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Tabify Edit Screen

Enable tabs in the edit screen and manage them from the back-end.

0.8.2 ( 2014-07-27 )

  • Make the settings UI responsive and made some other little UI improvements.
  • Additional plugin support for WordPress SEO

0.8.1 ( 2014-03-26 )

  • Allow some HTML in the tab title.
  • Fix border issue on the pos type selection in the settings page

0.8.0 ( 2013-12-25 )

  • Fix 3.8 styling

0.7.1 ( 2013-09-26 )

  • Fix possible issues with meta boxes showing on every tab
  • Add textdomain to the right places
  • Fix (strict) notices in code

0.7.0 ( 2013-06-14 )

  • When submit box isn't always showed then do show a submit button in the tabs
  • Only hide metaboxes when there is javascript support
  • Change some styling when MP6 is been used
  • Add extra span around meta box titles in the settings page to look better in MP6
  • Add support for WPML

0.6.0 ( 2013-02-24 )

  • Complete rewrite of settings screen. Most of HTML is now in the base class
  • All unattached metaboxes will be moved to the last tab
  • Fix setting current tab when editing a post
  • Added some extra string escaping
  • Specify screen icon

  • Added French translation by Jean-Christophe Brebion

  • Updated Dutch translation

0.5.3 ( 2013-01-07 )

  • Fix issue that meta boxes are unchecked in screen options

0.5.2 ( 2012-12-31 )

  • Default tabs was broken

0.5.1 ( 2012-12-31 )

  • Move tabs to top again. That is the default state

0.5.0 ( 2012-12-31 )

  • Improved deleting a tab from the setting screen
  • Fix bugs caused when deleting a tab and moving metaboxes to different tabs
  • Make CSS more explicit so that plugins like ACF don't show up on first load. (Thanks elliotcondon)
  • Ability to place the tabs under the title input field with the filter 'tabify_tab_location' and passing 'after_title'
  • Add body class for tab location
  • Fix update settings and adding slashes to the title
  • Removing several referenced hooks
  • Fix some notices on edge cases
  • Fix javascript error on settings page

  • Also created a repository for a forked Types that works with this plugin: https://github.com/markoheijnen/types/tree/use-hook-add_meta_boxes

0.4.1 ( 2012-11-9 )

  • Fix javascript code so you are now able to create new tabs again

0.4.0 ( 2012-11-9 )

  • Complete fresh new UI for the settings screen
  • Fix possible bug for not showing author metabox in the settings screen
  • Fix notice on edit screen when no items where inside a tab
  • Fix issue that not all post types are showing
  • Now able to hide a metabox as an user and that the plugin will listen to that. Thank Elles for nagging me about to fix that ;)
  • Ability to remove plugin support and isn't on by default anymore. Can be enabled with the filter "tabify_plugin_support"
  • Added plugin support for Members and WordPress SEO. (Thanks sc0ttkclark for his help )
  • Added Dutch translation

  • Ability to modify tabs through the filter tabify_tabs

  • Ability to add more tab support like post types with the filter 'tabify-edit-screen-settings-tabs'
  • Ability to add more options with the action 'tabify-settings-posttype' and filter 'tabify-settings-update'

0.3.0 ( 2012-4-7 )

  • Add support for the plugin "Types"
  • Removed the filter tabify_default_metaboxes_$posttype and changed it for the action tabify_add_meta_boxes
  • Improved the way to delete a tab by showing a remove link ( Javascript only )
  • Make the tab title translatable with tabify-edit-screen-tab as domain
  • The text in javascript is now also translatable
  • Removed duplicated code

0.2.0 ( 2012-4-6 )

  • Added security checks on the setting screen
  • Create a new tab now also works on all post types
  • When you save the changes you go back to the selected tab. This also work for the edit screens
  • Setting page works when javascript isn't supported
  • You can now delete a tab when all the metaboxes are removed and the title is empty. Will be improved in later version
  • New metaboxes will always be showed in the setting page
  • The setting page now can be changed from a touch device
  • Fix issue where you couldn't move metaboxes in a new created tab

0.1.0 ( 2012-4-2 )

  • First version to show people the possibilities

Requires: 3.3 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.0.1
Last Updated: 2014-7-27
Active Installs: 1,000+


4.8 out of 5 stars


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