Speedy And Econt Shipping


This plugin adds the checkout functionality to chose from offices of Speedy and Econt couriers in Bulgaria.
The functionality might get extended to other countries by simply adding parameters to respective API calls.

Functionality provided

  • offload list of regions, cities and offices for Econt and Speedy in the Bulgaria
  • update the offices’ data on daily basis
  • generates select boxes for the region-city-office bundle for each courier
  • provides option for delivery to home address
  • hides all shipping methods available (since other way of chosing them is used)
  • shows how much order value left till free delivery with selected delivery option

Plugin settings allow to set the following

  • credentials to access Speedy and Econt APIs
  • shipping labels
  • shipping fees
  • free shipping from
  • currency to be used

Setup steps

  • install and activate plugin
  • create 1 shipping method (with any name)
  • open plugin’ settings and specify all the parameters requested
  • click [Save] button
  • add few items to your cart and proceed to checkout
  • verify checkout process is smooth and no errors are raised when placing the order


This plugin creates tables and populate data from respective APIs asynchronously.
So, please expect empty regions/cities/offices lists for first few minutes after plugin activation.


If you wish to donate to support this plugin please do this to one of the non-profits you adore. They need it more.


  • 'Left till free shipping' shown in cart page, separate warning is shown next to the order price
  • Same information is shown at the checkout page
  • Delivery options are displayed once phone number is populated
  • Region, city and office fields are shown for the corresponding shipping option
  • Cities list is populated once region is selected
  • Office field is automatically populated when only 1 office is available in the chosen city
  • Original region, city and address fields are shown when 'to address' delivery option is chosen


  • Question: The region/city/office fields are empty for the selected delivery option.

    • Answer: Be sure that you have specified proper credentials to access APIs. Please wait for the few minutes if you have just done this.

    • Question: The region/city/office fields continue to be empty after waiting for more that 5 mins after plugin’s activation.

    • Answer: Please check whether the credentials you have provided are correct ones. If you continue having problems – contact developers at winter2007d (at) gmail.com

    • Question: There are errors while making the order after plugin activation.

    • Answer: Be sure that you have created one shipping method for the region where you provide shipping options.


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Contributors & Developers

“Speedy And Econt Shipping” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.



0.1 – 2021-12-27


Created initial version of the plugin

0.2 – 2022-01-14

Bug fixes

Incorrect final order price calculation by JS script


Only Econt sites having offices are now inserted in the table
Prevent cleaning up of the courier tables when API request returns incomplete data