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Tribulant Slideshow Gallery

Feature content in a JavaScript powered slideshow gallery showcase on your WordPress website

  • ADD: FontAwesome icons throughout
  • ADD: WPML multilingual support
  • ADD: qTranslate X multilingual support
  • IMPROVE: Improved error handling on multiple slides adding
  • IMPROVE: Minimalistic Colorbox design
  • IMPROVE: Remove dashicons and fonts completely
  • IMPROVE: New WordPress 4.3 check-column styling
  • FIX: Some notices/errors showing raw HTML code
  • FIX: Vulnerability/security issues

  • IMPROVE: Prevent plugin files from being accessed directly for security
  • IMPROVE: Check file mime and type of image URL on slide for security
  • IMPROVE: Validate, sanitize and escape data for security purposes
  • IMPROVE: Implement WordPress nonces throughout for security
  • FIX: CSS and JS files don't work with child theme folder
  • FIX: Setting to only hide title
  • FIX: Multiple slideshows, overlay shows all images
  • FIX: Broken permissions page when paging gallery


  • FIX: Link not showing with auto height on
  • FIX: Dots (.) in image filenames break images/slides
  • FIX: Multiple loading/spinning images


  • ADD: Navigate between images in overlay
  • IMPROVE: Ability to hide wp_head/wp_footer notifications in admin
  • IMPROVE: HTML validation
  • IMPROVE: WordPress 4.1 compatibility
  • FIX: Remove unnecessary flush()


  • ADD: Setting to output Javascript per slideshow or globally in footer
  • ADD: Detection of wp_head/wp_footer functions in theme which are required
  • ADD: Left/right and top/bottom sliding effect
  • ADD: Effect/transition setting to choose between fade/slide
  • ADD: jQuery easing effects
  • IMPROVE: Open featured posts slides in the same window
  • IMPROVE: Make prev/next buttons/elements unselectable
  • IMPROVE: Animation for auto height of images
  • IMPROVE: Cross-fading of images for a better effect
  • IMPROVE: Image fade speed setting up to 50
  • IMPROVE: New, improved paging in admin sections
  • FIX: Slide 'type' database column/field not created or updated to support media
  • FIX: Fix drag/drop sorting open- and closed hand cursors
  • FIX: Erratic timing between slides
  • FIX: Auto height setting doesn't work on fixed layout slideshow


  • ADD: Add multiple slides at once from the media gallery/uploader
  • ADD: "Check/optimize database tables" feature under configuration
  • ADD: Load external language files from wp-content/languages/slideshow-gallery/
  • ADD: "Continue editing" checkboxes in admin sections
  • ADD: Indexes on MySQL database tables for performance
  • ADD: Use media library for slides
  • IMPROVE: Improvements to load_plugin_textdomain()
  • IMPROVE: Blank index.php file to prevent indexing/crawling of plugin files/folders
  • IMPROVE: Replace all 'slideshow-gallery' string instances dynamically
  • IMPROVE: New help tooltip design
  • IMPROVE: Move Javascript out of shortcode into head
  • IMPROVE: Add text to arrow buttons


  • ADD: 'numberposts' shortcode attribute for post/page images as slides
  • ADD: Notice to rate/review the plugin
  • IMPROVE: Moved some files from plugin core to /assets/ folder
  • FIX: Post/page images gallery only shows 10 slides, no more
  • FIX: Extra space after thumbnails in thumbnail strip


  • ADD: WordPress 4.0 compatibility
  • FIX: Post/page images slideshow order broken
  • FIX: Hide information bar on mobile checkbox resets to on


  • ADD: Recommended plugin under configuration
  • IMPROVE: TimThumb absolute URLs to prevent permission problems
  • IMPROVE: Allow long filenames for custom slides
  • IMPROVE: Replace direct Ajax calls with wp_ajax_
  • IMPROVE: Prefill the post ID in the TinyMCE dialog with ID of current post
  • FIX: Spaces in filenames uploaded to post/page breaks images
  • FIX: Remove all wp-config.php and wp-load.php references
  • FIX: Possible shell exploit by uploading PHP file as slide
  • FIX: Colorbox script should only load with this featured turned on
  • FIX: Thumbnails On/Off setting doesn't work


  • ADD: Featured content. Display a slide for each post with it's featured image
  • ADD: Auto height setting to adjust height for each slide
  • IMPROVE: (m)qTranslate compatibility for post images and featured posts
  • IMPROVE: Change direct Ajax calls to wp_ajax_ hooks
  • FIX: Slideshow inside float:left; element breaks height
  • FIX: Information bar not showing on post/pages images slides


  • ADD: Welcome/about screen on update
  • ADD: Child theme folder support
  • ADD: Multilingual with (m)qTranslate
  • IMPROVE: New style for sliders in configuration
  • IMPROVE: Deprecated: Function split() is deprecated
  • IMPROVE: Deprecated: Function eregi() is deprecated
  • FIX: Uppercase file extensions
  • FIX: Image overlay/enlargement only works with no thumbnails
  • FIX: Image overlay/enlargement URL wrong
  • FIX: Space in file name
  • FIX: Information bar is overlapped by prev/next

  • FIX: TypeError: 'null' is not an object (evaluating 'e.offsetHeight')

  • IMPROVE: Replaced eregi() with preg_match()
  • IMPROVE: Replaced ereg_replace() with preg_replace()
  • FIX: Multiple rows of thumbnails issue
  • FIX: Info bar delay on hide
  • FIX: console.log() call left behind
  • FIX: Current image not showing when saving slide and it doesn't save

  • IMPROVE: Change admin-functions.php to includes/admin.php
  • FIX: Cannot order slides of a gallery "No slides available"


  • FIX: Galleries not showing when saving a slide


  • ADD: WordPress Object Cache API for performance
  • FIX: Post/page images slideshow not showing images with resize turned on
  • FIX: Featured/latest product images not showing with resizing


  • ADD: More flexible settings for information bar per slide
  • ADD: Switch from TimThumb to BFI Thumb
  • FIX: Change mysql_real_escape_string() to esc_sql()
  • REMOVE: Images tester is no longer needed


  • ADD: Set opacity for information bar per slide
  • ADD: Setting per slide to show title/description or not
  • IMPROVE: Updated TimThumb script
  • IMPROVE: Updated WordPress plugin file header
  • IMPROVE: Function call_user_method() is deprecated
  • IMPROVE: New spinner/loading image
  • FIX: More PHP warnings/notices
  • FIX: 404 Not Found on spinner/loading image


  • ADD: WordPress 3.9 compatibility
  • ADD: New shortcode [tribulant_slideshow] to prevent conflicts
  • IMPROVE: Reduced/hidden information bar on mobile
  • IMPROVE: More CSS selectors on elements
  • IMPROVE: New dashicon for help instead of CSS
  • IMPROVE: File and folder permissions incorrect on some servers
  • FIX: TinyMCE editor button/icon not inserting shortcodes
  • FIX: PHP strict standards warnings
  • FIX: NextGen Conflict
  • FIX: Slideshow not showing with 1 slide
  • FIX: TinyMCE editor icon/button since WordPress 3.9 missing

  • FIX: Image could not be moved from TMP error in some cases
  • FIX: PHP Strict, Notice and Warning messages

  • FIX: Not all configuration settings loading


  • ADD: Images tester utility under Configuration to fix broken images
  • FIX: Issue with turning off navigation images
  • FIX: Issue with new slider settings if empty or set to zero (0)


  • ADD: Show latest/featured products from Shopping Cart plugin
  • ADD: Plugin "Settings" link on the "Plugins" page in WordPress
  • ADD: TimThumb crop position setting
  • ADD: WordPress multi-site compatibility
  • ADD: Sortable columns in all admin sections
  • ADD: Help tooltips in admin
  • ADD: Sliders for speed settings
  • ADD: Color picker for color settings
  • ADD: Delete image upon deletion of locally created slide
  • ADD: WordPress 3.8+ design and compatibility
  • ADD: Multiple slideshows on a single page
  • ADD: Responsive design for mobiles and tablets
  • ADD: Debugging setting in configuration
  • IMPROVE: Colorbox upgrade/fix
  • IMPROVE: Use wp_upload_dir() for dynamic paths
  • IMPROVE: Better thumbnail slider using CSS calc
  • IMPROVE: Move images to default theme folder
  • IMPROVE: New TinyMCE icon/button
  • IMPROVE: New dashicons menu icon
  • IMPROVE: When the nav arrows are turned off, the link click area should be full
  • IMPROVE: Automatically center align images in the slideshow
  • FIX: Empty/zero thumbs spacing causes JS error
  • FIX: Deleting a slide leaves empty reference in gallery
  • FIX: Information overlaps arrows when long
  • FIX: Permissions settings not working
  • FIX: Turning off autoslide setting doesn't stop autoslide
  • FIX: Javascript error due to tooltip() call
  • FIX: Width/height of slideshow is less than the settings

  • ADD: List/grid switching for ordering of slides
  • ADD: Permission/role settings for sections
  • ADD: 'imagesoverlay' parameter to turn On/Off the Colorbox overlay per slideshow
  • ADD: "Resize Images" setting TimThumb test case for debugging
  • ADD: Order slides per gallery
  • ADD: Order slides randomly
  • IMPROVE: Change WP_PLUGIN_DIR to plugins_url() for styles/scripts
  • IMPROVE: Change mysql_list_fields() to a compatible function
  • IMPROVE: Remove previous image to prevent overlapping
  • IMPROVE: Max width/height for Colorbox overlay for images
  • FIX: Null ID value on insert of slide
  • FIX: Validation errors
  • FIX: Slide current/new window problem

  • IMPROVE: Upgrade of TimThumb from 2.8.9 to 2.8.10 to fix broken images.


  • FIX: Slides paging numbers didn't show up
  • REMOVE: 'Description' not mandatory/required for each slide.
  • FIX: Slashes caused by single/double quotes in titles/descriptions
  • ADD: Hardcode for each gallery in 'Manage Galleries' section
  • ADD: Shortcode in the 'Manage Galleries' section for each gallery
  • ADD: Gallery ID to the 'Manage Galleries' section
  • FIX: the 100% width issue on the 'img' tag if resizeimages = false
  • IMPROVE: Change cache directory to "wp-content/uploads/slideshow-gallery/cache" for TimThumb


  • FIX: Thumbnails On/Off setting doesn't work
  • IMPROVE: TimThumb absolute URLs to prevent permission problems
  • FIX: Colorbox script should only load with this featured turned on


  • ADD: 'About Us' box in the Configuration section
  • IMPROVE: Better, more usable hardcoding procedure
  • FIX: Slideshow goes left
  • IMPROVE: auto width property
  • ADD: Banner image for WordPress.org directory
  • IMPROVE: Use load_plugin_textdomain instead for language file
  • ADD: Order slides by random?
  • FIX: Enqueue scripts/styles at the right time
  • ADD: Link target (current/new window) setting on each slide for link
  • IMPROVE: Hide next/previous navigation when there is only one slide
  • ADD: TimThumb integration for cropping images
  • CHANGE: Colorbox for popup images
  • ADD: 'Open' link to test slide links
  • ADD: Icon in each section of the plugin
  • CHANGE: Author name on WordPress.org to link appropriately
  • ADD: Dimensions for thumbnail images
  • CHANGE: New icon image for the admin menu
  • IMPROVE: Change 1=1 for the CSS
  • FIX: Code showing in the RSS feed.
  • ADD: Shortcode parameters
  • ADD: Setting to turn off the next/previous navigation
  • IMPROVE: "Previous Image" and "Next Image" in language file
  • FIX: Not all thumbnails load the first time
  • IMPROVE: Remove black borders left and right of the image
  • IMPROVE: Removed link overlay which displayed white in IE6


  • ADDED: "THIS POST" added to the TinyMCE dialog to insert a shortcode for a slideshow of the current post
  • IMPROVED: Some CSS improvements to the slideshow
  • ADDED: Thickbox to show images in overlay. Can be turned On/Off
  • FIXED: Fixed all thumbnails not preloading on first load
  • FIXED: Slide HREF in IE
  • ADDED: Spinner loading indicator to show the slideshow is loading up
  • ADDED: "Link" column in the "Manage Slides" section
  • FIXED: Load Thickbox on the 'Manage Slides' page for the enlargements
  • ADDED: Ability to upload an image when saving a slide rather than specifying a URL
  • ADDED: Row actions in the 'Manage Slides' section


  • IMPROVED: WordPress 2.9 sortable meta boxes.
  • FIXED: wp_redirect() fatal error in dashboard.
  • ADDED: TinyMCE editor button to quickly insert slideshows into posts/pages.
  • ADDED: exclude parameter to use in conjunction with the post_id parameter to exclude attachments by order.
  • CHANGED: Changed #wrapper in the HTML markup to #slideshow-wrapper due to some theme conflicts.


  • COMPATIBILITY: WordPress 2.9
  • FIXED: #fullsize z-index to keep below other elements such as drop down menus.


  • ADDED: Default, English language file in the languages folder.
  • ADDED: Configuration setting to turn On/Off resizing of images via CSS.
  • ADDED: Webkit border radius in CSS for thumbnail images.
  • ADDED: post_id parameter for the [tribulant_slideshow] shortcode to display images from a post/page.
  • IMPROVED: Plugin doesn't utilize PHP short open tags anymore.
  • COMPATIBILITY: Removed autoLoad (introduced in PHP 5) parameter from class_exists function for PHP 4 compatibility.
  • IMPROVED: Directory separator constant DS from DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR.


  • Initial release of the WordPress Slideshow Gallery plugin

Requires: 3.1 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.3.1
Last Updated: 2015-9-7
Active Installs: 50,000+


4.6 out of 5 stars


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