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SpeakUp! Email Petitions

SpeakUp! Email Petitions makes it easy to add petitions to your website and rally your community to support a cause.


  • Security update: all users are advised to update


  • Added Return URL option for setting the page that users are redirected to from the email confirmation screen
  • Added Russian Localization (thanks to Teplitsa)
  • Tweaked CSS to improve font rendering on Webkit browsers and correct paragraph margins for users of the Twenty Twelve theme


  • Reworked the CSS themes (if you're using a custom theme, check to ensure that it still works as expected)
  • Added pop-up petition reader to default theme
  • Provided LESS sources for editing theme CSS files
  • Added AJAX loading animation on form submission
  • Moved form labels out of the input boxes
  • Added second email field to validate spelling (appears when "Confirm signatures" option is turned on)
  • Fixed bug with email confirmations that occurred when Polylang plugin is installed and WPML plugin is not
  • Added datalists to provide easier completion of Country and State/Province fields


  • Added [signaturecount] shortcode to display a petition's signature count
  • Improved German localization (thanks to Andreas Kumlehn)
  • Increased maximum text size allowed in custom fields to 400 characters


  • Fixed conflict with Polylang translations plugin


  • Fixed problem with error messages displaying "Missing argument 2 for wpdb::prepare()" on WordPress 3.5
  • Fixed the widget modal popup to work better with Twenty Eleven theme
  • Moved screenshots out of plugin folder


  • Added pagination to signature lists
  • Added new attributes to signaturelist shortcode (rows, dateformat, prevbuttontext, nextbuttontext)
  • Added option to specify the URL that is submitted by Facebook and Twitter buttons on widgets

More information


  • Added new styling attributes to the emailpetition shortcode (width, height, progresswidth, class). More information
  • Updated petition theme styles
  • Improved reliability of Facebook and Twitter sharing buttons


  • Added support for WPML


  • Fixed problem with default petition theme not being applied on new installs
  • Added Polish localization (Thanks to Damian Dzieduch)
  • Disabled petition form submit button when clicked to prevent duplicate submissions


  • Fixed problem with spaces not appearing between first and last names on email signatures
  • Improved function of Facebook links for widgets on pages that don't include the WP post loop


  • Fixed positioning of widget popup to work better on small screen devices


  • Upadted Add New screen to work with responsive page resizing in WP 3.4
  • Compressed images


  • Fixed problem with saving street address field on widget forms
  • Fixed bug with expiriration dates not accounting for GMT offset
  • Fixed problem with quotation marks not displaying properly in petition message field when using the shortcode


  • Added option for allowing signatories to customize the petition message
  • Added option to only export single or double opt-in signatures to CSV
  • CSV files now use petition title and export date in file names. ie: my-petition_2012-03-14.csv
  • Settings page is now divided into tabs
  • Added support for use of custom widget themes with petition-widget.css
  • Added support for use of custom signaturelist themes with petition-signaturelist.css
  • Progress bar now displays 4 color states (previously 3)
  • Interface improvements
  • Lots of code refactoring


  • Fixes problem with "Add New" page not showing on older versions of WordPress
  • Fixes problem with saving multiple target email addresses


  • Contextual help tabs will now display when using localizations
  • Added Slovenian localization (Thanks to Marko Žagar)
  • Updated French localization


  • Fixed bug that caused Twitter messages containing hashtags to fail (introduced in 1.7.1)
  • Added Romanian localization (Thanks to Web Hosting Geeks)


  • Using petition.css to create a custom style for the petition form now works better with sites running child themes.
  • Auto-redirects from the confirmation screen will also now target home_url() rather than site_url().
  • Quotation marks can now be used in the Twitter Message box without causing MySQL to freak out.


  • Fixed bug with custom address fields not being created and displayed properly


  • Fixed 'unserialize() expects parameter 1 to be string' bug when creating and editing new petitions


  • Quick bug fix for 'incorrect data type' error that appeared on existing petitions that do not display the address field


  • Added options for collecting granular address data (Street, City, State/Province, Post Code, and Country)
  • Added option to customize which columns display in the public signature list.
  • Simplified CSS and class names for petition form
  • The public signature list header and table will now only display if there are signatures
  • Signature counts in the signature list now use commas to separate thousands
  • Buttons on admin signature table will now display automatically if you have only one petition
  • Added %petition_title% variable to list of available customizations for confirmation email messages
  • Confirmation emails can now include quotation marks
  • Removed donations link from Settings page


  • Improved performance by caching petition and signature list queries.
  • Improved appearance of email confirmation screen
  • Added Dutch localization (Thanks to Kris Zanders)
  • Signatures table in admin now displays signature number
  • Signatures table dates are now localized


  • Fixed a problem with contextual help function throwing an error on older WordPress installs
  • Added select box navigation for Signatures admin screen
  • Enabled bulk re-sending of confirmation emails to unconfirmed addresses
  • Added custom theme support with petition.css.


  • Added contextual help for Add/Edit Petition and Settings screens
  • Petition forms now pre-fill first name, last name, and email for logged-in users


  • Fixes problem with vertical centering of widget pop-up form


  • Fixed problem with 'Display Signature Count' not being set by default on new installs
  • Fixed positioning problem on widget lightbox pop-up (Thanks to Leo Gono)
  • Improved German localization (Thanks to Armin Vasilico)


  • Added option to include a custom form field
  • Petition title is now used as header for petition forms
  • Added sharing buttons to widget
  • Added option for hiding signature count on petition forms
  • Improved German localization (Thanks to Hannes Heller)


  • Petitions can now be displayed via sidebar widgets
  • Signature counts now display on petitions that do not have a goal set
  • Improved aesthetics of email confirmation screen
  • Added greeting and pseudo signature to message in the petition form
  • Petition form message now displays as a div tag, rather than textarea


  • Added support for RTL languages
  • Fixed database fields to support non-Latin characters (UTF-8)
  • Added Hebrew localization (Thanks to Oren)
  • Fixed signature list display issue that caused IE to crash on lists with more than 999 signatures


  • Added Italian localization (Thanks to MacItaly)
  • Updated translation strings
  • Changed the way 'Sign Now' button works (Petition reference now stored in name, rather than href attribute).


  • Fixed problem with some new petitions not being saved to the database
  • Added French translation
  • Changed default confirmation mail subject to "Please confirm your email address". Hat tip to Alex Pankratov
  • Extended length of target email address field


  • Added option to include a mailing list opt-in checkbox to petition form


  • Added "Basic" petition theme
  • Added Spanish localization


  • Added ability to display signatures list publicly via shortcode
  • Fixed problem with Address field not validating as correct XHTML
  • Fixed problem with form not submitting on Firefox when "Google Analytics for WordPress" plugin in use
  • Added German localization


  • Improved appearance of petition form on mobile devices
  • Fixed syntax error when checking if shortcode corresponds to an existing petition
  • Labels on public petition forms are now translatable
  • Expired petitions now display expiration date, signature count, signature goal and progress bar


  • Added option for requiring email confirmations
  • Fixed Twitter character counter to display correct count on page load when editing petitions
  • Removed HTML encoding of quotes on petition message emails
  • Added capability for petition emails to be sent to multiple addresses (comma separated)
  • Added confirmation box when user attempts to delete a petition
  • Signatures progress bar now turns green at 80% complete rather than 100%


  • Fixed SQL error that prevented petition form from displaying for some users
  • Removed 'Allow signers to edit message' option from new petition screen
  • Compressed images


  • Initial release

Requires: 3.1 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.5.2
Last Updated: 2013-5-26
Active Installs: 5,000+


4.4 out of 5 stars


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