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Spiff 3D Product Customizer and Product Designer for WooCommerce

Spiff 3D Product Customizer and Product Designer for WooCommerce


Read more about our 3D product customizer.

A Customizer that increases conversion and reduces your cost of acquisition

Robust, Powerful, Feature rich. Used by enterprise business to deliver very large in-store campaigns for years.

Now available as of October 2020 on WordPress by popular demand

The Spiff 3D Product Customizer plugin allows you to use Spiff3D with WooCommerce.

Spiff allows you to visually personalize products in 3D and AR.

Being able to visualize the finished, personalized product to your customer prior to purchase is a powerful way of reducing pre-purchase risk perceptions and therefore cart abandonment.

Using a 3D model, customers an interact with your products using the mouse (desktop) or fingers (mobile).

Spiff takes 3D product renders to the next level, allowing you to dynamically customise the product in real-time.

This is especially useful if your store offers products which have customization and personalization options. In these cases, in the past, it has been difficult to visually represent these products to the customer.

Merchant Verticals

All apparel, Shoes, Promotional Products, Homewares, sporting equipment, FMCG (all types), jewellery, basically any product you can think of. Spiff augments your customer experience and builds a connection between you and your customers.


Image Uploads – Customers can add images that mean something to them.

Add Messages– Customers can type in personalised messages on your products

Bespoke Fonts – Turn your logo into a font, like we did for Vegemite, Maltesers, Favourites and Allens Lollies.

Patchworks – Create backgrounds from an illustration that can be randomized so that whilst the pattern looks the same, each person gets a unique version of it. Eg. Nutella and Diet Coke Mosaic campaign.

Materials/Textures – Customers can choose between varying Finishes and Textures to add even more realism thereby increasing conversion rates.

Product Overlay – Add specific overlays and make them product specific meaning you can reuse designs across multiple product lines and variations.

Product Configurator – Customers can add and subtract items from the model allowing you to upsell with ease and interactivity.

Custom Pricing Mode – Set pricing to any variant created within the spiff hub and upsell your customers easily through interaction.

Conditional Steps – Set conditions that lead your customers through a number of different scenarios to provide more choice without overwhelming them.

Full Screen Toggle – With limited space on mobile available, this feature allows the consumer to toggle between full screen and half screen (workflow view).

Many more features – provided to qualified customers only to protect your competitive advantage when you use spiff customization**

Using the Spiff3D Hub you have complete control over what you display and the order you display steps to the consumer. Powerful when it comes to managing and amending the customer experience based on user data.

Spiff Hub Capabilities

Digital Asset Management Repository – Store assets in their respective asset types for ease of use within the platform. ie Fonts, Vectors, Rasters, 3D Models etc

Configurable workflow editor – Take control of your customization experience.

Options/Variants – Set Options and Variants with thumbnails and custom pricing for all asset types.

Moderation Module for text fields – Moderation of high volume campaigns becomes easy with this feature which gives merchants a scalable option for personalisation whilst protecting your brand.

Configurable Order Routing – Create automation around your experience by using this powerful feature that allows you to impose and route orders to any location based on a set of business rules that you set.

Instore Quick Print – in-store to unlimited locations that don’t require checkout

Many more features – provided to qualified customers only to protect your competitive advantage when you use spiff customization


  • Clothing Visual Product Customizer

  • Customizing a Label

  • Upload Images

  • Adding Text

  • Materials


Activating your Spiff Account

  1. Go to https://hub.spiff.com.au and login or sign up for an account

  2. Go to the Partners Drop Down in the Top Nav Bar

  3. Click on Integrations

  4. Click add new integration

  5. Name your integration and select the WooCommerce Plugin and choose a plan.

  6. Save

  7. You will now be presented with your Access Key and Secret which you will use in the installation process below for the Spiff 3D product Customiser WooCommerce Plugin

  8. Once you have setup your products in the spiff app, you can add these products to your integration by clicking the add products tab in the WooCommerce Integration you created.

Installation Video

Installing the plugin

  1. Go to the Plugins section of your WordPress Admin Panel

  2. Search for Spiff 3D product Customizer and Install

  3. Activate the Spiff Connect plugin.

  4. Navigate to the Spiff 3D Product Customizer admin page and enter your integration’s access key and secret (see Activating spiff account above) .

  5. For each Customizable product:

    • Open the product in your WordPress admin panel and scroll down to the Product Data – General Section

    • Check the “Enable Spiff” checkbox.

    • Enter the ID of the corresponding integration product by clicking copy Integration ID to clipboard from the corresponding product on the integrations page.

If you have any problems contact spiff support https://spiff3d.com/contact-us/ or visit https://help.spiff.com.au


October 28, 2021
I’m a proud Print & Marketing Partner of Spiff3D. I have been recommending it to all my print clients. If you are in the US and you print custom products and you need assistance setting up your WordPress WooCommerce store with Spiff3D, hit us up on daus.io and we’ll get you squared away quick. #spiffdaus3d cause spiff daus 3d better than anyone else.
February 23, 2021
We wanted something special, and we sure got it! This product is amazing. Support is amazing. 100% recommend this company. If my client doesn’t make $10k off this product in their first week, I will fall off my chair.
December 8, 2020
We’ve been utilizing SPIFF on our Wordpress website for a few months now without a hitch. This is a very easy and intuitive system to capitalise on allowing customers to checkout without encountering too many options and getting bogged down in choices. A very simple customization tool.
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