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Spam Master

Spam Master is the Ultimate Spam Protection plugin that blocks new user registrations and post comments with Real Time anti-spam lists.


  • WordPress 4.5.x
  • Several Updates

  • WordPress 4.4.x

  • Adding Protection Tools
  • reCaptcha and Honeypot
  • Removing Invitations

  • Tweaking re-captcha verification in Buddypress

  • Getting all network sites to work with blog id 1
  • Adding blog prefix to all database calls
  • Adding Table prefix to all database calls
  • Re-Captcha and Honeypots WordPress and now Buddypress ready

  • Tweaking Updater

  • Adding Network Warnings and help texts

  • Fixing uninstall, plugin deletion on wordpress network and multi-sites

  • Fixing Network Blacklist
  • General clean-up and speed boost
  • Adding Honeypots to registration page


  • WordPress multi-site or wordpress network ready
  • New screenshots and images
  • Adding re-captcha to registration page

  • Fixing 3 warnings in free version mode

  • Altering blocking process, more efficient
  • Adding cool plugin Icon

  • Blocking process improved
  • Learning function improved
  • Database checks ready for php 5.5
  • Different database checks taxonomy, improved database check speed
  • IMPORTANT, Older Plugin Versions are required to upgrade to latest for full functionality and spam protection

  • Changed Settings page to reflect Protection Level on first instance
  • Fixed a wild 404 error upon changing to Full Protection caused by uncommon php.ini configuration settings

  • Fixed a couple of warnings in protection list page... nothing major.


  • Buddypress 2.0 Ready
  • WordPress 3.9 Ready
  • Contact Form7 3.8 Ready


  • Upgrade to beefed-up framework v3.5
  • Registrations page re-design. Now includes Registrations and Blocked Registrations
  • Combined Registrations page and Blocked Registrations page into a single page that shows a detailed overview of all registrations activity
  • New Comments page that combines blocked, approved, pending, trashed comments. Much like the Registrations page it shows a detailed overview of all comments activity
  • Adding Total Comments in Statistics page
  • Adding Blocked Comments in Statistics page
  • Adding Approved Comments in Statistics page
  • Adding Pending Comments in Statistics page
  • Adding Trashed Comments in Statistics page
  • Moving calls from settings to statistics page, will generate statistics a lot faster
  • Learning System to include comments along side registrations
  • Overall code clean
  • Upgrade is mandatory for users with FULL PROTECTION with valid license keys. After upgrade, go to settings page and Save & Refresh your key


  • Overall code clean
  • Fixing a couple of typos and warnings affecting Learning System
  • Fixing a couple of typos and warnings affecting License System
  • Upgrade is advisable


  • New TechGasp Plugin Framework v3
  • New Plugin Menu
  • New Administrator Page
  • New Settings Page
  • New Statistics Page
  • New Candy Tables in Menu Pages without compromising page load times and without silly javascript
  • New Protection List Page, now includes White-List table keys to override RBL Protection List keys
  • New Spam Master Overview Widget


  • Adding index security
  • Modifying menu function names to prepare framework v3


  • Adding more WP_ERROR Class Warnings
  • Re-designing threats page
  • Adding separate My Personal Keys "textarea", easy key management and backup for users
  • Fixing keys overriding upon update


  • Started multi-site mode support to functions and calls, not 100% supported yet
  • Fixing Protection Selector drop-down box not memorizing user option
  • Learning in Multi-Site mode
  • Inserting plugin version in Admin page. Preparing future release of version comparison and user outdated version warning
  • Inserting Warnings, WP_ERROR CLASS when users select Full Protection without Lic.
  • Removing old code and clean-up
  • Buddypress 1.9.1 ready


  • Re-arranged menu functions, who calls who and what
  • Fixed the plugin settings link


  • Added export button in Blocked Registrations Page. Outputs downloadable csv file with all blocked registrations data
  • Purge Blocked Email Registrations after 7 days, keeping database clean
  • Fixed settings page deleting personal protection keys


  • WordPress 3.8 Ready
  • Buddypress 1.9 Ready
  • Page with User Registrations Table
  • Page with Registration Blocks Table
  • Page with Protection List Table (option to add your own protection keys and combine them with the Free or Full Protection Mode)


  • Redesigned Plugin Administrator With Main Root Plugin Link
  • Redesigned Plugin Administrator With Plugin Sub Links
  • Implementing WordPress Tables


  • TechGasp Framework V2 Implementation


  • Improved blacklist Refresh Time


  • Fixed Registration for WordPress without buddypress
  • Better hook into wordpress standalone version


  • Forcing list refresh in case of sluggish servers
  • Overall speed optimization


  • Fixing issues with learning mode
  • Changing status display colors


  • Fixing the update of full protection
  • Adding curl to fetch data, removes allow_url_include error in website with allow_url_include disabled
  • Starting work in User Management features


  • Stable release
  • Adding User Management for future enhancements
  • Fixing warnings and other stuff


  • Alpha release
  • Adding Buttons
  • Start coding

Requires: 3.5 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.5.3
Last Updated: 2 months ago
Active Installs: 2,000+


2.3 out of 5 stars


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