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Social Stickers

A simple plugin that shows the various social networks you use. Also supports themes.

Making your own theme

To make your own theme, create a folder in the themes/ folder and copy the png (only this format is supported) files in it. Rename them accordingly (remove the spaces and use lowercase letters only, example: facebook is facebook.png, Last Fm is lastfm.png etc.).

Then create a file theme.txt in the same folder and put the following text in it (change the name, author, webpage and description accordingly).

Name: Simple Icons (default)
Author: Dan Leech
Webpage: http://demos.danleech.com/simpleicons/
Description: The default theme of Social Stickers.

The file must have all the text listed above and in the exact same order. You must create the file otherwise the theme won't be recognized.

Custom HTML output

You can fully customize your HTML output via variables. Some variables can only be used inside a feed loop, others anywhere. Before you output your stickers, you must write the following:

// Your other data here ...

Once inside a loop, you can use any of the following variables:

{$sticker_img_16} - output sticker image, width 16px
{$sticker_img_32} - output sticker image, width 32px
{$sticker_img_64} - output sticker image, width 64px
{$sticker_img_128} - output sticker image, width 128px
{$sticker_name} - output sticker name
{$sticker_img_url} - output the sticker URL
{$sticker_url} - output sticker profile URL

Outside a loop you can use the following:

{$stickers} - output all the images of your social networks using settings in the general tab
{$facebook_likes} - output the number of Facebook likes on your page (you must set the Facebook variables first)
{$facebook_talking_about} - output how many people are talking about your Facebook page (you must set the Facebook variables first)
{$twitter_followers} - output the number of Twitter followers you have (you must set the Twitter variables first)
{$twitter_following} - output the number of Twitter users following you (you must set the Twitter variables first)

For example if you want to output stickers in size 32px and add some Facebook and Twitter data in the end you would enter the following in the custom HTML box:

<p>Add me on any of the social networks!</p>

    <a href="{$sticker_url}" target="_blank" title="{$sticker_name}">{$sticker_img_32}</a>

<p>We have {$facebook_likes} likes on Facebook and {$facebook_talking_about} people talking about us. We also have {$twitter_followers} followers on Twitter!

And this is basically it.

Packed themes

Social Stickers comes packed (originally) with the following themes:

  • Simple Icons by Dan Leech
  • Circle Media by Umar Irshad
  • Picons Social by Morphix Studio
  • Simplito by DesignDeck
  • Somicro by Veodesign
  • Media Baloons by Jack Cai

All themes, their authors and links are respectfully credited in the plugin itself when you select a theme. All themes are either under the GPLv2 license or are allowed to be freely distributed.


The author of this plugin is Bostjan Cigan, visit the homepage.


Thank you to the following people who have donated so far:

  • Pastrana Gomez
  • Ollie Smith
  • Sue Parker
  • Jay
  • Paal
  • David Chartier

Requires: 3.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.3.8
Last Updated: 1 year ago
Active Installs: 8,000+


4.8 out of 5 stars


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