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SWFPut - SWFlash Put

SWFPut provides video players for posts and pages and widget areas, as both HTML5 and flash video.

I installed SWFPut, now what?

First, note that in the editor page for posts/pages, there is a new 'metabox' named "SWFPut Video." It might be near the bottom of the page, but metaboxes can be moved by dragging with the mouse. (When using SWFPut it might be useful to drag its metabox to just below the editor.) If necessary click the metabox title to show the form.

The SWFPut form might look complicated, but don't worry! There is help. At the top right of the WordPress editor pages there is a tab named (in english) "Help." Click that, and editor help material will drop down. SWFPut adds a new tab here called "SWFPut Video" (what else?). Click that tab and . . .

. . . another drop-down, this time specifically for this plugin. Near the top there are two hyperlinks which open in a new tab/page, one for PDF documentation and one for (old-time style) HTML documentation. These are versions of the same detailed document. The remainder of the in-place help text addresses just a few items that the author (I) thought would need more explanation for a quick start. Please peruse these for use.

Quickest of all, see the FAQ below entitled "Do I really need video in 3 or 4 formats?" which in spite of the name addresses quick and easy use as well as video formats.

Do I really need to understand "aspect ratio" and things?

Probably not. In most case the width and height of the video will match the intended display proportion. "Anamorphic" video is not rare, but probably not too common either. The author has seen videos on e.g., YouTube, that are distorted by wrong display aspect ratio (which is not YouTube's fault), but only a few. If you find that your video looks squeezed or stretched, you can always use a little trial & error with the display aspect setting until it looks good.

Do I really need video in 3 or 4 formats?

Possibly not. The help documention included with SWFPut discusses file formats for HTML5 and flash with a level of detail that -- it is hoped -- will help you make your video available to the broadest range of browsers used by your visitors. The cost of this detail is the loss of simplicity.

The simplest use with not-too-bad availability would be like this: prepare your video in MP4 format; place the URL in either the "Flash video URL..." or "HTML5 video URLs..." fields[*] in the setup form, and set display size in the "Pixel Width:" and "x Height:" fields; make sure that the cursor in the editor is at the spot you want, and click the "Place new in post" button. Publish the post/page with the "Update" button. Not too difficult!

Currently many browsers support MP4 for HTML5 video, but not all! The flash browser plugin has supported MP4 for a long time, but alternatives such as Gnash (a free-software flash plugin) might not. Availability will be increased significantly by adding FLV (flash) and OGG (or 'ogv', a patent-free, free-licensed type) formats. If you need video conversion software, a quick web search should yield several options. Change the procedure in the above paragraph like this: place the URL for the FLV type in the "Flash video URL..." field, place the URL for the MP4 type and the URL for the OGG type separated by a '|' in the "HTML5 video URLs..." field (and don't worry about 'codec' types discussed in the help docs). Easy, and fun!

Finally, to cover all the bases, amend the the above paragraph like this: place the URL for the FLV type in the "Flash video URL..." field, place the URL for the MP4 type and the URL for the OGG type and the URL for the WEBM type separated by a '|' between each in the "HTML5 video URLs..." field . . . .

[*] MP4 can be placed in either the flash or HTML5 URL fields and it will be effective for both, as long as the visitor's browser has JavaScript enabled.

What if a visitor has JavaScript disabled?

SWFPut is designed with that in mind. If scripting is disabled, but either flash or HTML5 video is available, then your video should be viewable. HTML5 video will have the browser's native interface and basic features.

How do contact to the developer?

Post a comment at //agalena.nfshost.com/b1/software/swfput-html5-flash-wordpress-plugin/ or email edhynan at the email provider 'gmail' with the top level domain 'com', or of course go the the SWFPut WordPress page at https://wordpress.org/support/plugin/swfput and select the "Support" tab.

Does the developer want to know I use SWFPut?

Yes, the developer would consider it kind of you to leave a comment with the URLs of your using pages.

Requires: 3.0.2 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.7.1
Last Updated: 1 month ago
Active Installs: 200+


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