Store Locator Plus – Janitor


A free add-on pack for the Store Locator Plus location mapping system plugin.
This add-on assists in cleaning up the Store Locator Plus settings including clearing out all pre-existing settings that may
interfere with upgrading or installing on a new server after restoring a WordPress backup. Allows Store Locator Plus add-ons
to behave as if the plugin activation is happening on a new install.

Options Clean Up

Delete all Store Locator Plus settings from the WordPress options table while retaining location data.

Current add-on packs are also supported:

Legacy add-on packs supported:
* Contact Extender
* [Directory Builder] (
* Enhanced Map
* Enhanced Results
* Enhanced Search
* Pro Pack
* Tagalong
* Widget Pack

Third party add-on packs supported:
* Event Location Manager
* Gravity Forms Integration
* Multi Map
* Social Media Extender
* User Managed Locations

Description Decoding

Prior versions of Store Locator Plus may have encoded HTML while storing the data in the location descriptions.
A one-time-use tool will repair the location descriptions, converting the HTML encoded data to standard HTML
notation. If you are seeing text such as <br/> instead of
in your description data, you need this tool.



  • Store Locator Plus: 4.4.31
  • WordPress: 3.8
  • PHP: 5.2

Install After SLP

  1. Go fetch and install Store Locator Plus version 4.0 or higher.
  2. Purchase this plugin from CSA to get the latest .zip file.
  3. Go to plugins/add new.
  4. Select upload.
  5. Upload the zip file.


What are the terms of the license?

The license is GPL. You get the code, feel free to modify it as you
wish. I prefer customers pay me because they like what I do and
want to support my efforts to bring useful software to market. Learn more
on the SLP License Terms.

Contributors & Developers

“Store Locator Plus – Janitor” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




Updates to maintain compatibility with SLP 4.6.5.


Requires SLP 4.4.31 for updated location delete method.



  • Add GFI and GFL settings.
  • Simplify the admin interface to have tools and settings only.
  • Clean up the settings interface.


  • Requires SLP 4.4.27
  • Texdomain changed to slp-janitor per WP standard.


  • Resetting of individual options_nojs settings for base plugin.


Show SLP Installed Base version used to trigger activation/update code.


Add a one-click reset for the Plugin Style cache.


Settings page will not show options that don’t exist in the WordPress options table.
Update to support new Power and Experience add-on packs.
Add back the themes array setting so it can be cleared.