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Swifty Page Manager

Manage your WordPress pages. Like a boss.

What is the difference between 'Draft' and 'Live' ?

Draft is beer from the tap and Live is ... :-)

In the page settings you can choose between 'Draft' and 'Live'. When you select 'Live' the page will be visible for the visitors of your site. When you select 'Draft', the page will not be visible on your website nor in your menu. This is great if you are making a new page which is not final yet or if you temporarily want to take a page offline. When you are ready, you can change the page settings to 'live'.

Oops...I deleted the wrong page. What should I do?

Well, good thing we didn't take out the trash yet!

All the removed pages have been put into the trash bin. You can access the trash bin by clicking the 'Trash' link located above your page tree. You can then select the deleted items and restore them if you wish. Or you can choose to remove them permanently.

In the page settings I can choose between some different templates. What does this mean?

It means that your website theme is so awesome that it has several predefined page templates that you can choose from. These templates are specific pagetypes such as a contact-page, blog-page, archive-page or FAQ-page. You can choose these here and save yourself some time setting up the page content.

How can I re-arrange my page tree?

You can easily re-arrange your pages by dragging them up or down to another position in the page tree. If you see a check icon, you can release your mouse button to move the page to this specific spot. If the arrow points at a page, the page you are moving will become a sub page of that page. If the arrow points between two pages it will become a page on that level and in that position.

Tip: to re-arrange your Christmas tree, see below

This plugin is awesome! How can I thank you?

First of all, thanks for using our plugin. We really appreciate that. If you want to thank us, you can give us a nice rating in the side bar here. This helps others make an informed decision. Also, you might tell a few of your friends about us. :-)

How can I re-arrange my Christmas tree?

If you have one of those perfectly shaped fake trees, you should look for color-coded branches and put them in in the right order. If you have a real tree, well, the fake tree stores might still be open...

Next, put in the lights. Lots of lights! Step back, squeeze your eyes a bit and look at the tree through your eyelashes. This way you can check if the lights are distributed proparly. Same goes for all the other decorations.

If you put candy in your tree, make sure you put it low enough so that the kids can reach it. If you put it out of reach, they WILL find a way to get it. And most of the time it ends badly for the tree!

Where can I find more info?


I want to report a bug. Where can I do that?

If it's a real bug, you can call 1-800-BUG-BUSTERS

If there is something wrong with our plugin, we really want to know, so that we can fix it. Please submit a bug report via the support tab above!

Try to describe the actions that lead up to the point where something is not working right, so that we can reproduce the problem.

Requires: 3.8 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.7.2
Last Updated: 2 months ago
Active Installs: 5,000+


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