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Content manage those little snippets of text that you need across your WordPress site and in widgets properly. Forget the text widget.

When I edit a spot template I don't see the change

Spots has a built in caching system, a popular request when we first launched the plugin. This creates a problem when you edit the template files that spots use as we can't detect changes without creating a database query.

Place the following code in your functions.php to turn off the cache:

define( 'SPOTS_CACHE_TIME', 0 );

NOTE: We only recommend doing this for your development environment however if your spots are dynamic or you use a site-wide caching plugin then leave the above definition in.

Can I use Spots to replace the clunky old Text Widget?

Yes indeed - in fact that was the first inspiration behind creating Spots - we felt the text widget was only suitable for use by people who knew HTML well. Spots gives you a visual editor, making this much easier to use.

Can I use Spots anywhere in my theme?

You can, if your theme either has built-in support for Spots, or you've added the appropriate template tags.

What happens if I put an image in a Spot?

The image will be used as you've input it - bear in mind that in certain locations this may not work well, or your theme may not have appropriate styling in place. In most cases it will work just fine, but do be careful not to insert images larger than the space you have available.

How does the featured image work?

If you have a featured image, your theme can use this for display options. If your theme does not fully support Spots then featured images will have no effect and only the main content of the Spot will be displayed. See the developer notes for more information on adding templates to a theme to get the most out of spots.

Requires: 4.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.6.2
Last Updated: 2 weeks ago
Active Installs: 4,000+


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