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Taxonomy Dropdown Widget

Creates a dropdown list of non-hierarchical taxonomies as an alternative to the term (tag) cloud. Formerly known as Tag Dropdown Widget.


  • Introduce filters on dropdown and its components for greater customizability.
  • Implement plugin as a singleton for proper reusability.
  • Improve adherence to WordPress coding standards.
  • Improve translatability of plugin.
  • Generally clean up code for better readability and clarity.
  • Eliminates all uses of extract() for clarity's sake.


  • Correct problem in WordPress 3.3 and higher that resulted in an empty taxonomy dropdown.
  • Remove all uses of PHP short tags.


  • Allow empty title in widget options. If empty, the taxonomy_dropdown_widget_title filter isn't run.


  • Fix fatal error in older WordPress versions resulting from PHP4 and PHP5 constructors existing in widget class.

  • Fix bug in post count threshold that resulted in no terms being listed.

  • Fix bug that appended cutoff indicators when unnecessary.


  • Completely rewritten plugin to use WordPress' newer Widgets API.
  • Drop support for WordPress 2.7 and earlier.
  • Add support for all public, non-hierarchical custom taxonomies, in addition to Post Tags.
  • Introduce new, more flexible function for manually generating dropdown menus.
  • Introduce options requested by the community, such as control over the default dropdown item.
  • Fixed persistent bugs in the include/exclude functionality.
  • Widget admin is translation-ready.


  • Replaced TDW_direct() and makeTagDropdown() with generateTagDropdown().
  • Recoded entire plugin to simplify and clean up overall functionality.
  • Switched exclude functionality to use tag ids rather than tag slugs.
  • Added numerous additional options to the widget panel based on user response, as detailed below.
  • Added the ability to specify the indicator shown when a tag name is trimmed.
  • Added the ability to limit the number of tags shown.
  • Added the ability to specify the minimum number of posts a given tag must be associated with before it will show in the dropdown.
  • Added options for specifying the order tags are displayed in.
  • Added the ability to specify a list of tags to include in the dropdown, expanding on the existing ability to exclude certain tags.
  • Added the option to display tags which aren't associated with any posts.
  • Added the TagDropdown_get_tags filter to provide advanced users the ability to modify the arguments passed to WordPress' get_tags function. Using this filter, the trimming, trimming indicator, and count display settings are still obeyed.


  • Add TDW_direct() function.
  • Add count and exclusion options to new direct-implementation function (TDW_direct()).
  • Corrects two XHTML validation errors.


  • Unloads tag exclusion list upon deactivation.


  • Moved plugin pages to ethitter.com.


  • Added option to display number of posts within each tag.


  • Added option to exclude tags based on comma-separated list of slugs.


  • Rewrote certain widget elements for compatibility back to version 2.3.


  • Added function to remove plugin settings when deactivated.


  • Added the ability to trim tag names when calling the function directly.

Requires: 2.8 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.1.1
Last Updated: 2014-8-27
Active Installs: 3,000+


5 out of 5 stars


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