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Content manage those little snippets of text that you need across your WordPress site and in widgets properly. Forget the text widget.


  • Fixed: Fix widget media button


  • Fixed: "Insert spot" menu not working.


  • Fixed: Double icon effect


  • Fixed: Fatal error on versions < 4.3 with new function format_for_editor()


  • Fixed: Widgets not working in 4.3
  • Fixed: Notices about deprecated functions


  • Fixed: More fixes for WordPress 4.0.1 and the quote problem.
  • Fixed: WordPress 4.0+ sending media to a tinyMCE in a widget would fail silently.
  • Fixed: Few other fixes and tweaks.


  • Fixed: WordPress as of 4.0.1 makes the assumption that quotes after a number are always to denote feet/inches, this messes up the very late running of our shortcode. I've implemented a fix that'll repair the quotes around the post_id in the shortcode.


  • Fixed: Issue with admin https and the front end http.


  • Added: Filter to disable the edit spot button. Adding add_filter( 'spots_show_edit_link', '__return_false' ); to your functions.php should result in the removal of the inline edit link.
  • Fixed: Media button no more in line with WordPress best practice.
  • Added: Toggles to the widget admin that'll let you edit raw text. The HTML button was removed from WP 3.9 and rather than add it back in I thought it bettet to use something similar to the tabs on the normal post edit page.


  • Fixed: Titles can be blank again. Oops!
  • Fixed: Widget drag handles can be clicked to open the widget and show TinyMCE.


  • Fix the missing media buttons on the widget interface.


  • Added: Support for the new tinyMCE in WordPress 3.9
  • Fixed: TinyMCE button on the post edit page.
  • Fixed: TinyMCE is working in the widget again.
  • Fixed: Bug with the showing of tinyMCE if you toggle the widget show/hide quickly.
  • Fixed: Removed some strict warnings with PHP 5.5.


  • Fixed: Edit capability not checking the specific spot in 1 circumstance
  • Fixed: Spot auto creation when used in templates now also searches for the post name, preventing duplication on title changes


  • Fixed: edit links being cached in certain suituations


  • Fixed: late run shortcodes in content not being run through shortcode_unautop()


  • Modified: 'Edit spot' link styling like an admin button and appears within spot area incase of overflow:hidden;.
  • Added: 'Edit spot' link also appears on spots referenced directly in template


  • Fixed: Compatibility issue with various plugins that modify the content after do_shortcode has run - thanks to @NickToye for spotting it
  • Removed: Ability to view featured image in widget screen in WP 3.5 or above. You can still set it in the full editor and in the add media popup
  • Fixed: Empty paragraph was being inserted when moving a widget around
  • Added: Spots no longer cached if current logged in user can edit them


  • Fixed: Spot edit buttons on the frontend would appear underneath other items making them unclickable
  • Fixed: The spots menu icon under iOS and other high density displays now display correctly
  • Modified: Edit buttons are now labeled "Edit Spots" rather than just Edit
  • Added: Shortcodes in content now have the same edit buttons on hover that widgets have


  • Fixed: CSS rules weren't a high enough priority in some themes, increase the specificity of the colours so they're not overridden
  • Added: New setting, lets you choose if search engines will index individual spots, set to no by default, prevents individual spots showing up in search listings ahead of the pages they're intended to appear on


  • Added: Logged in users able to edit spots can now see an edit link when hovering over a spot on the frontend
  • Fixed: The edit link on the spots widget edit form now has a target of _parent


  • Fixed: The new theme template API implementation actually works now! Sorry folks


  • Added a basic options page to control the caching
  • Fixed: Now uses new theme API to find templates in WordPress 3.4+


  • Fixed: A small bug meant that permalinks were being flushed and recreated on every page load


  • Added: Allow WordPress to do the serialisation for the transients. Was causing problems after BackupBuddy plugin was used.
  • Fixed: Caching was happening even when cache time was set to 0, removed an unnecessary db query.
  • Fixed: Caching was happeninig in admin which would cause GravityForms to render as the editable form
  • Added: Improved styling of widget for latest WP versions
  • Fixed: URL escaped ampersand in post type edit link


  • Added: Smart default for widget title when selecting a spot
  • Added: Advice on disabling the spots cache to readme.txt


  • Added: Added support for revisions to the spots post type, idea from Doug Smith (http://smithsrus.com/).


  • Fixed: spot_post_exists() to only check the spots post type to avoid displaying other content of the same name.
  • Added: Made the currently selected spot more obvious when in the spot selector MCE popup.
  • Fixed: TinyMCE with WordPress 3.3 would leave an editor at the bottom of the widget page.
  • Fixed: TinyMCE would not tolerate other tinyMCE widget instances.
  • Fixed: TinyMCE would break on drag and drop of a widget.
  • Fixed: Set spot thumbnail always available even when there was no theme support for post-thumbnails.
  • Fixed: Now respects your Visual editor profile settings.
  • Fixed: Bug with caching system meant cache didn't flush on widget edit pages.


  • Fixed: Featured image was not being correctly displayed as it relies on the $post global being overridden.


  • Fixed: Bug with media upload buttons not associating the spot with its attachments on the widgets screen.


  • Improved UI and UX on widget.
  • Fixed bug that created multiple draft versions of a Spot when a template tag initiated a non-existent Spot.
  • Fixed WP 3.3 missing toolbar issue in widget visual editor.


  • Development version and Alpha release.

Requires: 4.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.6.4
Last Updated: 3 months ago
Active Installs: 4,000+


5 out of 5 stars


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