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Tag: krumo

wolkenkraft.com Krumo Debug Plugin

This plugin integrates the great Krumo class in WordPress which allows debugging of objects and variables in a well formated and structured form.
  • Version 1.0
  • Updated 2013-12-13
  • Downloads 298
  • Average Rating
    0 stars

Kint Debugger

Kint Debugger makes debugging and dumping variables a more pleasant experience. Kint Debugger integrates seamlessly with the Debug Bar plugin.
  • Version 0.3
  • Updated 2012-12-27
  • Downloads 3,940
  • Average Rating
    5 stars

Hikari Krumo

Krumo is a debug tool able of collapsing array and object values so that it takes less space and let us see only what we really need from complex data
  • Version 0.02.04
  • Updated 2010-10-10
  • Downloads 817
  • Average Rating
    5 stars

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