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4.3.13 (2015-Oct)

  • Fix: Provide mechanism for add-on packs with checkboxes on different tabs, like Pages, to save properly.
  • Fix: Use SLPLUS_PLUGINDIR as base path for includes. This allows SLP to live in directories other than ./plugins/store-locator-le/.
  • Fix: Call the SLP update methods whether a plugin is auto-updated, manually updated, or installed and activated for the first time.
  • Fix: Save and restore of custom plugin styles in CSS directory with all update methods.

4.3.11 (2015-Sep)

  • Fix: Checkboxes being reset on admin experience page when saving settings on Tagalong tab.
  • Enhancement: Add the jQuery UI Vader theme as a new option for drop down styling in add-on packs like Premier Plugin.
  • Enhancement: Add slp_map class to the map div and change the inline style to reference div#map.slp_map, allowing the map to appear outside the div#sl_div for more flexible UI styling.
  • Enhancement: Add taxonomy drop down styling for single parent interface type from Premier + Tagalong.

4.3.09 (2015-Sep)

  • Enhancement: Allow SLP to load even inside a hidden HTML design element such as a modal popup.
  • Fix: Catch data extension issues for sites that did not perform a clean upgrade and are getting "trying to get property of non-object" in class.data.php.
  • Fix: Clean Simple White plugin style to address the info bubble rogue "x" after closing.

4.3.08 (2015-Sep)

  • Enhancement: Better testing for PHP set timeout restrictions.
  • Enhancement: Remove a chunk of unused JavaScript code we've been carrying around in slp.js for a while.
  • Enhancement: Auto-disable advanced JavaScript/jQuery features if a site using SLP is forcing jQuery to a version < 1.7 which is included in WP Core 3.3.
  • Fix the rogue map info bubble 'x'.
  • Fix: Handle systems with locked down set_php_timeout().
  • Fix: slp.js slp_option processing with various HTML elements.

4.3.07 (2015-Sep)

  • Change: Make some of the label options available to the JS processor.
  • Change: [slp_location web_link] is no longer wrapped in an HTML NOBR tag allowing for greater control via CSS rules versus DOM structure.
  • Enhancement: Add new results output option [slp_location url_link] to output a website link that shows the url as entered in the database linked to the website or store-page via a well-formed URL.
  • Fix: Some add-on pack checkbox settings were being reset when editing locations.
  • Fix: Fix the reversed order of location results.

4.3.06 (2015-Sep)

  • CHANGE -- Update textdomain to 'store-locator-le' to utilize the forthcoming Translate Plugin Feature for WordPress. This may require re-translating strings for some WPML installs.
  • Enhancement: Premier and Enhanced Search add-on packs can now use [slp_option name=""] to output the value of an option in the search or results layout settings.
  • Enhancement: Add a JavaScript filter 'wrap_location_results' to allow add-on packs to change the location results layout and prevent them from being wrapped in a div.
  • Enhancement: Advanced Plugin Style files support Premier 'Results Header' settings.
  • Enhancement: State and Country selectors now auto-trim the state or country data to account for rogue leading/trailing spaces.
  • Enhancement: Default to add locations form if no locations are shown.
  • Enhancement: Speed up plugin style loading time on user interface.
  • Fix: Clean up "Beside And Below Genesis" plugin style.
  • Fix: Directions Info Bubble
  • Fix: blank setting for map height and width units.
  • Fix: Using "auto" in map height/width sets the corresponding units value to blank.
  • Fix: Results click to bring up marker info bubble. Now using jQuery on click method to catch all children elements as well as the main results listing.

4.3.03 (2015-Aug)

  • Enhancement: Auto-apply plugin style changes to layout.
  • Enhancement: All Results Layout shortcodes including slp_location|slp_option|html now support double modifiers comprising of the following: ifset="<field|option>",suffix="<br|comma|comma_space|space>",wrap="<directions|img|mailto|website|fullspan>",format="<decimal1|decimal2|sanitize|text>",raw
  • Enhancement: Added span with id on slp_option outputs in shortcodes processor for layouts.
  • Fix: Directions link.
  • Fix: Experience / View Layout changes.
  • Fix: Multiple modifiers on results output strings for things like [slp_location web_link raw wrap="fullspan"] on some advanced plugin styles.

4.3.02 (2015-Aug)

  • Change: drop datatables kit from js directory, not needed for production.

4.3.01 (2015-Aug)

  • Enhancement: Add ability to add-on packs to change map options via the JavaScript hook-and-filter system.
  • Fix: Address the admin "white screen" on some installs that are running older/outdated SLP add-on packs.
  • Fix: Clean up the floating action box on the manage locations tab.
  • Fix: Activation error "headers already sent" on new installs.
  • Fix: Address T_PAAMAYIM_NEKUDOTAYIM (double colon) warning in base_class.admin.php

4.3.00 (2015-Jul)

  • Enhancement: Add Store Locator Plus to the admin bar under the site menu.
  • Enhancement: Admin pages that render settings no longer execute a database I/O call with get_option() for every single setting. 60+ fewer data fetch calls when rendering the User Experience tab.
  • Enhancement: 250 lines of legacy admin interface code removed. Replaced with deprecated notices for SLP 1.0 to 3.x users.
  • Enhancement: Admin interface has been updated to reflect the WordPress Dashboard style.
  • Enhancement: Admin interface has been refined with better responsive design.
  • Enhancement: Underlying admin settings interfaces have been refactored to reduce memory footprint on all SLP settings pages.
  • Enhancement: More robust settings upgrade system for users migrating from older to newer releases.
  • Enhancement: Settings upgrade system is not loaded into memory for new installs. Improves performance and memory consumption on initial installation/activation.
  • Enhancement: How To Use page is now fully gettext compatible. Tranlators wanted. Free premium plugins in return for translations.
  • Enhancement: Better WPML integration through the admin panel settings and info.
  • Enhancement: Updated with explicit WPML version 3.2+ support. Upgrading to WPML3.2+ is recommended.
  • Ehnancement: Default label options register with WPML on first invocation of SLP plugin.
  • Enhancement: Manage Locations interface auto-hides empty locations columns.
  • Enhancement: Manage Locations always shows which column is the sort-order column even on the default page (sort by location name).
  • Enhancement: Add an admin JavaScript processor with localized script variables to the add-on framework, paving the way for advanced admin UI elements.
  • Enhancement: Added image label setting for admin UI on locations manage/add interface.
  • Enhancement: Results layouts can now contain marker array data by using dot-notation such as [slp_location data.sl_url] to display the un-munged content of the sl_url field.
  • Enhancement: In addition to the managed location data fields, the AJAX response now passes back marker[data] with raw location data in a field_name=>value format. maker[data][sl_url] will fetch the sl_url data. (Enhanced Results is required to manipulate the results layout string).
  • Enhancement: Extended data is now passed back in the marker exdata array in a name=>value format. marker[data][exdata][rank]. Output with [slp_location exdata.rank], for example. (extended data is provided via various add-on packs)
  • Enhancement: Tagalong categories (IDs not names) can now be accessed via the marker[categories] array. This is an array of all the categories IDs assigned to each location. (requires Tagalong add-on)
  • Enhancement: Tagalong category names is returned as a concatenated string in the marker[category_names] field. (requires Tagalong add-on)
  • Enhancement: Hours field is now a text field (allows > 255 characters).
  • Enhancement: Cache the SLP Info tab for 24 hours to increase performance when accessing admin tabs multiple times on the same day.
  • Enhancement: Manage Locations hides extended data fields on add/edit screen when the add-on that provides the fields is deactivated.
  • Enhancement: Manage Locations add/edit screen has collapsible field groups for easier editing.
  • Enhancement: Manage Locations has a new drag-and-drop interface for hiding location columns on the manage locations screen.
  • Enhancement: AJAX handler now processes wp_die() instead of die() on termination to better follow WordPress best practices.

  • Change: Manage Locations only has a single view, the expanded view mode.

  • Change: Manage Locations details expander has been removed.
  • Change: Find button images are no longer supported. Use CSS styling to modify the standard text button if you want custom image buttons or downgrade to SLP 4.2.67.
  • Change: Move UX / Results / Website Label to a serialized option, remove it from the JavaScript parser as it is now handled on the AJAX Handler backend.
  • Change: Remove custom zoom_level settings, make it a standard serialized option.
  • Change: refactor much of the slp.js namespace and classes to follow current JavaScript best practices. Eliminate class/object overhead on some simple function-only references.
  • Change: No longer checks for , and deactivates, Super Extendo add-on pack. If you are using that add-on pack you should not be. Bad things happen.

  • Fix: Apostrophe in manage locations search.

  • Fix: Missing admin page stying on some add-on pack pages after saving options.
  • Fix: The extended data field handler for the manage locations page fixing issues when extended data features would randomly disappear.
  • Fix: slplus shortcode theme attributes changes CSS style for the locator page. Does not change page layout for advanced layouts.

  • Note: Some add-on packs will need to be upgraded to their latest 4.3 release to work properly with SLP 4.3.

4.2.67 (2015-June-30)

  • Enhancement: Further internal code simplification including removal of unused filters.
  • Enhancement: Add on packs auto-register themselves with the add on manager when active.
  • Enhancement: Revise the add on pack metadata processor, reducing file I/O during WordPress UI loading when add-on packs are active.
  • Enhancement: UTF-8 Control characters are removed during CSV input processing.
  • Fix: Return to using email as label for email address vs. actual email address.
  • Prerelease Fix: Retain center map at during 4.2.64 upgrade.
  • Change: Enhanced Map will need to be upgraded to version 4.2.09 with this release due to consolidation of User Experience / Map admin filters.

4.2.62 (2015-June-18)

  • Fix: Manage locations search filter.
  • Fix: Manage locations sort order.
  • Enhancement: New installs with a single location will zoom out to show that location and the home marker at the center of the country.
  • Enhancement: First map load (without search) will not display the home marker. Further control over this settings is provided by Enhanced Map.
  • Enhancement: Manage locations admin interface has been simplified when where are not locations configured.
  • Enhancement: Manage locations admin interface returns a lot faster when no locations match a search query or filter.
  • Enhancement: Refactor the main legacy libraries from a cross-plugin platform to eliminate extra overhead.
  • Change: Mobile Listener class has been removed. For security reasons, mobile app developers should be using the standard AJAX search and query methods in the AJAX class.
  • Note: The plugin is still mobile-friendly and incorporates responsive design elements. Responsive design is heavily dependant on your WordPress theme.
  • 4.2.62: patch help icons on admin panel (introduced in 4.2.61 prerelease).

4.2.60 ( 2015-June-12 )

  • Fix: Address fatal error on activation when CSS save directory is not pre-existing or there are directory permission issues on /wp-content/uploads.
  • Enhancement: Fail gracefully if on WP < 3.8.
  • Enhancement: Remove excess plugin startup testing from legacy generic plugin drivers.
  • Enhancement: Improve file permission issue handling when reading plugin theme CSS files.

4.2.58 (2015-June-8)

  • Enhancement: Remove custom WordPress Http API interfaces, use built-in helper functions. Improves performance and stability.
  • Enhancement: Simplify settings class properties. Reduces memory footprint.
  • Enhancement: Remove defunct is_response_ok method. Reduces memory footprint.
  • Enhancement: Remove unused variables in manage locations admin interface.
  • Change: Remove unused slp_locations_subtabs filter.

4.2.57 (2015-June-3)

  • Enhancement: Increase time for response from update server for premium add-on packs, reduces errors on update pack download.
  • Enhancement: Minor admin CSS adjustments.
  • Enhancement: Clean up disable initial directory processing, this lives in Enhanced Results
  • Enhancement: Clean up some unused slp.js variables.

4.2.56 (2015-May-22)

  • Enhancement: Premier PackAdd filter for extending JSON responses to map interface queries.
  • Enhancement: Expose the JSON response data for add-on pack userinterface.js access.
  • Enhancement: Extend the SLP 4.2 add-on framework to add set_ValidOptions() and reduce overall overhead.
  • Change: Refactor AJAX response handler to allow for response handling by add-on packs.
  • Change: Extended the front end UI to AJAX listener model to support the upcoming Premier Add-On Pack.

4.2.55 (2015-May-19)

  • Enhancement: Add linked post ID to marker results in AJAX handler.
  • Enhancement: Add neat_title to marker results in AJAX handler.
  • Enhancement: Further admin interface CSS refinements.
  • Fix: Custom Results, Map, and Bubble Layout saving of layout settings.

4.2.54 (2015-May-15)

  • Enhancement: Create the system needed to allow Enhanced Maps to utilize custom map styles using JSON rules like those on Snazzy Maps.
  • Enhancement: Make the database update routine on activation more robust for field and key checking to avoid overhead on database updates.
  • Enhancement: Reduce directory management overhead when processing CSV imports.
  • Enhancement: Add a record processing limit clause for large volume data sets that can exhaust server memory.
  • Enhancement: Simplify the process of implementing a plugin themes.
  • Fix: Retain custom plugin themes (CSS files) for Store Locator Plus when upgrading (will start remembering/saving custom themes AFTER installing 4.2.52 and setting your User Experience/View theme to the custom theme at least once).

4.2.50 (2015-May-10)

  • Enhancement: Make the premium add-on update testing system more robust when getting information from remote server.
  • Enhancement: Address rogue premium add-on detail requests.
  • Fix: Fix manage locations search for locations with apostrophe.

4.2.49 (2015-May-6)

  • Enhancement: Added 55 new countries to the map domain list. Algeria, American Somoa, Andorra, Angola, Antigua and Barbuda, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Belize, Benin, Bolivai, Botswana, Bulgaria, Burundi, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Congo, Democratic Republic of Congo, Djibouti, Ecuador, Ethiopia, Gabon, Gambia, Ghana, Guatamala, Guyana, Kenya, Lesotho, Macedonia, Madagascar, Malawi, Mauritius, Mexico, Mozambique, Namibia, Nigeria, Paraguay, Peru, Philippines, Republic of Ireland, Romania, Rwanda, Sao Tome and Principe, Senegal, Seychelles, Sierra Leone, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Togo, Uganada,Uruguay, Venezuela, Zambia, and Zimbabwe.
  • Enhancement: Simplify the basic Manage Locations admin UI moving categories and image to expanded view.
  • Enhancement: Update WooMemorable plugin theme to follow standard SCSS rules.
  • Enhancement: Prevent outdated add-on packs from forcing multiple extended data joins, breaking some lookup and data features.
  • Fix: Update admin.css to address a missing scrollbar issue on some WP installs.

4.2.48 (2015-May-4)

  • Enhancement: Admin interface updates to provide better layout for phones and tablets.

4.2.47 (2015-Apr-27)

  • Info: Tested for WP 4.2.1 compatibility.
  • Update: Simplify the news feed for faster delivery of add on information.
  • Enhancement: Improve plugin CSS processor speed by eliminating unused CSS force default processor.
  • Fix: Delete locations with special characters in title possible from manage locations.

4.2.46 (2015-Apr-22)

  • Fix: Get extended data fields for add-on packs back into the location class properties list. (ER: featured results, rank for example)

4.2.45 (2015-Apr-21)

  • Enhancement: Add the Brewery plugin theme to work with the Brewery WordPress theme from Rescue Themes.
  • Enhancement: Connect all add-on packs to the new inline updates system.

4.2.44 (2015-Apr-15)

  • Enhancement: Make Find Buttons default WPML text string compatible.
  • Enhancement: Update Dutch translatons (nl_NL).
  • Enhancement: Utilize the PHP Time Limit setting on manage locations screen. When set to 0, allows admin users to view 10k locations at-a-time.

4.2.43 (2015-Apr-08)

  • Enhancement: Better blank address testing prior to geocoding and add process.
  • Enhancement: Improved property testing on core location data during update, edit, and addition of locations.

4.2.42 (2015-Mar-26)

  • Enhancement: Update French translation.

4.2.41 (2015-Mar-20)

  • Enhancement: Speed up location imports when duplicates handling is set to 'add' mode.
  • Enhancement: Extend data class to allow add-on packs to simplify custom data methods.
  • Enhancement: Report CSV file uploads that exceed the PHP post_max_size setting.
  • Enhancement: Reduce memory consumption when DebugMP is not active when processing high volume location I/O requests.

4.2.40 (2015-Mar-05)

  • Change: Add a global "not private" filter for SQL to provide consistency with add-on pack selections.

4.2.39 (2015-Mar-02)

  • Fix: HAVING clause processing, resolves conflict between Enhanced Results and Enhanced Search when featured locations are always shown and radius is set to "ignore unless address entered".
  • Change: Add featured listing highlighting to Simple White 4 Col plugin theme.

4.2.38 (2015-Mar)

  • Change: Standardize map_center to use options property of SLPlus class, a step toward code simplification and overhead reduction.
  • Change: Standardize zoom_level to use options property of SLPlus class, a step toward code simplification and overhead reduction.
  • Change: Set a minimum bubble width for all SCSS based plugin themes.
  • Change: Convert Simple White 4 Col to a SCSS based theme.
  • Enhancement: New iThemes Herschel plugin theme styled to look its best with the latest iThemes WordPress theme.
  • Enhancement: New general layout option for Pro Pack users [slp_option nojs=""] and [slp_option js=""] provides greater plugin theme flexibility.
  • Example: This can be put in the Pro Pack view: "Showing locations within [slp_option js="initial_radius"] [slp_option js="distance_unit"] of the map center.
  • Enhancement: Improve options processor for add-on packs allowing for better default string translations (i10n/l18n support).
  • Enhancement: Improve the state filter processor to eliminate redundant code in Enhanced Search and Widget Pack updates.
  • Enhancement: Smarter state and country SQL processing.
  • Fix: Update sl_private test to also pick up NULL entries which improves return results on some MySQL versions.
  • Change: x.x.38 make where data clause extender a little smarter

4.2.36 (2015-Feb-18)

  • Enhancement: Add private locations. Private locations do NOT appear in the search results while marked private.
  • Enhancement: Update the add/edit locations form to allow locations to be marked as private. Utilizes the built-in sl_private field.
  • Enhancement: Update the manage locations interface to list private locations in gray text and place text "private" under the lat/long.
  • Enhancement: Added new iThemes Herschel NyloBoard plugin theme.
  • Enhancement: Make the theme selector case insensitive so iThemes comes between "H" and "J".

4.2.35 (2015-Feb-16)

  • Enhancement: Update the default theme manager. New installs now get a specific default theme that IS NOT named "default", pre-existing installs will no longer change as the default theme is improved.
  • Enhancement: A new SLP theme, Twenty Fifteen Rev 02, has been created for better responsive layouts on the WordPress TwentyFifteen theme. This is the new default for fresh installs.
  • Enhancement: Performance improvement when Enhanced Search employs "ignore radius" options.
  • Enhancement: Improve the handling of invalid database search queries on the back-end AJAX handler.

Requires: 3.8 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.3.1
Last Updated: 2015-10-6
Active Installs: 10,000+


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