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Syndicates posts made in any specified category to another WP blog using WordPress' built in XML-RPC functionality.


= * Added syndication of featured images (díky Jan at lwd.cz for the majority of this). * Added syndication of custom post types & new filter 'syndicate_out_post_types' (thanks Martin Burchell and Aptivate). * Bug fix to prevent old custom meta data being transmitted (thanks again to Martin Burchell and Aptivate). * Fix for API authentication failure when corrections are needed to remote site URL (thanks Brandon). * Made some improvements to error reporting when API authentication fails. * Added ability to rename syndication groups for greater clarity. * Squelch error in new post page for groups with no servers. * Made improvements to custom meta transmission to hopefully improve syndication of SEO etc. data.


  • Added hooks for actions and filters to syndication process.
  • Added option to transmit all categories except for the syndication category. (Request by SpiritFly.)
  • Added tabs to settings page for each syndication group to help improve usability.
  • Improved status reporting on settings page.
  • Fixed bug meaning schedule dates weren't getting sent to remote blog correctly.


  • Efficiency improvements in syndication routine.
  • Fully internationalized the plugin.
  • Added Spanish translation. (Muchas gracias Andrew, Jelena and WebHostingHub.)
  • Prevented trampling on https-based URLs. (Multumesc Marius.)
  • Added per-post selection of syndication.
  • Fixed some notices when running with PHP strict errors turned on.

  • Fixed a bug relating to post categories being transmitted as Array sometimes. (Thanks ammonlee.)
  • Bugfix relating to post status (inherit vs. post).
  • Minor change to fix issue seen when posting to multiple blogs in one category. (Thanks mkokes and Free Refill.)
  • Some very minor spacing changes.

  • Version bump.


  • Finalized bug fix to address taxonomy issue in 0.8 (thanks to everyone who reported and assisted squashing this one!).


  • Experimenal bug fix to address an issues seen by lots of people in 0.8: failure to syndicate with the API resposne "Sorry, one of the given taxonomies is not supported by the post type".


  • Switched to using WP_HTTP_IXR_CLIENT over raw IXR_Client for requests.
  • Switched to using wp.newPost and wp.editPost over metaWebLog XMLRPC calls. Breaks backwards compatibility for remote blogs WP < 3.4.
  • Switched to using save_post action hook to catch all published posts regardless of method. This also means scheduled posts are syndicated (thanks everyone who noticed problems posting from the WordPress mobile apps).
  • Fixed bug with array re-numbering affecting syndication of edited / updated posts.
  • Added authentication and API version checks to settings save routine.
  • Options version incremented and new method for handling upgrades implemented (to handle http://make.wordpress.org/core/2010/10/27/plugin-activation-hooks/).


  • Updates and testing for WordPress up to 3.5.
  • Added settings link to plugin page.
  • Overhauled look of the settings page.
  • Added syndication of permalink.


  • Added custom field syndication functionality.
  • Added delete operations to tidy up all plugin data on uninstall.
  • Fixed major bug in syndicating all categories.
  • Re-worked sections of options sanitation to fix a bug on first save (thanks Kevin).
  • Reworked the decision making logic around new posts / edit posts.
  • Corrected some malformed markup in settings page.


  • Bugfix to settings page category dropdown introduced in 0.5.


  • Added syndication groups.
  • Added the ability to syndicate all posts on a blog, not just one category (thanks jc).
  • Added versioning to stored options to cater for future upgrades.
  • Fixed a settings array related bug (thanks Dan, TJ).
  • Re-housed a lonely PHP short tag (thanks TJ).


  • Fixed a bug which was causing warnings to be issued in some circumstances (thanks Dan).


  • Added ability to syndicate to multiple blogs (thanks Chris, Cat, Danel).
  • Added ability to send category information with the syndicated post (thanks Martin).
  • Posts which have already been syndicated will be syndicated from the source blog if they're edited.
  • Modified the storage format of so_options to handle new functionality.


  • Fixed so-options include bug (thanks Paul Bain).
  • Modified permission levels for admin page to hopefully fix visibility bug (thanks randy, Adam and Paul).


  • Changed IXR include line to use ABSPATH and WPINC.
  • Modified handling of edited posts so they don't get re-posted on the remote blog.


  • Fixed IXR include bug.
  • Added tag handling (they are now passed on to the remote blog).


  • First available public release.

Requires: 3.4 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.4.5
Last Updated: 10 months ago
Active Installs: 1,000+


5 out of 5 stars


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