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Strictly System Check

Strictly System Check is a plugin that periodically checks your site checking your database and server and reporting if any problems are found.


  • Added extra check for system functions in the configuration test


  • Added the option to carry out a test for fragmented tables and then a repair using the OPTIMIZE command
  • Added new database reports such as the percentage of queries that are slow, the number of joins without indexes, the number of reads & writes and much more
  • Changed the formatting and layout of the admin page
  • Added an extra test for MySQL version in the test configuration option
  • Added code to inform the user if the plugin gets updated with new options so that they know to re-configure their plugin
  • Added nonces and is_admin checks to the admin page


  • Added code to handle REPAIRS if the database is overloaded
  • Added extra logging for the REPAIRS if they are carried out OR not carried out
  • Tested with latest version of WordPress 3.5.2


  • Added code to only OPTIMIZE if the server load is above a certain level
  • Added code to run DB checks if the page load is too slow


  • Ensured the system works with WordPress 3.6
  • Updated Readme.txt with information on how to debug any problems


  • Added code to allow users to choose an external WP Cron option to run their jobs from
  • Added code so if page response is blank its same as a critical error
  • Added some options to the error email for people to try if their site is down
  • Changed the check config to check for empty responses and 500 status codes


  • Added code to show the PHP memory usage at the time of the report running
  • Added code to show the output of the "free" command and the free Apache memory
  • Added extra fixes that could be done
  • Informed users about the great mix between Strictly AutoTags Premium and Strictly TweetBOT PRO


  • Added code to fix free memory usage
  • Added code to show total memory available
  • Added code to show total disk swap memory available
  • Added code to show the disk swap usage
  • Added extra fix options to increase RAM, reduce disk swapping, reduce bandwidth, reduce load.


  • Added code to check for reverse proxy error codes like CloudFlare messages
  • Added code to return the current user the system is using
  • Added code to ensure that if the server is very quiet but long page loads a warning is sent
  • Added warnings about disk swap usage

Requires: 2.0.2 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.0.6
Last Updated: 2014-12-22
Active Installs: 400+


5 out of 5 stars


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