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Add a location finder or directory to your site in minutes. Extensive premium add-on library available!

What is included in the plugin?

The plugin includes all the functions and features necessary to add multiple locations to a store finder tool on your website. List 1 location or 1,000, customize the search interface and results form, and more. All basic functionality needed for a fully functional plugin is included. Basic upgrades are free and available directly from the WordPress plugin repository.

How do I report a bug?

Post in the support forum. You can also contact me to request premium support if you need immediate assistance.

What are the add-ons?

In response to feature requests from customers, I created a series of add-on packages for Store Locator Plus. These features extend the functionality of the plugin beyond the basic service and features and can be purchased ala-carte. This gives those customers who want more out of the plugin the extra features they desire while keeping the main plugin as efficient as possible for everyone else. It also provides a great way to support future development while getting a "little something extra" when contributing to the development of the product.

All plugins are true add-on packs. They are non-destructive OPTIONAL additions to the base plugin. They do not require the base plugin to be uninstalled or re-installed. Installing an add-on pack will not change location data or modify base plugin settings.

What are the terms of the license?

The license is GPL. You get the code, feel free to modify it as you wish. I prefer that customers pay because they like what I do and want to support the effort that brings useful software to market. Learn more on the License Terms page.

How can I translate the plugin into my language?

Store Locator Plus is now part of the WordPress Translate system.

You can translate this readme file and the text strings in the main Store Locator Plus plugin by selecting the Stable sub-projects at Translate.WordPress.Org.

Once a language reaches 100% translated at the Translating WordPress site, that specific language file can be removed from the distribution. This makes the distribution smaller and thus takes less space on every install. For sites that utilize one of the languages listed, the WordPress Core engine will fetch the Store Locator Plus language files from the Translating WordPress site.

For the Store Locator Plus add-on packs, those language files are still distributed with each add-on pack. Help translate a premium add-on pack and send the .po and .mo files to support@storelocatorplus.com. For each complete translation file you send we will add a new premium add-on pack to your account. Upon request I will also put a link to your site in the "special thanks" section.

Store Locator Plus has built-in interfaces for WPML compatibility. We are continually working to improve our support for multi-lingual sites. If you have comments or suggestions about language support, please email us at support@storelocatorplus.com.

Requires: 3.8 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.4.2
Last Updated: 3 days ago
Active Installs: 10,000+


4.5 out of 5 stars


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