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SEO Plugin By Squirrly is for the NON-SEO experts. Get Excellent Seo with Better Content, Ranking and Analytics. For Both Humans and Search Bots.


  • Compatible with Smart Security Tools plugin
  • Added the google.ee in Squirrly Rank Option
  • Fixed the Squirrly SEO Keyword not to be added in Tags if is switched off in Squirrly > Settings


  • Improved the Squirrly SEO Keyword Research
  • Fixed the sitemap.xml with videos included
  • Changed to relative url in sitemap.xml for multisites


  • Compatible with WordPress 4.3.1
  • Fixed the Seo Live Assistant to verify keywords with commas
  • Fixed the Seo Live Assistant to work with HTTPS dashboard for Wikis and Keyword suggestion
  • Fixed the OG:image:width issue when the width is null
  • Fixed the HTTPS connection when the general settings are not set correctly
  • Fixed minor bug
  • Updated to the last on-page SEO requirements
  • Increased the Squirrly speed in post editor


  • Add the last google updates for JSON-LD Structured Data
  • Make sitemap.xml work for a large number of articles


  • Compatible with WordPress 4.3
  • Fixed the Head Buffer for some themes


  • Compatible with WordPress 4.2.4
  • Added 17 more languages in Squirrly SEO Keyword Research
  • Added the focused language for Social Media in Squirrly > SEO
  • Added Squirrly SEO Performance Analytics in custom post types selected from Squirrly SEO > Settings
  • Add top menu link for Rank check


  • Compatible with WP 4.2.3
  • Improved the rank check to prevent Google temporary IP block
  • Improved the plugin speed in backend
  • Fixed the Incorrect Hreflang META implementation
  • Add the optimization progress bar in the post/page list
  • Fixed the restore the settings from backup validator


  • Fixed the Google Rank check cron


  • Fixed the Open Graph META for Locale en_CA
  • Fixed the sitemap_pages.xml for loading slow when looking over videos
  • Fixed the favicon.ico rewrite for non multisite wordpress


  • Added new features in Open Graph for the Posts/Pages
  • Added the SEO Settings Backup and Restore
  • Improved the SEO Live Assistant to recognize more languages and chars
  • Improved the communication with the API Server
  • Fixed the Analytics notification bar
  • Fixed the wp_is_writable for older wp versions
  • Fixed the Open Graph not to include non embed videos in meta
  • Fixed the Sitemap Ping option to remain switched on when is selected


  • Corrected the css for the top yellow bar
  • Get the keyword from database for the saved article
  • Fixed the feed style issue
  • Added the custom size image for Open Graph in Squirrly SEO Snippet
  • Increased the plugin loading speed in front-end
  • Fixed the post optimization history issue
  • Fixed the encryption for the password and fixed the bad login issue
  • Compatible with WP 4.2.2


  • Prevent canonical, prev, next meta duplicate inserted by other SEO plugins
  • Fixed snippet custom title and description to change when other SEO plugins are installed
  • Fixed javascript issue in login page


  • Made it download the remote images while in text editor
  • Detects remote images when the URL doesn't contain http
  • Fixed favicon disappear on plugin updates


  • Fixed some issues for the PHP 5.1-5.2
  • Compatible with WP 4.2.1


  • Changed Squirrly SEO look
  • Compatible with WP eCommerce plugin
  • Made SEO improvements for Woocommerce plugin
  • Interactive learning for the entire Squirrly SEO plugin
  • Faster post save for long text and remote images
  • Settings and SEO check improved
  • Added robots.txt for multisites with security
  • Added sitemap for multisites
  • Added sitemap for images and videos for each article
  • Added the Json LD in Structured Data META
  • Added the social linked Data for Json LD and publisher
  • Added the favicon.ico for multisites
  • Added the icos for apple devices
  • Added the SEO progress in post editor
  • Added the SEO Star option in Dashboard
  • Fixed bugs for multisites and made it compatible with WP 4.2
  • Fixed the snippet title and description special chars
  • Fixed the custom fields variable in post editor
  • Fixed the site icon and added the site icon for multisites
  • Fixed Sitemap for default permalink option


  • Updated the Twitter Card information
  • Compatible with WP 4.1.1
  • Fixed the SEO Analytics and the Rank updates
  • Fixed the SEO for First Page if the Home Page is not a static page
  • Fixed the SEO for the First Page when it starts with woocommerce shop


  • Add the option to prevent downloading the remote images in the blog media library for the new posts
  • Add support for custom admin user roles


  • Fixed some queries for a better speed in backend
  • Fixed Open Graph for Home Page
  • Fixed empty description for the Woocommerce shop page


  • Fixed SEO snippet preview compatibility with the WP 4.0


  • Fixed SEO issues for some themes in frontend
  • Fixed the audit to load faster
  • Added the google hreflang meta for language identification
  • Added strict search for google in SEO Settings


  • Fixed the keywords SEO settings for the first page optimization
  • Fixed the image resize on drag-drop from inspiration box
  • Fixed the highlight in Seo Live Assistant not to disappear when you click on keyword
  • Fixed the SEO check lag for meta duplicates in backend


  • Added Tag to Meta Keyword option in Settings
  • Fixed some bugs related to SEO Audit
  • Fixed the og:image issue for featured post images in WP4


  • Compatible with WP 4.0
  • Fixed various issues
  • Update the Google Analytics tracking code to work with cache plugins
  • Fixed the sitemap update date issue
  • Fixed the Home Page Seo settings to work with the front-page snippet
  • Compatible with Wp Fastest Cache plugin, WP Super Cache


  • Added the new Google Analytics tracking code
  • Update the Seo Live Assistant


  • Compatible with WP 3.9.2
  • Added google.cz for google ranking in Performance Analytics


  • Fixed post snippet issues when the home-page description is switch off

  • Updated the Squirrly Seo plugin icon


  • Added the google localization country in search ranking
  • Fixed on-boarding video link
  • Fixed seo title issue for home-page


  • Fixed small issue for background ranking grabber
  • Fixed google country select in Seo Settings
  • Fixed css and js load for some WordPress themes


  • Fixed default country and langage in rank check
  • Fixed the Copyright Free search images


  • Fixed onboarding process
  • Fixed Audit broken link
  • Fixed Rank check issues for some situations


  • Improved SEO Stats for Google Rankings by Country
  • SEO Settings out-of-the-box, but also works awesome if you have the settings already done with All In One SEO or Yoast (WordPress seo)


  • Fixed css issues for some cases
  • Fixed the "See Analytics" loading issue


  • Fixed serp cron with the google last changes
  • Changed the cron rate for serp search
  • Added force recheck for google rank in SEO Analytics


  • Removed the traffic monitor (to increase the site speed and analytics)


  • Compatible with WP 3.9
  • Fixed Squirrly SEO Live Assistant issue in WP 3.9
  • Fixed SEO Analytics in WP 3.9


  • Added rel="prev" and rel="next" in header
  • Added SEO META Duplicates notification
  • Fixed the snippet for home page when the home is a specific page
  • Added more details in SEO Analytics


  • Added the Performance Analytics in Squirrly SEO Tab
  • Added Analytics filter for custom post types
  • Added Google SEO Rank Column in Squirrly SEO > Performance Analytics
  • Added Google Country Select in Squirrly SEO > Settings

Requires: 3.5 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.3.1
Last Updated: 4 days ago
Active Installs: 10,000+


4.4 out of 5 stars


2 of 2 support threads in the last two months have been resolved.

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