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Spam Destroyer

Kills spam dead in it's tracks. Be gone evil demon spam!

2.0.5 (29/10/2015) = Removed the plugin review class due to strange errors.

2.0.4 (27/10/2015) = Upgraded the plugin review class

2.0.3 (27/10/2015) = Upgraded the plugin review class

2.0.2 (26/10/2015) = Upgraded the plugin review class

2.0.1 (3/8/2015) = Implemented text image CAPTCHA fallback for when comment detected as spam

2.0 (1/8/2015)

Implemented text image CAPTCHA fallback for when comment detected as spam

Improved performance via selective loading of PHP files

Improved documentation

Added additional links on plugins page

Implemented time-limit for answering CAPTCHA questions

Addition of notices in back-end to describe what checks the comment passed

Removal of spam cleanout since redundant after addition of CAPTCHA fallback

Fixed bug which triggered legit comments to be detected as spam due to commenting too quickly. Time limit was adjusted from five seconds to two seconds to fix this.

1.4.3 (21/12/2014)

Support for WordPress 4.1+ added.

Added translation string specification in header.

1.4.2 (17/10/2014)

Fixed a bug in the spam checking that (I think) would have cleared the content of bbpress posts for logged in users

Fixed various spellling errors and grammar wrongs

Updated version compatibility

1.4.1 (19/4/2014) = * Cleaning up PHPDocs

1.4 (21/3/2014)

  • Now automatically deletes spam comments older than a set time (5 days)
  • Removed kill.php from trunk
  • Updated readme file for current WordPress Release

1.3.2 (24/6/2013)

  • Fixed short cookie time bug thanks to Milan Dinić

1.3.1 (18/3/2013)

  • Fixed bug which prevented user registration
  • Thanks to Marte Sollund and Ingvild Evje of Nettsett for an excellent bug report

1.3 (6/3/2013)

  • Instantiated class to variable to allow for remove hooks and filters when necessary
  • Added redirect after spam comment detected
  • Added error notice on redirection due to spam comment detection

1.2.5 (19/8/2012)

  • Changed from kill.php file to kill.js file
  • Allows for caching of payload
  • Allows for automatic script concatentation
  • Cookie creation achieved via raw JS
  • Key is passed to script via wp_localize_script()

1.2.4 (11/8/2012)

  • Re-removed requirement for jQuery
  • Added try / catch to JS to ensure it doesn't fail
  • Moved JS enqueue to form field area so that it only loads when needed
  • Added Bjørn Johansen to the contributor list
  • Added correct mime-type to JS file

1.2.3 (9/8/2012)

  • Added requirement for jQuery due to bug with code introduced in 1.2.2

1.2.2 (9/8/2012)

  • Removed need for jQuery

1.2.1 (9/8/2012)

  • Moved script to footer on advice of Ronald Huereca and Bjørn Johansen
  • Fixed potential security flaw in kill.php

1.2 (5/8/2012)

  • Fixed multisite and BuddyPress bugs
  • Added support for bbPress registrations
  • Added support for bbPress guest posting protection
  • Removed the "bad word" list

1.1 (5/8/2012)

  • Added support for BuddyPress signup page
  • Added support for WordPress multisite signup page

1.0.3 (30/7/2012)

  • Upgrade to documentation

1.0.2 (30/7/2012)

  • Changed name to 'spam-destroyer'

1.0.1 (30/7/2012)

  • Cleaned up some legacy code from older implementations

1.0 (29/7/2012)

  • Initial release

Any beta/alpha versions to be released in future, will be posted for download on the Spam Destroyer plugin page.

Requires: 4.0 or higher
Last Updated: 3 months ago
Active Installs: 6,000+


4.4 out of 5 stars


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