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Tablesome is a WordPress table plugin to quickly create responsive datatables with a large number of rows and columns and embed the table in pages and posts. You can also import tables from external sources such as in CSV and XLSX files format.
It is SEO-friendly with Table Schema markup.

Tablesome PRO plugin is also a Contact Form 7 database addon & WPForms database addon that allows you to save Contact Form 7 submissions & WPForms submissions to your database.

To quickly create tables with the Tablesome plugin see the video below:


  • Create WordPress datatables that are Searchable, Filterable, & Sortable tables with Pagination
  • Import files from CSV and XLSX format
  • Responsive table with horizontal scroll bar
  • Stackable table on mobile devices
  • Table formats – Text, Number, Rich-Text, Image, Date, URL, Email, and more
  • Customize the table with styling options
  • Embed tables with Shortcode
  • Shortcode builder to customize table options for each table
  • Add Tablesome Shortcode block for Gutenberg block editor users

Tablesome Pro Features

  • Save Contact Form 7 entries to database
  • Save WPForms entries to database
  • Export table data as CSV & XLSX
  • Datatable fixed column
  • Date value filters
  • Drag and drop reorder table rows
  • Add Call To Action buttons to tables
  • Add Sponsored tags (rel=”sponsored”) to URLs and Buttons
  • Duplicate a table
  • Duplicate table records (rows)

The support and development team behind this WordPress tables plugin is very responsive to user comments and feature requirements. This plugin is in active development and so you can expect powerful features in future releases.

(Latest) WPForms Save to Database (PRO)

You can use Tablesome Pro as a WPForms database addon. It will be a one-step solution to save WPForms submissions to a database, edit the entries, display them on the frontend and export them both manually and automatically.

Contact Form 7 (CF7) Save to Database (PRO)

You can use Tablesome Pro as a Contact Form 7 DB (CFDB) addon. It will be a one-step solution to save Contact Form 7 (CF7) submissions to a database, edit the Contact Form 7 entries, display them on the frontend and export them both manually and automatically.

Export Table Data (PRO)

This table plugin is for people looking to ‘Export to CSV’ and ‘Export to XLSX’ file formats. ’Just like importing you can export the tables to CSV or XLSX files. You can use this feature to move tables to other sites or export data to external sources.
It can also be used to move form entries data from CF7 & WPFroms saved in tables.

Feature Description

Create Table Easily

You can create table entries in a spreadsheet-like interface and use some basic keyboard shortcuts that you find in popular spreadsheet tools such as Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, etc.
It works out of the box, and no additional settings are needed.
It is a versatile WordPress tables plugin with which you can create many types of tables such as large data tables, product catalogs, comparison tables, sports league tables, and other types of datatables.

Import Tables

If you already have table data in external sources you can import your tables to your WordPress site in the form of CSV and XLSX files. It is the easiest way to bring CSV to the table and the simplest solution to open XLSX files in WordPress

  • You can save the file to CSV or XLSX file in MS Excel and import it to WordPress using Tablesome. It even works for XLSX files created using the old Excel 2007 workbook.

  • You can download the Google Sheets document in CSV or XLSX file format and open it in WordPress using the Tablesome plugin.

Import from TablePress

It can also be used as a user-friendly alternative to the TablePress plugin. You can use the CSV/XLSX export option of TablePress to migrate your table from TablePress to Tablesome.

Table Images & Links

You can insert images in tables and add links to texts and images. You can upload the images to WP Media Library and add them to tables. It allows you to include clickable images and clickable texts by adding URLs to the table content.
You can add a Default Link Text once and it will be automatically added to all the clickable texts in the column.

  • You can add target=”_blank” and rel=”nofollow” to the clickable texts.
  • You can add sponsored tags (rel=”sponsored”) to links in the PRO version.

See how to add links to text, images, and buttons in Tablesome:

Buttons (PRO)

You can add call-to-action buttons to tables. Button columns come with options to change the button color and font color.
You can convert Link columns to Buttons columns and vice versa. Similarly, you can add NoFollow, Sponsored, and open in the new tab tags to buttons.
You can add a Default Button Text once and it will be automatically added to all buttons in the column.

Hide Table Headers

When you create tables with Tablesome table headers are added by default. But if you want to display tables without headers you can switch off the header display in the Tablesome settings. If you want to hide the table header for only 1 table, you can use the option in the Tablesome shortcode builder.
(Note: Table sorting will not work for tables without headers)

Add Dates to Tables

Tablesome is a WordPress datatables plugin that supports Date data type and you can add date columns to your tables. It would be very helpful when you create an events table with the date mentioned.

Date Filters (PRO)

When you have a datatable with date format you could make use of the advanced Date filters. It allows you to filter records based on Exact Date(date picker), Month, Year, and relative filters such as Today, Tomorrow, Yesterday, Last 7 days, Last 30 days, Current Month, and Current Year.
If you want a datatable date range filter, you can use 2 date filters in succession.

See how to use Date Filters in Tablesome Pro:

Datatables Fixed Column (PRO)

In the scroll bar mode, you can fix the first column on the left side of the table. Other columns would be horizontally scrollable but the first column would be fixed.

See how to fix columns in Tablesome Pro

Add Email Data to the Table

It supports email data types so that you can add email data to the table columns. It adds a “mailto” tag to the data so that you send emails with one click.

Responsive WordPress Tables

If you want your WordPress tables mobile responsive, the Tablesome plugin is the best option for you.

Tables will be fully responsive regardless of the number of rows & columns and look great on all devices including mobile devices & tablets (iPhone, Android, etc,). So it could also be called a responsive table generator.
Mobile tables automatically adjust the table column width based on the content size to fit the screen. You could also manually change the minimum width of the columns.

It offers 2 responsive modes:

1. Horizontal Scroll Bar

A table scroll bar appears to accommodate the table when the table container width overflows. With this responsive table option, you can scroll to see more data in the table.

2. Stackable Table Mode

If you choose the Stackable Table option, on mobile devices it stacks table rows under each other with one cell per row.
With table stacking, you can show each row as a list view for mobile devices.

Display Large Tables With Pagination

Can create large datatables in WordPress with many rows and columns with pagination to help you navigate and view the datatables. You can limit the display of the number of records with table pagination.

Rich Text Table

It gives you a rich text editor within the table so that you can have table content with rich text columns with cell-level formatting options.

Customize Table Fonts & Background Colors

Comes with good table styling options that allow you to change colors of table header, body background, table borders and also apply alternative colors to table rows.
You can also change the fonts, font color, size, and alignment of header and body content.
You don’t need to add HTML or CSS for additional table style

Table Search

You can create searchable tables and using the table search bar users can quickly find the data they need. Table search can be enabled or disabled for each table.
The datatable search is fast and accurate and can also find special characters.

Table Sort

Sortable tables can be created and sorting tables is possible both on the backend and the frontend. You can sort text and numerical data in ascending or descending.
Advanced sorting options are coming in the next releases with more data types.

Drag & Drop Reorder Table Rows (PRO)

You can manually rearrange table rows smoothly using the drag & drop feature and you can drag & drop your rows in any position you choose.
It is a way to manually sort your table in addition to the ascending/descending ordering of the table rows.

Data Table Filter

Tablesome gives you advanced database filters to create filterable tables. You can add multiple datatable filters to columns; both on the backend and the frontend.
You can quickly filter the relevant information using the table filter, especially when you have a large table with thousands of table records.

Embed Tables Anywhere

Tablesome is the easiest way to add tables to WordPress. It gives you table shortcodes to embed the tables on any post or page including custom post types.
You can easily copy & paste the shortcodes to insert tables on WordPress posts and pages.
Table shortcodes work well with all popular page builders including (but not limited to) Elementor, Gutenberg, Beaver, Divi, and SiteOrigin.

Table Shortcode Builder

It comes with an advanced table shortcode builder with which you can apply custom settings such as:
* Hide unnecessary columns in the frontend
* Change the pagination limit, and
* Enable/disable sorting and filtering
Gutenberg block editor users can make use of this shortcode builder using the block named “Add Tablesome Shortcode”

Performance Optimized

It is a performance-optimized WordPress data tables plugin that gives you a blazing-fast rendering of large data tables with many columns & rows.

Editable Data Tables

Allows editing and/or adjusting the published tables at any point by a WordPress user with access.

Duplicate Tables (PRO)

You can duplicate an existing table in the Tablesome Pro version. It helps to quickly create multiple tables when you have many similar tables with the same columns. You could use an already created table as a template.

Duplicate Row/Record (PRO)

You can save much time by duplicating rows/records in the table with Tablesome Pro. It is useful when you have table records that have similar data.

Theme Friendly Tables

Tablesome is tested with many popular WordPress themes and works seamlessly with any decently coded WordPress theme.

Awesome Support

Tablesome comes with a dedicated support team to assist you in creating WordPress tables and solves problems in a short time.
You can create a new support thread here, reach us by email or you talk with us through the live chat on our site.

Let Us Know What You Need

We love to hear from our users and we try to integrate features that our users want. Please let us know your feedback in the support forum.

Upcoming Features

CF7 Google Sheet Connector – Google Sheets WordPress Integration

Signup for early access
Tablesome Pro can be used as a CF7 Google Sheet Connector addon to send submissions from Contact Form 7 to Google Sheets. It will come with a live connection between Google Sheets and WordPress that synchronizes at regular intervals.
You can have a 2-way Google Sheets and WordPress integration. Not only can your WordPress site pull data from Google Sheets but also send data from WordPress to Google Sheets.
It can be a better alternative to embedding a full spreadsheet from Google Sheets in WordPress. You can also have a 1-way sync or 1-time import when integrating WordPress and Google Sheets.

Other Upcoming Features

  • Row Filtering – display only filtered records using shortcodes
  • Time format in tables
  • AMP compatibility for tables
  • Add other media (video, audio, etc.,) files to tables
  • Checkbox, Select, Multi-select & other data types in tables
  • Collapsible mode – hide/expand effect to a table (like FooTable)


  • Save Contact Form 7 & WPForms entries to the database & Export data (PRO)
  • Easily create tables in WordPress dashboard
  • Multiple data format columns are available
  • Display tables with Search, Sort, Filters, and Pagination
  • Powerful & advanced datatable filters in the frontend & backend
  • Responsive Stack Mode & Horizontal Scroll Bar on mobile devices
  • Insert Tablesome shortcode to any WordPress posts and pages
  • Customizing table display with shortcode builder
  • Fix the first column in PRO
  • Buttons and Sponsored Tags for links in PRO
  • Add images and links to table cells
  • Change fonts and background colors of the table


This plugin provides 1 block.

  • Tablesome - Responsive WordPress Data Table Plugin


  1. Upload the plugin to your website.
  2. Activate it.
  3. Click ‘Create new table’ to create the tale
  4. Save the table
  5. Copy and paste the shortcode on the post.


Installation Instruction:

  • Download the “Tablesome” plugin.
  • Unzip the downloaded package.
  • Upload the Tablesome folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory of your WordPress setup.
  • Activate the plugin from the “Plugins” menu in the WordPress Admin


  • Download the ‘Tablesome’ plugin.
  • Click on the ‘Plugins’ menu option in WordPress admin.
  • Click on the ‘Add New’ option in plugins.
  • Upload the ‘Tablesome’ plugin and ‘Activate’ it.

How to use Tablesome Shortcode Builder?

  • You could find the button named ‘Add Tablesome Shortcode’ in the Classic Editor
  • Gutenberg users can find a block named ‘Add Tablesome Shortcode’
  • Copy the ID number of the table you want to embed
  • The table id number will be displayed with the basic shortcode such as [tablesome table_id=’Number’/]
  • Go to the page or post where you want to embed the table with shortcode builder
  • Paste the Table ID in the Shortcode Builder and choose the options you need
  • Then you click ‘Add Shortcode’
  • Page Builders such as Elementor, Beaver, Divi, etc., can find this button in the text editor widgets of the respective plugins


September 9, 2021
A very user-friendly, lightweight plugin for creating tables. Very smooth, very useful, and great support. I highly recommend!
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Contributors & Developers

“Tablesome – Responsive WordPress Data Table Plugin” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • Pro feature: WPForms Integration on form submit trigger added.
  • Pro feature: Export table to excel ( .xlsx ) and CSV ( .csv ) formats added.


  • General Bug Fixes


  • Pro feature: Triggers & actions added.
  • Pro feature: Contact Form 7 form submit action added.
  • General Bug Fixes

  • v0.5.9.1 Migration Bug Fixes
  • Fix: Storing the image attachment link

  • General Bug Fixes


  • Enhancement: Frontend Implemented using Tablesome DB Rest API.
  • Bugfix: More than one table is no longer displayed on a page.
  • Bugfix: Deleting an image in the table does not delete the image and throws a console error.
  • General Bug Fixes


  • Pro feature: Drag and Drop Rows added.
  • Bugfix: Deleting the first row of the page does not go to the previous page.
  • General Bug Fixes


  • Enhancement: default cell typography settings changed to none.
  • General Bug Fixes


  • Enhancement: Select options added in ShortCode Builder for Table Choosing.
  • Bugfix: Dates below April 27, 1970 are not working when we update the table.
  • Bugfix: One-day loss for Different timezones.
  • General Bug Fixes


  • Enhancement: Preview Button in Edit Table Page.
  • Enhancement: Onboarding – Add a sample table to every fresh install.
  • General Bug Fixes


  • Pro feature: Date filers are added.
  • Enhancement: Changed the default mobile view to stack mode.
  • Enhancement: Docs link added.
  • General Bug Fixes


  • Added new Pro feature – Fixed Column
  • Bugfix: “is empty” and “is not empty” filter options fixes.
  • Bugfix: Dashboard all tables performance fix.
  • General Bug Fixes


  • Enhancement: Hide table header.
  • Enhancement: Sponsored tag for URL column format type ( premium ).
  • Enhancement: Button column format type ( premium ).


  • Enhancement: Reduced front-facing js bundle size.
  • Bugfix: Updating the large table records.
  • Bugfix: Emails are changed to Unicode, Email Encoder Plugin conflict.
  • General Bug Fixes


  • Enhancement: Table manipulation performance improved 6x times better.
  • Enhancement: Table on-loading performance improved drastically.
  • Enhancement: Import feature supports from PHP5.6.
  • Bugfix: Import feature-related issues.
  • General Bug Fixes


  • Enhancement: Duplicate Tables (Premium).
  • Enhancement: Duplicate Records (Premium).
  • Bugfix: shortcode popup modal is not visible on small screens.


  • Enhancement: Tracking basic tables data usages.
  • Bugfix: Importing feature not working.
  • General Bug Fixes


  • Bugfix: Inserting a row in the middle of the table goes to the end.
  • Bugfix: Removed the Tablesome settings menu from the admin bar.
  • Bugfix: Edit table Link redirected to Edit table instead of edit post.


  • Bugfix: “Edit with Elementor” is not working in PHP 8.0
  • General bug fixes


  • Enhancement: Date column format added.
  • Enhancement: Keyboard shortcuts notice added.
  • General bug fixes


  • Enhancement: Rich Text column format added instead of textarea.


  • Show user review notification


  • Fix: Deleting first row removes the all table rows
  • Fix: Row controls mis-alignment
  • General Bug Fixes & Improvements


  • Enhancement: Filter UI
  • General Bug Fixes


  • Enhancement: Translations support added and french translations ready
  • Enhancement: Display table shortcodes on the all tables page
  • General Bug Fixes


  • Enhancement: Mobile Stack Mode options
  • Enhancement: EMail column format type


  • Enhancement: Table search
  • Fix: Image columns are shrinking in mobile view
  • Bug fixes


  • Enhancement: Column width adjustments
  • General Bug Fixes

  • HotFix: fatal error is thrown for void return type in below PHP 7.1 versions


  • Enhancement: URL format type Improvements


  • Enhancement: Table Shortcode builder
  • General Bug Fixes


  • Performance Improvements
  • Bug fixes
  • Internal Improvements


  • Enhancement: Add links to images in image cell type
  • Enhancement: option to switch off sorting and filtering in the front-end
  • General Fixes


  • Enhancement: Multi line textarea format type added
  • Fix: future proof solution for input fields losing focus
  • Fix: render first page table records only


  • Enhancement: Number Of Records Per Page Pagination Global Settings added
  • Enhancement: Improve User Experience of Creating New Columns
  • Enhancement: Display icon to indicate that options are available for the column
  • Fix: Long content now wrapped in the table cell
  • Fix: Display published tables only in pages/posts
  • Fix: Column fixes
  • General Fixes


  • Enhancement: Filter added
  • Enhancement: Link format type added
  • General Fixes


  • Enhancement: Global style settings added
  • Fix: Added Import Button in All Tables page near Add New button
  • Fix: Same table shortcodes posted on a page sorting not working
  • General Fixes


  • Enhancement: Basic Image Media file format type added
  • Fix: Going back to the previous cell using a keyboard shortcut erases the data in that cell
  • Fix: Column header gets closed automatically when we select its an input field
  • Fix: Editing a cell is not working if we click something out of the table
  • General Fixes


  • Enhancement: Paginations added with previous, next, first and last links
  • Enhancement: Frontend sorting column options enabled
  • Enhancement: Structural Improvements
  • Fix: Number sorting
  • General Fixes


  • Enhancement: Import data from various formats XLSX and CSV
  • Enhancement: Read upto 50 records


  • Enhancement: Basic Number Format type column option
  • General Fixes


  • Enhancement: Basic Ascending order sorting column option added
  • Enhancement: Basic Descending order sorting column option added
  • Enhancement: Hide row and column controls when the mouse leaves the table


  • Fix: Inserted / duplicated column cells not showing row controls when hovering
  • General Fixes


  • Fix: Row control position mis-aligned in WP 5.6
  • Enhancement: New Column Options instead of Column Controls
  • Enhancement: Insert Left/Right column option
  • Enhancement: Duplicate column option
  • General Fixes


  • Enhancement: Basic Keyboard Shortcuts
  • General Fixes


  • Enhancement: Changed Table Data Structure And Migrated
  • Fix: Table design gets when flexbox grid-enabled
  • Fix: Edit Table page browser title
  • Fix: Add column not creating table cells when editing the table
  • Fix: Cannot remove row when there are 2 rows
  • General Fixes


  • Initial MVP ( minimum viable product ) release