SLP Payments for WooCommerce


Accept any SLP token or Bitcoin Cash (BCH) as a payment method in your online store.

Advantages & Features:

  • Accept SLP token payments
  • Accept Bitcoin Cash (BCH) payments
  • Compatible with your BIP-44 digital wallet like Electron Cash SLP.

Check out the store demo at

Easy Setup:

  • Install WooCommerce
  • Install this WooCommerce plugin, then configure using this tutorial.

Advanced Features:

  • Accept 0-conf payments or wait for more confirmations
  • Use your custom token icon and website URL to promote your token as a payment option

This plug-in is watch-only wallet software for receiving Bitcoin Cash and SLP. The plug-in has no access to the user’s private keys.
The WooCommerce store operator using this plug-in is solely responsible for managing their private keys using an SLP aware wallet, like Electron Cash SLP Edition.
Simple Ledger, Inc. is not responsible for damages of any kind associated with the use of this plug-in.

This plugin loads code API code from to interact with BadgerWallet – a browser extension for BCH payments.
This does not require an account or signup at their service. Their privacy policy is available here:


  • The WooCommerce admin settings in WP admin panel
  • The WooCommerce checkout page when placing an order
  • Plugin payment options on order page


Just install it from the WordPress plugin store or upload the file via your browser in your WordPress plugin page.


Is this plugin for free?

Yes this plugin is completely free.


August 30, 2019
Plugin in my website show only BCH payments mode. There is some bug? I have compiled all token information needed
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Contributors & Developers

“SLP Payments for WooCommerce” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • added plugin specific error/debug logfile to WooCommerce status logs in WP admin


  • faster WP REST repeated payment confirmation checks on EventStream update in browser
  • changed default SPICE icon and removed box shadown from token icon


  • added checks to ensure address has 0 balance of the user’s chosen token before using it for payments
  • added database migrations on version updates
  • added SLPSocket EventStream in browser for faster payment checks
  • fixed: ensure to always use simpleledger URI for SLP token payments and bitcoincash URI for BCH payments
  • refactored some TypeScript code for better maintainability


  • list token selection for customers vertically
  • ensure token rate is always positive


  • always show the same SLP gateway icon on Woocommerce gateway selection
  • show “payment success” animation only once, then keep the last frame of the image
  • fixed number formating in simple ledger payment URIs
  • don’t send payment instruction email if the order has already been fully paid (invoice email is already sent)


  • improved first page load time of order page (skipping immediate payment checks on new address)
  • added payment status order notes in WC admin to help store owners process orders
  • fixed editing of multiple tokens simultaneously in WP admin


  • use SLPDB to check TX confirmations and address balance if 0 conf is enabled (default)


  • find first empty-balance address when changing xPub using WP cron
  • improved partial payment updates


  • fixed token selection for WP themes loading payment options delayed


  • update QR codes on partial payments to show remaining amount
  • some fixes


  • improved restoring order session from email link without cookies
  • fixed error on invalid (or expired) order page


  • show remaining BCH or SLP token amount on underpayment
  • fixed showing invalid total amounts for tokens on payment page


  • fixed token select layout
  • improved REST API error handling
  • fixed token enabling in WP admin


  • added “payment received” icon
  • improved AJAX payment checks, including remaining amount
  • improved invoice mail sending trigger
  • fixed bugs


  • show correct number of decimals for each SLP token on website and in order emails
  • fixed various bugs


  • added multiple SLP token payment selection for customers
  • fixed sending order emails
  • fixed various bugs


  • added setup for multiple SLP tokens in WP admin interface
  • added pre-installed SLP tokens: USDH and SPICE


  • fixed underpay bug
  • improved payment page layout


  • added new payment page layout


  • WP REST API fixes


  • added AJAX requests to check payment status
  • added customized order confirmation and paid email
  • min wait 30 seconds between checks for new transactions via REST API to reduce overhead


  • improved layout of payment page
  • added a checkbox to enable BadgerWallet in WP admin
  • fixed warning on plugin activation when loading templates


  • minor updates to banner, settings tooltips, and readme docs


  • improved “pay in app” button style
  • moved periodic REST API calls to the end of script execution for faster load times


  • Initial release.