MP Spam Be Gone

MP Spam Be Gone is the simplest, most effective Spam blocker.

MikesPickz Web Solutions, Inc. 1,000+ active installs Tested with 3.3.2 Updated 5 years ago

Raven's Antispam

Powerful and invisible fighter against comment spam.

Peter Kahoun 1,000+ active installs Tested with 3.0.5 Updated 7 years ago

Antispam for all fields

Actually visits the URL from commenter to spider for spamwords.

Ramon Fincken 1,000+ active installs Tested with 4.6.7 Updated 1 year ago

Comments Cleaner

This plugin removes all HTML tags, BBCode tags and links from added comments (including link…

Daniel Frużyński 1,000+ active installs Tested with 3.2.9 Updated 6 years ago

Defensio Anti-Spam

Defensio is an advanced spam, malicious content and profanity filtering web service that learns and…

Websense, Inc. 900+ active installs Tested with 3.3.2 Updated 6 years ago

Yawasp – Yet Another WordPress Anti Spam Plugin

With the release of WordPress 2.8 development of Yawasp is discontinued!!! For further protection against…

Sven Kubiak, Lukas Sadzik 900+ active installs Tested with 2.7.1 Updated 8 years ago

Blacklist Updater

Automatic updating of the comment blacklist in WordPress with antispam keys from GitHub.

Sergej Müller 800+ active installs Tested with 4.2.16 Updated 2 years ago

WP Email Invisibliser

A simple plugin to hide emails from spambots. Simply use the shortcode [hide_email] to…

Adam Sargant 600+ active installs Tested with 3.4.2 Updated 5 years ago


PlusCaptcha – The Easiest Captcha to Setup and Execute, with an Auto-Setup Feature! Trusted by…

PlusCaptcha 500+ active installs Tested with 4.4.11 Updated 2 years ago