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Slider Huge-IT is an awesome WordPress Slider Plugin with many nice features. Just need to install and build slider in a few minutes.

WordPress Slider step by step guide

Step 1. Adding Slider.

To add a Slider, go to Huge IT Slider>Slider>Add New Slider.

  1. 1 Click on Add Images. Using Standard Media Upload option you should select the images you want to add to your slider. Each image should be added individually.

Let's have a look at the individual features of the images.

Title. Here you can provide a title. Description. Provide the details for the image. This will be visible above the image, so it is advised to make it as short as possible URL. This is an optional feature. You can provide a link on the slider to take to specific location on your website or another website. The URL should be provided in http:// form.

Step 2. Current Options.

Width. Specify the width in pixels. Height. Specify the height in pixels. Pause on Hover. Choose whether to pause on mouse or leave it changing to the further image. Effects. Select the effect which will be applied. Pause time. Specify the pause time for the WordPress Slider in miliseconds. Change speed. Specify the change speed in miliseconds.

Step 3. Editing General Options.

To change the styles and colors of the slider you should got to Huge IT Slider > Slider Options.

3.1 Image styles and colors.

Background Color. Select the background color for the image. The color will be visible with during the slide change within specific effects.

3.2 Title styles and colors.

Title Color. Set the color for the title. Title background color. Choose the color for the cell containing the title. Title font size. Specify the font size for the image title. Title border size. Set the border for the title.r Title border color. Select the border for the title. Title border radius. Set the border radius for the title. Title position. Define the position of the title using the view graph.

3.3 Description styles and colors.

Description Color. Set the color for the image description. Description background color. Choose the color for the cell containing the image description. Description font size. Specify the font size for the image description. Description border size. Specify the border for the image description. Description border color. Select the border color for the image description. Description border radius. Set the border radius for the image description cell. Description position. Select the positioning of the description. Please make sure it does not coincide with the title position avoiding overloading.

3.4 Styles and colors.

Border size . Set the border. Border color. Select the border color. Border radius. Set the border radious.

3.5 Navigation styles and colors.

Navigation Dots position. Set the position for the navigation arrows. Navigation Dots Color. Select the dot color for the navigation. Navigation Active Dot Color. Specify the color for the dot for the currently displayed image. Navigation type. Select the type of the navigation arrows to be used for the website.

Step 4. Inserting the Slider.

4.1 Inserting the Slider into the Post or Page.

You should use the automatically generated code into the the Post or Page. The shortcodes takes the following form: [huge_it_slider id=N] , where N is the number ID of the created WordPress Slider.

4.2 Inserting the Slider into the template.

The shortcode can be easily inserted into a template/theme which corresponds to the WordPress standards. To do so you should insert the following shorcode:

<?php echo do_shortcode([huge_it_slider id=N]); ?>

Where N is the number ID of the created Slider.

General Options (PRO)


Image Behaviour

First of all you need to choose the size. This option allows you to resize the image of slider or leave it with the normal size.So this option is for choosing the behaviour of your image of slider.

Background Color

Your slider image can also have background color and this option option allows to choose the exact color for that background . You can just click on the color which you'd like to have as a background and choose your favorite shade.

Border Size

You can also have a border, the size of which you can set in this option .Just write a number and see if that is the perfect border size for your site.

Border Color

After choosing the size of border, it is time for choosing the right color. This option is like the second one you just click on the color and select the best shade for you.

Border Radius

This option is for the roundness of your border. Click on it and write number, than see if this radius is great for you ,and you can change it anytime you like.

Loading Image

There are 6 tipes loading that we are suggesting you. You may choose the one which you think isn't boring to look at while waiting.

Title Styles

Title Width

This option is for writing your title with wideness which you like. For setting the width just click on the circle and move it to the right or to the left and select the percentage of slider title width.

Title Has Margin

For you slider title click on tick and select the margin level. See which is more beautiful, the text in the in the corner or a little bit on the left.

Title Size

For your slider title select the size . Click on it and just write the perfect number for your website. And he title size is chosen for your title.

Requires: 3.0.1 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.6
Last Updated: 4 days ago
Active Installs: 100,000+


4.3 out of 5 stars


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