style option "std_num_desc" added
  • Changed: Auto wordwrap for abstracts disabled
  • Bugfix: Fixed a problem with the import of BibTeX data which are enclosed with double quotes

4.2.0 - (31.08.2013)

  • New: Shortcodes [tplinks], [tpbibtex], [tpabstract] added
  • New: More filters for publications on admin screens
  • New: Export for .bib files added
  • New: Import for .bib and .txt files added
  • New: Import option for forcing updates of existing publications added
  • New: Simple generator for bibtex keys added
  • New: Auto correction for spaces in bibtex keys added
  • New: Support for some html expressions (b,i,u,sup,sub,u,ul,li) and the conversion to their latex equivalents in abtracts added.
  • New: Screen options for some admin screens added
  • New: [tplist], [tpcloud]: Style option "numbered_desc" added
  • New: [tpcloud]: New parameter "hide_tags" added
  • New: [tpsearch]: New parameters "user" and "tag" added
  • New: [tpsingle]: New parameters "image", "image_size" and "link" added
  • New: Parameters "user" and "exclude" for get_tp_tags() added
  • New: Parameter "exclude" for get_tp_tag_cloud() added
  • Bugfix: Fixed a problem with the return of get_tp_publications() if the function was used in count mode and publications were filtered by year
  • Bugfix: Editorials were not identified correctly
  • Bugfix: Tags were not editable (tag management page)
  • Bugfix: [tpcloud]: A list in "numbered" style started with 0
  • Bugfix: [tpcloud]: "Exclude" parameter was ignored
  • Bugfix: [tpsearch]: Impossible to use the search if WordPress uses no permalink structure
  • Bugfix: [tplist]: Useless default values for "user" and "tag" removed

4.1.1 - (06.07.2013)

  • Bugfix: Fixed an division through zero problem in teachpress_addpublications_page()
  • Bugfix: Fixed an improper presentation of meta information in some cases if the publication type is presentation
  • Bugfix: [tpenrollments]: Prevent execution of tp_add_signup() and tp_delete_signup_student() if there was no course selected
  • Bugfix: Fixed embedding of scripts and images for SSL-Sessions

4.1.0 - (13.06.2013)

  • New: [tplist]: Optional pagination added
  • New: [tplist]: New parameters "pagination" and "entries_per_page" added
  • New: [tplist]: New headline option added (sort by year and type)
  • New: Publication type "periodical" added
  • New: Field "issuetitle" added for publications with the type "periodical"
  • Bugfix: [tpcloud]: Changing of the "order" parameter was not working
  • Bugfix: Fixed a bug which prevents adding of publications
  • Bugfix: Unable to delete all databases with tp_uninstall()

4.0.5 - (05.05.2013)

  • Bugfix: [tpenrollments]: Fixed possible destroying of templates, reported in WP Support Forum
  • Bugfix: [tpenrollments]: Not fillable input fields in the registration form, reported in WP Support Forum
  • Bugfix: [tpenrollments]: User registration doesn't work, reported in WP Support Forum
  • Bugfix: Fixed a wrong SQL-Request if tags are not exists in get_tp_tag_cloud(), reported in WP Support Forum
  • Bugfix: Fixed a wrong call of objects under some conditions in tp_registration_form()
  • Bugfix: Fixed an untimely loading of data under some conditions in teachpress_students_page()
  • Bugfix: Publication import: Try to fix a problem with line breaks within keywords, reported here

4.0.4 - (15.03.2013)

  • Bugfix: Fixed a bug which prevent deleting terms, courses of studies and course types

4.0.3 - (13.03.2013)

  • New: [tpsingle]: New parameter "key" added
  • Bugfix: [tpcourselist]: Sub courses were displayed in a wrong way
  • Bugfix: [tpcloud, tplist, tpsearch, tpsingle]: Fixed the handling of "In:" strings for publication meta rows
  • Bugfix: Publications could not be deleted with the first try
  • Bugfix: Fixed a bug with missing keywords/tags in BibTeX based publication feeds

4.0.2 - (07.03.2013)

  • Bugfix: Try to fix a problem with unvisible publications
  • Bugfix: Fixed a problem with a possible division through in add_publication.php

4.0.1 - (28.02.2013)

  • Bugfix: [tpcloud]: Tag cloud generation fixed if parameter user is enabled
  • Bugfix: [tpcloud, tplist, tpsearch]: Publication list generation fixed and improved

4.0.0 - (27.02.2013)

  • New: Publication types "online" and "collection" added
  • New: Field "urldate" added for publications with the type "online"
  • New: Shortcode tpsearch added
  • New: Numbered publication lists are available
  • New: Single course overview redesigned
  • New: Enrollments can be moved to releated courses
  • New: Sort options for enrollments added
  • New: Include parameter for tplist added
  • New: Support for network installations added
  • New: Automatic permalink detection added
  • New: teachPress core API added
  • Changed: Parsing of publication meta information for all shortcodes
  • Changed: BibTeX import improved
  • Changed: RSS feed generation improved
  • Changed: Publication search improved
  • Bugfix: [tpcloud, tplist, tpsingle]: Some bugs with the publication meta row output fixed
  • Bugfix: Wrong flag (selected) was sometimes returned by get_tp_wp_pages()
  • Bugfix: Deprecated function eregi was replaced
  • Bugfix: Optional "type" field was declared as "techtype"
  • Bugfix: Fixed a bug which arised if the function "Show as BibTeX entry" was used without selecting publications before
  • Killed: Menu "Add manually" replaced
  • Killed: [tpcloud]: Support for "id" parameter replaced. Please use "user" instead

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