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SSP Director Tools

SSP Director Tools give you means for integrating SlideShowPro Director content into a WordPress blog.

Shortcode Help

Use this shortcode: [sspd].

List of allowed attributes:

  • album: The id of an album to show (integer).
  • gallery: The id of a gallery to show (integer).
  • image: The id of a single image to show (integer).
  • align: Alignment of a single image (left|center|right, default: left).
  • caption: Whether or not to show the caption of a single image (yes|1|no|0, default: 1).
  • limit: The maximum number of images to be shown in a grid (integer, default: 0). 0 if unlimited.
  • tags: List of tags to filter the content by, separated by commas.
  • tagmode: Mode in which the tag filter works. Match all tags or any out of the list (all|one, default: one).
  • sort_on: The sort field (null|created_on|captured_on|modified_on|filename|random, default: null).
  • sort_direction: The sort order (ASC|DESC, default: DESC).
  • rss: Whether or not to show a RSS photo feed link below the photo grid (yes|1|no|0, default: 1).

If no attributes are specified, the default plugin settings apply as defined in the sections "Photo Grid Defaults" and "Image Sizes and Handling".


[sspd gallery="6" limit="10" tags="technology" sort_on="captured_on" sort_direction="DESC"]

This will output the 10 most recent photos of gallery 6 which are tagged with "technology".

Using captions

Image captions are automatically generated using image metadata. You can define different captions for preview images and images presented by FancyBox. Use placehoders like %placeholder% in your caption definitions and define how dates will be formatted.

List of allowed placeholders:

  • %caption%: The image caption as provided by Director. If the caption is not set in Director, the IPTC caption is used instead.
  • %byline%: The IPTC byline
  • %city%: The IPTC city
  • %country%: The IPTC country
  • %date%: The image capture date from the EXIF record

Date formatting: Use common PHP date formats.

Using HTML in your captions: You may use the following HTML elements and attributes:

<div style="">, <p style="">, <b>, <i> <strong>, <em>, <br>

Example: <b>%caption%</b> (%date%)<br><i>Photograph by %byline%</i>

Known Issues

  • A bug in the Director API v. 1.5.0 beta generates a wrong result when a query with multiple tags is done. See SSP Director Forum.
  • photo grids and photo feeds don't work for smart galleries and albums. (Seems to be a Director bug.)
  • The plugin currently doesn't check if the photo feed feature is installed correctly.
  • The photo feeds don't show the real sizes of the downloadable enclosures, but the sizes of the originals.

Requires: 3.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.3.7
Last Updated: 1 year ago
Active Installs: 200+


4.5 out of 5 stars


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