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Be creative with colors and fonts. Styles changes everything.


  • New: Linked auto-install for styles-twentyfifteen by @dim.
  • Fix: Avoid "Styles is almost ready" notice caused by plugins such as usernoise.



  • Fix: Resolve issues with option to reset settings. Thanks [@violacase](http://wordpress.org/support/topic/reset-with-stylestwentyfourteen] @JiveDig for the reports.


  • New: Option to reset all settings.
  • New: Option to enable debug mode to help when responding to support tickets.


  • Fix: Error in CSS output caused by some WordPress translations, such as Hebrew.
  • New: Include the optimization that was supposed to be in 1.1.5. (Load standard fonts via javascript to reduce memory usage.)


  • New: Load standard fonts via javascript to reduce memory usage. This may fix issues with hosts that restrict memory usage, causing the Customizer to not fully load.


  • Fix: Support for custom suffixes.
  • New: Detect :active selectors in custom options.


  • Fix: Error when attempting to upgrade when no fonts were used.
  • Fix: Issue that would cause saved CSS and previews to not completely apply when a Standard Font with a space in the name was selected.
  • Fix: Some translations would cause CSS to not output completely.
  • Fix: Issue with IIS servers that would cause Google Fonts to not appear. Thanks @Rivanni for the error report.


  • Fix: Attempted fix for IIS servers.


  • Fix: Missing Google Fonts after save.


  • New: Previews in font menu. View screenshot.
  • New: Search to filter font list.
  • New: Updated Google Fonts.
  • New: Google Fonts update in preview without page reload.
  • New: Simplified plugin loader with nice notices for old WordPress versions.
  • New: Update scripts to convert old font format to new format.
  • Note: The update is well-tested, but in case of any issues, the upgrade script backs up old settings in wp_options for 30 days as _transient_storm-styles-THEME-NAME-pre-1.1.0.



  • New: Increase memory limit for logged in users. May fix a white screen some users experienced when attempting to preview their site.


  • New: Filter styles_get_group_id for merging with existing groups.


  • Fix: Customize Theme button loads customizer for current site in network. Resolves #38. Thanks @jivedig.
  • Fix: Child and parent theme options no longer effect each other. Resolves #29. Thanks @jivedig.


  • Fix: Don't display install notice for child themes. Thanks @ektreyes for the report.


  • New: Allow notices to be disabled with a filter: add_filter( 'styles_disable_notices', '__return_true' );
  • New: Don't display install notices for default themes if a plugin is installed and then renamed.
  • Fix: Don't display install notices for non-default themes. Resolves a regression introduced in 1.0.12.


  • Fix: Improve detection of plugins adding support for themes
    • Add support if `Plugin Name: Styles: NAME` matches `Theme Name: NAME`
    • Add support if directory names `styles-NAME` and `theme/NAME` match
    • Make theme check case-insensitive. Resolves issues for themes with capitalized folder names, like iThemes child themes.
    • Thanks [@JiveDig](http://twitter.com/jivedig) for pointing some of these issues out.
  • Fix: Improve activation notices for child themes
    • Add theme options for a parent theme if they're activated, but don't show a notice requiring them.
    • Detect and display which theme a plugin is trying to add support for.
    • Correctly display the plugin name requesting activation in cases where the plugin doesn't follow the recommended naming convention.



  • Fix: Ensure preview javascript works when WordPress installed in a child directory. Props @westonruter.
  • Fix: Prevent warnings when no Styles child plugins exist. Thanks @pictureitsolved
  • New: Add styles_json_files filter to allow plugin authors to enqueue arbitrary customize.json files. customize.json in child plugins and themes are still enqueued automatically.


  • Fix: Resolve regression in 1.0.8 that caused saved styles to not display.



  • Fix: Clearing a setting now updates the preview without a page refresh.
  • Fix: Settings requiring "!important" are fixed and support live preview.
  • Fix: Plugin header settings no longer conflicts with other plugins.
  • Fix: Remove all options when uninstalling on a site network.
  • Change: 'color' label now says 'text color'.
  • New: Contact links and developer resources added to readme


  • New: Add installation notice to Customizer.


  • Fix: Resolve blank screen that could appear when installing on a new theme.


  • Fix: Correctly set outer background color


  • Fix: Google fonts loading correctly once saved.


  • Fix: Remove front-end PHP notice. (Minor; Only matters if WP_DEBUG is enabled.)


  • Fix: Remove Customizer PHP notice. (Minor; Only matters if WP_DEBUG is enabled.)


  • New: Completely rewrite Styles to use the WordPress Customizer API. Whew! That was a lot of work, but will allow us to grow closely with WordPress going forward.
  • New: Styles 1.0 does not import 0.5.2 settings. However, you can always reinstall Styles 0.5.3 to get your old settings back.
  • New: TwentyTwelve support.
  • New: TwentyThirteen support.
  • New: Remove gradients and background images. Sorry! We had to simpify and prioritize in the rewrite. If many users find Styles useful, we hope to bring these features back!
  • New: Instant preview for many options using Customizer postMessage


  • Fix: Display of icons in cases where WordPress is installed in a subdirectory or wp-content is moved. Fixes http://bit.ly/Jc7oyd

  • Fix: Transparent background option
  • Fix: Display of unavailable theme options


  • Fix: Issue that would prevent Font styles from outputting if another option wasn't set on the same element.


  • New: Load themes from API: Allows for theme support to be added without plugin updates.
  • New: Data structure: Allow settings to migrate from theme to theme
  • New: Automatically rebuild CSS when theme is switched
  • New: Wrap font settings into other options. This sets the stage to simplify the user interface in a future version.
  • New: Add option to hide text and replace with image on any element
  • New: Expand TwentyTen options
  • New: Gradient Picker: Fix add marker, drag to remove marker
  • Fix: Massive code clean-up: Removed 1,198 lines of code; modified 2,488
  • Fix: Minor UI tweaks


  • Fix: Saved CSS being one update behind
  • Fix: Initial values of fields & background color picker
  • Fix: Preview update stall
  • Fix: Background value when no image selected
  • Fix: Background replacement matching


  • Initial public release.

Requires: 3.4 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.3.7
Last Updated: 2 years ago
Active Installs: 30,000+


4.6 out of 5 stars


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