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Super Socializer

The unique Social Plugin to let you integrate Social Login, Social Share and Social Comments at your website


  • [New] Added option to enable/disable popup notification visible to visitors if their browser is blocking any feature of the plugin
  • [Improvement] Performance improvement


  • [Bugfix] User's email was not being returned in Twitter profile data inspite of the Twitter app having appropriate permission
  • [Bugfix] Steam avatar link was broken at the webpages having SSL enabled (thanks @aleks93ts)
  • [Bugfix] Social Avatar url was being deleted from database on saving profile at profile page (in previous version only)
  • [Bugfix] Twitch login was not working in some cases
  • [Bugfix] Some Social Share logos were not appearing on activating cache plugin, in a few cases
  • [Improvement] User will see a message if their browser is blocking any functionality of the plugin
  • [New] Added option to specify separate title for logged in users in Social Login widget
  • [New] Bypassing Ultimate Member plugin's email activation process, as valid email is already fetched from user's social profile data


  • [Improvement] Performance improvement
  • [Improvement] Improved Spanish translation


  • [Bugfix] Fixed XSS vulnerability
  • [Improvement] Using class names 'the_champ_sharing_title' and 'the_champ_social_login_title' for title text of Social Sharing and Social Login shortcodes


  • [Bugfix] Google Login was capturing the profile data of first account if they were logged into multiple Google accounts
  • [Improvement] Compatibility improvement with Social Login myCRED Integration add-on


  • [Improvement] Plugin admin UI is compatible with WordPress version 4.7


  • [Bugfix] Reddit share count was not appearing in some cases
  • [Bugfix] '&' in webpage url was appearing encoded in post-login redirection
  • [Improvement] Removed deprecated '-moz-box-shadow' from the CSS


  • [New] Compatible with Recover Social Share Counts add-on
  • [Bugfix] Logged in users were able to see their Social Account Linking interface at other users' BuddyPress profile page too
  • [Bugfix] Vkontakte share count was not working in some cases


  • [Bugfix] Email sharing was not working in some cases
  • [Bugfix] Myspace sharing was not working
  • [Bugfix] Myspace was not appearing in "More" share icons popup
  • [Bugfix] Colon (:) in post/page title was appearing encoded in Twitter sharing


  • [Bugfix] Social Account Linking interface was not appearing at user profile page, in some cases
  • [New] Twitter sharer shows title from "Twitter Title" option of Yoast SEO post meta options, if one is specified


  • [Bugfix] Flipboard sharing was not working in some cases


  • [Bugfix] Social Login was not working for Russian names (thanks @funfrog)
  • [Improvement] OAuth libraries were being included even if Social Login was disabled
  • [Improvement] Social Avatar was not appearing when Ultimate Member plugin was enabled
  • [Improvement] Updated Flipboard share API
  • [Improvement] Updated Instagram icon
  • [Improvement] Improved Italian and Russian translation
  • [New] Included Ukrainian translation


  • [Bugfix] Facebook Login was not working due to recent official Facebook API changes
  • [Improvement] Improved share count functionality
  • [Improvement] Updated Facebook SDK to latest version


  • [Bugfix] "Widgets" page in admin area was unresponsive, in some cases
  • [Bugfix] "Notice of password change" email was being sent when user verified Twitter login email
  • [Improvement] Share count cache was not working for sharing icons enabled using shortcode and widgets
  • [Improvement] myCRED referred signups are now being detected, when using Social Login
  • [Improvement] First name was being saved in 'user_nicename' field, instead of username
  • [Improvement] Social Login is now compatible with Theme My Login plugin's 'E-mail only' Login type mode


  • [Bugfix] Facebook shares were not being included in total shares, in some cases
  • [Improvement] Added background color for Pocket share icon
  • [Improvement] Default plugin options are being saved for every subsite in multisite network on Network Activating the plugin
  • [Improvement] Default plugin options are being saved when a new subsite is created in multisite network


  • [Bugfix] Facebook share counts were not appearing on websites with SSL enabled, when "Load all Javascript files in single file" option was enabled


  • [Bugfix] Facebook share counts were not appearing on websites with SSL enabled


  • [Bugfix] Facebook share counts were not appearing in some cases
  • [Bugfix] Shares specified in "Starting share count" option for individual posts/pages were not appearing at homepage
  • [Bugfix] Querystring variables were not being appended to the url being shared
  • [Bugfix] Border radius was not reverting to default when kept blank in "Theme Selection" section at sharing options page in admin area
  • [Improvement] "Share" was being displayed in total share counts for 0 shares, instead of "Shares"
  • [Improvement] Admin UI improvement
  • [Improvement] "heateor_ss_custom_share_url" filter has been included in widgets and shortcode for sharing icons and like buttons
  • [New] Added option to enable/disable sharing on AMP pages
  • [New] Vkontakte profile url is now being saved in "Website" field of profile page


  • [Bugfix] Share counts suddenly stopped appearing because of deprecated Facebook share count API
  • [Improvement] "Super Socializer - Social Avatar" heading appearing at profile page has been updated to "Social Avatar"
  • [Improvement] Admin UI improvement
  • [Improvement] A couple of text strings were not being included in the translation files


  • [Bugfix] Option to update social avatar were appearing at user profile page, even if Social Login was disabled


  • [Bugfix] Title specified in Social Login Shortcode was appearing for logged in users too, at front-end


  • [Bugfix] Fixed PHP warnings being generated when Social Login widget was enabled


  • [Bugfix] Plugin was not picking the homepage url correctly if it was different from the WordPress installation directory
  • [Bugfix] Quality of social avatar displayed in Social Login widget was always average irrespective of the "Avatar quality" option
  • [Bugfix] Steam was not working in Social Account linking section
  • [Bugfix] Unnecessary permission was being asked in Twitch Login
  • [Bugfix] Post-registration redirection was not working for social networks that do not provide email, when email verification was enabled
  • [New] Included Instagram in sharing networks
  • [New] Introduced new attribute "show_username" in Social Login shortcode to show/hide user info after login
  • [New] Included official Facebook share button in sharing networks
  • [Improvement] Improved Instagram login icon
  • [Improvement] User was getting redirected to homepage (instead of the same page) after clicking logout link in social login widget
  • [Improvement] Improved Russian translation


  • [Bugfix] Twitter sharer was not fetching correct title if there was a double quote in it
  • [Bugfix] + sign was appearing in the subject when using Email sharing
  • [Bugfix] Single quote in post/page title was breaking the email sharing functionality
  • [Bugfix] When total share count was 1, "Shares" was being displayed instead of "Share"
  • [Bugfix] "Shares/Share" text was not being translated
  • [Bugfix] Facebook icon was not appearing in "Social Account Linking" section
  • [Bugfix] Share and like buttons were not sharing url of homepage when enabled using shortcode
  • [Bugfix] Widget options were not being deleted on plugin deletion
  • [Bugfix] Fixed PHP notices being generated on saving social avatar from profile page at front-end
  • [Bugfix] Single quote in blogname was apearing encoded in the subject of the email sent by the plugin
  • [Bugfix] Social avatar functionality was not working when user email was being passed in 'get_avatar' function
  • [New] Added options at profile page to stop social avatar from updating, every time a user social login
  • [New] Added separate option to enable/disable new user notification for admin
  • [Improvement] Changed background color of Linkedin icon to match its brand guidelines


  • [Bugfix] '&' in post/page title was breaking the subject in email sharing
  • [Bugfix] "Social Share myCRED Integration" add-on was not logging points for sharing in few cases, when cached counts were being displayed


  • [Bugfix] Sharing icons disappeared from some pages after updating plugin to previous version
  • [Improvement] Included WordPress filter 'authenticate' before logging in user


  • [Bugfix] Sharing title was appearing in open graph meta tags content, thereby in the webpage description in sharing window, in some cases
  • [Bugfix] Twitter sharing was not working if there was double quote in the title of webpage
  • [Improvement] Removed French translation due to poor feedback


  • [Bugfix] Sharing icons disappeared from some pages after updating plugin to previous version


  • [Bugfix] Sharing title and share counts were appearing in post excerpts at homepage
  • [Bugfix] Single and double quotes in post title were appearing encoded when sharing on Twitter
  • [Improvement] Improved Delecious icon
  • [Improvement] Updated Facebook SDK to version 2.5
  • [Improvement] Link to set password is being sent to new users, instead of plain text password, via email
  • Removed Serbo-Croatian translation


  • [Bugfix] Sharing icons disappeared from post excerpts after updating to version 7.4.1, in a few cases


  • [Bugfix] Url passed in Facebook sharer was not being encoded and querystring variables after '&' were not appearing in the url being shared
  • [Bugfix] Sharing icons were not appearing if posts page was a page other than homepage
  • [Bugfix] "failed to open stream" PHP warning was being generated in a few cases
  • [Bugfix] CSS of default login page was getting affected
  • [Bugfix] Google +1 and GooglePlus Share buttons were vertically misaligned
  • [Bugfix] Fixed "theChampFBKey not defined" and "theChampFBLang not defined" Javascript errors generated when "Load all Javascript files in single file" option was enabled
  • [New] Added option to sync social profile data with BuddyPress XProfile fields
  • [New] Included Twitch and Steam Open ID in Social Login networks
  • [New] Included Chinese translation
  • [New] Included Portuguese translation
  • [Improvement] Improved Spanish translation


  • [Bugfix] Vkontakte share count was appearing in the form of VK.Share.count(0, 0)
  • [Bugfix] Reddit badge was not appearing on webpages having ssl enabled


  • [Bugfix] Website title was appearing in homepage content in a few cases
  • [Bugfix] Share counts were not appearing in a few cases
  • [Improvement] Share counts are now being cached (using WordPress transients) resulting in faster page loading with share counts enabled
  • [Improvement] Twitter logo background color updated to match Twitter's brand guidelines
  • [New] Added option to clear share counts cache
  • [New] Added option to specify time duration to refresh share count cache


  • [Bugfix] Plugin functionality was breaking in a few cases when "Load all Javascript files in single file" option was enabled
  • [Improvement] Improved bit.ly short url cache resulting in reduced page load time
  • [Improvement] Specified "the_champ_sharing_title" class name for the div containing title of sharing interface
  • [Improvement] Removed German translation due to poor feedback
  • [New] Option to clear bit.ly shorturl cache


  • [Bugfix] 'array_replace' function was causing fatal error at the websites running on PHP version < 5.3. Introduced fallback function for


  • [New] Added more options to customize social share icons and counters
  • [New] Now choose from over 100 social sharing and bookmarking services, to display in sharing bar
  • [New] Official Like/Tweet/+1 buttons can also be included in sharing bar with other sharing icons
  • [New] Added option to load all Javascript files combined in single file in single request
  • [New] Added option to enable OpenShareCount and NewShareCounts APIs to fetch Twitter share counts
  • [New] Added option to specify custom CSS at "Super Socializer > General Options" page
  • [Bugfix] Social Login icons were appearing misaligned at WooCommerce Customer Login form
  • [Bugfix] Social Commenting was getting enabled on default pages and posts automatically, after updating the plugin to new version
  • [Bugfix] Vertical/Floating sharing bar/like buttons at homepage was sharing the url of first article at the page, instead of that of homepage
  • [Bugfix] User was not getting redirected to the same tab after saving changes, at plugin options page
  • [Improvement] Share counts are being rounded off instead of K+, M+ format
  • [Improvement] Admin UI improvement
  • [Improvement] Compatible with PHP 7 (Still, we recommend to check it first on your development environment before moving to production)


  • [Bugfix] Text was appearing in encoded format in Whatsapp sharing
  • [Improvement] <div id="vk_api_transport"></div> was being added in <head> section on enabling Vkontakte login


  • [Bugfix] Garbled characters were appearing in Twitter sharing content, on non-English websites in some cases


  • [Bugfix] Single quote in article title was breaking Twitter sharing functionality


  • [Bugfix] Twitter sharer was including '+' in place of space in the content being shared in IOS
  • [Bugfix] Vertical sharing/like buttons interface at homepage was using title of first post on the page instead of that of homepage


  • [New] Added option to enable/disable sharing and like buttons at BuddyPress Group page
  • [New] Added option to show/hide options for website users to update social avatar at BuddyPress profile page
  • [New] Made changes to make plugin compatible with "Share Analytics" add-on
  • [Bugfix] Horizontal sharing interface was appearing aligned vertically in some cases


  • [Improvement] Updated GooglePlus logo
  • [New] Added option in Social Commenting to specify the HTML ID of container element of default comment form
  • [Bugfix] Users were getting redirected to 404 page after email verification in few cases


  • [Bugfix] Whatsapp sharing was not working on some versions of IOS
  • [Bugfix] "Send username-password to user after Social Login" functionality was not working with WP version 4.3 and above
  • [Bugfix] "Stick sharing bar horizontally at bottom on mobile devices" option was not working for widget and shortcode
  • [Bugfix] Total share counts were being displayed in Italic font in few scenarios
  • [New] Added option to disable user registration through Social Login


  • [Improvement] Minor performance improvements
  • [Improvement] Improved Italian Translation


  • [Bugfix] Facebook Comments Email Notifications were working only for first comment when posted multiple comments without refreshing the page


  • [New] Added options to enable/disable Social Commenting at default (post, page) and custom post types
  • [New] Added option to enable/disable sticky horizontal Social Sharing bar at bottom of page on mobile devices
  • [New] Included Russian translation
  • [New] Removed upper limit from size of sharing icons
  • [New] Added filter 'the_champ_before_user_registration' before user registration functionality
  • [Bugfix] Social Login icons were not appearing at WooCommerce Checkout page
  • [Bugfix] Facebook Like and Recommend buttons were not appearing consistently
  • [Bugfix] Social Login shortcode was displaying title for logged in users too
  • [Bugfix] Facebook Login was not working in Chrome on IOS
  • [Improvement] Widget code has been updated to use php5 style constructors
  • [Improvement] WooCommerce shipping and billing details are now synced with social profile data
  • [Improvement] Sharing icons got sexier
  • [Improvement] If social profile data has username, it is being used as is for WordPress username


  • [Bugfix] Yummly and Buffer sharing were not working


  • [New] Added options to enable sharing, like buttons on custom posts and WooCommerce products
  • [New] Added option to enable social login at customer login form at WooCommerce My Account page
  • [New] Included shortcode for Social Account Linking [TheChamp-Social-Linking]
  • [New] Added Yummly and Buffer to sharing and like buttons
  • [New] Added option to show total shares with sharing icons
  • [New] Option to hide/show vertical sharing/like buttons interface on mobile devices
  • [New] Added option to update social avatar at user profile page
  • [New] Added option to prevent modernizr JS from loading
  • [New] Included "title" attribute in shortcodes
  • [New] Included Arabic Translation
  • [New] Included Serbo-Croatian Translation
  • [Improvement] Improved Print icon in sharing
  • [Improvement] Increased space between like buttons
  • [Improvement] Escaped output of add_query_arg and remove_query_arg functions
  • [Improvement] Increased font size of share counts in vertical sharing bar
  • [Bugfix] Tweet button was showing encoded characters for some content
  • [Bugfix] Support documentation links were redirecting to 404, "not found" page in websites with ssl enabled


  • [Bugfix] Facebook Commenting interface was shrinked on mobile devices due to recent changes introduced in FB JS SDK by Facebook
  • [Bugfix] Facebook Login was unable to fetch email and some other profile data of user due to recent changes introduced in FB JS SDK by Facebook
  • [Improvement] Updated FB JS SDK to latest version 2.4


  • [Improvement] Improved sharing/login icons for Twitter, GooglePlus, Stumbleupon, Pinterest, Email and Digg
  • [Bugfix] Overlapped, messy sharing and login icons in a few cases
  • [Bugfix] Admin was unable to disable sharing/like buttons at homepage set as static page
  • [Bugfix] Starting share counts were not working for homepage set as static page
  • [Bugfix] Rearrange sharing icons functionality was not working in a few cases
  • [Bugfix] WordPress Comments tab in Social Commenting interface was displaying incorrect comment counts in a few cases


  • [Improvement] Optimized loading of Social Commenting
  • [Improvement] Improved LinkedIn sharing
  • [Bugfix] Some commenting tabs were not visible if there was space in "Order of tabs in commenting interface" option in Social Commenting section
  • [Bugfix] Modernizr Javascript was breaking functionality of some themes if included in footer
  • [Bugfix] Double Social Login icons at front-end with a few themes
  • [Bugfix] Sharing icons were not visible in "Rearrange icons" option in admin panel in a few cases


  • [Bugfix] Fixed issues with sharing and like buttons (Social Counter) shortcodes/widgets
  • [Bugfix] Facebook comemnts in new commenting interface were not visible in Firefox browser


  • [Bugfix] Double sharing icons were appearing at front-end


  • [Bugfix] Sharing icons were not being displayed in admin and front-end, with some themes, on updating the plugin


  • [Bugfix] Social Commenting was breaking layout of some themes


  • Improved Social Sharing icons
  • Two themes for sharing icons (round and square)
  • Option to change size of sharing icons (ranging between 16x16px and 35x35px)
  • Option to disable/enable "More" icon in sharing
  • Improved Social Login icons
  • Feature to slide in/out vertical sharing/counter interface
  • Option to use already enabled shortlinks with sharing
  • GooglePlus and Disqus included in Social Commenting
  • [Bugfix] Cached short urls were not being removed on deletion of plugin


  • [Bugfix] Facebook Comments layout was distorted in mobile devices
  • Updated Facebook SDK to latest version
  • Added action "the_champ_login_widget_hook" in Social Login widget before logout link


  • [Bugfix] Xing login was not working
  • [Bugfix] Google Login was not working with French translation
  • [Bugfix] Bit.ly service was being called on each page load. Now short urls are being cached.
  • [Bugfix] Names having cyrillic characters were not being displayed
  • [Bugfix] Could not FB comment using mobile, interface kept refreshing
  • [Bugfix] "fb-root" div was being included in the 'head' section of webpage
  • [Bugfix] FB Commenting was not working with Disqus commenting
  • [Bugfix] Bitly url shortener was not working in sharing shortcode
  • [Bugfix] Removed {} (empty brackets) from front.css file
  • [Bugfix] Commenting.js file was being loaded on the page where FB commenting was disabled
  • Included Whatsapp in sharing
  • Included option to enable only Facebook Commenting without enabling default comment form
  • Removed Facebook feed feature
  • Included 'Archives' in 'Sharing Location' option
  • Included filter 'the_champ_login_interface_filter' in 'inc/social_login.php' file to use custom icons for Social Login
  • Included filter 'the_champ_ajax_response_filter' in helper.php file to alter AJAX responses
  • Included action 'the_champ_hook_update_profile_data' in 'inc/social_login.php' to update profile data
  • Included an option to enable/disable social account linking at BuddyPress profile page
  • Now fuctionality does not rely on 'wp_footer' hook to include Javascript files in footer of the webpage
  • CSS improvements


  • Removed credit links


  • [Bugfix] Fixed issue with Xing Social Login
  • [Bugfix] Translation was broken


  • Included Xing in Social Login
  • Included Xing in Social Sharing
  • Included Xing in Social Counter
  • Added option to specify target url in sharing and counter
  • Added option to specify minimum share count in sharing interface for individual pages/posts
  • Users can link their social accounts at profile page
  • Added option to redirect users to BuddyPress profile page after login and registration
  • Added option to left, right and center align horizontal sharing and counter interface
  • Added option to specify social avatar quality
  • Added options to enable sharing at BBPress forums, topics, replies and BuddyPress activity
  • Social Login app configuration steps simplified
  • Improved Print icon in sharing
  • Vkontakte share counts now supported
  • Included shortcode for Facebook Commenting
  • Added option to disable Facebook Comments on individual page/post
  • Added option to specify language for Social Counters
  • Included Stumbleupon badge in Social Counters
  • Included functionality to comment after clicking Facebook like/recommend
  • Included option to enable share counts in sharing shortcode and widget
  • Included French, Hungarian, German and Italian translation
  • Facebook Comments and default commenting works simultaneously without the need to toggle between them
  • [Bugfix] Share counts were not being displayed when bit.ly url shortner was enabled


  • Verified compatibility with WordPress 4.0
  • [Bugfix] Fatal error at "Social Counter" page in admin panel


  • Updated screenshots in Social Counter section in admin panel
  • Minor CSS changes


  • Added Social Counters (Facebook like, Twitter Tweet, Google +1 etc)
  • Updated StumbleUpon sharing icon
  • Added FAQ section at "Social Sharing" page
  • CSS improvements
  • Added hook "do_action('the_champ_user_successfully_created', $userId, $userdata)" after user creation
  • Added hook "apply_filters('the_champ_bypass_sharing', $post, $content)" before rendering sharing interface
  • Added option to specify background color of the vertical sharing bar
  • Added option to use bit.ly url shortening sevice in sharing
  • Added option to specify username in Twitter sharing
  • Bugfix: If used any other language than English in the FB comment title, undefined characters were being displayed at front end


  • Facebook commenting is now responsive
  • Sharing interfaces are now responsive
  • Switching between Facebook and traditional commenting is smoother
  • Customizable text on buttons to switch commenting modes
  • Option to align floating sharing interface left/right
  • JS and CSS files minified
  • CSS improvements
  • Bugfix: When one logged in using Twitter from login page, it was redirected back to login page
  • Bugfix: WordPress usernames created from social profile of the users were in lowercase


  • Bugfix: Google+ icon was showing up twice in Vertical sharing provider selection
  • Bugfix: Vertical sharing bar is not appearing if left offset is less than 200


  • Included floating sharing bar
  • Included option to enable sharing on category archive pages
  • Included option to hide/show sharing counts
  • Included option to auto-approve comments made by social login users
  • Included option to specify the messgae on "email required" popup
  • Enabled share counts for Google+
  • Included option to delete options on plugin deletion
  • Included Spanish language translation
  • Minor bug fixes


  • Bug fix: Continuous loading icon after Social Login


  • Bug fix: Google Social Login icon was not responding


  • Enhanced Social Sharing to support 80 sharing services, including Pinterest
  • Improved user experience and user interface in Social Sharing
  • Sharing icons display number of shares
  • Included Instagram in Social Login
  • Optimized loading time of Social Sharing and Login interface
  • Facebook commenting and WordPress commenting can be used simultaneously (website users can switch between the two)
  • Fixed the issue with Twitter login redirection
  • Added option to control redirection after user registration


  • Performance improvements


  • Included Vkontakte in Social Sharing and Social Login
  • Added option to disable sharing at particular post/page
  • Added option to specify language in Facebook comments


  • Fixed the bug due to redeclaration of Twitter OAuth class


  • Minor bug fix in Facebook feed functionality


  • Initial release of the plugin

Requires: 2.5.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.7.2
Last Updated: 4 weeks ago
Active Installs: 20,000+


4.8 out of 5 stars


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