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SoundCloud Is Gold

Browse through your soundcloud tracks, playlists and favorites. Add tracks, playlists and favorites to your posts. Live preview, easy to use.

I can't see my tracks?

  • Have you entered your real username? Your username is what you see in your soundcloud url when you click your name in soundcloud or view public profile (e.g http://soundcloud.com/anna-chocola ).
  • Bare in mind is that all tracks that are set as private on soundcloud won't appear.
  • Have you got other soundcloud plugin installed? That generally happen as you've been 'shopping around', disable them or even delete them and this if it works.

It's behaving strangely or working partially or I've check everything but it still doesn't work

Here's a simple method to track down incompatibilities with plugins and themes:

  • Disable all plugins
  • Enable 'soundcloud is gold' and check if it works (add a track to a post to be sure)
  • If it worked: enable the other plugins one by one and check if it breaks
  • If it didn't worked: enable the default Worpress theme and check if it works (add a track to a post to be sure).

Remenber that even if a plugin is popular, most of the plugins are badly coded or the developer didn't follow WordPress guidelines on plugin development. Therefor conflict happens. The method is useful not just for this plugin.

Do you have some documentation for the shortcode?

If for some reason you wish to use the shortcode manually, here's what's possible:

id or user is required for the shortcode to work [soundcloud id='trackID']: The id of the track, favorite or playlist.

[soundcloud user='yourUsername'] : This will always display the latest track (will overwrite id if set)

Those attributes are optional comments: True or False autoplay: True or False playertype: 'Standard' width: px or % (for example 56px or 56%) color: rgb hex color code (for example #005bff) show_artwork: True or False visual: True or False (overwrites show_artwork) show_comments: True or False format: 'tracks' or 'playlists'

Can I request features?

Yes, you can. If asked nicely and the requests are sensibles, I almost always integrate them to new releases.

Can you help me?

Sometimes, I generally keep a eye on my plugin's forums and website's comments. Bear in mind that I've got a full time job and a life, so I can't always help straight away. I will not reply to people who obviously don't read the faqs or the forum or just say 'it doesn't work'.

Requires: 3.2 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.7.2
Last Updated: 3 days ago
Active Installs: 20,000+


4.2 out of 5 stars


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