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SrbTransLatin handles using Serbian language Cyrillic and Latin script. For Cyrillic content, visitor may choose to view it using Cyrillic or Latin.

Can this transliterate my blog which uses Serbian Latin script into Serbian Cyrillic?

No. Such conversion is hard if imposible due to not unique transliteration rules. It is recomended that you create contents on your site using Cyrillic script if you need both scripts.

Plugin transliterates everything but page title in HEAD section of HTML?

This happens on some installations. It seems it is dependable on template used, like some templates interfere with wp hooks regarding page title.

I use multilanguange plugin along with SrbTransLatin, but it does not work well?

Usually, problems with multilanguage plugins is interference with url parameter name. Try changing default script identificatin in SrbTransLatin options.

When I change to nondefault script some images are not shown on page?

Use latin alphabet in image file names only. If you use Cyrillic letters in file names, they will be transliterated to rendering wrong file name.

I have some images on page that I want to switch from Cyrillic and Latin version along with text contents?

Prepare original image with Cyrillic contents by adding keyword -cir- in image file name, for example myimage-cir-.jpg. Prepare Latin version of the same image naming it using -lat- keyword, like myimage-lat-.jpg. When page is displayed, image will be loaded regarding selected script. Delimiter character '-' may be customly set.

I tried to use script tags in image names but it does not work

On some WordPress installations, when you upload images WordPress strips some characters from file names. Check if files have proper file names after upload.

If some characters are stripped you may try uploading file directly (using FTP for example).

If file name script delimiter is stripeed you may change it in plugin settings. You may use any character acceptable in file name syntax. Even better, you may set several characters for delimiter to avoid collisions. Do not forget to name all files to match new delimiter.

I uploaded file with Cyrillic characters in file name. Plugin transliterates it to latin so I end up with invalid file name

You should not use Cyrillic characters in file name. It is not that just this plugin does not like it, it is wrong onhigher level. Always use Roman Latin characters in file names.

However, as it frequently happens that users upload files with Cyrillic character in file names, SrbTranslatin has option to sanitize such file names. If turned on, it will replace Cyrillic characters with apropriate Latin characters and rename file on upload. That will make sure that you have proper file names.

How to prevent part of the text to be transliterated to Latin?

Place text you do not want to be transliterated into block surrounded by [lang id="skip"] and [/lang].

Example: [lang id="skip"]this text will not be transliterated[/lang]

Some contents of the page does not work properly when SrbTransLatin is active?

If you use some JavaScript on page and it autogenerates objects using page contents, it may hapen that JavaScript uses Cyrillic contents in object names or other langage elements. When SrbTransLatin renders page it would process all Cyrillic contents including JavaScript. Make sure that IDs of objects (images especially) are not in Cyrillic script.

Some contents of the page is not transliterated to latin?

  • Check if you used [lang id="skip"] and [/lang] on that block of text.

  • Make sure your plugin is run with lowest priority so it process page contents after it is all generated by other plugins.

  • Contents of the page which is dynamically generated (JavaScript or so) usually cannot be transliterated using SrbTransLatin.

Search option finds contents only if it matches search keyword script. Is it possible that it find everything regardless of the script?

Search is done in database, not in WordPress code. Database does not provide means to disregard scripts in search keywords without significant reconfiguration of database server. Most hosting services do not even allow such reconfiguration. I am trying to think of solution for this issue.

I want to show script selection in custom template, not by widget. Is it possible?

Yes. See description of function stl_show_selector() provided by this plugin.

I want to customize template, based by selected script. Is it possible?

Yes. See description of functions stl_show_selector(), stl_get_current_script(), stl_is_current_cyrillic(), stl_is_current_latin(), stl_get_cyrillic_id(), stl_get_latin_id(), and stl_get_script_identificator() provided by this plugin.

This is really nice script which I use on my site. Can I donate some money to the author?

No. This is free to use script. If you want to show appreciation, spread the word, share the link to http://pedja.supurovic.net/projekti/srbtranslatin

Requires: 2.6.1 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.7.2
Last Updated: 2 months ago
Active Installs: 2,000+


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