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Easily move content and code between WordPress sites. Pull your site's DB to a dev site, push new code to a staging site, etc.

0.4.2 (2013-09-09)

  • Allow pushing between two databases with same name if the databases are on different hosts. (props wethanet)
  • Fix bug preventing push if database configs have different names from site configs.
  • Add admin option to hide specific push options for all users. Useful for preventing accidental pushing of, say, comments tables if you never want them pushed.
  • Add action hooks so you can run custom code before and after pushing. Note that these hooks only run from the site you are pushing from. See classes/class-sitepush-plugin.php for more info.
  • Don't allow SitePush to be added to the list of plugins to deactivate.
  • Fix PHP Notice.

0.4.1 (2012-11-13)

  • Bugfixes relating to URL replacement when pushing multisite installs.
  • Improvements to URL replacement, SitePush now replaces URLs in widgets, nav_menus and any URL passed through clean_url().

0.4 (2012-09-06)

  • SitePush no longer depends on rsync to push files. If you don't have rsync on your server, SitePush will copy files using PHP.
  • You can now define custom groups of database tables to push, allowing any custom tables created by plugins to be pushed without pushing the whole database.
  • Added debug mode which lists information about your environment at the top of the options screen. Add define('SITEPUSH_DEBUG',TRUE); to your wp-config.php file to enable debug mode.
  • Detect various problems with hosting setups and add more helpful error messages.
  • Various bug fixes.

0.3 (2012-07-06)

  • Initial public alpha release.

Requires: 3.3.1 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.6.1
Last Updated: 2013-9-9
Active Installs: 800+


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