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Email notifications done right. No BCC lists, no added page load time.

By: Markus Echterhoff

Last Updated: 3 weeks ago
Compatible up to: 4.1.1

This plugin allows you to take control over the execution of cron jobs.

By: Thorsten Ott, Erick Hitter, automattic, Mohammad Jangda

Last Updated: 3 months ago
6,000+ active installs
Compatible up to: 4.1.1

SetCron allows you to schedule cronjobs on your wordpress admin panel via an automator. This service entitles you to 1 free cronjob but you do need to

By: SetCron

Last Updated: 6 months ago
Compatible up to: 3.9.x

WP Crontrol lets you view and control what's happening in the WP-Cron system.

By: scompt, John Blackbourn

Last Updated: 7 months ago
20,000+ active installs
Compatible up to: 4.0.1

Utilize EasyCron's API to configure a cron job that will trigger WordPress's cron script(wp-cron.php) periodically.

By: EasyCron

Last Updated: 12 months ago
100+ active installs
Compatible up to: 3.6.1

Customizable autosended (wp-cron) newsletters for each user, using PHP directly on the newsletter (thought to use user_meta).

By: jperelli

Last Updated: 2 years ago
Compatible up to: 3.4.2

Automatic batch timing post. 自动批量定时发布文章。

By: daxiawp

Last Updated: 2 years ago
600+ active installs
Compatible up to: 3.5.2

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