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Stacks Mobile App Builder – The most powerful Mobile Applications Drag and Drop builder

Stacks Mobile App Builder – The most powerful Mobile Applications Drag and Drop builder


Stacks is The Smoothest & Easiest way to Create your native ( iOS & Android ) App without a single line of code in few minutes Mobile Application Builder.

Within a few steps, you can design & create your app in few minutes! All you need to do is:

  • Create your account on Stacks & install our plugin on your site
  • Design your app
  • Click build application & Download application
  • That’s it! You now have the application you’ve created ready on your phone. you can submit it on Google Play and Apple App Store

For more details about how you can create your app using Stacks, check this video:

Full list of Stacks Features

What does Stacks Mobile App Builder plugin do?

The Stacks Mobile App Builder plugin essentially connects your WordPress website with the app you build on it.
Download and activate the plugin and your content will be synced automatically with the builder and the mobile application


We took care of every detail of our builder, to make your experience flawless & fun

  • Native Mobile Apps
    Create a native mobile app that connects with your WordPress website and offer your users an authentic mobile app experience.

  • Drag & Drop your design using Stacks
    The freedom to achieve the desired design, smoothly drag the block you want (video, image, text ) and drop it where ever you want.

  • Unlimited Sections, Unlimited Possibilities
    With Stacks sections, you have unlimited possibilities to add any number of sections you want with the ability to customize it the way you want it, giving you complete control over your design

  • Customize your app from head to the bottom
    To represent your brand, you are able to customize your app header with many options.
    Add any background image you would like or use the color that fits your design & unlimited icons to choose from

  • You don’t need to start from scratch – Easy templates to use
    Get inspired by top-notch designs created by our team, use one of the several templates to create your first app

  • Done designing? your application is now ready
    All Certificates needed to publish an application to Google Play and App Store are automatically generated. Once you’re done designing, simply choose the device you’re generating to (iOS or Android) and click generate, in a few minutes your application is ready to download.

  • No coding required
    You can build your app without any technical background.

  • Real-time sync & integration with WooCommerce & WordPress
    Stacks builder is integrated with WooCommerce & WordPress to auto-sync data like your site’s posts, products, categories, etc

  • You’re always connected with your customers
    Send your customers an unlimited number of push notifications with Stacks

  • responsive App
    You never know when the perfect idea will hit your mind! And we have got you covered, Our builder is responsive, and you can design & create your app from scratch effortlessly using any device anywhere

  • Integration with Admob
    Now Stacks is integrated with Google Admob which means you can start generating more revenue from your idea/project using monetization

  • Design many pages
    you can edit all pages of the app the way you like not just the home page.

  • App analytics
    you can track your customer’s behaviors, for example, The pages & products that your customers viewed, the Number of Orders for each customer

  • Multilingual Support
    You can add multiple languages to the app and translate all your content, This plugin integrates with Polylang and Hayyan for WooCommerce, also it comes with default translations for Arabic content

  • Custom Post Types
    Whatever your post type is, It will be synced with the application and stacks builder

  • ** app preview**
    Preview your app on both Android so you can have a clear image of how your app design will look like.

  • Real device testing
    Generate a QR code and download it on a real smartphone to test your app

  • All Woocommerce payment gateways are working perfectly with Stacks
    Stacks supports any payment gateway integrated on your WooCommerce store.

Stacks Integrations

Stacks Mobile App Builder WordPress plugin integrates works integrates and syncs the data with the following plugins

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[Stacks Mobile App Builder plugin does not have a interface within WordPress.]

  1. Install Stacks plugin, or upload it to the plugins directory.
  2. Activate the plugin using the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  3. Start your trial on www.stacksmarket.co


September 1, 2023
I knew nothing about building an APP but I gave it a try. A 30 day money back guarantee sold me on Stacks. Also the price is very affordable. The Best part is the Customer Service, live chat & support is the A+++. Mr. Bassam Tarek is #1 in my book, wish all companies had this service. You can easily create your app in 1 day or less with Stacks. EASY. They have awesome templates but I started with a blank one it was so easy. Another BIG reason to use Stacks for me was I can make changes on the fly an test it. No need to go back an forth with a app developer for a change. Give it a try, you will love it. Thanks Troy – Coastal Medical Equipment
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Contributors & Developers

“Stacks Mobile App Builder – The most powerful Mobile Applications Drag and Drop builder” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.



5.2.3 (27 August, 2023)

  • App: Modify error message for users signing up with phone

5.2.2 (22 August, 2023)

  • plugin: Compatibility Fixes with latest wordpress and woocommerce versions

5.2.1 (13 June, 2023)

  • App: Retrieve the original attribute name along with the translated name

5.2 (28 May, 2023)

  • App: Checkout fields are editable from the builder
  • App: Fix Arabic Variations in Variable Products retrieval

5.1.1 (18 May, 2023)

  • App: Fix Arabic Variations in Variable Products retrieval
  • App: Allow Posts Block in custom views

5.1 (08 May, 2023)

  • App: Allow users to signup, login and checkout with their phone number instead of email
  • Builder: possibility to choose between required phone or email on signup
  • App: Loyalty Points and Rewards feature integration, integration with plugin WooCommerce Points and Rewards

5.0.7 (28 April, 2023)

  • App: Intro Screen for the plugin with important action buttons to the builder

5.0.6 (20 April, 2023)

  • Builder: Fix Product selection in image and button
  • App: Fix Disable Guest Login
  • App: Make postalcode, lastname in checkout page not required fields
  • App: PHP 8.0 Compatibility Fixes

5.0.5 (12 April, 2023)

  • Builder: Posts Block with Categories Selection
  • Builder: Select posts in Image and Buttons Blocks
  • Builder: Global Header and Footer rendering with their icons
  • App: Handle Subscription Products via WooCommerce Subscriptions

5.0.4 (05 April, 2023)

  • Fix: Remove Addons dependency on single view

5.0.3 (09 March, 2023)

  • Fix Delete Order and Delete Coupon and Delete Cart item
  • Fix Categories linked from Button, Image and Footer

5.0.2 (02 March, 2023)

  • Fix posts limit

5.0.1 (27 February, 2023)

  • Fix Categories Rendering
  • Fix Posts Rendering
  • Fix Products Rendering

5.0 (01 February, 2023)

  • Rest of Views are Editable
  • Possibility to add, edit or delete custom view
  • Link from any view to another
  • Add Global Header
  • Add Header per view
  • Possibility to disable Header on specific views
  • Add Global Footer
  • Add Footer per view
  • Possibility to disable Footer on specific views

4.8.3 (20 December, 2022)

  • Handle multiple projects connected to the same site

4.8.2 (27 November, 2022)

  • Fix rendering membership courses with categories selected

4.8 (23 November, 2022)

  • Integrate with Paid Memberships Pro plugin to render courses and lessons
  • Full Flow for the application for the memberships

4.7.3 (18 Oct, 2022)

  • Fix Products Block Rendering

4.7.2 (04 Oct, 2022)

  • Change servers infrastructure, which required authentication to be changed

4.6.9 (08 June, 2022)

  • Launch plugin on WordPress Repository
  • Native Checkout along with webview checkout
  • Custom Post Types Integration