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Broadcast posts to Twitter and/or Facebook, pull in reactions from each (replies, retweets, comments, "likes") as comments, and allow commen


  • Update functionality to use the latest facebook API, the old API is deprecated. This removes the aggregation by URL method, which means shares/likes not coming from the broadcasted post cannot be aggregated.


  • (fix) Remove duplicate name attribute from Add Tweet By URL button
  • (fix) Change specific nonce behavior for WordPress 4.0 compatibility.
  • (fix) Add additional nonce behavior to account for nonces added to URLs.
  • Sync up child_account_avatar() declarations
  • (fix) Pull up to 500 comments from Facebook (thanks Andrew Ferguson)
  • (fix) Correct wp-cron call to wp-admin/options-general.php
  • (fix) Increase Facebook max_broadcast_length to 50,000 (from 420)
  • (fix) Modify character counter to count linefeeds as two characters as required by HTML specification: http://www.w3.org/TR/html401/interact/forms.html#h-17.13.4


  • (new) FAQ with link to plugin to update Twitter avatars for comments
  • (fix) Update the information about Social's CRON actions


  • (new) Now requires WordPress 3.8 (due to threaded comments walker change in WP core)
  • (new) WP 3.8 admin refresh compatibility
  • (new) Japanese translation (thanks ToshiOshio)
  • (fix) Work around changes in the Walker class in WP 3.8 so that nested comments appear as expected
  • (fix) Remove underscores from CRON actions (thanks nddery)
  • (fix) Work around MySQL bug #62077 (thanks DavidAnderson684)
  • (fix) Compress images (thanks pathawks)
  • (fix) use esc_url_raw() (thanks kanedo)



  • Fixed bug in the way facebook comment permalinks were being generated


  • Support for threaded comment replies for Facebook pages
  • Added Option to enable/disable social broadcasting for specific post types
  • Added German and Norwegian BokmÃ¥l language support
  • Now using HTTPS for Facebook and Twitter links and avatars
  • Worked around bug in add-local-avatar plugin
  • Disable auto approval of likes and retweets (See FAQ)
  • Added Option to enable/disable social broadcasting for specific post types
  • Fix Issue with high byte charaters causing duplication of aggregated comments


  • Change Twitter search endpoint to use v1.1
  • Remove warnings related to broadcasting to no accounts
  • Update to WordPress 3.5 button styles


  • New Social proxy endpoint (the old one will go away on Jan 15th)
  • Separate setting for fetching social comments and WP Cron integration (used in Twitter Tools)
  • Change Facebook endpoint for posting links (should accept passed images again)


  • More consistent comment date output
  • Try to work around draconian HostGator faux-security rules
  • Strip shortcodes from content before creating default broadcast


  • Now utilizes the newest Twitter API (1.1)
  • Removed the discontinued Twitter @anywhere service
  • Automatically approve Likes and Retweets
  • New date format filters: social_formatted_date, social_comment_date, social_fuzzy_date
  • XML-RPC / posts via email / scheduled posts now auto broadcast correctly
  • Enable Pages support in user profile social accounts is working correctly
  • Now utilizing longer timeouts for broadcast requests
  • Properly post links to facebook
  • Remove 'social' namespace for login i18n
  • Properly truncate comment broadcasting, giving the url priority


  • Fix race condition that could cause users to be authenticated as the wrong user when both requests happened simultaneously.
  • Improve Facebook posting (post links with comments and broadcasts, except for status posts)
  • Improve Social as a platform (can disable broadcasting, comment display, comment importing, "add an account" alert is dismissable)
  • Revise broadcasting screen to allow sending different messages to each account
  • Revise account management UI
  • Add a Manual Tweet Import field on the front-end (via admin bar)
  • Twitter search expanded to receive 100 results per request
  • Ability to reply to a tweet with a broadcast
  • Import replies via Twitter to broadcasted comments (if found)
  • Automatically select proper social account when replying to a comment
  • When posting a comment back to Facebook, attempt to reply in an existing comment thread where appropriate
  • Automatically check the "broadcast" box when replying to a social comment and authenticated as a user on the same social network
  • Don't include Retweet and Like comments in comment RSS/Atom feeds
  • Improved relative date functions for comments (3 months ago, etc.)
  • Support lazy loading of avatars (via plugin)
  • Change comment header title based on context (creating a new comment, replying to a comment, etc.)
  • Fix issue causing reactions to Facebook broadcasts to not be imported consistently as comments
  • Various bug fixes and improvements


  • Localization fixes (props thomasclausen)
  • Minor bug fixes


  • Complete re-write for improved reliability and ease of future expansion.
  • Enables broadcasting to Facebook Pages.
  • Facebook Likes are now imported during comment aggregation.
  • Twitter retweets and Facebook Likes have more compact visual presentation.
  • Smart detection of retweets as understood by humans (where possible).
  • Enable broadcasting to selected by default.
  • Future posts are not broadcast until they are published.
  • Comments are not broadcast until they are approved.
  • Directly imported tweets (by URL) are approved immediately (not held for moderation).
  • Only public tweets are imported as comments.
  • New authentication scheme improves security.
  • Manual comment check commands from the admin bar and posts list admin page.
  • Improved queue and locking system to reduce the possibility of social reactions being imported twice.
  • Filter: social_broadcast_format now contains a third parameter, $service_key.
  • Filter: social_broadcast_permalink now contains a third parameter, $service_key.
  • Filter: social_format_content now contains a fourth parameter, $service_key.
  • Filter: social_broadcast_content_formatted now contains a third parameter, $service_key.


  • Added the social_kses method to cleanse data coming back from the services.
  • WP accounts are no longer created with usernames of "facebook_" and "twitter_".


  • Automatic CRON jobs now run correctly.
  • Facebook replies to broadcasted posts are now aggregated.
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes.


  • Initial release

Requires: 3.8 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.0.4
Last Updated: 2015-5-1
Active Installs: 40,000+


3.2 out of 5 stars


2 of 9 support threads in the last two months have been resolved.

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