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StageShow adds the facility for an online Box-Office for Small Theatres/Drama Groups, records sales, validates tickets and provides sales downloads.


Bug Fix: EMail Template Editor adds
tags to non-HTML templates Bug Fix: Borders missing on settings tab selectors Added shortcode months=active option for calendar view (StageShowGold) Added shortcode cols=*** option for calendar view (StageShowGold)


  • Bug Fix: Top performance zone hides Box-Office "Add" button when Sold out
  • Bug Fix: Price Plans with duplicate Ticket Types in different Zones fail
  • Added button to edit CSS and JS files from settings admin page


  • Bug Fix: Cannot checkout error with Unallocated Zones


  • Bug Fix: Box Office fails after Upgrade from v5.0.5 and earlier
  • Bug Fix: Empty "Minimum Seat Spacing" setting crashes Javascript (StageShowGold)
  • Bug Fix: Generates "Error parsing file HTML" with default reservations email (StageShow+)
  • Added STAGESHOWLIB_DISABLE_JQUERY_BOXOFFICE define to disable jQuery
  • Sale validation improved for zoned seats (StageShowGold)


  • Bug Fix: Validate Sale aborts with Undefined variable Error (since v5.6.6)
  • Bug Fix: Undefined variable when shopping trolley updated to empty (since v5.6.10)
  • Added sale status filter to Tools Send EMail sales list


  • Bug Fix: "Sales Not Available Currently" message on Box-Office missing (since v5.5)
  • Bug Fix: Box-Office shows expired shows when admin logged in (since v5.6.8)
  • Bug Fix: Seating Plan optimisation fails with adjoining blocks of spaces (StageShowGold)
  • Bug Fix: Empty rows in seating plan do not have any elements (StageShowGold)


  • Bug Fix: Scroll to anchor inconsistent with "DrillDown" Box Office
  • Bug Fix: Enter Discount Code Box Office positioning errors (StageShowGold)
  • Bug Fix: "Enter Discount Code" not always translated (StageShowGold)
  • Selecting Editable Quantity Element on Box Office selects text
  • Added a discounted sale to samples (StageShowGold)
  • Added template editors to Settings Admin Page


  • Bug Fix: Discount Code entry shown when Box-Office page not shown
  • Bug Fix: Paymant Gateway API logging not working
  • Bug Fix: Next/last button enabled when requesting paged admin page greater than maximum
  • Bug Fix: Select Performances on Tools page fails with Safari
  • Bug Fix: StageShow Export on Tools page fails with Safari
  • Bug Fix: Discounted prices not used on Overview page
  • Bug Fix: Error generating Sale Rejected and Sale Timeout EMails
  • Added Ticket Paid Price to Sales Ticket details
  • Performance expiry time extended when Logged in (MJSLIB_ADMIN_EXPIRETIMEOFFSET)
  • Added Sale Extras, Sale Fees and Net Sales to Overview Page


  • Bug Fix: Address details not shown on Sales Admin Page (since 5.6.6)


  • Bug Fix: Timeout and Rejected Sale EMail templates fail
  • Bug Fix: Sales Admin page filter titles not showing
  • Added "Checkout" to Sale Admin page filters
  • Sales Admin Page DB Access Optimised
  • Changed sale admin page 'Active' filter to 'Current'


  • Bug Fix: Adding Performance with default expiry time produces invalid expiry time
  • Bug Fix: Available seats can be missing on bottom line of Box-Office
  • Bug Fix: Maximum seats in unallocated seating zones not checked on Checkout (StageShowGold)
  • Bug Fix: Undefined fields error downloading Offline Validator (Benign) (StageShow)
  • Added "Add Seat" and "Edit Seat" buttons to Edit Sale Trolley
  • Sale Details held on server for extended period after Checkout Timeout
  • Sales now accepted when Payment confirmation after timeout if items still valid
  • Sales with Payment confirmation after timeout and invalid items rejected
  • Created separate Sale Rejected and Sale Timeout EMail templates
  • Removed "system" email templates from Settings Menu pages


  • Bug Fix: Space Terminating Zone Spec causes erroneous can't change Seating Plan error (StageShowGold)
  • Bug Fix: Multi-seat tickets always pass availability cross-check on checkout (StageShowPlus)
  • Added list filters to Sales Admin Page
  • Added "Seats Qty" column to Sales Summary Download (StageShow+)


  • Bug Fix: Performance Expires time not changed when adding extra performances (StageShow+)
  • Bug Fix: Performance note shown for all performances shown in drill down mode (StageShowGold)
  • Selected Price Plan made persistent in Performances editor (StageShowPlus)
  • Aisle seats identified with 'a' in seatling plans (StageShowGold)
  • Box-Office quantity mode defined/implemented
  • Added Serbian Translation
  • Added Columns to Main Theatre Seating Plan

  • Bug Fix: Manual Sale Seat Selector Seats not visible (StageShowGold)

5.6.2 (21/11/2015)

  • Bug Fix: Shortcode id with HTML encoded characters not processsed
  • Loading order of CSS files restored (Custom CSS last)
  • Sales now listed by date & time (was order in database)
  • Added plugin version number to JS and CSS urls (forces re-load on plugin update)
  • Offline Validator now filters sales by show and performance
  • Add Performance code rewritten to avoid using temporary DB table
  • Bug Fix: Bug Fix: Zone Spec 's' specifier not working (StageShowGold)
  • Added row and seat numbering to Seating Plan Zone Spec (StageShowGold)
  • Updated sample seating plans to include numbering (StageShowGold)
  • Updated Seating Decode samples to remove '-' spacer (StageShowGold)
  • Added [i**] option to Zone Specs to add image to template (StageShowGold)
  • Enter Discount Code moved out of Shopping Trolley output (StageShowGold)
  • Added header and footer divs to Seating Templates (StageShowGold)
  • Added "Reload" action to Seating Plans admin page (StageShowGold)
  • Output "Seat Blocking Disabled" warning for old seating templates (StageShowGold)


  • Add Performance code rewritten to avoid using temporary DB table


  • Bug Fix: PHP POST variables limit can break admin page updates
  • Bug Fix: EMail [url] entry uses site URL instead of home URL
  • Bug Fix: PHP Warning - preg_replace() called with e modifier (PHP 5.5 onwards)
  • Bug Fix: Multiple Shortcodes on same page repeats 1st instance (since 5.0.10)
  • Bug Fix: Performance Ref checks duplicates against all shows (StageShow+)
  • Bug Fix: Discount Ref entries not saving correctly on Discount Codes admin page (StageShowGold)
  • Bug Fix: New price entries shown with price=-100 (StageShowGold)
  • Bug Fix: Zero discount prices are not removed from database (StageShowGold)
  • Added translations to Reservations User Details Form
  • Admin pages updated to list shows in decreasing order of last performance date
  • Performance admin page now lists performances in decreasing date order (StageShow+)
  • Add New Performance copies latest performance (with date incremented by 1 day)


  • Bug Fix: Selected EMail template can be changed by update/activate
  • Bug Fix: Added translation for "Show Available Seats" (StageShow+)
  • Bug Fix: Added translation for "Continue" (StageShowGold)
  • Added shortcode style=drilldown to Box-Office (StageShow+)
  • Implemented Shortcode perf=date option (StageShow+)
  • Zone refs in Box-Office output inside tag (StageShowGold)


  • Bug Fix: Seat Selector does not work without jQuery call (StageShowGold)
  • Bug Fix: Show Available Seats button not shown for all performances (StageShowGold)
  • Added Discount codes (StageShowGold)


  • Bug Fix: Seats "invisible" (using CSS) in Preview (since 5.3.6) (StageShowGold)
  • Inactive Shows excluded from Summary EMails (StageShow+)
  • Inactive Performances excluded from Summary EMails (StageShow+)


  • Bug Fix: Seat Selector invisible when editing/adding sales from admin page (StageShowGold)
  • Show Available Seats button removed from admin page Sales editor (StageShowGold)


  • Bug Fix: Unallocated zones not shown on Select Seats page (StageShowGold)
  • Bug Fix: Price Plan editor rejects duplicate Ticket Types in different zones (StageShowGold)
  • Added STAGESHOW_IDENTIFY_RESERVED option - changes reserved seats styles (StageShowGold)
  • Added STAGESHOW_CLASS_BOXOFFICE options (StageShowGold)
  • Added Loading Animated GIF to Seating Selector (StageShowGold)
  • Seating Selector Speed Improved using jQuery calls (StageShowGold)
  • Added class to donation text (StageShowGold)
  • Admin Only Tickets now visible in Box-Office when logged in (StageShow+)
  • Added stageshow site config file (stageshow-wp-config.php)


  • Bug Fix: Unallocated zones can be shown on "Select Seats" page (StageShowGold)
  • Bug Fix: Import Template not reporting some errors (StageShowGold)
  • Bug Fix: Add ticket can fail when ticket name identical in another zone (StageShowGold)
  • Empty Seats in Seating Template are collated (StageShowGold)
  • Added "Purchaser Address" setting option
  • Added MJSLIB_TROLLEYHTML_*********** defines


  • Bug Fix: Fatal Error saving edited sales (since 5.3.2)


  • Bug Fix: Incorrect screen display of HTML special characters in Seating Plan Ref (StageShowGold)
  • Bug Fix: Error parsing Zone Specifications (StageShowGold)
  • Added trap for Seat Decode Definition errors (StageShowGold)
  • Added Seating Plan update confirmation (StageShowGold)
  • Cursor Changes to "busy" on clicking any Box-Office button


  • Bug Fix: Database Error generating Offline Validator
  • Bug Fix: Ticket export Database Error


  • Bug Fix: Loading of Seatingplan can be blocked by other plugins using window.onload (StageShowGold)


  • Bug Fix: Trolley Column is "Show" instead of "Date & Time"
  • Bug Fix: Cursor changes when hovering over seats on Seats Available page (StageShowGold)
  • Bug Fix: Calendar view includes performances with no prices (StageShowGold)
  • Added "Show Available Seats" and "Close Window" button images (StageShowGold)
  • Added images for View Available Seating page (StageShowGold)
  • Removed cursor updates from View Available Seating page (StageShowGold)
  • Added/Changed Close Window button on View Available Seating page (StageShowGold)
  • Added optional months parameter to Calendar shortcode (StageShowGold)


  • Bug Fix: Messages not cleared from Box-Office when Add or Remove clicked
  • Bug Fix: Text EMails not formatted by View EMail button
  • Added option of Reservations without user registration
  • Added "Disabled" to visibility options


  • Bug Fix: STAGESHOW_DATETIME_BOXOFFICE_FORMAT option ignored after Box-Office Add/Remove button used


  • Bug Fix: Individual Barcodes invalid in some email clients (gmail esp.) (StageShowGold)


  • Added individual ticket barcode to Sale EMails (StageShowGold)
  • Bug Fix: Checkout Header Images disappeared from settings (StageShowPlus)
  • Bug Fix: Selected Tab on Settings Admin Page not restored after Save Changes


  • Added stageshow-boxoffice-background class to seating template background (StageShowGold)
  • PayPal shipping address only used for postal delivery sales

  • Added "Show Available Seats" button to box-office listings (StageShowGold)


  • Bug Fix: Plugin does not have "active" class in "Installed Plugins" page
  • Added "Send EMail" button to each sale entry
  • Added "Latest News" block to overview page (when available)


  • Bug Fix: Anchor in shortcode breaks add to trolley

5.1 (02/07/2015)

  • Record sale as "Unverified" if HTTP Error in PayPal IPN Verify
  • Version History for StageShow Plugins
  • Bug Fix: Duplicate write to Gateway Notify Log removed
  • Bug Fix: First pass of GetLayoutTemplate() generates undefined variable error
  • Bug Fix: Shortcode Anchor option only works with jQuery
  • Added smooth scroll with shortcode anchor= option
  • Payment Gateway Logo and Header made optional

5.0.16 (14/06/2015)

  • Bug Fix: Seats Requested & Seats Selected counts on SelectSeats screen not updating (StageShowGold)

5.0.15 (12/06/2015)

  • Bug Fix: anchor option in box-office shortcode not working

5.0.14 (10/06/2015)

  • Bug Fix: Show Filter id= shortcode option fails on some servers after Add button clicked

5.0.13 (09/06/2015)

  • Bug Fix: Single Quote in id= option of shortcode breaks Box-Office Add & Remove buttons

5.0.12 (04/06/2015)

  • Bug Fix: Incorrect Zone Numbers in Seating Templates (since 5.0.11) (StageShowGold)
  • Bug Fix: PayPal Express Currency Always GBP
  • Seating Plans page reports if using Imported Seating Plan

5.0.11 (27/05/2015)

  • Bug Fix: Error processing Apple/Mac text file format in Decodes file (StageShowGold)
  • Option to add a space to the right of a seat (designated by an 's') (StageShowGold)
  • View Template opens in new window (StageShowGold)
  • Validate Sale on Tools page only available if user has "StageShow_Validate" capability
  • Export on Tools page only available if user has "StageShow_ViewSettings" capability

5.0.10 (25/05/2015)

  • Bug Fix: Single Quote in Trolley Translation breaks JQuery
  • Updated Help File

5.0.9 (21/05/2015)

  • Bug Fix: Remove button HTML class definitions merged
  • Bug Fix: Sample Database seating zoneID error (StageShowGold)
  • Zone Spec made (virtually) unlimited size (StageShowGold)
  • Security Vulnerability Fixed

5.0.8 (19/05/2015)

  • Bug Fix: SQL Error Near "OPTION SQL_BIG_SELECTS=1" with MySQL from v5.6
  • Bug Fix: Translations missing in Box-Office and Trolley
  • Default Trolley Button actions commented out in Custom Javascript File

5.0.7 (17/05/2015)

  • Added support for historical MySQL library to JQuery calls

5.0.6 (15/05/2015)

  • Added Add Ticket Quantities text box/drop-down selector option
  • Added JS Values checks to all numeric settings
  • Added JS Value check to Quantity Text boxes in Box-Office
  • Added STAGESHOW_BOXOFFICE_SORTFIELD to define sorting of Tickets in Box Office
  • Bug Fix: Minimum Empty Seats functionality inconsistent (StageShowGold)

5.0.5 (10/05/2015)

  • Bug Fix: Admin Pages cannot select page number from keyboard
  • Bug Fix: Removing Seats on Select Seats page not reflected in Trolley (StageShowGold)
  • Injected Javascript output on single line (improved resilience)

5.0.4 (06/05/2015)

  • Added delay to Validation screen before Sale Reference gets focus (STAGESHOW_VALIDATERESULT_TIMEOUT)
  • Implemented optional QR Code in Sale EMails (StageShowGold)
  • Terminating space on the Sale Reference now triggers validation page
  • Javascrip querySelectorAll() call replaced by jQuery call (for IE6/7 compatability)
  • Added error report of DB Errors

5.0.3 (30/04/2015)

  • Bug Fix: Auto update of Database on Version Updates fails
  • Bug Fix: Javascript Error with historical version of IE
  • Multiple Windows onLoad events implemented
  • Added sale payment method to sale record (defined by STAGESHOWLIB_PAYMENT_METHODS)

5.0.2 (22/04/2015)

  • Bug Fix: Seat Numbers not included in Sale EMails (StageShowGold)
  • Bug Fix: Seat Numbers not included in Sale exports (StageShowGold)
  • Tested with WP 4.2

5.0.1 (19/04/2015)

  • Bug Fix: Trolley Button Custom Images not appearing after Add/Remove Actions
  • Bug Fix: Multiple shortcodes on a page generate multiple Trolleys
  • Shortcode Instance ID passed to Trolley Button Click Handlers
  • Fixed Syntax Error in 5.0 changelog!

5.0 (17/04/2015)

  • "Sale Transaction ID" changed to "License Reference ID"
  • "Sale Txn EMail Address" changed to "License Email Address"
  • Ticket "Transaction ID" changed to "Sale Reference"
  • StageShowHelp.pdf updated (11/04/2015)

  • Bug Fix: Sale Editor adds new trolley line for unallocated Seats in a Seating Plan
  • Bug Fix: Gateway simulator total sale value omits salePostage etc.
  • Bug Fix: Donations not included when saving edited sale
  • Bug Fix: Seats available check for Unallocated Seats in a Seating Plan incorrect
  • Bug Fix: StageShowLibDirectDBaseClass does not report error details when DB connect fails
  • Gateway simulator skips sale select if only one pending sale (27/03/2015)

  • Bug Fix: Undefined seatingID in gateway simulator
  • Bug Fix: Gateway simulator does not run callback code
  • Bug Fix: DateTime format incorrect in non-wp code
  • Shopping Trolley MySQL queries optimised (24/03/2015)

  • Bug Fix: Settings Drop down selectors with only one option give blank OutputBulkActionsScript
  • Bug Fix: Donation inconsistent operation in Shopping Trolley
  • Bug Fix: Post Items option inconsistent operation in Shopping Trolley
  • Bug Fix: Message to seller operation in Shopping Trolley
  • Added MySQl DB_CHARSET to non-wp code
  • Added relocate zone option to zones defs (i.e. [ru7.5]4.3-4.9) (StageShowGold)
  • Bug Fix: Date/Time picker nav buttons missing with legacy IE browsers
  • Updated contributors list (translations)
  • Updated translations
  • Added retry code to Gateway Callback verify
  • Added item description to PayFast Payment Gateway
  • Debug menu changed to Diagnostics menu (26/02/2015)

  • Added salePostage to Add Manual Sale

4.5.6 (25/02/2015)

  • Bug Fix: Possible Parse Error in wp-config-db.php - Breaks Tools Page/Sale Validator
  • Bug Fix: Tools|Verify Sale does not work with Manual Sales (since ver4.5)
  • Bug Fix: Incorrect style for Manual Sale Add buttons
  • Added Send EMail button to Manual Sale Confirmation Screen
  • Shopping Trolley "Add" and "Remove" buttons responsiveness improved using JQuery
  • Add SQL_BIG_SELECTS=1 to MySQL queries
  • Added Continue button image
  • Records user_login with each sale (when logged in)

4.5.5 (31/01/2015)

  • Bug Fix: Error Activating Plugin - STAGESHOWLIB_CHECKOUTSTYLE_STANDARD undefined

4.5.4 (30/01/2015)

  • Bug Fix: Currency Symbol not shown on Postage price
  • Bug Fix: Currency Symbol not updated when gateway changed (StageShowPlus)
  • Bug Fix: Box-Office - Unallocated seats count error with pre-allocated seats (StageShowGold)
  • Added code for uid-sid and uid-pid to use text entries in URLs (StageShowGold)
  • Added examples of {URL....}sid="The WordPress Show" etc. (StageShowGold)

4.5.3 (26/01/2015)

  • Option to select show name or performance date in Box-Office URL (StageShowGold)

4.5.2 (19/01/2015)

  • Bug Fix: Possible problem with saving Currency Format
  • Bug Fix: Currency Type not shown on PayFast Gateway (StageShowPlus)

4.5.1 (16/01/2015)

  • Added option to specify Box-Office show or performance IDs in page URL (StageShowGold)

4.5 (14/01/2015)

  • Optimisation: Loading and Saving of StageShow settings improved
  • Payment Gateway Optimisation: Includes only loaded when needed
  • Added Post Tickets Option (StageShowPlus)
  • Margin of Seats Requested/Seats Selected on Seat Selector fixed (StageShowGold)
  • Select Seats Button can now be an image (define STAGESHOW_SEATSSELECTEDBUTTON_URL) (StageShowGold)
  • Bug Fix: Errors when defining Zone Specs not reported corectly (StageShowGold)
  • Bug Fix: Extra zone added when saving Zone Spec Updates (StageShowGold)

4.4 (28/12/2014)

  • Bug Fix: Seat Decode Definition only changes after second template modification (StageShowGold)
  • Bug Fix: Error in default IPN URLs
  • Bug Fix: Server Error accessing wp-config.php in IPN call (on some servers)
  • Added "Inactivity" timeout to Shopping Trolley - default 30 minutes
  • Add Zone and Import Template Buttons removed when Seating Plan is ReadOnly (StageShowGold)
  • Added "Requested" and "Selected" Seats Count to Seats Selector (StageShowGold)

4.3.1 (22/12/2014)

  • Bug Fix: Historical IPN Target URL(s) missing
  • Added option to block purchasers leaving gaps in seating (StageShowGold)

4.3 (16/12/2014)

  • Bug Fix: Ticket Quantities Breakdown and Ticket Name Columns missing in TDT export
  • Buf Fix: Uninstall Plugin failure
  • Bug Fix: HTML special characters in shortcode atts not decoded
  • Added "PayFast" Payment Gateway (StageShowPlus)
  • Added Debug Output option to Send EMail Test
  • Added "Bcc to Admin" option to Send EMail Test
  • Added Anchor Tag for Top of Shopping Trolley to Box-Office output
  • Added Anchor Tags for Top of Each Show to Box-Office output
  • Added shortcode anchor argument

4.2.3 (20/11/2014)

  • Bug Fix: Ticket Validator Failure (StageShow & StageShowPlus)

4.2.2 (17/11/2014)

  • Bug Fix: StageShowPluginClass undefined (since 4.2.1)

4.2.1 (15/11/2014)

  • Bug Fix: Ticket Validation fails on Unix servers
  • Bug Fix: Ticket Validation fails if PHP does not support mysqli_fetch_all()

4.2 (11/11/2014)

  • Bug Fix: Logs folder path permissions should be 600
  • Bug Fix: Paragraph tag before Validate button should not have a class
  • Buf Fix: Exported Seating Template opens in browser (StageShowGold)
  • Optimisation: activate() function called twice on first activation
  • Optimisation: PayPalImagesUseSSL option used before definition
  • Optimisation: Ticket authentication response improved using JQuery
  • Added additional barcode type (Code 128)
  • Added contributors list to Overview Page
  • Logs folder path default changed to "logs"
  • Added JQuery loader
  • Copies DB Access defines to wp-config-db.php in uploads folder
  • Added translation for Seating Plans Buttons

4.1.2 (17/10/2014)

  • Bug Fix: Purchaser Name, Show and Performance missing on Offline Validator
  • Bug Fix: Added Seats to Offline Validator (StageShowGold)
  • Bug Fix: Seats not decoded in TDT export file (StageShowGold)
  • EMail Address and Prices removed from Offline Validator
  • Removed redundant Shopping Trolley onClick handlers on admin pages
  • Added class to Remove button on admin page

4.1.1 (15/10/2014)

  • Bug Fix: Phantom PayPal button and Next button inoperative when editing sales (StageShowGold)

4.1 (13/10/2014)

  • Bug Fix: Adding Tickets for same date-time and Ticket Type always adds entry already in Trolley
  • Bug Fix: Sites on Secure Server have incorrect URL for admin page filters
  • Bug Fix: Sites on Secure Server have incorrect URL for Box-Office reports on Overview
  • Bug Fix: Performance Expiry Date not used to determine active Performances by Verification Check
  • Bug Fix: Overview Sales values calculated incorrectly for Group tickets
  • Added Spanish Translation
  • Added details on updating translations to help
  • Remove buttons on Trolley changed from links to submit button (in a <form$gt;)
  • Removed box shadow from Add buttons
  • Added Sale Verification fields to TDT ticket download
  • Added option for PayPal Express Checkout (StageShowGold)
  • Added Verify Fields to TDT Downloads (27/09/2014)

  • Sale Verification code moved to separate class (StageShowSaleValidateClass)
  • Added stageshow_direct_validate.php - Direct Sale Verifier (StageShowGold)
  • Added Spanish Translation

4.0.2 (20/09/2014)

  • Bug Fix: Non-default WP DB table prefix produces empty TDT download
  • Bug Fix: Offline Validator fails with non-default WP DB table prefix
  • Bug Fix: Checkout button with image fails to redirect to PayPal on Firefox/IE but OK with Chrome
  • Added "Ticket Paid" values to Offline Validator results
  • Automatically creates copy of stageshow-custom.css when selected in settings
  • Automatically creates copy of stageshow-custom.js when selected in settings

4.0.1 (10/09/2014)

  • Bug Fix: Invalid Comment line in stageshow.css blocks loading of stagehsow-seats.css
  • Bug Fix: Cannot see seats in Box-Office seat selection Page (stageshow-seats.css not loaded)
  • Added sample CSS for Box-Office button colours to stageshow-custom.css

4.0 (07/09/2014)

  • Bug Fix: Error on OFX Export with no sales
  • Bug Fix: Non-existent CSS file imported (admin.css)
  • Bug Fix: Content-Disposition MIME type should not include attachment
  • Bug Fix: Box-Office quantity drop-down limited to 1 when no of seats is unlimited
  • Bug Fix: saleNoteToSeller not initialised in empty Shopping Trolley
  • Duplicate output of wp_nonce removed
  • Added CSS for removing Date/Time column to stageshow-custom.css
  • Export settings includes uncompleted Show & Performance entries

3.9.4 (26/08/2014)

  • Bug Fix: nonce missing in Remove from Shopping Trolley link
  • Added STAGESHOW_***********BUTTON_URL defines to use images for Box-Office buttons
  • Added optional "Donation" entry to Shopping Trolley (StageShowPlus)
  • SeatingPlans made readonly once prices defined (StageShowGold)
  • Added more examples of defines to stageshow_wp-config_sample.php

3.9.3 (19/08/2014)

  • Bug Fix: Invalid Class name in stageshow_export.php on line 34 (since 3.8)
  • Added sample wp-config.php file (stageshow_wp-config_sample.php)
  • Added $_GET and $_POST to debug output options
  • Separated Booking Fee and PayPal Fees in TDT Export

3.9.2 (08/08/2014)

  • Bug Fix: Entries with empty filenames added when Custom CSS or JS files are not defined
  • Bug Fix: Note to Seller entry lost when "Select Seats" is selected (StageShowGold)
  • Added optional define to replace Box-Office "Remove" link with image
  • Added stageshow-boxoffice class to Box-Office buttons
  • Added optional defines to rename Box-Office column labels
  • Added HTTP Error Status to Plugin Auto-Update Status
  • Added templates/html/stageshow-custom-defines.php with details of advanced customisations

3.9.1 (02/08/2014)

  • Bug Fix: Distribution problem with StageShow plugin v3.9 - GetPluginStatus undefined
  • Bug Fix: Box Office Quantity selector can exceed maximum available seats
  • Bug Fix: "Checkout Note" shown when editing sale
  • Plural forms of system message used instead of singular forms

3.9 (01/08/2014)

  • Bug Fix: Parse Error if class redefinition is attempted
  • Added "Note to Seller" to Sale Manual Entry/Editor and Sales admin page
  • Added onClick() event handler framework to all Box-Office buttons
  • Added shortcodes for performance ID and performance Date/Time (StageShowPlus)
  • Auto-update disabled settings link sets focus on activation (StageShowPlus)
  • Added Auto-update Server Status to Plugins and StageShow Overview pages (StageShowPlus)
  • Added option for Custom Javascript file (StageShowPlus)
  • Added framework for custom Checkout HTML elements (StageShowPlus)
  • Added sample JS code for custom Checkout HTML elements to stageshow-custom.js (StageShowPlus)
  • Allocated Seating always enabled - setting option removed (StageShowGold)

3.8.7 (21/07/2014)

  • Bug Fix: Sale Editor fails (StageShowPlus)
  • Bug Fix: stageshow-boxoffice-seat class missing from seating templates (StageShowGold)
  • Bug Fix: saleNoteToSender not shown in sample email templates
  • Bug Fix: Settings "Tabs" not selecting entries correctly
  • Bug Fix: Reserved status not shown by Sale Editor (StageShowPlus)
  • Added "Note To Seller" to sales report
  • Box-Office page buttons can use images (Set by defines in wp-config.php)

3.8.6 (06/07/2014)

  • Bug Fix: Obsolete JS call to SetSalesInterfaceControls() removed
  • Bug Fix: Exported Seating Plans not stripped of automatically created tag parameters (StageShowGold)
  • Bug Fix: Seating Template seat tags missing stageshow-boxoffice-seat class (StageShowGold)
  • Box Office screen changed to have a single <form> tag (StageShowGold)
  • Added optional "Note to Seller" to Checkout
  • PayPal API settings made optional
  • MerchantID made optional (Uses PayPal Account email if blank)
  • Added stageshow-boxoffice-zone-{ZoneRef} to Seating Template seats classes (StageShowGold)

3.8.5 (25/06/2014)

  • Added SSL option for PayPal images
  • Added option to specify Seating Plan for Price Plans (StageShowGold)
  • Bug Fix: Zone selection missing in Price Plans (StageShowGold)

3.8.4 (18/06/2014)

  • Bug Fix: Distribution problem with 3.8.3 on WordPress.org
  • Seat Template has Decoded seat names as title tags (StageShowGold)

3.8.3 (16/06/2014)

  • Bug Fix: StageShow displays expired performances when there are non-expired performances (StageShow)
  • Bug Fix: layoutNames not defined error when reporting zone spec parsing error (StageShowGold)
  • Added DecodedSeatIDs as title param in Seat Layout Template seats tags (StageShowGold)

3.8.2 (29/05/2014)

  • Bug Fix: Seating Plan "Bulk" Delete gives "Nothing to Delete" Error

3.8.1 (27/05/2014)

  • Bug Fix: Number of seats remaining never shown on last box office entry
  • Added option for non-allocated seat zones (StageShowGold)

3.8 (03/05/2014)

  • Bug Fix: StageShow on WP.org has [ticketSeat] in EMails
  • Bug Fix: Error Exporting StageShowGold Seating Templates (StageShowGold)
  • Bug Fix: "Admin Only" prices not included in Add/Edit Sale screen
  • Bug Fix: Sale Status not included in Tickets download

3.7 (27/04/2014)

  • Bug Fix: Edit Sale only saved when purchaser contact details are changed

3.6 (26/04/2014)

  • Bug Fix: Manually Added Sale with Allocated Seats not saved to database (StageShowGold)
  • Bug Fix: Add Sale generates "saleStatus undefined" error
  • Checkout Header and Logo file types extended to include GIF, JPG and PNG
  • Added "error" and "ok" class to stageshow notifications

3.5 (21/04/2014)

  • Bug Fix: PHP Strict standards error on function Export() declaration
  • Bug Fix: Some Admin screens have edit text entries set to zero size
  • Added show & performance filters to Tools->Export (StageShow+)
  • Javascript function names now include plugin name (to help make them unique)

3.4 (18/04/2014)

  • Bug Fix: Validate ticket output does not output seats (StageShowGold)
  • Bug Fix: Sale Total incorrect for Sample Sale with Allocated Seating (StageShowGold)
  • Added Booking Fee to Sample Sales
  • TDT Download Filenames changed
  • Paid/Fee etc. fields removed from Summary Download
  • Added ticketFee entry to Tickets Export
  • Rendundant Columns removed from Tickets Export
  • PayPal Fees and Booking Fees split between each ticket in Ticket Export
  • Tickets Export Fields Rationised

3.3 (12/04/2014)

  • Bug Fix: Some HTML <input>tags on Admin pages incorrect size (size attribute is zero)
  • Bug Fix: Missing space between tags in Seating Templates (StageShowGold)
  • Bug Fix: Max Seats hidden on Performances page once Sales have been made (StageShowGold)
  • Added seating Row/Seat "Translator" (StageShowGold)

3.2 (02/04/2014)

  • Bug Fix: OutputList() E_STRICT error
  • Bug Fix: Rogue .htaccess file in build (from 3.1) denys access to CSS and JS files
  • Bug Fix: View Template output terminated early (StageShowGold)
  • Bug Fix: HTML tag deliminator missing in Imported Templates (StageShowGold)
  • Implemented Family tickets for Allocated Seating (StageShowGold)

3.1 (30/03/2014)

  • Bug Fix: Payment Timeout emails not generated correctly
  • Bug Fix: Sale Summary Reports generated for Pending Sales (StageShowPlus)
  • Bug Fix: DB Error when attempting to delete seating plan (StageShowGold)
  • Bug Fix: Add Seating Plan button missing when list empty (StageShowGold)
  • Bug Fix: Edit Performance Fails if Prices have been defined (StageShowGold)
  • Bug Fix: SeatingID can be changed once Prices have been defined (StageShowGold)
  • Updated for compatability with WP 3.9

3.0 (10/03/2014)

  • Bug Fix: Link to settings page from Overview page incorrect
  • Bug Fix: Shortcode with count=** attribute not working
  • Add/Edit Sales uses same UI as Box-Office page
  • Ticket Options removed from Box Office Listing once Allocated Seats all taken (StageShowGold)
  • Number of Available Seats for each Zone now shown on Box Office (StageShowGold)
  • Edit of Seating Plan blocked when Prices have been defined (StageShowGold)
  • Max Seats edit hidden for Performances with Allocated Seating (StageShowGold)
  • Updated Seating Plan stylesheet (StageShowGold)
  • Added Number of Seats to Seating Plan Page (StageShowGold) (25/02/2014)

  • Implemented Manual Edit/Add for Allocated Seating Sales (StageShowGold)
  • Added Seat Number in Confirmation EMails (StageShowGold) (19/02/2014)

  • Bug Fix: Errors in Sample Data
  • Sale Editor Updated (but Incomplete) (17/02/2014)

  • Buf Fix: Option for "Box Office Below Trolley" inconsistent
  • ZoneRef removed from seating templates
  • Added zone limits to JS
  • Select Performance screen removed from Box Office
  • Partially complete SSG sale editor added (15/02/2014)

  • Database Text Field Length definitions updated so they can be defined in wp-config.php

2.5.3 (04/02/2014)

  • Bug Fix: Fatal Error on Checkout - STAGESHOWLIB_LOGSALEMODE_CHECKOUT undefined

2.5.2 (03/02/2014)

  • Bug Fix: Interaction with other plugins can cause Performance Date & Time Picker to fail
  • Bug Fix: Adding border to settings page corrupts other admin pages
  • Bug Fix: No of sets in Price Plan not saved in new performance prices (StageShow+)
  • Bug Fix: Allocated Seats availability not checked before commiting sale (StageShowGold)
  • Bug Fix: Allocated Seats not saved for Reservations (StageShowGold)
  • Added check that seats are still available on checkout (StageShowGold)
  • PHP with E_STRICT enabled generates warnings

2.5.1 (26/01/2014)

  • Bug Fix: Adding border to settings page corrupts other admin pages
  • Bug Fix: Allocated Seats not saved for Reservations (StageShowGold)

2.5 (25/01/2014)

  • Updated for WP 3.8.1
  • Bug Fix: Incorrect class for blank cells in Trolley "Remove" column
  • Added link to SSG in readme
  • Added custom stylesheet loader (StageShow+)
  • Support for PayPal Sandbox removed
  • StageShowGold (Beta) Released

2.4.4 (21/01/2014)

  • Bug Fix: Cannot reserve last seat for a performance
  • Bug Fix: No error message when attempting to Reserve seats when Sold Out
  • Bug Fix: Tickets Reserved Message class is stageshow-error (changed to stageshow-ok)
  • Bug Fix: Booking Fee still shown after last row removed from trolley

2.4.3 (02/01/2014)

  • Bug Fix: Save Settings Error: Undefined constant TABLEENTRY_DATETIME (since 2.4.2)

2.4.2 (30/12/2013)

  • Aborts Activation if another StageShow variant is already activated
  • Added Date/Time Picker to Performances Editor
  • Added JS for Seat Selector (only used by StageShowGold)
  • Modified styles for Sales Editor "View Email" button

2.4.1 (16/12/2013)

  • Bug Fix: Undefined Field 'transactionfee' when checking out Reservations
  • Removed redundant Javascript

2.4 (15/12/2013)

  • Bug Fix: Verification Performance ID incorrect when performance select drop-down is not shown
  • Blocks Verification if TxnID is blank
  • Added view ticket to Sales Editor and Tools page (opens in separate window)
  • Added "Number of Seats" option to Prices (StageShow+)
  • Added Updates for WP3.8
  • Booking Fee and Total rows realigned in Shopping Trolley output

2.3.4 (07/12/2013)

  • Bug Fix: Multiple Checkout output on pages with multiple shortcodes
  • Bug Fix: Oversize Barcode in HTML Emails (StageShow+)
  • Added "Seats Available" output
  • Added <div> tag with border to HTML Emails to define page size (StageShow+)
  • Added borderless HTML Email template (StageShow+)

2.3.3 (02/12/2013)

  • Bug Fix: id={ShowName} in shortcode not recognised
  • Bug Fix: Checkbox settings may update when ReadOnly
  • Bug Fix: FirstName and LastName values missing in TDT download
  • Bug Fix: Incorrect PayPal URL in "Sandbox" mode
  • Added Booking Fee (StageShow+)
  • Added "Box Office Below Trolley" option (StageShow+)
  • Added Plugin Website link to Box-Office output
  • Relabelled "Fees" as "PayPal Fees"

2.3.2 (12/11/2013)

  • Bug Fix: Incorrect PluginURI blocks Plugin Upgrade ... server also patched to allow updates
  • Bug Fix: T_PAAMAYIM_NEKUDOTAYIM expected error with PHP 5.2
  • Added Performance selector to Transaction Validator
  • Added custom Styles for Transaction Validator results
  • Sample Sale TxnIds changed to 17 characters
  • Added PayPal Simulator (for DEMO mode)
  • Allocated Seating defaults to enabled (StageShowGold)
  • Added HTTP Diagnostics to Plugin Updater (StageShowPlus/Gold)

2.3.1 (03/11/2013)

  • Bug Fix: Price Plans admin page generates Class not found error (StageShowGold)

2.3 (30/10/2013)

  • Bug Fix: Checkout Complete URL and Checkout Cancelled URL not passed to PayPal Checkout
  • Bug Fix: and tags missing in email templates
  • Bug Fix: Changed include to requires_once - Fix for "Zend Error" bug in PHP APC
  • Bug Fix: Email Logo Image corrupts emails displayed by hotmail
  • Added styles for allocated seating (StageShowGold)
  • First Release of StageShowGold - Includes Allocated Seating
  • Added code for Demo Mode
  • BARCODE_ defines can be set externally
  • Checkboxes in mjslib_table display Yes/No when ReadOnly
  • Tested with WP 3.7
  • Added Seating Plans editor (StageShowGold)

2.2.5 (17/10/2013)

  • Bug Fix: DB error generating Box Office output (since v2.2.4) (StageShow)
  • Bug Fix: Tools-Export does not generate output (since v2.2.4)
  • Bug Fix: stageshowplus_tdt_export.php missing in Distribution (since v2.2.4) (StageShow+)

2.2.4 (08/10/2013)

  • Bug Fix: Performance Expiry Date/Time does not track performance Date/Time Changes (since v2.1.5) (StageShow+)
  • Bug Fix: Performance Expiry Date/Time includes seconds (StageShow+)
  • StageShowPlus/StageShowGold Specific DB Fields moved to Version Specific Classes
  • AddSample********* functions added

2.2.3 (06/10/2013)

  • Bug Fix: Test Email Destination not reported if not diverted
  • Bug Fix: PayPal IPN fields not converted to UTF-8 (Special Characters not displayed/stored)
  • Bug Fix: Email template not updated on upgrade from StageShow to StageShow+
  • Bug Fix: Checkout errors not reported
  • Bug Fix: Settings label not translated
  • Bug Fix: StageShow+ Updates not detected on some servers
  • Overview page Trolley Type output replaced by Plugin Type and Version
  • Timezone reported on Overview page - with error notification if it is not set
  • "Bcc EMails to WP Admin" setting renamed "Bcc EMails to Sales Email"

2.2.2 (16/09/2013)

  • Bug Fix: Sales not logged to Database
  • Bug Fix: JS onchange for some SELECT and INPUT HTML elements has function name omitted
  • Bug Fix: Templates not copied if destination file exists and is readonly
  • Bug Fix: Summary Email generated when Checkout selected
  • Purchaser name from PayPal split into FirstName and LastName

2.2.1 (15/09/2013)

  • Bug Fix: Upgrade from using "PayPal Shopping Cart" can leave uneditable blank Merchant ID
  • Bug Fix: Items not added to Shopping Trolley with Version 2.2 distribution

2.2 (07/09/2013)

  • Bug Fix: "Add" button not translated
  • Bug Fix: DB error generating SaleSummary email when there are no sales
  • Bug Fix: Offline Validator needs keyboard input when used with Barcode reader
  • Bug Fix: Offline Validator download filename has incorrect file extension
  • Support for PayPal Checkout removed
  • StageShow styles loaded after theme style
  • Added limited duplicate scan detection to Offline Validator
  • Added translations to Offline Validator

2.1.6 (15/08/2013)

  • Bug Fix: Translations missing on Box Office and Shopping Trolley output
  • Bug Fix: Purge Pending sales ignored daylight saving time
  • Now checks WP_LANG_DIR for translation files in addition to plugin 'lang' directory

2.1.5 (04/08/2013)

  • Added "Contact Phone" to Sale Log details
  • Updated for compatibility with WP 3.6 - depracated split() recoded
  • Separated FirstName and LastName in DB and Export files
  • Removed seconds from performance time display

2.1.4 (31/07/2013)

  • Bug Fix: Admin URLs with _wpnonce arg may have html encoded arg separator
  • Added Search Sales facility to sales page

2.1.3 (12/07/2013)

  • Bug Fix: Styles did not format Shopping Trolley output on Box Office page
  • Bug Fix: Invalid WP Date/Time format gives blank performance dates on Box Office page
  • Confirm action on Delete or Set Completed Actions

2.1.2 (11/07/2013)

  • Bug Fix: Price Plans not checked for valid prices (StageShow+)
  • Bug Fix: Bottom Bulk Action Apply button uses Selected Top Bulk Action when valid
  • Zero prices permitted with Integrated Checkout

2.1.1 (05/07/2013)

  • Bug Fix: Checkout total is zero when currency symbol is enabled

2.1 (04/07/2013)

  • Bug Fix: Performance name not shown when Performance sales log has no sales
  • Bug Fix: Shows Lists have inoperative pagination controls (sometimes)
  • Bug Fix: Performance Lists have inoperative pagination controls (sometimes)
  • Bug Fix: Sales Lists have inoperative pagination controls (sometimes)
  • Bug Fix: Show name not shown when Show sales log has no sales
  • Bug Fix: Bulk actions do not report error if nothing changed
  • Bug Fix: Status message not shown for Activate/Deactivate Show action
  • Bug Fix: Prices entires for unchanged show(s) blank after duplicate price ref error (StageShow+)
  • Bug Fix: Default Performance Expires time does not track changes in performance time
  • Bug Fix: Incorrect value for Sample Sales total paid values
  • Added Reservations (StageShow+)
  • EMail Template File renamed "Sale EMail Template" in settings
  • Fuctions in one or both of PayPal mode and Reservation mode (StageShow+)
  • Implemented "Visibility" setting for prices (StageShow+)
  • Performance Expiry time made editable (StageShow+)
  • Sales use "local time" for sale time/date
  • Leading and trailing spaces removed from text settings entries
  • Settings tabs renamed
  • Paid/Due column added to Sales List
  • Added Checkout Notes

2.0.6 (30/06/2013)

  • Bug Fix: Currency codes in text emails changed to three letter currency code
  • Bug Fix: Surplus /table tag in empty sales list

2.0.5 (06/06/2013)

  • Bug Fix: Undefined stockPrice in Sale Editor fixed
  • Bug Fix: Inconsistant visibility of Merchant ID, and API ***** fields in PayPal Settings
  • Bug Fix: Edit box for TxnID in Auto-Update Settings too small
  • Bug Fix: Plugin version number check inconsistent
  • Bug Fix: Daylight saving time handling inconsistent
  • Bug Fix: Box Office shows inactive/expired shows
  • Deleted Shows, Performances and Prices only removed from DB when not referenced by Sales
  • Integrated Checkout syles rationised
  • Added salePaid and saleFee to Sales Summary export (StageShow+)
  • Flush Sales removed from Tools Menu

2.0.4 (21/05/2013)

  • Bug Fix: Fix for WP wp_mail() bug ... no HTML email content for Outlook/iPhone

2.0.3 (05/04/2013)

  • Bug Fix: PayPal Checkout failures - Cannot process transaction error


  • Bug Fix: TDT Export MIME type changed to text/tab-separated-values
  • Bug Fix: (StageShow+) Plugin Version check gave undefined error if Internet unavailable
  • Added Logging of PayPal Transaction Fees
  • Ticket Price logged with each sale
  • Export File Field Names now defined by translatable table
  • Added OFX format export (StageShow+)
  • Checkout Timeout added to settings
  • Box Office columns widths set by style sheet (stageshow.css)
  • Implemented Checkout Complete and Checkout Cancelled URLs in settings
  • IPN "Callback" URL changed to stageshow_ipn_callback.php (was stageshow_NotifyURL.php)

2.0.1 (04/03/2013)

  • Bug Fix: Integrated Checkout fails for performances with unlimited ticket quantities

2.0 (20/02/2013)

  • Bug Fix: Templates not always copied to uploads folder
  • Implements Integrated Checkout
  • Added Checkout Type and MerchantID to Settings
  • Corrected spelling of "perfarmance" on prices admin page
  • Blocks edit of PayPal settings once a Show has been defined
  • Added Currency Formatting
  • Admin Javascript moved to stageshow_admin.js
  • Added "Sold Out" message on BoxOffice output when all tickets sold
  • Added missing <div> tag to Sales Admin page
  • Added Users Guide (in PDF format)

1.2.1 (18/12/2012)

  • Bug Fix: Export Data gives 404 error - stageshow_export.php file has incorrect case
  • New prices are added for a specified performance which cannot then be edited

1.2 (04/12/2012)

  • Bug Fix: StageShow_Validate capability not deleted on uninstall
  • Admin Pages code optimised
  • Separators added between tabs on settings page(s)
  • Added support for translations
  • Added stageshow.pot file to distribution
  • Added PayPal login error code reports
  • Moved "EMail Template File" option to StageShow settings
  • Sample Sales are always for only one show
  • New Shows are always initialised as ACTIVE
  • Added Settings Page URL param to select tab

1.1.7 (23/10/2012)

  • Activate function explicitly called on version update
  • Email and Images Templates moved to uploads/{pluginID}/****** folders
  • Test Send Email added to Tools admin page
  • Admin Pages - Redundant <form> tag action parameters removed
  • Admin Pages CSS - stageshow-settings-**** classes changed to mjslib-settings-****

1.1.6 (07/09/2012)

  • Bug Fix: Custom templates and images are deleted on plugin update
  • Bug Fix: Custom roles not deleted on plugin uninstall
  • Emails templates moved to uploads/stageshow/emails folder
  • PayPal Logo and Header Images moved to uploads/stageshow/images folder
  • PayPal Logo and Header Images now selected using drop-down box on settings page
  • Deletes uploads/stageshow folder when plugin is deleted
  • Settings page default tab changes once PayPal settings are added

1.1.5 (23/08/2012)

  • Bug Fix: Version update code does not check database version
  • Bug Fix: Ticket Types can be omitted from Sale Summary Export
  • Ticket types for some samples changed to "All"
  • Added stageshow-boxoffice-add class to Box Office Add buttons
  • Renamed 'StageShow+ Auto Update Settings' as Auto Update Settings'
  • Sales quantities on overview page are now links to show and performance sales pages
  • Sample performance dates altered to make shows visible on setup
  • Settings sections displayed as tabs on admin page
  • Add New Performance status messages improved

1.1.4 (18/07/2012)

  • Added "Sales Summary" option to Export Data on Tools admin page
  • Added Offline Sales Verififier
  • Bug Fix: Tools Admin page - Footer appears in middle of page
  • Bug Fix: Settings Export permitted for users without 'StageShow_Admin' capability
  • Bug Fix: Performances or Prices with associated sales can still be deleted
  • Add New Performance uses local date/time as performance date/time

1.1.3 (05/07/2012)

  • Bug Fix: (Benign) Overview page generates "Undefined offset" error for Shows without any Performances
  • Total Sales values added to Overview Page
  • Effenciency improved on Overview page database queries
  • Settings page layout improved
  • StageShow admin email defaults to WP admin email
  • StageShow Organisation ID defaults to WP Site Name
  • EMail template paths default to stageshow/templates folder

1.1.2 (30/06/2012)

  • Bug Fix: IPN Fails when sale has quotes in any field (including the Show name)
  • ReadMe changelog changed to reverse chronological order

1.1.1 (24/06/2012)

  • Added Performance Sales Summaries to Overview Page
  • A

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Compatible up to: 4.4.2
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