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Subscribe To Comments Reloaded

Subscribe to Comments Reloaded allows commenters to sign up for e-mail notifications of subsequent replies.


  • Fix Error while calling the option to subscribe without commenting.
  • Fix Error while deleting a subscription on the management page.


  • Fix The correct calling to the update function when a new version is available.
  • Fix Minor string bugs, In the code there is a new line before closing ". So, the text has several \t and it is not getting the spanhis translations submitted by @IvanRF.
  • Fix HTML input markup by removing ending slash on the input tags. See issue#106.
  • Fix Unique Key is empty after update issue#88. Reset the unique key if exist by deleting it and add it again. See fc31da
  • Fix A critical issue on upgrade. Fix Upgrade routine since the activation hooks was not triggering on the upgrade process.
  • Fix error on Manage Subscription Page. Change the function get_subscriber_key( $email = null) to return the unique key of the user instead of generate it.
  • Fix Style on the generate key button.
  • Add A donate Panel so that you can donate to the plugin and help keeping the support active.
  • Add Ritch editor to admin page. Add a wysiwyg editor to the plugin to boost the HTML email. Please disable the option HTMLify links in emails to work correctly with the links.
  • Add The class clearFix to clear any floating style. Implement this class in the menu tabs to fix an issue with Comment Mail. See issue#158.
  • Add Scripts and Style to manage the plugin with jQuery.
  • Add French language file with correction by Jean-Michel Meyer(@Li-An).
  • Add Persian language, submitted by Javad Hoseini-Nopendar.
  • Add Mail messages localization support for WPML by @IvanRF.
  • Add option to create a default template on the Notification tab of the settings.
  • Move The subscription Checkbox above the submit button, a new option is added to enable/disable the Comment Box Position, it could be above the submit button or after. See issue#118.
  • Update Core code of StCR.
  • Update Optimizing get_option calls. Change the option autoload to yes so that the values are store in the object cache for a faster load. See issue#86
  • Update Panel Messages. Add new Support panel and move the support information from panel6.php to panel7.php on the StCR Settings.
  • Update transalation references on new German Translation file provided by @maffi91 and @konus1. See issue#114 and issue#135.
  • Update Various notice style and spelling improvements. See issue#135


Security Fix Fix an XSS/CSRF vulnerability that was reported by a WordPress Plugin Repository moderator.


  • Fix The creation of the new table realated to the Google PII issue with AdWords, see issue#100
  • Fix The manage subscription link broke due to a wrong SRE key generation, see issue#102
  • Add Fixed French translation(thanks to Jean-Michel Meyer)


  • Fix Google PII complaint. See issue#79 on GitHub.
  • Fix The ability to manage any subscription is remove, the manage link will only appear on the subscriber email address. issue#81.
  • Fix Fix wrong html markup on the advance subscription dropdown.
  • Fix Subscription List filter using the "start with" option on the Manage Subscription Panel. issue#82
  • Fix HTML email label for for screen readers. reported on issue#76.
  • Fix Database information with correct encoding. A new routine to clean the database information encoding. This was outputting raw HTML.
  • New Feature Update subscription status to 'All Comments' on user Management Page.
  • Add New table to store every subscriber email.
  • Add Czech translation file.
  • Add Hungarian translation file.
  • Add Hebrew translation file.


  • Fix The output link for the manage subscriptions.
  • Fix Display of URL to use escape characters.
  • New Feature a Unique Key to the plugin. This Key will help to prevent spam bots to hijack your links.
  • Add Plugin GitHub link for bug reporting. Check the "You can Help" panel.
  • See the commit history on (GitHub)[https://github.com/stcr/subscribe-to-comments-reloaded]


  • Fix URL generation for the Request Management link.
  • Fix Saving of settings values. Settings with a single quote was not saving correcting. Every option with a single quote was broken, after update please save the settings on every tab where you have single quotes.


  • Fix Post variable missing on request_management_link.php.
  • Change the helper class for the function esc_attr( $_value ) to safety add the URL.
  • Fix data overflow when the comment reply column is not available and when the plugin is activated.
  • Fix the raw HTML input on the messages. The messages where encoding twice, the fix is on index.php
  • Fix broken link when Virtual Management Page is disabled.
  • Remove bold, italic, link and image buttons, currently they don't work, right now this feature is not supported for the plugin.
  • Update Virtual Management link, old one was broken. The new link points to the the Virtual Management Page documentation.


  • New Feature New import routine for Comment Reply Notification plugin. If subscription data is found for Comment Reply Notification, StCR will import those upon activation. Data is only imported if there is no existing StCR subscription data.
  • Bug Fix Fixed Raw HTML notification. When the send HTML email was enable the message was sent with raw HTML. Important After you update to this version go to the Notification panel and click the Save Changes button to update your HTML message.
  • Change mysql_query() and mysql_query_row() Deprecated functions for the WordPress get_comment_author_email(). Issues with PHP 5.5.x.


Bug Fix. Fixes an encoding bug that broke HTML output after patching XSS vulnerability. If you started seeing raw HTML output at the bottom of your comment forms after upgrading to v140219, this update should fix that.


  • Security Fix; PLEASE UPGRADE IMMEDIATELY. Fixes XSS/CSRF vulnerability that was discovered by Tom Adams and reported by a WordPress Plugin Repository moderator.
  • Translations. Updated French translation (thanks to Jean-Michel MEYER).
  • Improvements to translation support (thanks to Carlos Alberto Lopez Perez).
  • Add trailing slash to comment-subscriptions page to avoid unnecessary redirections (thanks to Carlos Alberto Lopez Perez).




  • New Feature. There is now an option to BCC the admin on all Notifications. This is very useful when troubleshooting email delivery issues.
  • New Option. There is a new 'HTMLify links in emails' Option. When using HTML emails for messages you can now choose to have StCR automatically HTMLify the links for you (Settings -> Subscribe to Comments -> Options -> HTMLify links in emails). You can, of course, leave this option disabled and add your own HTML to the messages if you prefer.
  • New Option. There is a new 'default subscription type' Option. If you're using Advanced subscriptions, you can now specify the Advanced default subscription type ("None", "All new comments", or "Replies to this comment") in Settings -> Subscribe to Comments -> Comment Form -> Advanced default. This will be the default option shown on the comment form.
  • Bug Fix. Paragraph tags are now properly added to the comment content when sending HTML emails with [comment_content]
  • Bug Fix. Partial fix for the broken Subscribe to Replies Only feature. The Replies Only feature has not been working as intended. Instead of only receiving notificaitons for replies to their own comment, subscribers were receiving notifications for all new comments on the post. This fix makes sure they only receiving replies to their own comment thread.
  • Bug Fix. Fix duplicate MIME-Version header bug resulting in unsent emails. Fixes a bug where using StCR with other plugins, like WP-Mail-SMTP, results in a quiet duplicate header error. wp_mail() already takes care of setting the MIME-Version header so this doesn't need to be done again.
  • Bug Fix. Fixed Fatal Error: Cannot redeclare class Helper when visiting the [subscribe_link]. See also: http://wordpress.org/support/topic/bug-fatal-error-in-classeshelperclassphp
  • New import routine for WP Comment Subscriptions plugin. If subscription data and options are found for WP Comment Subscriptions, StCR will import those upon activation. Options and data are only imported if there is no existing StCR subscription data.
  • New admin notices to improve messaging and indicate when data is imported from an existing plugin.
  • New stcr_confirmation_email_message hook to modify the message that is sent to confirm a subscription. (Thanks to ziofix!)
  • New stcr_notify_user_message hook to modify the notification message that is sent to a user. (Thanks to ziofix!)
  • New plugin versioning format of YYMMDD.
  • Plugin development is now actively happening over at the new GitHub Repository for Subscribe to Comments Reloaded. If you have a bug to report or want to make a feature request, please post a new Issue over at GitHub. If you're a programmer, you're welcome to submit a Pull Request! See: https://github.com/stcr/subscribe-to-comments-reloaded
  • Added WPML language configuration file.
  • Added Raam Dev (raamdev) to the contributors list.


  • Updated: Updated the contact information on every laguage file, some links were missing.
  • Fixed: The Spanish translation had some missing text.


  • Added: Since the authorship of the plugin has changed I added the correct information of the contact in order to have a faster response to the issues.


  • Added: Dutch translation fixes provided by Martijn Chel
  • Fixed: There was vulnerability in the form where the URI was added.


  • I would like to thank Andreas for contributing to the project and fixing some issues with the plugin


  • Added: option to automatically subscribe authors to their posts (improves WordPress' default alert system, thank you Julius)
  • Added: number of subscriptions per post in the Posts page
  • Added: Serbian and Indonesian localization (thank you Anna and The Masked Cat)
  • Fixed: bug in daily purge SQL command
  • Fixed: bug with international characters (thank you Pascal)
  • Updated: you can now edit a single subscription's status without having to change the email address
  • Updated: more localizations are now up-to-date, thank you!


  • Maintenance release: 2.0 shipped with a bunch of annoying bugs, sorry about that!
  • Added: option to not subscribe in 'advanced mode' (thank you LincolnAdams)
  • Added: subscriptions count for each post (All Posts panel)
  • Added: option to disable the virtual management page, for those having problems with their theme
  • Fixed: subscriptions to replies only were not working properly, fixed (thank you LincolnAdams)
  • Fixed: some warning popping up with WP_DEBUG mode enabled
  • Updated: most localizations are now up-to-date, thank you everybody!


  • StCR does not use a separate table anymore, making it fully compatible with WordPress 'network' environments! YAY!
  • Added: option to prevent StCR from adding the subscription checkbox to the comment form (useful for those who want to display the box in different place on the page)
  • Added: you can now disable subscriptions on specific posts, by adding a custom filed stcr_disable_subscriptions set to 'yes'
  • Added: double opt-in is only required once, users with at least one active subscription will automatically get approved
  • Added: administrators can add new subscriptions on-the-fly
  • Added: if Akismet is detected, it will now be used to check those who subscribe without commenting
  • Added: new shortcode to add the management page URL to your posts/widgets (thank you Greg)
  • Added: option to enable "advanced" subscription mode, where users can choose what kind of subscription they want to activate (all, replies only)
  • Added: new localizations
  • Added: security checks when uninstalling the plugin
  • Updated: reorganized and polished the CSS classes and ID's on the management page
  • Updated: registered users are not required to confirm their subscriptions anymore (if double opt-in is enabled)
  • Fixed: a problem with Gmail addresses containing a + sign in them
  • Fixed: a bug with HTML attributes in the field "custom HTML for the checkbox" (thank you travelvice)
  • Fixed: a bug causing some themes to not display the management page

Requires: 4.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.4.2
Last Updated: 4 weeks ago
Active Installs: 30,000+


4.7 out of 5 stars


20 of 37 support threads in the last two months have been marked resolved.

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