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Q) May I order my posts in specific order by date or title? A) Yes you may give specific ordering of your posts or pages via alphabetical order (by ti

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Compatible up to: 4.2Stable tag: 0.1.1License: GPLv2 or laterLicense URI: http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl-2.0.htmlShare posts, pages, or custom post types across entire network.== Description ==The plugin is designed to share posts, pages, and custom post types from across entire network on any given page. You may list them in single or double column mode. Add custom css styling to your text, images and title.You can specify categories and tags. All posts will be shown in the latest date order no matter from what blog they were taken. You can specify how old (in days) the collected posts may be. Also you can specify how many posts should be displayed from each blog. You can set thumbnails image size and style or disable thumbnails at all. You can adjust CSS styles editing CSS file. Plus you may include or exclude pages or posts by page_id. For example if a post has a page_id=2 and you would like to exclude it you would just add exclude_post=2.== Installation ==You may install the plugin using one of the three following methods:Unzip file and using an ftp program upload it to the wp-content/plugins/ directory then activate in plugins page.Using the search field in the admin area type in 'network posts extended' (without quotes) then install from there.Upload zip file through the plugins menuNote: For multisite installations only. Do not Network Activate. Activate on main site only. Due to WordPress security measures for subdomains it will not work properly. We recommend using Ninja Pages, Categories, and Tags or Single Latest Posts plugins.== Frequently Asked Questions ==Q) Should I network activate the plugin?A) No. Activate on main blog and each subdomain individually.Note: Custom CSS code will not work on subdomain unless user has Super Admin privelidges. I recommend you use the WP Custom CSS Plugin by Tips and TricksQ) May I only include an x amount of posts that I choose?A) Yes, use include_post= and put in your posts in comma separated format surrounded by double quotes.Example include_post="5,78,896".Q) My title is too long and looks ugly, anyway I can shorten it?A) You may shorten it using the argument title_length="10" will rounded it off to the last complete word before it reaches 10 characters.Q) I would like to just show an X amount of random posts on the home page. Is it possible?A) Use the following arguments: random=true and list=10 will show ten different posts randomly whenever the page is loaded.

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