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Dozens of settings aiming at creating a friendlier administration environment for both Administrators and Editors.


  • NEW FEATURE: Enable Jetpack development mode
  • NEW FEATURE: Move Jetpack share and like buttons
  • IMPROVEMENT: Show extra options to editors now also works for WooCommerce Shop Managers
  • IMPROVEMENT: If page loader takes too long, a message appears informing the user that he/she can click to close it


  • NEW FEATURE: Show a list of users who logged in recently (during the past 15 minutes)
  • NEW FEATURE: EU Cookie Law consent message can retrieve data from a page. Particularly useful if you use WPML and you want different wording per language.
  • NEW FEATURE: Added option to disable tags and categories
  • NEW FEATURE: Added option to disable Emojis
  • NEW FEATURE: Added option to disable wp-embed script or load it conditionally
  • NEW FEATURE: Added function slash_admin_dump() which is similar to slash_dump() but this time it will only show the output if you are an Admin.


  • Get rid of the taxonomy name in front of the taxonomy archive titles.


  • Replaced [] with array() to prevent breaking the site on servers with old versions of PHP (less than 5.4).


  • Fixed a PHP warning when debug mode is on and no pages are yet selected or deselected for hiding.


  • NEW FEATURE: Hide specific pages from non admins. For example, you might not want your editors to have access to the static frontpage, the blog page or pages that you use as page templates.
  • NEW SHORTCODE: Show a telephone number in a way that it is clickable. When clicked, if you are on a mobile device it opens the phone's dialer and if you are on a desktop computer it prompts to make a call via a related program (e.g. Skype).
  • NEW FEATURE: Get rid of the word "Category:" in front of the Archive title (usually needed if your theme uses the_archive_title()).
  • NEW FEATURE: Add excerpt support to pages.
  • NEW FEATURE: Enable the use of shortcodes in widgets.


  • Added proper text domain support for internationalization


  • FIX: PHP7 support (fixed a bug which crashed the admin on PHP 7)


  • NEW FEATURE: Added slash_dump() function which you can use instead of var_dump() to wrap the output in <pre></pre> tags, for better readability.
  • Updated the text domain to exactly match the WordPress plugin slug, in order to prepare for WordPress Plugin Language Packs.
  • Small bugfixes for WordPress 4.4 compatibility


  • NEW FEATURE: Option to display a "Loading" animation which hides itself when the page is fully loaded
  • NEW FEATURE: Warnings if the site is on air and debug mode is on or if is on localhost and off. Also, warning if the site is on air and hidden from search engines.
  • Other small bugfixes


  • NEW FEATURE: Option to show an EU Cookie Law consent message
  • Updated translations


  • NEW FEATURE: Change the "Howdy" message at the top right corner of the admin (both backend and logged-in frontend)
  • NEW FEATURE: Change the default footer text at the admin
  • NEW FEATURE: Replace the WordPress logo at the top left corner of the admin bar with your own (both backend and logged-in frontend)
  • NEW FEATURE: Replace the default Welcome message at the Dashboard with your own
  • NEW FEATURE: Add a Dashboard Widget to provide general or commercial information to your clients (for example: your contact info or links to support documentation)
  • NEW FEATURE: Add your own custom CSS for the Admin area
  • NEW FEATURE: Now the plugin's options page display a discreet warning when debug mode is enabled, to remind you that you should disable it when you go on air
  • NEW FEATURE: Add your custom CSS to the login screen to completely change its appearance
  • Improvements to the media uploader


  • Fixed a small bug.


  • Fixed a small bug.


  • Removed the deprecated since WordPress 4.3 function wp_htmledit_pre().


  • NEW FEATURE: DNS prefetching.
  • NEW FEATURE: Link prefetching and prerendering.
  • ADDED option to hide any element in the admin via its CSS id or class.
  • The "Upload your favicon" option now suggests to the user that he/she should prefer WordPress' native "Site Icon" option instead.


  • NEW FEATURE: MAINTENANCE MODE. If checked, non-Admins will not be able to acess the WordPress backend and they will see a customizable message instead. Useful if you want to perform some maintenance work to your website and you don't want your Editors to add or modify content before you finish. Admins are not affected and they can always login as usual.


  • Added default values to the shortcodes that protect emails from harvesters. Now you can just use [slash_mail] (for plain text) or [slash_mailto] (for a mailto link) and it will automatically display the author's email address.


  • Fixed a PHP notice about an undefined property on login screen, when debug mode was enabled and login redirect option was checked.
  • Updated FAQ and Documentation.


  • NEW FEATURE: Added shortcodes for protecting email addresses from harvesters and getting the website URL dynamically.
  • ADDED option to hide Jetpack menu from Editors.


  • Fixed a bug which prevented redirecting to homepage after login from working properly.
  • Updated greek translation.


  • Fixed some issues with how the logo appeared at the login screen to some users. Now it tries to adjust the image dimensions in a smarter way.


  • NEW FEATURE: Added option to unload the default WordPress Open Sans font and enqueue your own Google Web Fonts
  • Complete redesign
  • Minor performance improvements


  • Added option for allowing editors to manage Menus and Widgets and access some other Appearance settings previously acessible only to admins
  • Some minor changes in the appearance of the plugin's options page
  • Updated documentation
  • Updated Greek translation


  • Added option to limit the number of revisions that WordPress keeps for each post


  • Added option to block post updates and deletion if the post is older than a specific period of time. Applies only to editors (admins can still edit the post as usual)


  • Added option to hide additional fields from non admins


  • Added Greek translation


  • Added WordPress 3.8 compatibility
  • New design
  • Improved the appearence of the image at the login page


  • Added option to show a warning for users of old versions of Internet Explorer


  • Added option to disable Admin Bar for non admins (only in the front-end)
  • Added option to hide update notices for non admins


  • Option to redirect users to the homepage after login (instead of their profile page)


  • Some tidying up to the options page
  • Added documentation


  • First release!

Requires: 4.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.5.3
Last Updated: 6 days ago
Active Installs: 700+


5 out of 5 stars


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