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Add a powerful & easy-to-use polling solution to your site. Create beautiful polls that boost time on site and drive traffic to your site.

The Opinion Stage poll plug-in allows you to easily add standard or social polls to your website or Facebook page.

Poll Examples:

For examples, checkout the Poll Showcase.

Why Opinion Stage?

  • Discover opinions
  • Boost engagement - increase time-on-site, page views & shares
  • Drive traffic from social networks
  • Run contests and sweepstakes
  • Generate revenue by integrating ads in the polls
  • Gather contact info such as emails & social profiles
  • Get up and going in minutes

Main Poll Features:

  • Manage all your WordPress polls from one dashboard
  • Poll your site visitors using their social network identities or anonymously
  • View the full poll participant list social profiles
  • Filter the poll participant list according to side votes
  • Filter the poll results using social & demographic filters such as social network belonging, gender, location, time-frame and more
  • Get the poll question & poll votes shared in social networks, driving social traffic to your poll and site
  • Set the details of the social sharing (e.g. text, image & link displayed in the Facebook share) to optimize the share for improved visibility and click rates
  • Customize the poll feature to match your needs (e.g. show/don't show number of votes, show results before / after voting, order sides by most votes or as configured, etc)
  • Customize the poll's size, font, colour yourself or select from pre-defined poll styles and poll sizes.
  • ... much more!

Main Poll Benefits:

  • Discover opinions & people - discover opinions & the people behind them. You can view the social profiles of the public voters and learn about the opinions of your audience using aggregated poll reports
  • Engage your audience - opinion polls are one of the most engaging types of content. Opinion Stage‚Äôs social layer further increases the poll engagement by allowing voters to discover who the participants are, view the poll results by various filters and more
  • Drive traffic from social networks to your poll and site - after voting, participants are automatically prompted to share their votes in the various social networks, driving new traffic from social networks to your site
  • Research the poll results and gain insights - Filter poll results by demographic & social attributes such as gender, location, social network belonging, time frame, and more. Learn how effective your polls are by discovering their level of engagement, how many of the poll votes are shared and how much traffic the polls generate
  • Run profile based competitions & elections - conducting competitions & elections using social profiles, is a great way to achieve more authentic voting. Competitions become much more appealing, and tend to generate many social shares that drive traffic from social networks to your site
  • Design polls that fit to your site - opinion Stage includes an online poll design studio that lets you design polls that perfectly fit into your site. You can set the poll size, font, colors, logo and more
  • Polls works seamlessly on all platforms - Opinion Stage uses responsive design techniques to fully support all platforms & screen sizes, including desktops, tablets and mobile devices. Reach your target audience wherever they are
  • Easy content creation - creating polls is an easy way to produce engaging and relevant content. Deploy your first polls in minutes and easily manage all your polls from a simple and intuitive dashboard

Language support

Opinion Stage supports over 30 languages, missing a language? Let us know!

About Opinion Stage:

Opinion Stage offers web sites a highly engaging opinion polling solution. For more details on Opinion Stage's polling solutions, visit the Opinion Stage site.

Requires: 2.8 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.2.3
Last Updated: 2015-7-10
Active Installs: 10,000+


3.9 out of 5 stars


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